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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 73


In the night, the floating jellyfish wobbled from afar.

When it finally flew out of the green tree wall, those small trees once again shook

their branches and went back to their position, changed into a green tree wall

covered the sea of flowers.

Until this time, the anxious shadow on the second floor of the big

house loosened up.

"Phew-- -- finally gone!"

The curling-up body on the ground was trying to pretend to be calm, violently

gasping for air.

"That thing a moment ago... That power, that momentum... Isn’t it the ‘legendary

devil monster’ that teacher talked about? Teacher said that every legendary devil

monster would eat countless creatures to grow. They like plants the most. They

originally didn’t have wisdom. As a result of the mutation, they possess the

wisdom of peculiar ghosts and demons..."

She muttered to herself. Her body could not help but start trembling.

"The world outside is so scary! Mankind kills devil creatures. Powerful devil

creatures eat devil creatures. Small and weak devil creatures will also deceive

each other... Obviously, such a weak and small race like mine is not worth

mentioning. I can’t leave the Magic tower of Teacher!"

"Oh? What kind of devil creature are you?" An interestedvoice came up beside


The petite figure acted like she was shocked with electricity and immediately bumped into the

edge of the table. The shadow even grimaced due to the pain and looked at the

floating green jellyfish, but was too scared to scream.

"You.... You.... You.... You.... How... How... How can... Get in... Get in... Get

inside... ?"

Due to her intense trembling, she just uttered short words. She indeed had to put

a lot of effort to finish her sentence.

Sui Xiong smilingly waved his tentacles, imitating the move of his older brother Long,:

"Youngster, you are too young, too simple! Let me tell you some life experience

of a senior."

"First of all, the more scared you feel, the calmer you have to be. If you can force

yourself to stay calm, it’s better not to say a word."

The petite figure nodded. As the hood slid down, beautiful, long

sapphire-like hair was revealed.

"Second of all, you absolutely can’t let the enemy come close to you. The worst

scenario would be either the fish dies or the net splits. One thing you must know is

that the closer the enemy is, the more dangerous it is. If there is a little living

hope in distance fighting, then that hope will be gone when the enemy comes


The petite figure continued nodding. Her face was like the one of someone who

suddenly saw the light.

"Third of all, as for things from the enemy, no matter if they are good or bad,

don’t take them. Throw them away from you as far as possible! You still can live if you don’t throw

them. Why would you have to keep them?

Because of some little curiosity? Don’t you know that in a distant country, there

used to be a city which stood firmly for ten years. In the end, due to their

curiosity, they took a giant wooden horse from the enemy. The result was that

the enemies burst out from the wooden horse into the city, massacring the entire

city, and did not spare a single life.Even the city was burned down in flames...."

The petite figure surprisingly exclaimed then hurriedly took out a notebook and seriously jotted down.

"Finally, even though the enemy has left, you can’t relax. You have to

keep your guard up just as before! The enemy will usually temporarily leave

to deceive you and afterward, they will take advantage of the time that you are

off guard to return and attack you! From the besieging town in the ancient

times, in the morning the enemy would rage in, then take a rest until night fell.

When their target thought they had given up and gone to sleep, they would take advantage of the night

to attack violently!"

Seeing that little fellow hurriedly jotting down everything he said, Sui Xiong

couldn’t help but smile and inquired, "Have you remembered all of that yet?"

"I’ve remembered it very carefully, teacher!" The petite figure instinctively answered.

In the next moment, she quickly reacted, suddenly putting down her notebook, taking

out a dazzling golden scroll, wanting to have a life-and-death battle with Sui Xiong.

But it had been too late already. Sui Xiong’s tentacles had soon encircled her,

instantly reaching her from all directions, and wrapping her up tightly.

"Let me teach you one last important thing-- -- -don’t waste your words with the

enemy. The more you talk with them, the more likely unexpected things will

happen." After succeeding in striking a sudden attack, the floating jellyfish

complacently raised his head face up the sky, and laughed out loud, "One thing you

must borne in your mind is that the reason why most of the villains die is because of talking too much!"

His words had not been finished yet. The petite figure, which was originally

shaking in his tentacle’s grasp, turned into liquid and escaped from his grasp. The

liquid then once again condensed into the shape of a young girl.

The light blue liquid in the shape similar to a human was a Slime[1].

"Slime?!" Sui Xiong was surprised as he saw the light blue young girl Slime that

looked like a human, and asked curiously, "Are you a Slime?"

Although the light blue young girl Slime made use of her innate ability to escape

from Sui Xiong’s magic attack, she now had already lost her magic scroll to have a

life-and-death battle with Sui Xiong. At this moment, she was trembling hard just

looking at him. Her eyes flickered as she thought about what to do next.

"Alright, stop imagining things. I honestly came here to talk about cooperating with each other."

Sui Xiong reluctantly raised his tentacles up, putting them into a surrender pose, "I’ve

just played with you a bit a moment ago, at the same time taught you

some lessons."

He looked around and annoyingly asked, "Is this Grand Master Torian’s house? Does he

perhaps not stay here? No way... As an advanced shaman who is about to step

into the Legendary Realm, how can he leave his magic tower? Don’t tell me this

big house is not a magic tower. I can feel the dark power under the ground!"

The young girl Slime was silent for a while. She probably knew that she didn’t have

a chance to turn the tables on him and finally gave up. She sat on the ground, then

spoke up with a low voice. "Teacher... has passed away."

"What?!" Sui Xiong was startled, "Are you kidding me?! Judging by the look of this

Magic Tower, by the range of the enormous magic formation, he was just

one step away from entering the Legendary Realm! But the result is that he has

already died? Let me tell you something. Don’t think that I would be deceived

easily by judging the look of my round skull and brain. I have experienced hundreds of

fights. There is no imposing scene that I haven’t encountered! Do you know the God of

Salvation? I used to have enjoyable conversations with him...."

"Teacher has already died. He died sixteen years ago."

Sui Xiong silenced for a long while then sighed. "My deepest condolences."

Young girl Slime gently nodded, uttering one word ‘uhm’ , then kept

silent again, without saying anything more.

After a while, she lowered her voice and cried out loud.

Sui Xiong slightly shook his head, then marched toward her. His body

trembled, and changed into a figure that was a little bit shorter than hers.

"If you want to cry, just cry. My shoulder-- -- well it could be considered a shoulder

too-- -- can be lent to you for a while."

The young girl Slime hesitated a bit, then leaned on him and wailed.

"... Like… so in fact… Was Grand Master Torian’s body already bad a long

time ago?"


"After that, he thought he wanted to risk his life to break through the Legendary

Realm. The result was that he lost and died not too long after that?"


"You were originally his experimental object. Through the experiment, your

wisdom developed. He then gradually trained you to be his assistant. When he was

about to die, he acknowledged you as his disciple, granted you the name

"Wendy", then left his wisdom and Magic Tower to you. Since then, you

have been living in this place?"


"You have learned about his alchemy, enchanting and treatment techniques. Due

to the nature of your race, your magic ability is very weak. You just rely on the

assistance of the magic tower to accomplish these jobs, right?"


"These past few years, you have been pretending to be your teacher, depending

on performing the alchemy and enchanting things to earn money to keep the

magic tower operating normally?"


"Has your teacher ever told you ‘a human will immediately kill a devil creature if they

see one’, ‘a human will cook Slime’s brain to refine some holy grail healing

panaceas’, ‘Outsiders are all swindlers, only teacher won’t hurt you’, and other

similar things?"


"Therefore, you also don’t dare to meet anybody, acting sneakily all day long,

letting other devil creatures do business on your behalf, right?"


Sui Xiong deeply sighed. "Such a pure fellow like you still has not been robbed or

killed. The saying ‘the Luck Goddess favors the fools in the legend seems like it’s not

a rumor!"

"Is what teacher said perhaps not right?" The Slime named Wendy was upset and

angrily retorted.

Judging by this, she must have respected and worshiped the late

Grand Master Torian exceptionally, to the extent that she blindly followed him. She even believed in such nonsense things like "Humans will cook Slime’s

brain to make some holy grail healing panaceas"-- - Hey! Are you not a master of

alchemy and medical treatment? Do you perhaps not know that you could

make some kind of herbal medicines that Slime can make?

It was not that Sui Xiong didn’t try to fix this girl’s thinking. But Wendy was

extremely stubborn. She didn’t admit her mistake or tried to

correct her thinking. After meeting several times, the Highness Jellyfish had no

choice but to reluctantly admit that he himself couldn’t persuade her.

Luckily, except for her stubborn belief in "Every thing teacher said is absolutely

correct", she was pretty flexible in other aspects-- -- -- or in a blunt way, she was

flexible. Sui Xiong easily finished discussing the plan of cooperating with her-- -- Sui

Xiong left his avatar behind to help her take care of the magic tower. On the other

hand, she declined all the business in the upcoming time to put all her focus

into studying the giant snake’s corpse, so she could quickly find the secret of its longevity, and refine longevity medicine.

As a generous and kind elder, Sui Xiong would not be the wicked type of person,

who would kick away the contract right after he received his desired object. While

they were discussing the contract, he offered three options to distribute profits

after succeeding to make the longevity medicine for Wendy to choose.

The first option: Wendy evaluated how much the recipe would cost and

sold it to him one time. He would then pay in full and leave without owing anything.

The second option: In the future, with every single sold medicine, Wendy would get 10% of the gross profit.

The third option: During the process of selling the medicine, with six-month

phasing, a quarter of the net profit of every phrase would be given to her.

Of course, no matter what option was chosen, the refining method all belonged

in Sui Xiong’s possession. Therefore, the other benefits that arose from this business

would be owned by Sui Xiong. The business planning and execution were all

decided by Sui Xiong. Any refining method related to refining the medicine was

explored by Wendy and was unconditionally prioritized for Sui Xiong’s acquisition.

Even though Sui Xiong didn’t buy her refining method, she would have to

keep it for fifty more years, and couldn’t use it for commercial purposes. Moreover, if

she didn’t want to continue cooperating with Sui Xiong, even if the contract had expired, the work and

refining method of her from the first time must belong to Sui Xiong.

There was no need to mention other articles like "can’t give any unfavorable speech

about the partner", "must cooperate with the promotion and selling", etcetera.. .

"Then what do I gain from this?" Wendy angrily asked.

"The publication rights. You can decide whether or not to publish your refining

method. As for the copyright, your refining method has to be signed according to

your requirements. As for the modification right, you have the right to repair your

refining method. As for the announcement right, I can’t distort or falsify your

refining method." Sui Xiong fluently said, "You see, the most important right is

still in your hand."

"... Why do I always feel that I am being fooled."

"How could I do that?" Sui Xiong smiled, "That year when I drew for others, I always signed a contract with them

"You made a living by drawing for others?" The young girl Slime was immediately

drawn into this gossip.

"That’s right, but it was a long time ago, a very long time ago..." Sui Xiong slightly smiled

without saying anything more. He silently looked at the Moon which was slowly

setting in the west and released a deep sigh.

In this life, do I still have the chance to return to my motherland?

[1] Slime is a toy product manufactured by Mattel, sold in a plastic trash can and introduced in the winter of 1976. It consisted of a non-toxic viscous, squishy and oozy green or other color material made primarily from guar gum.


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