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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 74


When Sui Xiong went back to the village, the villagers were still deep asleep.

Even Lei and Stelle weren’t awake yet.

Well, for Stelle, her working and resting time was way different from

normal people’s. When the sun reached the peak, the entire village was already

bustling and noisy, but she was still dead asleep in her room, not having any

intention of leaving her bed.

"Do I need to go and wake her up?" Lei smilingly asked. A cold light flashed in

his eyes as he glared like a tiger watching his prey and rolled up his sleeves for a

strike. He was for sure preparing to give Stelle a morning wake-up call with his Band-

tightening Spell.

Sui Xiong used his spirit sensing to browse across, and immediately shook his head.

Stelle’s room was a big mess. Three Wild Elf males and Stelle were lying naked on the

bed. They were sleeping drowsily while hugging each other. If Lei really chanted

the Band-tightening Spell, Stelle would wake up due to the headache.

Those men would also be extremely scared. They might be impotent for the rest of their


"It is meaningless to hit the small rabbits beside when trying to hit the tiger." Lei

sighed as he heard this. "Let’s visit Grand Master Torian."

Sui Xiong smiled and told him that he had visited the Grand Master last night and

that the Grand Master had gone out to visit his friends. He was doing some important

preparations for an experiment. It would probably take a long time and the Grand Master would not

accept other business.

"What?!" Lei felt like he was just hit by lightning, standing dumbfounded for a

while and not able to recover his mind.

Grand Master Torian went out? He won’t accept any business for a very long time?

What about my equipment now?!

He thought for a long while, then forced a smile in the end, and shook his head as he

felt helpless.

Regardless whether or not he had the ability to change Grand Master Torian’s

mind, even if he had this ability, the Grand Master was not home now.

Not home!

Not to mention, even if it were Highness Hollow Mask, he would be refused

at the entrance and could not meet the Grand Master!

"If the Grand Master is not here, what should we do?" He asked.

"I of course have to continue heading north to the Mystique Tower Federation.

You certainly have to follow me and as for Stelle... I am trying to find a

place for her to breed. I am afraid that after we finish solving business, we will

find a group of wild dregs in that place..." Sui Xiong smiling said, "Therefore, as

usual, everyone goes together."

Lei clearly didn’t have any objection toward this decision. However, he was pretty

curious about a word: "What do dregs mean? Why will there be wild dregs? Is it

an alias of a Devil Beast?"

Sui Xiong smiled mysteriously, and didn’t explain clearly right away. He wanted to fish

in troubled water, making Lei pack up the luggage first. After everything was packed

and ready to go, he would tell Lei everything.

Under the urge of curiosity, Lei had finished packing everything in a short time.

Then again, Sui Xiong said he wanted to have breakfast first and twisted his words by

saying, "Eating is the most important preparation to start a journey. Everything

has to be well prepared before setting off."

Lei was also too lazy to argue with this Jellyfish God who had marvelously

incomprehensible thinking. Hence, they stopped by a restaurant next to the hotel

to have a traditional Tree Elf breakfast.

The fruit wine had an extremely rich taste as it was fermented by special

fruits that grew deep in the Immemorial Forest and was served with plain congee and

dried meat. Everything was so dissonant that it made Sui Xiong, who came

from a country of culinary delicacies, criticize it badly.

"This wine is not carefully filtered;fail! This congee is not served with pickles;fail!

The air-dried meat tastes so plain;fail, fail! In addition to that, do you recognize

that they don’t have noodles or dimsum for breakfast, but a congee and

meat. And the meat is not steamed or boiled-- -- can you believe that?! And just

like this, they bring up a bunch of rugged foods and call it a culinary delicacy?!"

"But the taste is indeed not bad, especially the fruit wine."

"Who on earth would drink wine early in the morning?! A culinary delicacy needs

to be based on nutrients. Do you understand this or not?! A breakfast needs to be

light, nutritious, and easy to absorb. It should give you nutrients and balance the

taste with healthiness! Have you ever watched " a bite of China"?"

"What is that book? I’ve never heard of it."

Sui Xiong wanted to fire at him but had soon constrained himself-- -- -this place was not

Earth and was not China, the country of culinary delicacy. But it was a completely

different world with a different culture and tradition from his motherland.

Things that he always thought a matter of course might not be necessarily the

case here.

It was clearly the wrong thing for him to base it on his standard and make it a

requirement for others. Even if he could rely on his God Power to force his

believers to learn about the Chinese food culture, it would not change this world

into the motherland in his memory.

"It is just that... I remember my motherland not too long ago, which makes my

emotions a little uncontrollable.."

The floating jellyfish, which was just boasting a moment ago, quietly drifted

around in the air, and sighed heavily, not to say another word.

Lei couldn’t see through his mind, so he didn’t say anything either. He just

silently finished his breakfast. After returning to the hotel from the restaurant, Lei

continued to ask about the "Dregs" related topic.

Sui Xiong adjusted his mood, smiled then said, "Related to dregs, there is an old

story that goes like this: According to legend, in an ancient kingdom, the court ladies were

dispirited all day long. The benevolent King had found a famous doctor to

diagnose them. The famous doctor gave them a prescription, which said ‘how

many robust men’..."

Lei nodded, and interrupted Sui Xiong’s narration, "I understand."

"Oh?! So you’ve understood?" Sui Xiong was shocked that Lei could understand

the human word "dregs" even though he had just heard it for the first time.

Lei pointed at Stelle’s room. "Last night, she looked for a few men. Aren’t those


While they were talking, the room door opened as Stelle walked out in thin

pajamas, which didn’t actually cover Stelle’s body at all. She was smiling brightly;

full of energy. Her condition had never been this good before.

By seeing through the wide open door, they could see those men were also

awake. One by one was lying exhaustedly, as if they had been working very hard

for a long time;indescribably exhausted.

"Well, isn’t that clear enough?"

When Sui Xiong saw the "dying from excessive ejaculation" look of those men,

then saw the radiant look of Stelle, which appeared as if she had taken a decoction of ten powerful tonics, he couldn’t help but smile.

"Oh? Are you ready to leave?" When Stelle saw the luggage beside Lei’s foot, her

brows raised up, she didn’t say anything, and went back to her room to

pack her luggage.

She was not a dumb girl and was well aware of her position in this team-- -- -- in this

team, Sui Xiong was in charge of making orders, Lei was in charge of obeying, and

Stelle was alright to have or not to have..

Don’t judge her power by the luck of becoming a formidable Semi Holy Spirit. If

she was in a real fight, she would at most withstand Lei’s attack for few seconds-- -- -

after all, this was a powerhouse that could use his own power to confront and

beat the green dragon.

As for the Highness Hollow Mask, a mortal facing with a God, one didn’t need to

think too much. Just properly obeying was already good enough.

As for this issue , she, on the contrary, thought that Lei should be more open-

minded. Taking Sui Xiong’s absurd orders, at times Lei would protest, retort,

and even directly refuse to implement them. But she wasn’t like that. As long as

Sui Xiong issued an order, even though she didn’t want to do it, at most she

would say a few words of protest and still implement the order in the end.

She only persisted on one principle, which was "rather die than not play".

In fact, Stelle was pretty talented. If she were not incurably lascivious, Luo Meng

would have swayed her inheritance right from the beginning.

However, everything was already gone. She was quite satisfied with her life

right now.

Although she no longer had the glory of Gerton’s heir, holding onto the leg of a God

and having a place to go after death;were these not enough?

Not to mention, she had obtained tremendous strength (this was not too

important) and an unimaginably durable physique (this was the most important!).,

On this long and difficult trek, she had gained many happy experiences-- -fine, not

all of them were happy. Among those happy and exciting moments, there

were enough hardships to balance everything.

Her belongings were not many. She finished packing pretty quickly. After checking

her outfit one last time, she went over to the bed, gave each of the exhausted and

dumbfounded dazed men a kiss.

"I really had a fun night last night! All of you are the strongest men!" She looked

at them with a pair of charming eyes and spoke to them with an extremely tender, se*y voice, which was enough to revive an eighty-year-old man whose youth energy would bubble up from under his stomach-- -- - and

whether or not this could lead to a brain hemorrhage was another story.

Strangely, those three men were exhausted to the point that they could not stand

up. With just a peck and several words from her, each and every single one of

them were suddenly full of energy. It was as if they had just eaten some God

Power pills. Their lower private parts, which had been soft as a snake,

suddenly became as solid as iron. They were Legendary Dragons rising from the


But Stelle didn’t waste any more time taking care of them. She gave them a

flirty look, giggled and turned around to leave the room. There were left three

bewitched men, sitting and recalling the previous night.

Those three must have had the best night of their lives, which would be unforgettable till

the day they died.

"What exactly have you done?" Lei curiously asked after

leaving the village.

In his impression, although this Night Enchantress’ fighting power was not very

strong, she was a devil creature with a high danger level. They seduced men and

absorbed vitality through se*ual intercourse. Some advanced Night Enchantresses

didn’t even need se*ual intercourse. They could easily suck the victim’s vitality

with just a peck and turn the victim into a dried corpse.

However, Stelle’s way of doing things was the opposite of this. Her kiss didn’t suck the

vitality of those three men, but it gave them a tremendous flow of energy,

making their initially exhausted bodies glow with energy and making them feel matchless..

This ability was exactly the opposite of the legendary Night Enchantress’.

"I don’t know what you are saying." Stelle looked innocent, "They let me have a

pleasing night and I paid them back. Isn’t this the proper thing to do?"

"With such an affair between men and women, if both sides don’t feel

comfortable at the end, it is somewhat regretful. Right?"

Lei was silent for a long time and in the end he still didn’t have anything to say.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Stelle’s opinion was very convincing.

As for Stelle’s bizarre ability, he figured out.

... It was simply that the extremely powerful Highness Hollow Mask had given her

a similar appearance to the Night Enchantress’, but clearly an opposite ability.

After going through so many things, he had finally learned that there was no

need to be surprised.


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