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Dai Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu - Volume 4 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Beginning α[edit]

His memory was not complete.

Although he had finally found the answer to what he had always been seeking, but he had been unable to recall everything.


But this was enough.

That missing memory.

It was good enough that the empty hole in his chest that had always been torturing him was filled.


Ryner could remember it now.

That missing memory.

He could remember that what had filled that empty space in his memory- those memories that had been shackled with the chains of forgetfulness.

They were the memories of him before his fifth birthday.

They were memories that existed long before he opened his eyes in that battlefield filled with corpses.

In his memory, his black-haired and gentle mother had said this.

’’... love you, Felna. I love you.’’

In his memory, his father with tired eyes that were filled with intelligence said.

’’I will always protect you. No matter what happens, I will always protect you.’’

They had seemed like they were about to cry. Ryner was unable to understand why they seemed like they were about to cry. And the two of them had called him Felna.



After the second and third time they called him by that name, he finally recalled the meaning of that name.

Felna Lieutolu.

That was his, Ryner's real name. But that had disappeared. It had vanished from this world. Because it was taken as a 'sacrifice'.

His name, memories, personality- everything had been offered to the monster living in the other world.

Towards this, Ryner had said,

’’I'm scared.’’

He had said.

’’I'm scared to forget about Daddy and Mommy.’’

So his mother had almost seemed like she wanted to cry. Her expression was an extremely lonely one.

But, as if she waved away that sadness, a smile appeared on her face and she stroked Ryner's head.

’’It's alright. It's alright, Felna. This is all for you...’’


Father interrupted what Ryner wanted to say.

’’... Don't worry. Even if you forget us, we won't forget. We will definitely rescue you and welcome you. One day, when all difficulties have been dealt with, we will come to get you. So don't worry.’’

He had said that.

Ryner had relaxed. Because Father was a person who would definitely not lie to him, so Ryner felt relieved at his words.

But he was still a little uneasy, he asked, ’’...Definitely?’’

File:DDnYnD v04 219.jpg

His father had smiled gently and nodded.

’’Definitely. Sleep quickly. Everything will end when you awake.’’

As he said this, Father stroked Ryner's head too.

Father's hand was very warm and Mother's hand was very smooth. They overlaid their hands on Ryner's head and held on to each other tightly. Ryner felt very happy and comforted by this. He felt as if he could finally be at ease and slowly dozed off.

Then Father said.

’’... It will be fine, Felna. This way, you won't have to fear the curse of the Alpha Stigma anymore.’’

Mother continued.

’’... I will always, always protect you here. No matter what disaster you encounter, I will always protect you.’’

The two of them started crying when they said this.

At that time, he was unable to understand why they were crying.

But now he understood.

He could understand what the two of them wanted to do at that time.

And the contract with the Other World.

His mother's sacrifice so that the Goddesses would be tricked.

His father's despair at sacrificing his wife so that his son could be saved.


But that didn't matter now.

Compared to this.

Compared to this, what was more important to him was



He whispered.

’’...I... A monster like me was loved when I was brought into this world.’’

He whispered.

In that moment.

He woke up.


Ryner opened his eyes. But his vision was blurry.


He moaned.

Then he noticed that he was actually crying. He wanted to wipe the tears away, but he continued to weep ceaselessly.

Towards this.

’’...Ah, eh, um ’’

After two or three tries, he finally managed to wipe away his tears.

He confirmed that he was not crying and then lightly breathed in. Then he got up and surveyed his surroundings.

Looking at his surroundings, Ryner softly said,

’’...Rain, huh.’’

Then he kneeled on the floor of the carriage and tried to reach out of the shelter. It seemed as if the rain was as heavy as expected.



Ryner followed the sound and walked out.

It was extremely dark outside. Maybe it was because of the dark clouds or because it was evening.

Ryner looked at the dark, rainy scene.

There were Nelpha soldiers and citizens surrounding him. And it seemed as if they were still moving.

Everyone looked tired and they were still travelling under these weather conditions, it meant that they couldn't throw off Roland's pursuit.

Ryner walked to an elderly person nearby,

’’Hey, hey, can I ask something?’’

The elderly person looked his way, then asked,

’’What is it?’’

Ryner nodded,

’’No, about that... I was injured and I slept for a while, so I don't have any idea of what time it is now... What time is it? Night? Morning?’’

’’It's morning.’’

’’Morning, huh. Hey hey, it can't be we travelled through the night.’’

But the elderly person shook his head.

’’How can that be? We just started moving. We don't have to worry about the pursuit soldiers from Roland if we've reached here.’’

Hearing this, Ryner frowned, ’’...Heh, the situation has changed drastically since I slept. Don't have to worry about the pursuit soldiers from Roland? Does that mean we've crossed the boundaries?’’

The elderly person nodded, ’’Crossed two, it seems.’’

’’Two!? Wait, ha? Then, this isn't Cassla.’’

The elderly person shook his head. ’’How long did you sleep for? This is the northern side of Cassla, the Southern Country of Ali. Ma, we can cross over today. Vois Fiurelle-san is at a country called the Republic of Belis, making preparations to welcome us.’’

Hearing what the old man said, Ryner slowly remembered what had happened before he lost consciousness.


Roland. Sion had foolishly used a Heroes' Relic to start a massacre, but he was stopped by Vois.

Then, a monster had appeared from under Vois's feet...


Ryner narrowed his eyes when he thought of this.

He remembered the monster that had appeared under Vois's feet.

That thing had called itself 'Goddess'.

Ryner knew that Goddes. That was the name of the monster from the Other World that had made the contract with his father, Lieral.

Of course, his father had not told Ryner who was still a child about the detailed process he had said, 'Anyway you'll forget everything quickly', so even though he did not get a detailed explanation, but he had still remembered this point.

The second opponent his father had contracted with that was the Goddess.

After remembering that, Ryner murmured,

’’... Talking about which, who was the first person that father made a contract with?’’

He suddenly thought of that.

His father had not spoken of that.

He had only said, in order to rescue Ryner, he had made two contracts with monsters. Then who was the first person he had made a contract with?

Ryner wanted to remember this. He wanted to remember from his recently recovered memories, but he still could not remember it.

So he frowned,

’’... Ah~, well, it's only regaining memories, it can't be that easy to understand everything, huh.’’ He said softly.

Talking of which, he did not understand how he had suddenly regained those forgotten memories.

Before losing consciousness, from the conversation between the Goddess and that monster, α, that wanted to emerge from Ryner's eyes, it seemed as if Ryner had a connection with them, so he had done something like that to himself.

’’...Talking about which, this is too sudden, so I can't completely understand what is going on.’’ He said in frustration.

The old man nodded his head.

’’Exactly. Not too long ago, we were still living peacefully under King Gread Nelphi's reign. That group of arrogant people from Roland... Roland's...’’ But the old man stopped here. He stopped, as if trying to hold back his emotions from overwhelming him and his voice trembled.


Then the old man tightly held the hand of a girl who had one side of her face bandaged. She was probably his granddaughter.

Seeing this, Ryner asked, ’’...Your granddaughter?’’

The old man shook his head.

’’No. My family has been killed because of that beam of light.’’

Ryner's contorted slightly at this. But he suppressed it. Because the ones who felt the real pain was this old man and everyone else. So he continued.

’’... Is that so. Then this kid?’’

’’This child's family has, has died too.’’


Towards this.

Towards this, Ryner could only say,

’’... Is that so.’’

Besides the pity for that old man and girl, a feeling of unease arose in his heart.

Because that light.

Because that Heroes' Relic because that beam of light, a light that caused the cruel massacre, was something not to be used by humans.

Because Kiefer, Toale, Arua, Kuku- couldn't they have died too.


An unease permeated him.

If they still survived, then that would be good. Even though this old man's family had died and this girl's family had died, he still wished that his companions had survived he started to think about the most disappointing matters.


His body started to tremble.

He looked around for his companions' silhouettes. He checked whether his companions had survived. But he couldn't find them.

There were only tired soldiers and citizens moving here.

Ryner asked, ’’...Hey, Ojii-san.’’


’’The leader of this group... Who is the person in charge of these people from Nelpha? Is it Toale?’’

Hearing this, the man's face contorted. Like earlier, his face was filled with anger.

Seeing this, Ryner said, ’’... It can't be.’’

He couldn't stop himself. ’’It can't be, this kind of situation... You're lying.’’

He looked around again. He looked at who was at the front of the people from Nelpha. He ran towards the soldier who was leading the group. He caught up quickly.

Facing the soldier, he asked, ’’Hey, you. Who is the man in charge of this group?’’

The soldiers turned towards him. Upon seeing Ryner, their faces brightened.

’’Ah, you-you are Ryner-san who chased away the Roland soldiers!! We have heard of what you did...’’

Ryner interrupted them and continued. ’’Enough with the nonsense, tell me. Who is the leader of this group?’’ He shouted. The soldiers were rather frantic.

’’... It's Major Cyrus.’’ They replied.

Major Cazer Cyrus. He was capable Imperial Nelpha army officer was following Toale. But why would Cyrus be in charge of the army? The leader here should be Toale. So why was it Cyrus and not Toale who was leading them?

Then Ryner thought of something. It couldn't be.

It couldn't be. It couldn't be. It couldn't be.

Toale, he.


Toale couldn't have died, could he?

Thinking of this, Ryner almost collapsed to the ground. How could this-how could this be.

Something like this could never happen.


Because, because Kiefer was with Toale? Arua and his girlfriend, Kuku were with them too?

What if.

If Toale died.

Because if the light that the Heroes' Relic held by Roland killed my companions, I.

Then I can no longer.


Forgive Sion.

That would mean I cannot forgive that guy. Ryner thought.

The terror and despair swamped Ryner and he felt like crying.

Then he asked the soldier that seemed a little timid in facing Ryner who was overly nervous, ’’...Then where is Cyrus?’’

The soldier pointed up further ahead.

’’Major Cyrus is at the front because we are going to cross the boundary...’’

Ryner didn't wait for him to finish. He had started running. He passed the group of soldiers and citizens.

There was some distance to the front of the group.

Although the killing light from Roland had killed a large number of people, there were still two thousand people. There were people, people, people. He had been running for some time, but he still couldn't see the front.

Even so, he continued running. He ran desperately. All the while, he yelled, please give way and excuse me, as he continued running.

Finally, he saw the group that seemed to be leading the refuges.

The black armored soldiers that were commanded by Vois were in the head of the army and a group of men wearing the Nelpha army uniform seemed to be on the guard to protect the Nelpha citizens.

At the head of these Nelpha soldiers was Major Cyrus.

The first time he had saw him, those sharp eyes were slightly tired. He did not look well and his tea-coloured hair was streaked with dirt and mud.

Seeing him now, Ryner couldn't help but think that he had missed several fights while he was asleep. He felt even more depressed.

If there had been a fight, then the chances of his comrades being injured were increased.

’’...Damn it.’’ Ryner moaned and started running again. He passed by the Nelpha soldiers and approached Cyrus.

Cyrus quickly noticed him, ’’... Ah, you've finally woken, huh. You were injured badly...’’

He looked to Ryner's left shoulder as he said that, ’’...Hmm. Even that kind of wound can be healed... The army doctor said there was no choice but to amputate it. I see. That annoying brat wasn't lying about everything.’’

Hearing this, Ryner remembered. His arm had been slashed by the Roland soldiers and had injured his bone too.

Ryner had felt that, apart from amputation, there was nothing else to be done for that wound. In that kind of place where there were no medical facilities, there was no way for him to heal it. The blood would not stop unless it was amputated and cauterized.

But now his shoulder was only slightly bandaged and it didn't hurt when he moved it.

Ryner tried moving his left arm then looked at Cyrus. ’’... Is that annoying brat Vois?’’ he asked. Cyrus turned to the black armored group that was walking in front of the soldiers and citizens, and nodded.

’’Yeah. He brought you who was near death and Ferris Eris here. He said he was the reinforcement that you called... Well, is that true?’’

Saying this, he looked at the Nelpha soldiers formation. That formation was so that he could attack the rear of Vois's black-armored soldiers and then spread out.

Looking at Ryner thinking, Cyrus nodded.

’’...If anyone trusts him on the battlefield, then they don't have the right to live.’’

’’Yes. You're really capable... I can slightly understand why everyone trusts you.’’

But Cyrus ignored Ryner and said. ’’Don't talk nonsense. Answer my question. Is that guy really your companion?’’

Hearing this, Ryner looked at the black-armored group walking in front of them. In front of them was a simple and roofless carriage that seemed like a palanquin where Vois was sleeping on.

’’... Who knows. It's not inaccurate to say that we know each other... but he can't be easily trusted. That guy is a liar. But.’’

Hearing this, Cyrus nodded in agreement. ’’...Yeah. Under these kind of circumstances, we can only depend on him. I am already unable to return to Nelpha. There is no country that is willing to accept a few thousand soldiers and citizens. If that man is really able to prepare accommodations for everyone, then we can only depend on him.’’ He said.

Ryner nodded his head.

’’Has Vois prepared for us to be welcomed in the Republic of Belis?’’


’’Then, he wants us to join the Anti-Roland Coalition he created?’’


Watching Cyrus reply, Ryner asked with a trembling voice, ’’Then, Cyrus... Who was it who accepted Vois's proposal?’’

No, actually he asked with a voice trembling with fear.

Then he held his breath. He held his breath because he was too nervous.

Because what if.

What if the one who accepted Vois's proposal wasn't Toale. What if it wasn't Toale who was supposed to be leading these Nelpha citizens and soldiers.


That would mean that Toale had really died. If Toale had died, then Kiefer was dead too. Kuku was dead too. And he didn't know why Ferris who was supposed to be with him was missing. From the dirt on Cyrus's body, it seemed as if two or three fights had occurred.

At that moment.

At that moment, the possibility of Ferris dying because she was unable to treat her wounds


Towards his own imagination.

Ryner wanted to vomit at his own imagination. He wanted to yell out loud. He wanted to cry.

But he frantically forced himself to calm down. Even though he forced himself to calm down, he couldn't do it. He couldn't breathe. Just like that. If Cyrus didn't answer, Ryner would die because of lack of air, he thought. At this moment,

’’...Toale-sama said... if it's someone you know, then we can trust him.’’ Cyrus said.

As he said that, ’’......Puaaah.’’

Ryner released his breath. Then he scrunched his face but he couldn't stop himself from laughing.


What, he was still living, what kind of joke was that, don't make everyone worry. He wanted to laugh. But he forced himself to stop.

He was a terrible person for being able to laugh because his comrades were still alive.

But even so.

Even so.

’’...That's great.’’ Ryner said. He said that's great with a little sob.

Then, ’’...Where's Toale now?’’ He asked.

Cyrus pointed behind him to a large carriage that had was covered to prevent others from looking in.

’’In that carriage.’’ He replied.

’’But I have something to tell you first.’’ He said.

Ryner asked, ’’What?’’

Cyrus looked to the carriage with a steady expression that a twenty-year old person should not have.

’’...Toale-sama's body has been harmed by that strange beam from Roland. Half his body has been injured. With such a big wound, he can't be saved.’’ He said.

Ryner had difficulties understanding what Cyrus had said, ’’...Ah?’’ He could only reply.

But Cyrus continued, ’’But the people haven't been told this yet. Before we reach the Republic of Belis, we will tell the people that Toale-sama is in charge of everything this mental relief is needed. The current situation is not very steady. If there are more rumors of Toale-sama dying in battle, then the people will be unable to progress. So after you see Toale-sama, don't go around crying. You have already revealed too much from your earlier expressions. Do you think you're the only one who wants to cry? Don't be naïve. I have already succeeded in leaving Nelpha and stepped on this journey there are no obstacles on the path we are taking. So, laugh. Laugh when you go to see Toale-sama. Don't spread that meaningless unease among the people who have lost their family and companions, but still continue to strive.’’ Cyrus said this in a calm, steady manner.

Towards this.

Towards this, Ryner.

’’......Ah... Ah, yes. I apologize.’’ He replied quietly.

He understood what Cyrus had said. He had completely understood. There were children among the citizens. There were some children who had seen their family disappear right in front of them. Everyone was struggling against their pain and continuing.

He couldn't be so naïve.


’’.......Ha, ha ha.’’ Ryner laughed quietly. He laughed with an expression that was about to cry.

Cyrus nodded when he saw this, ’’...Toale-sama is in that carriage, thinking of a battle strategy. You can go greet him.’’

He said this with a different, resounding voice that even the surrounding people could hear it.

File:DDnYnD v04 243.jpg

So Ryner replied, ’’I understand.’’ Then he walked away. He walked towards the carriage- the carriage that was transporting Toale.

He opened the cloth door of the carriage and looked in. Toale, Kiefer, Arua, Kuku and even Ferris were in there.

Everyone looked to him. Looked at Ryner.


Kiefer said with tears in her eyes, ’’...Ry-Ryner...’’

She held a strange stone in her hand. She frantically pressed that stone to Toale's shoulder.

No, it was the part of his body that used to have a shoulder.



His right shoulder was gone. No, it wasn't only his shoulder. The right side of his chest, his right wrist and his right leg, too. The right side of his body, one third of his body, had disappeared, as if it had never existed in the first place.

Kiefer spoke to him with a trembling, hoarse and nearly inaudible voice, ’’...To-Toale he... Toale he tried to protect me from that beam of light...’’

But she didn't continue.

But this was already enough for him to understand.

So Ryner said, ’’......Yo.’’

’’... You seem to be rather energetic, Toale.’’

Toale seemed to be conscious and heard this. He turned to Ryner, ’’...That joke is not funny.’’

Although he said that, he still laughed.

Ryner climbed onto the carriage and got near to Toale. Ferris stood up, ’’Come here, Ryner.’’ She said as she offered her seat.

Ryner nodded his head, ’’Thanks.’’

He sat on the left side of Toale and looked at his pale face, ’’...Protecting...Kiefer, huh?’’

Hearing this, Toale laughed and said, ’’...Protecting girls is expected, isn't it?’’


’’So tell Kiefer-san too. Tell her not to cry. At any rate, I would have died on the battlefield, after all...’’

But Kiefer still frantically pressed the glowing stone on Toale's body. ’’But, but.’’ She could only say that. Because her voice was choked with tears and sobs.

Ryner looked at the stone she was holding, ’’... That's Vois's?’’ he asked. Ferris nodded.

’’...He said it is a healing stone. It's a Heroes' Relic. He said although it has its limits, but it can heal fatal wounds.’’

Hearing this, Ryner looked at the stone again. Then he looked at the wound that the stone was pressing on. Surprisingly the blood had already stopped. The wound was starting to heal. The flesh was starting to regenerate and his body was healing.



Even so, Toale's life was slipping away.


Probably because Toale's wound was fatal.

Toale said, ’’...It's because of this stone that I was able to stay alive until Ryner-san woke up.’’ He said with that tired and pained voice.

Hearing this, Ryner started, ’’...What are you saying.’’

But he was interrupted, ’’I'm about to die. Personal matters... I know them the best.’’

’’It's like that, huh.’’


’’Is it painful?’’

But he shook his head. ’’... Compared to the children who have lost their parents but have no one coming to save them... no righteo... no righteous companions to come and help them, who can only move forward while crying, this pain is nothing at all.’’

He had a sad face while he said this and looked out of the carriage. Of course, so that no one would be able to look in from outside no one would be able to see Toale's dying image, so there were curtains on the window but this wasn't what he was seeing. He was looking at the suffering in the people's hearts outside the carriage.

Towards this, Ryner,

’’... Yeah. That's right.’’



He said. Then he looked at Toale. He looked at those eyes that were slowly losing their life.


’’... Then?’’ Ryner asked.

Toale looked towards him and smiled, ’’... I was waiting for you to wake up.’’

Hearing this, Ryner scrunched his face up in annoyance, ’’Ah~, that face says that you want to push something troublesome onto me again~’’

’’Ha ha, you gu-guessed right.’’

’’I don't wanna? Whatever it is that you want me to do for you, I don't wanna do it? You can continue to live yourself and go do it yourself. I can't bear the burden of so many people's lives.’’


’’Please, Ryner-san. There's no longer anyone but you that I can count o...’’ Toale stopped when he reached here.


His words stopped suddenly.

That something important was quickly fading away from within his body and disappearing, Ryner knew.

’’Wait, hey.’’ Although Ryner said that, Toale was already simply smiling instead,

’’...W...Well, forget it. Either way, Ry...ner-san, will definitely do it.... Ah, at last... I can see you all...’’

He said only that much.

Then he stopped.

Everything ended.

It all ended.

One person's life had ended so easily.

Toale's life had surprisingly ended so easily.

Towards this.

’’No... Wait, you're lying... No, nooooooooo!’’ Kiefer yelled.

Arua and Kuku cried.

Ferris didn't look towards them. She looked into the distance emotionlessly. She looked into the distance despite the fact that there was a piece of cloth blocking her view to the outside view.

And Ryner.


He held Toale's hand. He held Toale's remaining hand, his left hand that had not disappeared.

Then, ’’...Here it is again... He pushed an extremely troublesome job onto me again. I'm not doing it. I don't want to bear the burden of people's lives. Do that kind of troublesome matter on your own.’’ He said that softly and tightly held Toale's hand.

He could feel his face contorting. He could feel the tears almost flowing out. But he desperately forced them back. He tolerated the pain so that his tears would not flow out. Because like what Toale had said. There were people who were more unlucky than him. The people outside this carriage who were carrying a greater pain and even more people who were grieving because of this foolish war.


So he held back his tears, ’’...Ah, damn it... Aaaaaaaah, damn it! I know. I'll do it, okay. I'll do it. I'll bear the burden of these people's lives. Yours too. Everyone's.’’ Ryner looked at Toale's face as he said this. He looked at the still smiling face of Toale, who was dead.

He closed his eyes. He helped Toale to close his warm, gentle eyes.


’’...So. I will do this... So sleep peacefully, you simpleton.’’ He said and stood up.

Ferris looked at him and said something that did not suit her, ’’...Are you alright? Ryner.’’

So Ryner asked in return, ’’You?’’

Towards this, she was still emotionless, ’’No.’’

Ryner nodded. ’’I see.’’


’’I understand. Then, let's exchange. When I slept, everyone worked hard. Leave the rest to me and stay here for the moment. I...’’ He opened the flap to the carriage as he said this, ’’I'll go see Vois.’’

He walked out.

Then he passed by the Nelpha citizens and soldiers and the soldiers that Vois commanded.

He moved towards the front of the procession.


At the front, Vois stood, as if waiting for Ryner to arrive.

He looked at the carriage where Toale had passed away in, smling.

Looking at Vois's face.

’’...What's there to be happy about?’’ Ryner used a slightly harsh tone to ask.

Vois shrugged, ’’Ya~, what a touching speech. Carry the burden of these people's lives what a touching phrase.’’ He said rather insincerely.

So Ryner glared at Vois, ’’...You bastard, are you mocking me?’’


’’Yes.’’ Vois nodded. Then he smiled, ’’Yes. Talking about that, even if someone useless like Toale Nelphi died, it won't affect our situation much. If you panic over such petty things, then you're are really pitifully stupid...’’

Ryner ran towards Vois when he heard this, his fist curled and raised, swinging to Vois's face.

Vois still used that smiling, mocking face to look at Ryner's actions.

Just as the fist was about to hit him.

’’...Anyway, Toale-san is not dead yet.’’ Vois suddenly said.

Towards this, Ryner released a dazed sound, ’’...Heh?’’ Then he frantically stopped his punch. He managed to stop his fist from hitting Vois's face. But Vois turned his face so that his fist made contact with Vois's face.

’’Yaaaaa~n’’ He pretended to be thrown to the side by the punch and landed on the ground. He pretended to land on the ground with a 'umph'. Then he pressed his uninjured face and said, ’’You-you-you hit a kid who did nothing wrooong~!? You owe me, so please return this favour in the future...’’

But Ryner interrupted him, ’’Hey, don't bother about that. Compared to that, what did you say just now? To-Toale he... he didn't die...’’

Hearing this, Vois nodded his head. ’’He didn't die, you know?’’

Ryner gaped in surprise, ’’Ai, ai, but I witnessed it? Toale's death... His pulse... his breathing...’’



Then Vois said, ’’I was the one who stopped his heart and breathing. Then if I want him to move, it'd be simple. Anyway, to Derunio 'Death Transference' ah, that's the healing stone that I gave Kiefer-san if it's that, that kind of wound is easily healed. Ma, although the price is quite large.’’

Towards this, ’’Th-then... Toale, he ’’

’’So he might still be living.’’

Hearing this, Ryner turned around, thinking to return to the carriage.

At this moment.

’’...But if he is to live or die, that depends on my mood.’’ Vois said.

Hearing this, Ryner stopped and turned around. He glared at Vois. ’’... Ah? What is that. You did this to force me to help with your plan?’’ He asked.

But Vois shook his head. ’’No no. But I feel that even if I don't take Toale-san as a hostage, you will still help me.’’

’’Then, why did you do this.’’ Ryner asked. Vois laughed. He laughed mockingly, as if he were looking down on Ryner.

Then he said. ’’That's simple. Because Ryner-san, you you're much weaker than what I had expected.’’ He said.

Ryner was unable to understand the meaning of these words.

Ryner was unable to understand the meaning behind Vois's words.




Perhaps he was really weak. He had been unable to do anything in front of the Goddess that had came from Vois's shadows. So, he wasn't able to become the power that this guy had expected.

But Ryner could not understand what this had to do with Toale.

He couldn't understand what Vois was thinking about.

Vois said. ’’...Isn't it like that? You witnessed Roland killing many Nelpha citizens but you stopped me from using the Rhule Fragmei to stop the Roland soldiers. What does that count for? What did that accomplish? This is a war, you know? But you still said we couldn't use such dangerous weapons? Something dangerous like that couldn't be used by humans? Please stop joking. It was the other party who attacked first. Then we can only counter-attack. The other party wants to kill us. So we can only kill the enemy. You don't even understand this, yet you want to bear the burden of other people's lives? Bear the burden of the lives of the citizens? Not using weapons? Ha ha, ha ha ha, really, even if Ryner-san is a person who can only sleep, please leave your daydreaming to when you're sleeping.’’ Saying that, he stopped smiling. He wiped away his cheerful smile and looked at Ryner.

’’But on the battlefield, you can't joke about this. Do you want to cause all your comrades to die just because of that naïve thinking?’’ He said.

Towards this.


Ryner could not reply.

Because what Vois had said was too true. Because what he had said was too true.

Checking Ryner's face, Vois continued. A smile appeared again, ’’This is why I did this. I wanted to let you the experience the terror of losing your companion. This was quite troublesome, you know? I had to think up of quite a few reasons to change the place where you were undergoing healing.’’

Hearing this, Ryner finally understood why he wasn't together with Ferris, Kiefer and Toale when he woke up.

Vois had arranged for him to wake up in a different place so that Ryner would not be able to understand the current situation.

To awake in a battleground.

But be unable to see his companions.

It can't be-it can't be that everyone's dead. He wanted Ryner to be anxious.

At that time. Because he had stopped Vois from counter-attacking, so he had caused many companions to die. Vois wanted to trigger this kind of fear in him.

Everything was planned by Vois. All this was his meddling.

So Ryner tensed, ’’...You are still very...’’

Vois happily interrupted Ryner and said, ’’Cute?’’


Hearing what Ryner said, Vois was even more happy, ’’Then, this situation has four effects.’’

’’... Didn't I say, you're very annoying.’’

But the more he said that Vois was annoying, the happier Vois was.

’’First, I said this earlier. Let you personally experience your companion's death. And hope that you will understand that you will continue to cause others to die if you don't attack the enemy because you are so gentle and weak.’’

Saying this, Vois stepped forward and leaned towards him, ’’Then second. Let you experience, that even if you are prepared to attack the enemy... Even so, the fact that your companions will still die. This time he didn't die. Actually, this time he didn't die. But next time, he will die. He will die surprisingly quickly and easily. This is war and humans are extremely frail.’’ Vois said this sadly. He was pretending to be sad as he said that. Then he continued, ’’But you said that you would take the responsibility of the people's lives. You said you would take the responsibility of the people's lives. Then even if your companions die, you don't have the right to stop. Even if Kiefer-san is decapitated. Even if Ferris-san dies, there won't be time to cry. You don't have the privilege to cry. This is a test.’’

Hearing this.

Ryner imagined Kiefer dying.

Ryner imagined Ferris dying.

He only imagined it.


Just by imagining it, he felt fear and it seemed as if he were unable to stand.

But, like what Vois had said.

He could only continue.

He had no choice but to continue. His comrades would die. Important and precious people would die. Then the reason for those deaths was

Because Ryner had chosen this path.


Because Ryner had chosen this path, so his comrades who followed him would die.

This was expected. Even if he did not think about it, this was an expected and understandable matter. No, he had experienced that not long ago.

Ferris had almost been killed because she was protecting Ryner.

Toale lost half of his body because of that light released by Roland.

No, Kiefer, Arua and Kuku to, they lived because they were lucky. It was miraculous. Everyone could have died in that split second.

Even so.


Even so, if he still wanted to continue.

He had to be prepared for that.

He had to be prepared for the fact that his comrades would die.

Ryner glared at Vois, feeling hatred.

Seeing this, Vois shrugged, ’’It's not my problem if anyone dies.’’

’’I know. I'm only speechless because I had to be lectured by a brat like you in order to realize my stupidity.’’

’’...Hmm. Well, anyway, everyone except me is an idiot so you don't have to mind that.’’

’’You jest.’’ Ryner said with a tired smile.

But Vois still continued, ’’Then.’’

’’Hey, there's still more.’’

’’Didn't I say there were four effects?’’

’’Four. Four. Alright, then what are the remaining two?’’

Vois nodded and continued. ’’Through the hoist of having Toale Nelphi die, Toale-san should personally understand the situation. Before he died, he thought the best method of action was to leave the Nelpha soldiers and citizens to Ryner-san... Which means, when he wakes up later, the king here will not be him. But you, Ryner-san this effect.’’

But to this, Ryner said, ’’Even if you didn't do something like that, Toale's relationship with me...’’

But Vois interrupted Ryner, ’’Your relationship with Toale-san can be anything. I meant it so that the Nelpha soldiers can successfully integrate into my army. Well, when Toale-san awakes, he will definitely want to be one of you personnel... He will definitely let the Nelpha soldiers integrate successfully into the Anti-Roland Coalition that Ryner-san and I established.’’ He said.

He made it seem as if Ryner had helped him to create the Anti-Roland Coalition. Talking about which, what had this guy said, for the sake of allowing Ryner to kill Sion, so he had made Ryner the king of the Anti-Roland Coalition, and had come here.

From birth, Vois Fiurelle had had everything belong to him, but this time, he actually wanted to let Ryner be the king and said that he would be Ryner's subordinate.


He tried to figure out Vois's intentions.

No, he thought about all the lies that this guy had told him.

He thought about the Goddess hidden in his shadow, and the reason for the existence of an organization like the Anti-Roland Coalition.

But he was unable to figure out Vois's intentions based on the intel he had now.


’’... Then what is the fourth one?’’ Ryner continued.

So Vois said, ’’The fourth is... after this incident, to hope that you can understand the fact that you have chosen lives.’’

’’Ah? Chosen lives?’’ He asked. Vois nodded. He took out a stone that was similar to the stone that Kiefer had pressed to Toale's body. It was a Heroes' Relic called Derunio.

’’I have four pieces of stones like this. If you want to use this stone, you have to pay a price. The more healing needed to be done, the greater the price. Do you know what the price is?’’

Of course, he didn't know. So Ryner shook his head.

’’It's blood. Human blood. In order to heal Ferris-san's wounds, I needed all the blood from two people. For yours, I needed all the blood from one person and half the blood of another. And Toale-san needed all the blood from eighteen people...’’

Hearing this, Ryner widened his eyes.

’’Wa-wait, do-do you mean, in order to heal our wounds, we have to kill other people...’’

But Vois laughed, ’’Do you feel surprised just by hearing that? No no, I didn't kill anyone. Well, if I needed to kill anyone, killing ten or twenty pawns would be fine. But if I killed more than that, no one would be willing to sacrifice themselves. I let hundreds of soldiers donate some of their blood. This way, no one would need to die.’’

Even after hearing this, Ryner was still uneasy. Because this person always told lies.

If there was a need to, this person would kill ten or twenty people without hesitation. So,

’’Did you really not kill anyway?’’ Ryner asked seriously.

Vois shook his head. ’’If you still feel suspicious, you can go and count, you know?’’

’’I don't know how many soldiers you brought.’’

’’Ah ha. Then you have no way to investigate.’’

’’You ’’

But Vois still smiled. ’’I'm joking. I really didn't kill anyone. But even so, you have chosen human lives. Because of the light the Demonic Beast Destroyer, Ellearms, released, many people were killed. But there were survivors. Even though they had serious injuries, but there were people who survived. If there was Derunio... if there was this stone, then they could continue to live. But there are only four pieces of this stone. There are only four pieces of this stone. Ai ya ai ya, what should we do~’’ Vois said as he dangled the stone in the air.

But Ryner was very clear about what he was about to say. ’’... Are you saying that you didn't help them but saved us?’’

Vois nodded his head. ’’Exactly. But you would say that you didn't ask for this, right? So anything could have been done towards saving you. I'm talking about others. Ferris-san and Toale-san. And a child. This time, I only used this to save those who you wanted to save. What do you think this means? Of course, I was the one who used the stone, but the one who made the decision was...’’ Vois stopped and threw the stone towards him.

Ryner caught the stone.

He caught the Heroes' Relic that used human blood to heal wounds.

Confirming this, Vois continued. ’’... The one who made the decision about who to save was you, Ryner-san. Or I should say, you're very clear about this? Ever since you woke up in that truck, your surroundings has been like hell. There were people who lost their parents. There were people who lost their children. Some people lost their precious people. But, but but but but but, you still wished for you companions to survive you thought of this, didn't you?’’

Hearing this.

Hearing what Vois said, Ryner's face tensed.

Because he had thought of that.

Because he had thought of that, in actuality.

Because Vois's words pierced deeply into Ryner's body, pierced Ryner's heart.

Seeing Ryner, Vois said with a happy and cheerful expression. ’’...It isn't anything to feel troubled about. That is human. Arrogant and sly, yet gentle, then suddenly warm you are sadly human. But you are unable to continue being an ordinary human. You are unable to be an ordinary human because you have decided to carry the burden of human lives. Right, this way, hasn't your weakness lessened? Hasn't your naivety lessened? Are you prepared to be a king who is in charge of a large number of human lives?’’

Towards this question, Ryner.

He shook his head. ’’... I'm sorry. I haven't...’’

But he was interrupted by Vois.

’’Then please make your preparations now. Your best friend, your opponent has already started walking on that path. He has put the lives of humans on the horizon and is walking forward in despair. Then, what about you? What do you want to do? Do you want to continue with no sacrifices? Haven't you decided to save him? Then you should progress. You should continue. Come, come come, throw away those useless dreams, progress...’’

But he only spoke until halfway.

’’...Enemy attack!?’’

A voice rang out from the front of the procession.

Vois turned in that direction. ’’A la la. I was interrupted when I was about to finish speaking. Ma, but my words have mostly been etched into your mind. Then please give me permission to let the story continue...’’ He walked out as he said that.

A black-armored soldier came to him, ’’... The enemy is an assassin from 'Azure Princess Mercenaries'.’’

Hearing this, Vois said with annoyance, ’’Those guys again.’’ Then he turned back.

’’Alright, Ryner-san. It should be time for you to show your face. This is the first reason for you to become our king.’’

Hearing this, Ryner tilted his head. ’’...What does that mean?’’ As he said this, he looked to the direction where the enemy was. They had probably crossed over from the boundary of the Republic of Belis.

But the enemy was from the Republic of Belis.

That meant that that there were enemies in Belis where the Nelpha citizens would be staying.

So Ryner said, ’’... It's a little different from what you said?’’

Vois laughed, ’’No no, there's no difference? Right now, the one attacking isn't what you suspect is a soldier from Belis. It is an assassin from a smaller but nasty organization. I was nearly killed by the assassin from that organization recently...’’

Hearing this, Ryner finally found something believable in what this person was saying. ’’Ah, so you allowed me to be the king so that you would not be targeted by that assassin?’’

’’Mostly. Well, although it's not only that... Anyway, Your Majesty Ryner Lute please go and deal with that assassin.’’ He said.

Your Majesty.

So Your Majesty, please deal with the assassin hearing this, Ryner smiled wryly, ’’This is the first time I'm seeing a subordinate saying this to the king.’’

’’Doesn't it suit you?’’ Saying this, Vois flicked his finger.

In a moment.

’’Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ’’

From the carriage where Toale's corpse was supposed to be, Kiefer's cries were heard loudly.

Ryner looked at Vois tiredly with half-lidded eyes and asked, ’’He's revived?’’

Vois nodded. ’’That was very energetic. Let me prepare Toale-san's prosthetic arms and legs.’’

Ryner said softly, ’’How should I say this...’’

Then the flap of the carriage opened and Ferris looked out, ’’Ry-Ry-Ry-Ryner!? Toale's ghost, haunting...’’

’’Ah yes yes. He isn't haunting you. Toale is still alive.’’

’’Still alive?’’

He was about to explain what Vois had told him to Ferris, who was tilting her head.


From the front of the procession, there was an explosion.

A bright light.

With no time to rest, another battle had started.

Ryner turned his eyes to the directions of the battle.



’’Anyway, let's defeat the enemy before we talk about this. Let's go together.’’ He said.

She jumped down from the carriage and looked in the direction of the battle. She reached to her waist and looked at Vois, ’’Vois, return me my sword.’’

’’Yes, of course. Relca.’’ He said. A black-armored woman pulled out Ferris's sword where it was on the carriage and threw it towards her.

Ferris caught it and fastened it to her waist. Then she nodded her head, ’’... Then let's go.’’ She looked at Ryner.

Ryner nodded in reply, then looked to the front.

There were sounds of an intense battle from the front.

File:DDnYnD v04 275.jpg

Explosions. Roaring. Cries.

Their attackers seemed to have come from a mercenary group called the Azure Princess.

Azure Princess.

A mercenary group called the Azure Princess.

’’...I've never heard of it before.’’ He muttered. He flexed his injured left wrist to check if there was any lingering pain. Then he patted his waist and told Ferris, ’’Do you need to prepare?’’

Ferris replied, ’’I'm waiting for you, idiot.’’



’’I see. Alright. Then...’’

Ryner said, ’’Although it's extremely troublesome, but we still have to work hard.’’

He walked towards the battlefield again.

In a far northern plane.

He opened the map.


On the map was a drawing of the powers on the Menoris Continent.

First, in the south of the map was the name of Roland that had conquered the whole of the southern continent by claiming the Estabul Kingdom, Imperial Nelpha and the Runa Kingdom.

Then in the north of the map was the name of the Kingdom of Gastark that had defeated Imperial Stohle and was continuing to expand into the south. Its power had already started to reach into the central continent.

Lastly, in the centre of the map.

It was called the Central Continent, it was the largest territory in the Menoris Continent.

There were thirteen adjacent countries and three countries called the Three States were drawn to the north of these countries.

No, they were the three strongest countries in the Central Continent.

The names of the Three States were

Geihlficlant Empire.

Ertolia Republic.

Remrus Empire.

These three countries ruled together and competed amongst themselves. They decided everything that happened in the Central Continent. And these small countries were controlled by these Three States.

So he had written down which countries currently belonged to which state.

Looking at this.

He looked at this.

The young monarch of the northern continent, Riphal Edea, king of the Gastark Empire looked at the map with his one eye, ’’...Fu. It looks like we'll be fighting with Geihlficlant first.’’ He said lightly.

Long pink hair. His right eye was filled with determination and charisma, drawing everyone in and the left eye that had been eaten by the cursed sword, Glovil.

But even so, he still carried that sword. He put that big black sword that was longer that what humans used behind his back and carried the map in one hand as he stood on the plain.

Behind him were tens of thousands of soldiers.

Although he carried the responsibility for these tens of thousands of lives, but he did not back down and happily looked at the map.

Right now, he was looking at the boundary lines on the map.

He was looking at the boundary line that separated the northern continent and the central continent.

But there were two coundary lines. There were two boundary lines between the north Gastark Empire and the Central Continent.

The east belonged to a country in Geihlficlant Empire, Eilosendo.

The west belonged to a country in Ertolia Republic, Deriljael Kesla.

Riphal Edea narrowed his visible right eye and looked at the two countries on his map.

No matter which was nearer or more easily attacked, he had to count in Eilosendo. And if he were to attack Deriljael Kesla first, then Geihlficlant who was nearer could attack him. This way, he would be having a war with two empires at the same time.

That would be bad.

No matter how he thought about it, it was better to defeat Eilosendo first then move on the Geihlficlant Empire.

’’Well, Deril , ah~, whatsitsname, I can't remember. Alright. We should still attack the one with the easier name, Eilosendo first.’’ He said, then he threw the map to one side carefully.

A man standing behind him caught the map.

It was a man around the same age as Riphal around twenty-two or twenty-three year old.

He had the same pink hair as Riphal and a pair of bright blue eyes. As if matching his eyes, his uniform was also blue.

He was Riphal Edea's right hand man and the military advisor of the Gastark army, Rigwaltz Pentest.

That Rigwaltz Rize said. ’’...You can't remember the name. Isn't it because you have insufficient brain cells?’’

Hearing that, Riphal turned around, ’’Because there's no need to, so I'm too lazy to remember the name, Rize. Anyway, isn't it a country that is about to be eliminated by us and about to vanish?’’

Rize laughed. ’’Well, that's true.’’

’’Then, what do you think. It's fine if we go to Geihlficlant first?’’

Rize looked to the southern sky and nodded. ’’There's no problem. Geihlficlant Empire is a country that has the sea on its east. That means that when we fight Geihlficlant, we don't have to worry about the east side. And there's the plan to ally with the Republic of Ertolia and invade.’’

But Riphal shook his head. ’’Ertolia wouldn't respond. Because they will betray us quickly. Compared to their life-long enemy, Geihlficlant, Gastark that has recently emerged will be more dangerous. But when they discover that, it will be...’’

’’Too late... So let's begin quickly. We have to let the name that I have been waiting for resound through the Central Continent.’’ Saying this, Rize raised his hand.

By only doing this, the thousands of soldiers behind responded. These soldiers consisted of mixed groups. What had originally be the six northern countries had been conquered by Gastark, then organized to this army.

But with six different kinds of magic and the soldiers of six different countries now, they moved as if they were from the same organism.

This was Rize's power.

He was able to provide the soldiers who had lost their countries with evidence for a new existence, give them a new reason to live and then control them.

He had more or less used the brain-washing powers of the Rhule Fragmei, but the management of the army strongly depended on Rize too.

Rize ordered. ’’... Everyone.’’

At this moment.

’’Wuah, impressive. You're able to easily command so many soldiers. The brain-washing Rhule Fragmei doesn't even have this effect. We have to learn from you.’’ A woman's voice spoke from in front of them.

Hearing this, Rize stopped his orders.

Riphal turned his eyes to the voice. Then he tensed. Because that woman's voice had been too near to him.

He could not feel her presence at all.

He could not feel her presence approaching at all. On this wide plain where there were tens of thousands of soldiers, there were no figures approaching him, nor any presence that could be felt.

But that voice was right by their side.

And Riphal had turned to where that voice had been.


He couldn't see any figure.

What exactly was it.

’’What is this, who...’’ He spoke until there.

’’Here, young Hero King of the North-san.’’ The voice was right by his ear. A breath blew gently and then a dagger shot to Riphal's neck

’’Riphal!?’’ Rize yelled then pushed him away. Riphal used that force to jump away. Then he rolled on the ground and pulled out his sword as he got up. He pulled out Glovil and swung it.

He finally saw his enemy.

Looking at his enemy.

’’...Wh-what is this, what exactly’’ Riphal said softly.

File:DDnYnD v04 293.jpg

Because his enemy was very beautiful.

A beautiful woman.

She was about eighteen or nineteen years old?

She had a pretty face and adorable, challenging eyes.

She had long ice-blue coloured hair which was a rare colour and evidence that she was a holder of 'Congenital Magic Abnormality'.

'Congenital Magic Abnormality' this referred to people with abnormal magical abilities. They had magical powers that were greater than even what their bodies could hold. A large number of 'Congenital Magic Abnormality' holders would always drown in their power and were controlled by it, resulting in them losing their magical compatibility and becoming magic deficient.

Even if they were deficient humans who were unable to control their spirits this was the name for the 'Congenital Magic Abnormality' holders.



The woman in front of him did not seem to be anything like that.

Although she seemed a little stubborn, but she had intelligence in her eyes.

But those rational eyes clashed with the butterfly-patterned dress that she wore, making people confused.

A butterfly-patterned uniform and a dagger in her hand.

She stuck out her adorable tongue, ’’A la la, your reaction is unexpectedly fast. I actually slipped...’’ She hadn't finished speaking when she threw the dagger towards him. She used a slight action and threw the dagger towards him.

The dagger flew viciously towards him. Riphal was unable to dodge. No, he couldn't even react.

Monster, he couldn't help but think.

This was a really dangerous monster, he couldn't help but this.

The dagger flew straight towards him.

The dagger flew straight towards his heart.


But his sword responded. The sword that Riphal held Glovil reacted and knocked aside the dagger.

Seeing this, the woman's eyes widened slightly.

’’Oh~, you can even avoid this? Impressive.’’ She said and narrowed her eyes slightly. ’’Or I should say, it seems to be the sword defending by itself~ just now. That is Glovil, right? That was amazing. It shows that you are a 'True Hero'. I'm not so stupid to challenge a Hero, so I should retreat first.’’

As she said this, Rize pulled out his sword and swung it at the woman.

But the woman didn't even look at him.

She lightly pushed his sword and then used Rize's strength to push him away.

Rize's posture was messed up and after he was kicked, he collapsed. Rize's sword fell at near his lower body, ’’Wuah.’’

Rize quickly rolled away to avoid it. Then he quickly stood up and retreated two or three steps and ran towards Riphal. He stared at the woman nervously and said. ’’...Riphal.’’


’’Use the time I take to distract this woman and escape. We have no power to deal with that kind of opponent.’’

’’Ah? What are you joking about? How can you face that monster...’’

But he was interrupted, ’’Of course I can't win. But the both of us can't die here. With our comrades the promise we made when we sacrificed our comrades with the Sword of Regeneration has not been completed, we can't die like fools... right? So please escape quickly. Then call Lir here. Only Lir can deal with her properly.’’

As he said that, Rize started to weave a light square. Gastark's magic. Compared to physical battle, Rize was more suited to long-range magic.


But that woman looked at that magic happily, ’’Ai~, are you going to use magic? If it's using magic, I wouldn't be merciful, is that fine?’’ She said.

The holder of the 'Congenital Magic Abnormality' who was abnormally strong in magic said.

So Riphal stopped Rize's hand that was about to complete the magic.

Towards this, Rize said, ’’What are you doing...’’

Riphal shook his head, then looked at the woman.

’’...Earlier you said, you were merciful. Then you had no intentions to kill us from the beginning?’’

Hearing this, the woman smiled, ’’No. If I could kill you, I would feel very lucky, but... if you are the one that Glovil chose, it's impossible for me right now. I don't have enough tools to kill you.’’

Hearing this, Riphal was more nervous. ’’...Why do you know this sword? Don't tell me you're Goddess's subordinate?’’

’’You've guessed wrongly~ Anyway, can't you tell just by looking. How can a beautiful girl like me be that monster.’’ She said.

She called the Goddess a monster.

That mean that she knew about the existence of the Goddess. No, not only that. If she knew about Glovil, then she would also know about the 'Priests' that brought the sword over to this world.

But what power would know so much about this?

’’Who are you?’’ Riphal asked.

But she smiled beautifully and perfectly, ’’I'm someone with a warning, Riphal Edea.’’

’’... Someone with a warning? Warn me about what?’’

’’Someone with a warning about your future. You can't come here. If you want to move forward, then head to Deriljael Kesla. Don't come to Eilosendo. I won't get my money if you go there, after all.’’

Hearing this, Riphal finally knew who this person was. ’’... You're the mercenaries that Geihlficlant hired. I heard the rumors about you, Azure Princess. I see. You are the leader of the mercenaries who have been destroying those small countries in the Central Continent, Pia Varliere.’’ Riphal said.

Hearing this, she smiled.

Pia Varliere smiled.

Then she said. ’’Not leader, it's queen, strong and arrogant Hero-san.’’ Then she smiled again.

’’Then, listen to what I say, Hero King of the North. Or else ’’ She emanated a strong killing intent. She emanated a strong killing intent that could make one's heart stop beating.

Then she said.

She said. ’’Or else I'd have to kill you.’’

But towards this.

Towards this Riphal laughed. He looked at her, emanating his own killing intent.

No, he was looking at his other subordinate who was standing behind her.

It was Lir.

It was Lir Orla.

Looking at Lir, Riphal said. ’’Kill that arrogant woman.’’

Lir replied. ’’Of course.’’

Then he raised his hand. He wore a golden ring on his finger. It was a Rhule Fragmei that only those Chosen by the gods could use the Ring of Lightning Beasts.

He waved the ring, ’’Appear, Lightning Beasts!’’

A few lightning forms appeared around Lir as he yelled that. They slowly formed into beasts and surrounded Pia.

But even after seeing Lir, Pia still smiled, relaxed.

’’Ah, I see. You're pulling this on me?’’

Riphal nodded. ’’Yeah. Then surrendering would be better? Because I'm not a person who will kill women. After you surrender and give us your information, then I can release you.’’

’’Ara, you're so gentle.’’

’’Can't you tell by seeing?’’

’’Aha.’’ She laughed. That was a relaxed laugh. In this kind of situation, that woman was still able to laugh, relaxed.


’’... If I were to kill such gentle boys, then I would feel sad, so forget it, forget it. I did warn you already? Don't attack Geihlficlant. Understand?’’

Saying this, she lowered her stance.

Seeing this, Lir said, ’’I won't let you escape.’’ And raised his ring. The lightning beasts ran towards her.

But Pia still laughed, ’’Muoh~!’’ She shouted adorably.

A red light appeared from her fingers no, it appeared from the red-coloured fake nails that she was wearing on her five fingers and sliced apart the lightning beasts that Lir had summoned.


’’Then goodbye. If I meet you on the battlefield after this meeting then I'll really kill you.’’

Then she took something that was like a small marble and threw it into the sky. The marble released a bright light.


She could not be seen anywhere.

The three of them looked at where Pia had been speechlessly for a moment.


’’... the Azure Princess. Huh.’’ Riphal said softly.

Then he looked into the sky.

The Queen of the Azure Princess, Pia Varliere had said that they could not attack Geihlficlant. She had said they could not attack Eilosendo. If they attacked, she would kill them.

He remembered that sentence.

He remembered her words.

After remembering that, he said, ’’Really, what was that. Even though she had a cute face, she was a monster on the inside...’’ Riphal turned to his childhood friends who had experienced the same burdens as he had.

’’Alright, what do we do? What do you feel about what happened? Do we face them later?’’

Rize replied, ’’If we don't do it then we can't start anything. And the number of enemies using the Rhule Fragmei will increase. Even if it isn't like this, Roland is already using them. Fighting with the Azure Princess can be a preparation for fighting with Roland.’’

Lir shrugged, ’’If we can win. The sacrifice will be huge.’’

But Riphal laughed. ’’Large sacrifices didn't begin now. Isn't that right?’’

The two of them nodded. ’’Yes.’’

’’Then,’’ Riphal said. ’’Then let's go. We wasted a little time. Let's head towards Eilosendo then Geihlficlant. Rize, give the command.’’

So Rize raised his arm and waved.


Then he started to order the army.

Gastark Empire had started to move towards the Central Continent.

Riphal looked at this scene.

Then he turned around and looked in the direction they were heading towards.

In front of them was Eilosendo, the Geihlficlant Empire and the mercenaries, the Azure Princess that Geihlficlant had hired.

And then even more in front of them was the Fallen Dark Hero was looking from the south.

Looking at this.

Riphal looked at all of this.

’’...Alright, this is the beginning. The beginning of our story.’’ He told this to Rize, Lir and his companions.


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