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Dai Densetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu - Volume 10 - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Hero &Demon[edit]

Ryner was kidnapped.

He was snatched away by the monster resting in the Remrus Empire.


’’Damn it!’’

Sion Astal wanted to shout that, but his voice was swallowed back.

Then he pressed a hand to his chest.

He felt something was being restless in the depths of his chest.

He didn't know if that was his own feelings, or the feelings of the Hero that was engulfed in his body.

But the restlessness in his chest was very strong.

It was so restless that he felt like vomiting it out.

But Sion ignored this, looking at the scene expanding beyond his eyes.

The scene of thousands of Remrus Empire soldiers creeping on the ground, moving around with seven purple hands growing out from their backs.

The sky turned from green to blue.

A light and dark scene that turned from blue to light blue.

It seemed that everything was magic cast by Remrus.

To engulf Ryner.

Magic, activated to engulf the demon in Ryner's body.


’’...What are you joking about.’’

Was muttered softly.

’’That's mine.’’

He muttered softly.

’’Ryner is, my...’’


He prepared to say this, his face twisted. Then he thumped his chest with a thump. The Hero in his body, that had become quiet in this period of time suddenly awoke, preparing to snatch away Sion's consciousness.


His whole body trembled, and resisted.

The pain in his body let up a sharp piercing sound.

Pain that seemed to make his consciousness vanish circulated around his whole body.

But he desperately tolerated this.

He definitely couldn't lose consciousness here.

This was a battle field.

The center of the enemy's grounds.

His subordinates felt fearful too.

Of course.

Seeing such an uncomfortable scene, there wouldn't be anyone who would not be fearful. And the disease that made hands grow out of backs of the soldiers, who were crawling before them, could spread.

He heard that there were numerous Roland soldiers who had become the same as them, because they approached the Remrus Empire soldiers, and weren't able to move anymore.

And they completely didn't know the specific effects and effective range of the magic that Remrus had activated.

If they approached now they would be infected, this situation, it was possible that the effects and range would continue to expand.

There was a need to immediately resolve the scene before them.

There was a need to make the correct decision.



He tolerated the pain.

He desperately resisted the erosion from the Hero/ Asruld Roland.


He let out a moan as if he were about to lost his breath, placing his right hand on the horse's neck. Touching the part where the mane was, and grabbing it. As if tolerating pain he grabbed it tightly. Hence the horse let out a sound softly, Sion smiled slightly in apology.

’’...I'm sorry.’’

Then at this moment he felt the power of the Hero weaken slightly. Knowing that it was unable to snatch Sion's consciousness, the erosion of the Hero settled down slightly.

So he let out a breath, raising his head.

The unchanging abnormal scene continued to expand before his eyes.

The scene of using people's lives as sacrifices, as if cursing everything in this world, continued to expand.

Then Sion started from now, using Rhule Fragmei to erase those humans who were sacrifices.

Clearly they were unable to judge if they were alive, or dead, but was prepared to use the flames of Rhule Fragmei to eliminate those opponents who had lost the ability to resist.

Because there was such a need.

Because it was something that had to be done in order to progress.

’’...Damn it.’’

He said expressionlessly.

’’...Damn it, damn it.’’

He said with a voice that no one could hear.

Then he prepared to get up on the horse like this.

He was facing it too.

Below that high platform.

Facing the direction where the Remrus Empire soldiers were kneeling.

Just at this moment, Miller's subordinate who was replacing Miller to prepare the activation of the Rhule Fragmei, reported.

’’Your Majesty, what should we do about the negotiators?’’

Sion turned around.

Looking in the direction that was slightly apart from him, and the soldiers he led.

Not only that the two of them brought news that Ryner was kidnapped by Remrus.

Ferris and Kiefer.

Ferris and Kiefer.


Those were names that shouldn't resound in this place where the cursed scene was continuously expanding.

Names of people who were once comrades.

Names of comrades who he had known once, when the world wasn't in this state.

Names of a time when he himself didn't know anything, and laughed together with them like an idiot.

Then Sion let go of these.

Betraying them.

No, betraying everything.

Betraying Ryner, Kiefer, Fahl, Tyle, Toni, Ferris.

Betraying all the comrades that he had met up till then, abandoning them, even so he still progressed.

Then once again.


Once again betraying them.

From now on he was going to kill enemies who were unable to resist, before Ferris and Kiefer.

Taking the lives of tens of thousands of people without care.

That wasn't the actions of humans.

Only monsters that were apart from humans would do this.

And he was going to display this image before them.

Kill people, kill, kill.

But he was going to let them see the image of the King/ Monster that wouldn't even cry.


’’...Ha ha.’’

He laughed.

He laughed happily.

Contorting his face, his face that was about to cry, but even so he still laughed with a happy voice.

So his subordinate,

’’Your Majesty?’’

Seeking his opinions.

So he wiped his expressions off. Turning around. Ordering his subordinate.

’’Bring the negotiators to me. We'll bring them with us to Remrus Empire.’’

So his subordinate bowed his head.

Ran off.

Ferris and Kiefer were here.

They had come to him who had decided to kill a large number of humans.

Thus Sion,


So as not to let his expression change.

So as to let

But at this moment instantly,


A voice came.

A woman's voice.

And he had an impression of this voice.

It was the voice of the woman who was in the Roland Empire Royal Special Military Academy like Sion once was.

The voice of a woman who was always laughing by Ryner's side.

It was Kiefer.

Kiefer Knolles.

So Sion turned around.

Kiefer was indeed standing there. Red hair, and eyes that were the same colour as her hair that were filled with intellect.

She was always very energetic, very adorable, and she was very popular in school.

But now she was very nervous looking at Sion's face.

As if being uncertain about whether it was the correct decision to decide to come here, or not, looking here with a slightly guarded expression.

Sion felt that this was the correct expression.

Because she should not.

Because she should not ask help from this inhuman monster.

He continued to look at the golden haired woman behind her.

It was the figure of Ferris Eris.

It was the same face as before that was abnormally but very beautiful, but was expressionless. Clear blue eyes, that did not reflect any emotions.

She used those eyes to look here.

Then for a moment her eyes wavered, but the emotion immediately disappeared again.

Then Ferris said.

’’It's been a long time, idiot king.’’

Sion immediately narrowed his eyes, from looking in the direction of Ferris.

’’Ah ah, yes. Then, what is it?’’

He said with a cold voice.

So Kiefer stopped. He knew she had raised her defenses around her whole body.

But Ferris continued to walk forward as if nothing was the matter,

’’I've already told you what happened. Ryner has been captured by a strange monster from Remrus. Let's go save him together.’’

She said.

Ferris said with an expression that believed that as long as she spoke the truth that Ryner was already kidnapped, Sion would immediately help them.

Hence Sion's face twisted slightly, but he still didn't let any expression reveal itself.

And he looked at Ferris with cold eyes,

’’What you want to say, I understand. But why do I have to go save Ryner? Isn't Ryner the king of the country that is enemies with Roland? Then why...’’

Speaking until there Ferris,

’’Nonsense. Let's set out quickly.’’

She said that.

Then she approached this place.

Thus Sion made a slightly annoyed expression, sighing. Revealing an expression that forcefully treated the other party as an idiot,

’’...Nonsense, is it. Haha, Ferris is still the same as before. But, are you misunderstanding something. We are already enemies. To someone like me who is the enemy, giving me this information that, Ryner currently the Demon King of the People's Republic of Sphelliyet is not present, what are you planning with this. To your king, what...’’

But Ferris still ignored that, saying.

No, she suddenly shouted.

’’I said it's nonsense! Stop your drama. Ryner is kidnapped by a monster! Then, you should go to save him! At least the Sion that I knew was someone like that. Am I not right?’’


’’Am I not right!?’’

’’.........The present and the past, the situations are different.’’

Sion said. Using a weak voice that even he himself would be surprised to hear to say it.

But Ferris still hadn't stopped. Walking straight there with a face that was not dazed.

Thus Sion said.


But she didn't stop.

’’Don't come near me.’’

But she didn't stop.

So Sion reached out,

’’If you don't stop, I'll kill you.’’

He said.

So Ferris said mildly,

’’Then kill me. But, at that point in time you have to replace me, you have to take up the responsibility to save Ryner.’’


’’Annihilate me kill me. Kill me. Then quickly save Ryner.’’


’’There's no time. Hurry.’’


’’I told you to hurry!’’

She shouted.

But to this,


Sion twisted his face and put down his hand.

Ferris said when she saw this,

’’What, you can't do it. If you can't do it then you shouldn't have said in the beginning that you wanted to kill me. It's clear that the weak can do it, so don't force yourself with an expression as if you are about to cry.’’

Being talked to like that by her, Sion again. Laughed. Because of the softness of himself which was too weak. Because he was too useless, he laughed.

Then he raised his face. Planning to retort ’’I didn't have a face that I was about to cry’’.

But at this moment, another ambassador came.

That was Miller's subordinate. Riding a horse to Sion's side to report.

’’The Rhule Fragmei has been prepared already. We are waiting for Your Majesty to give the command, to release Demonic Beast Destroyer.’’

So Sion nodded,

’’Go immediately.’’

He replied.

But another subordinate who also had something to report came. He took out a letter from his hold.

Sion asked.

’’What is this?’’

His subordinate replied.

’’It is a letter for Your Majesty.’’

’’Where is it from?’’

’’It seems to be from the People's Republic of Sphelliyet.’’

’’...Vois Fiurelle right...’’

Sion muttered.

Probably this time Ferris's and Kiefer's actions ignored Vois's plan.

Because the truth that Ryner was not in the People's Republic of Sphelliyet should definitely not be information that could be leaked out.

The risks of passing this to the Roland king, Vois Fiurelle couldn't possibly allow it.

That meant that now Ferris and Kiefer should be chased after by the People's Republic of Sphelliyet. But the two still trusted Sion, coming here.

So Vois had sent a letter to find an excuse.

I'm afraid that Ferris and Kiefer have gone to you in order to find Ryner, but Ryner Lute has already been found by Vois Fiurelle, he is now in the People's Republic of Sphelliyet planning to restrict the actions here with that sort of false information.

So Sion accepted the letter. Asking his subordinate.

’’The ambassador is?’’

’’We caught them, behind the troops.’’

’’Bring them over.’’


So the subordinate retreated.

At this moment, Ferris who was already nearby said.

’’What is it?’’

Followed by Kiefer,

’’Is everything alright?’’

She asked.

But Sion ignored them, opening the letter.

But the letter was written like this.

’’To Sion

I am Kiefer Knolles. I am now with Ferris.

Ah that, that, because there truly were too too many things that happened, I also don't know where to start from so I'm a little troubled, but please let me pass on my feelings.

At that moment. In that dark country my elder sister was killed, my younger sister was caught as a hostage, and I betrayed everyone... But, now, I still recall things like meeting with Ryner, and then meeting with you, then laughing together with everyone, crying together with them.

Things about us training together. Things about the time when we laughed together in the pub. Things about the times when we talked together in the dormitories.

Things about the times when I laughed cried, loved like a normal girl.

And, things about when you were still a child, powerless... but still desperately trying to protect us.

Things about the time when everyone desperately lived on.

Although it has been a considerable number of years and months since that time has passed. We have lost many things too, but I don't know why it turned out this way.

But, even so I still trust you.

Ferris says she trusts you too.

Ryner just thinks about things about Sion, it even makes me feel jealous.

So I wrote a letter to you.

Please help us.

Now Ryner has been framed by Vois Fiurelle, it's very dangerous. But just depending on our powers we are unable to go to Roland. So please come and help us. Now Ferris and I have asked the restaurant of the Silk Road Village of the Hainlums Republic road to help us pass on the message.

Please contact this place. There is only one restaurant here. From there you can contact us.

I trust that you will come.

Let's once again.

Although I am a traitor, but if you can come, I still want to fight the world together with you again.

I look forward to your reply.

Kiefer Knolles.’’

The contents of the letter were written like that.

Ryner was framed by Vois Fiurelle, he was currently in a dangerous situation.

He wasn't kidnapped by Remrus, but framed by Vois Fiurelle, please help, it was written.

And the contents of this letter were trustworthy.

Kiefer's words touched his heart. Recalling Tyle and Toni, Fahl. Recalling the times when he laughed with Ryner and the others.

Before he knew about what the world's darkness was, believing in his green ideals.


No matter what was said, Ryner encountering danger because he was framed by Vois Fiurelle this composition, seemed more like Kiefer's style.

Kiefer's brain was good. When they were in the Roland Empire Royal Special Military Academy, all her subjects could evenly score the highest marks.

And that Kiefer would honestly come here, even if Ryner were kidnapped by Remrus?

Now the People's Republic of Sphelliyet was depending on the name of the Demon King Ryner Lute who had snatched away hundreds of thousands of lives of Geihlficlant Empire's soldiers, defending against invasions from other countries.

But the truth that Ryner wasn't in the People's Republic of Sphelliyet now, would Kiefer easily tell Roland that?

No matter that she was his classmate in the past, no matter how much she trusted him, would she immediately pass out that truth?

If she were only asking for help, the contents of this letter were enough.

If Ryner were framed by Vois Fiurelle, Ryner would be still in the People's Republic of Sphelliyet, but he would be in a dangerous situation so they would ask for his help.

In addition Vois, and the Goddesses had a contract. They could also pass on the information here that Ryner had been framed by the Goddesses, this information. This would be enough, enough to attract the attention from here.

If even though he had been brought to the Remrus Empire, it was for the sake of gaining contact with Sion, then there wasn't any need to say it so clearly.

So this letter must definitely be real.

This was the letter that Kiefer wrote.

But, if that was so,


Sion raised his face, looking down.

The bodies of the two women were close enough to be within touching distance of the horse.

He looked at Ferris and Kiefer.

So Kiefer laughed and said.

’’Ara, your face has turned into one that is no longer gentle... Although I don't know why, unless... we've been discovered?’’

Following that Ferris said.

’’But it doesn't matter. It's already too late~’’

Saying that Ferris pulled out a sword from her waist. But what emerged from the sheath was not a sword.

It was a hand.

A purple, slim hand.

The purple hands that were growing from the Remrus Empire soldiers' backs, several of them were plucked out from the sheath as if dancing, aiming towards Sion's direction.

’’Ah, damn it.’’

Sion reacted.

He kicked the horse, then jumped back. Rolling onto the ground, but immediately righting his body.

Facing the front.

But the attack just now had completely destroyed the upper body of the horse.

But no blood flowed out from the upper body.

Only multiple purple hands grew out from the area that had been cut, dancing about. Swaying about as if finding something to link hands with it.

At this moment his subordinates noticed the situation over here.

’’Your Majesty!’’

They shouted.

Sion raised a hand as if stopping them,

’’Don't come near! I'll handle this place!’’

He shouted.


’’I said don't approach!’’

He shouted in a loud voice. Finally his subordinates stopped moving. After confirming that, Sion stood up.

Then he looked at the horse that had hands growing out from it and had no upper body, and Ferris and Kiefer who were standing beside it.

The two of them were laughing. Using an expression that Sion had never seen before, laughing happily.


’’...Remrus, is it?’’

He asked,

So, Kiefer no, the things that had Kiefer's face replied.

’’Yes ’’

’’...Then, what do you want with me?’’

Ferris laughed. She laughed ahaha. Using Ferris even though this hard to imagine to happily laugh and say,

’’What do I want, today, for this day I have cast many many plans? So there many things~’’

He said this. Then spinning the sword that had grown out from the hand. So the hand became a shape of a straight sword, once again keeping it into the sheath.

Sion looked

’’Keeping the sword also means you have no intentions of fighting?’’

To this question, Ferris shrugged,

’’Of course. I don't think that I can win a battle god like you straight on. Even though you haven't become one with Asruld...’’

Following that Kiefer,

’’But it's already, you are already caught in my magic. Look at that.’’

Saying that she raised her hand. Then pointed to the Remrus soldiers creeping along the ground before the plateau,

’’Amazing, right? For the sake of using magic and using all of the Humans in Remrus Empire as sacrfices. Do you know how long I spent to reach this step?’’

He said that.

But Sion glared at Kiefer,

’’I'm not interested.’’

He replied like that.

So Ferris laughed again,

’’That's right--. You've always been like that. Not being interested in the words of a lowly god like me. Because this is the result of my many years of work.’’


’’The year 990. From the start of this world till now, these times have been used for today.’’

’’...Lucile, answer me. Take care of this fellow.’’

’’Because the limit is 1000 years, although I wondered if I would make it in time, but it progressed smoothly. And today is a day with good weather. If the gods or something are watching this world... and if anything mysterious, different from the Hero, Demon, Goddess is watching this world, make this green, blue, light blue sky as my blessing...’’

’’Can't you hear me Lucile! Lucile Eris!’’

Sion shouted.

But there was no reply.

So Kiefer no, Remrus Remuld Aarqued laughed.

’’So didn't I just say it? I was born for today. Really only for this day? So it means that you can't grab it first. Even if you wield such a strong power. Even if you carry such a crazy despair today, only for today it will not progress as you expected saying it in such a long winded way, anyway, maa, it means Lucile-kun wouldn't appear?’’

He said that.

Sion stared at Remrus,

’’...Is that so. But even if Lucile is not around, I can still kill you.’’

He said.

Reaching out a hand.

Then gathering the mad air in his body around his hand.

So a black sword was created in his hands.

A cursed sword.

A sword created to destroy everything.

But Remrus still laughed.

’’What are you going to use that sword for?’’

’’To kill you.’’

’’I'm not here though? Like the fake Calne-kun that came earlier. The only thing here is my illusions. Only destroying the illusions, will you smile because you won?’’


And this figure the figure of Ferris and Kiefer, is information from the storage in your mind when I previously attacked you with Calne's figure. So it looks really real, right? No matter what, because it is the image of Ferris and Kiefer in your mind~. And they will say the things that you anticipate. The words that you want to make them say. Do you want me to say it again? I'll say the words that you anticipated once again...’’

Until there, Sion said.


So the black sword that was created flew.

It flew in the direction of Kiefer who was sprouting boring words.

The sword touched her.

Then Kiefer's body disappeaered.

But at this moment Ferris who was beside her laughed again,

’’Then I'll use Ferris's voice to say the words earlier, I'll say it again~ -- I already said don't talk about useless things! The drama has ended. Ryner is kidnapped by the monster! Then, you should go to save him! At least the Sion I recognized was someone like that! Is that not so? Is that not soooooo~, annihilate me. Do you want to be talked to like that?’’


’’Ahahahahahahahahahaha, you clearly are a coward, so don't distance yourself from everyone and pretend to put on an act~? You clearly want to get along well with everyone, but desperately force...’’

’’I told you to shut up!!’’

He shouted, reaching out again. Generating power once again. That was a power even more powerful than just now. It was a power so strong that it wiped the scene before his eyes.

Then the more that power was used.

The more he used the power of the Fallen Black Hero/ Asruld Roland, the more he became not human.

He lost the smell of a human.

He turned into something that was not human.

It was clear.

It was clear he had progressed far from a human, why,


He didn't know why his chest hurt so much.

He didn't know why the words that the monster with Ferris's appearance said, would make his heart feel so painful.

So Sion desperately tolerated it.

His face almost contorting, desperately tolerating it.

Then reaching out a hand,

’’Sword, destroy that fellow!’’

He shouted that.

So the sword flew. Touching Ferris. Ferris, horse, and the surrounding space twisted and disappeared.

But from behind

’’Didn't I say that is useless. Because this place is my illusion.’’

A voice sounded.

But that was not Ferris's voice, and it was not Kiefer's voice.

A man's voice.

I was the voice of an important comrade, that he was familiar with.


Using Ryner Lute's voice.


Sion turned around.

Ryner was there.

Black hair that was mussed up because he didn't sleep properly, and soft eyes that seemed a little tired. A face that was unmotivated, seeming to have given up on everything.

Sion was attracted by that face. He yearned for that figure.

He clearly was gentle.

He clearly wanted to be loved by people.

But his figure that had given up on everything, because of his cursed eyes.

His figure that clearly gave up on everything, but was still gentle.

He looked at Ryner,


Sion already couldn't say anything.

Thus Ryner laughed. Remrus who maintained Ryner's figure laughed.

’’Aha, even though you know it's fake, you still have this kind of reaction. This really surprises me.’’


’’Then if I say the things that you wish for using this appearance, wouldn't you be so touched that you would want to die?’’


’’Do you want me to say it? I'll say it for you...’’

’’Shut up.’’

’’I'll say it for you to hear.’’

’’Shut up shut up!’’

Sion raised his arm. Wanting to swing it to let Ryner shut up.

But his arm was caught by Ryner, then laughing,

’’It's already enough, Sion. You don't have to work so hard alone. I'll handle the affairs later. All your troubles will...’’


’’Let me carry everything for you, rest.’’

Ryner said that.

He said rest.

He said he didn't have to work so hard.

And Ryner was smiling when he said it.

But that already wasn't Ryner's voice. It was Remrus's voice. It was the voice of Remrus Remuld Aarqued that was slightly sharp.

’’...Weak, you are too weak. But Sion-kun, I don't think your weakness is a bad thing. You're not a god anyway. So perfect destruction, perfect love, perfect lust, perfect desire, it doesn't exist in this world. Everything is weak. Especially humans ah, that is you, but you humans, for some reason in that weakness you maintain the strongest power. It is so strong that you can almost distort the logic in the world.’’

Sion raised his face, staring at Remrus with Ryner's face,

’’...What, do you want?’’

He said as if spitting it out.

But Remrus only shrugged,

’’I want to save you.’’


’’That's right. I want to save you who is so tired due to over-working ah no, not only you. And Ryner. The heavy burdens on you and Ryner's bodies, let me help you carry them. So you can already rest.’’

Remrus said that.

Using Ryner's face.

Then his words resounded in his mind

Rest, rest, rest.


Progress, progress, progress.

The whirlwind of words resounded in his mind alternately,


Why was the power in his body seeming to gradually disappear. Why would he feel so dispirited, by the joke that this monster told, almost kneeling on the ground.

But he desperately hid this, raising his face. Then staring at Ryner, said.

’’I don't plan to negotiate with a monster.

’’Ahaha, forget it, I guessed that you would say that. Because you have always been like that.’’

’’Then, why did you come here?’’

Thus, Ryner released Sion's arm. Ryner's hand left his. Then he stepped back like that.

And using the unmotivated expression that was tired, as if taking him as an idiot said,

’’I want to invite you to my castle.’’

Then taking out a piece of paper from his hold. Then throwing that paper towards there.

’’I am there. So you have to come see me.’’

Sion took the paper. A map was drawn on the paper. It was probably the map of the Remrus Empire. There was a tower in the center of the map, a red circle was circled on the tower, and the word 'here' was seriously written there, even an arrow was drawn.

Sion looked at the map with a seemingly bored expression, then,

’’How many times do you want me to say it. Making a deal with an ugly monster...’’

When he was about to say, I don't plan to do it.

’’Liar. You already know, right? Ryner has been caught by me as a hostage.’’


’’Look, this sky, you've already felt it, right? Although normal Humans can't see it, but you should be able to feel it. Feel that the colours of the world are changing. Feel that the rules and logic up till now are changing. So you are so weak. Because you feel it. Because you feel that I'm preparing something now. If you don't come, I'll make Ryner...’’

At this moment Sion said.

’’...Are you planning to eat him?’’

So Ryner laughed again. Then using his finger, pointing behind Sion said.

’’The one behind you. That curse that is using all the Humans living in Remrus that is a curse for this. A curse to engulf a strong demon, to engulf a demon, these powers are necessary.’’


’’Then, to guard against this you have to come to me. Alone. If you don't come alone, I wouldn't see you again.’’


’’Maa, even if you bring human companions, you wouldn't reach my side too~’’


’’That means, I will wait on top of the tower for you. We'll chat there then. You and Ryner, and me us three. Then I'll see you later.’’

Saying that Ryner waved in this direction.

Then he turned, leaving.

Ryner slowly left.

Remrus slowly left.

Sion stared at his leaving back wordlessly,


He wanted to say I wouldn't go.

But Ryner didn't wait for him to finish and said again,

’’Will come.’’


’’You will come. Because Ryner is very very important to you, isn't that so? Because he has something you don't have.’’


’’Or are you saying you don't believe the information that I kidnapped Ryner? You think that this is a trap that I designed to harm you? If you think so then it's fine if you don't come. Because you are very clever, so you can possibly not come. But unfortunately, Ryner has already fallen into my hands.’’

Ryner turned around.

But when he turned around that person no longer had Ryner's face.

A man with long silver hair, and very tired gold eyes stood there.

It was himself.

Sion Astal was there.

Then that fake Sion said.

’’After I met him with this appearance, Ryner fell easily into my trap, following me.’’

He said that.

’’Your relationship is very good. You clearly have an enemy status now, why are you two always always like that.’’

He smiled.

The fake him smiled.

The fake Sion Astal smiled.


’’Maa, if you don't come it's also fine that you don't come. I will engulf Ryner, then it will end. Because if possible I hope you can participate in this plan, so I invited you. What you should do is up to you to decide. If you want to save Ryner then come. If you feel that it doesn't matter...’’

His words stopped there, the fake Sion looked over there,

’’...You, are so strong that it makes people feel sad.’’

He smiled seemingly lonely.

Then that smile quickly started to melt. The skin and clothes became liquid, falling to the ground like that, rolling to the ground like a ball.

It was the same as that time with Calne. It was brought here by that ball filled with Remrus's illusion.

Sion stared at this ball.

At this moment,

’’Your Majesty!’’

The worried voice of his subordinate sounded again.

He raised his hand to signal, saying.

’’There are no problems, the monster has been dealt with.’’

Although he didn't know if his subordinates had seen his current unacceptable appearance, whether his subordinates would accept his words, but his subordinates' voices stopped.

He looked at the two pieces of paper in his hands again.

One was a map.

A map illustrating where Remrus and Ryner were.

Another was a letter.

The letter from Kiefer.

’’I trust you’’ was written on the letter.

Repeatedly writing I trust you, I trust you, I trust you.

So he,

’’...Who on earth, do you trust.’’

Sion groaned.

The Sion in the letter was.

The Sion Astal in Kiefer's memories clearly no longer existed.

’’What on earth, made you two so trusting?’’

Then he clutched Kiefer's letter,

’’It's troublesome.’’

He murmured softly.

’’Don't put anything else on me.’’

He murmured softly with a voice that was about to cry.

’’Trust? Who is that. I'm not such a capable person. Like what Remrus said, I am very weak. I am so weak that I feel gloomy just standing here...’’

He strongly, strongly, twisted the letter in his hand, as he used a voice that was almost crying,

’’...I, I am not so strong that I can always choose the right path... Don't tempt me by trusting me without thinking so much...’’

His head hurt.

He had problems breathing.

What should he do.

He completely didn't know what to do.

Ryner was kidnapped.

Remrus planned to eat Ryner.

Then with Ryner as bait, he designed a trap for Sion.

Then, he shouldn't go.

There was no need to walk into the trap with eyes wide open.

First, what about Roland? What about my companions who trust me, chase after me? I clearly abandoned everything. Abandoned everything I that I thought was important.

Abandoned Ryner, abandoned Ferris, abandoned companions, abandoned humans, even so I.



’’Lucile! Are you there!?’’

I, Ryner...

’’Help me. Stop me!?’’

He shouted like that.

But there was no reply.

Today was the day that Remrus had spent a long time to lay his plan, he couldn't win.

Only for today, everything would progress according to Remrus's plan.

Everything will progress according to Remrus's intent.

Then it was already,

’’...I, even if I rest...’’

He stopped there.

Then he raised his head.

Indeed there was another uncomfortable atmosphere expanding here. The hands growing on the backs of the poor humans who had the curse cast on them, grew in the direction of the Remrus Empire.

So, he.

The Hero King, Sion Astal

’’...Continue to move forward. Release the Rhule Fragmei.’’

He ordered his subordinates.


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