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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 72


"Grand Master Torian?" Stelle thought for a while then asked, "Is Grand Master Torian the one who invented ‘Gold Spear Medicine’?"

Lei’s original happy face immediately darkened, "That is a work of the Grand Master in his youth time. His typical word is the ‘vitality medicine’!"

"What’s with vitality. I would rather use the advanced restoration spell." Stelle scornfully said, "Wasting too much time and effort on inventing these vitality supplementary things. This Grand Master must have turned silly due to his old age. A little bit of talent in his youth has also gone!"

"... Don’t use your ordinary adventurer standard to judge the prestigious nobility!" Lei angrily shouted, "Since Grand Master Torian has truly seen the suffering of people, he has put his mind and heart into researching this vitality medicine! The kind of person who just uses the lower part body to think like you basically has no way to understand his majesty!"

"What’s wrong with having interests in enjoying life?" Stelle lost her enthusiasm due to his words, "You are a Prince. Is it wrong that you stand on the adventurer standpoint to criticize the nobility!"

"... You still dare to mention this matter! Do you believe I chant the Band-Tightening Spell!"

"Fine! You can’t win me so you are trying to use violence to threaten me! No need to bother using the Band-Tightening Spell, come here!" Stelle was frightened at him, simply pulled her shirt up, revealed her upper half body, "Want to play some heavy taste? You can cut anything you see!"

After seeing those two quarreling, Sui Xiong stopped them by asking, "Lei, don’t you say you want to find the enchanting Grand Master to make some enchanted weapons? According to what you said, is that Grand Master Torian an expert in alchemy?"

"That’s right. Grand Master Torian can be called the top alchemy grand master in the world." Lei said, "Honestly, his enchanting technique is also superb. Not to mention, his treatment technique is very high as well. Around 200 years ago, he used to write a book about emergency treatment in the battlefield. Right now, almost every single big-scale army camp basically has one copy of this book."

"Is the book you’ve just said the "Emergency for bone fracture, joint dislocation, paralysis and laceration "? "Stelle, the lamb which was baring its chest, waiting to be butchered, was frightened. She didn’t bother to put on an act, surprising asked, "Is the author of that book the poet ‘cold wind’?"

"Grand Master Torian likes to use many pen names. ‘Cold Wind’ is one of them. He has used this pen name to publish two pieces of poetries. Therefore, it’s normal that people think he is a poet." In his young days, Lei was hard-working and studious. His knowledge was not something that Stelle’s kung fu of her lower half body can be compared with. His origin had been already higher than this one from a remote viscount dominion. His origin also gave him a chance to obtain more information, "However.... It is indeed rare that you also read those medical books!"

"I have no choice. Sometimes, when I sneak out to play, I also need some first aid techniques due to playing too much..."

Facing this unflinching Stelle, who didn’t have a bit feeling of being shameful, Lei couldn’t help but raise his hands to support his forehead, muttered a sigh: "I am indeed still too naive!"

Sui Xiong was a little surprised, asking, "Playing too much to the point of being in need of emergency aid? How on earth has she played to need emergency aid?"

Few minutes later, Lei wearing the jellyfish hat and a pale face ran out of the hotel.

"This is too disgusting!" He couldn’t help but resent Sui Xiong, "Highness, although you are a Jellyfish, your aesthetic conception is different from the mankind’s, you should also consider a little bit of my feeling! This absolutely pollutes my mind!"

"I also don’t think..." Sui Xiong was somewhat surprised. Since he was from the booming era of the internet, hence he had a wide range of experience and knowledge, he naturally knew many things than Lei. Accordingly, the mind attack he received was also more serious than Lei. He probably needed a long time to recover but his mind obviously could not return to its old state.

Both of them turned around to look at the hotel. For a moment when they thought about Stelle who was staying in the hotel, they could not pick up their courage to come back. Therefore, they decided to find Warren to lead the way, to find the Grand Master Torian.

Warren was a small and passionate young man. When he heard they said that, he immediately found the hotel’s owner to ask for a leave then led them the way.

From this small village of the Tree Elf named "the foot of the Fragmentary Leaf mountain" heading around ten miles to the west was the secluded living place of Grand Master Torian. After going for a while, a strange sweet scent faintly floated in the forest. This sweet scent coming out of nowhere made people’s mind more comfortable, their footsteps somewhat lighter as well.

But Warren’s face looked cautious. He told Lei to slow down and follow him. They extremely carefully went along a small in the forest, slowly advanced.

Again after going for a while, the scent became more and more intense, giving people ecstatic feeling. If it weren’t for Warren’s warning beforehand, Lei would have definitely been curious and find the source of this scent.

This scent... Is it probably some precious herbal medicine that Grand Master Torian has specially extracted to use for treatment? Indeed an alchemy Grand Master, even his herbal medicine is this good!

While he was secretly praising, Warren suddenly stopped, sighed then said, "We can’t go any further. At present, it seems like Grand Master doesn’t want to meet strangers."

"Ah? !" Lei was surprised, skeptically asking Warren to get to the bottom of the matter.

Warren pointed forward with an uttermost caution. Not far away from that, a range of small green trees densely packed together into a group, which appeared like a wall blocking the small trail.

"If Grand Master is willing to meet strangers, these trees will move to the side, opening the way. Right now, they are blocking the trail. That means Grand Master doesn’t want to see guests."

Is it simple like this? Sui Xiong and Lei were at a loss. They didn’t expect the Grand Master Torian would be this eccentric and that when he was not in a good mood, not to mention opening the door, one could not even see the door of his house.

"Can I call out loud?" Lei asked.

"You’d better not. Grand Master has strictly guarded like this, if we are misunderstood as coming here to disturb..." Warren trembled hard. His face somewhat looked white. He persuaded, "We should come back other day."

Judging from his face, invading in or knocking door were both absolutely not a wise choice. Lei had no choice but helpless retreated and returned to the village.

This time, when he went back to his room. Under the hotel’s owner surprise, he firmly decided to stay away from Stelle. Even though the condition of the room was a bit poorer, he would not bother either.

He totally didn’t want to stay in the same place with that dangerous perverted woman , Stelle, even not a little bit!

That night, when Lei had soundly fallen asleep. Unknowingly, Stelle had seduced some Tree Elf robust men. They were in the middle of doing some intemperate things. When Sui Xiong saw her playing briskly, he also didn’t want to disturb her, directly went back to the trail he had taken in the morning, flying to the staying place of that Grand Master Torian.

His flying speed was of course much faster than the walking speed of Warren. Only after a while, he had arrived in the road that was blocked in the morning. The tree wall was still the same. The Grand Master obviously still didn’t intend not to meet guests.

But Sui Xiong also didn’t intend to come back tomorrow. He felt that the material and subject in his hand could absolutely attract that alchemy Grand Master.

Remembering that year when he was still in the university, no matter how arrogant and reclusive his teacher was, as long as there were news about "Good subject", "abundant capital", that teacher would put aside his wariness, rushing over. Although the worlds were different, the personalities and thinking of the scientific researchers were not much different. If a good subject and an abundant capital (of material) could change the "not meeting guest" attitude of the experts and scholars on earth, it was also the same here.

Therefore, he condensed his dark power into an invisible wave and then shot it forward.

This was his discovery through the study about the giant serpent in the Ancient Wood Desolate Marsh.

After a while, the group of small trees, which originally blocked the road, shook then stepped aside. A small trail appeared in a cluster of flowers.

The flowers on two sides of this trail were like brocade, indescribably beautiful. A nostril-assailing exotic odor coming out of the flower cluster made people’s mind feel relaxed. From afar looking forward, deep in the sea of flowers was a three-storey beautiful house, which must be the staying place of the Grand Master Torian.

Sui Xiong smiled, flying forward along the trail.

He hadn’t flown far yet. A sudden phenomenon happened!

One by one green vine suddenly shot out from the sea of flowers. They were like an inescapable net throwing into him. They were as if countless venomous snakes wanting to kill him right on the spot. Then again, they looked like countless spider webs wanting to lock him up.

However, Sui Xiong didn’t feel surprised, smirking. A blue light flashed up. Those vines were frozen entirely, turned into a grotesquely shaped sculpture in the air.

"Grand Master Torian, do you think I am an idiot?" The green jellyfish floating in the air smiled then coldly said, "Don’t use your mortal eyes to look at me. I have seen clearly those piles of white skeletons under the flower sea long time ago!"

There was no voice coming out of the room but a flow of dark power vaguely rising up. It seemed like it was preparing to form into some great dark power formation.

Sui Xiong sneered, pointed his tentacles into the sky. The sky that seemed empty transmitted a broken voice. Then, a frightening scream came out from the room.

"Grand Master Torian, I really want to discuss something good with you. Perhaps, you are not interested in creating a medicine that can prolong life expectancy?"

"I.... How do I know..... that you are not.... a swindler?" He was quite surprised. This voice was unexpectedly not an old man’s voice but a woman’s voice, which was trembling with fear.

"Who are you? Grand Master Torian has lived more than hundred years. He can’t be this young!"

"I.... I am his.... dis.... disciple..."

"Is your Grand Master home?" Sui Xiong silently frowned, directly flew toward the big house, "Alright, I will leave the subject and the material behind first. Until the Grand Master comes back, I’ll find to have a conversation again."

This time, there was nothing blocking him. He smoothly arrived in front of the house and swung up his tentacles. A piece of frozen giant snake’s corpse appeared on the ground. Then, he swung up his tentacles again, a shining crystal that overflowed with memory floated in the sky.

"Alright, take them away."

"Fine... ok..." That voice timidly answered. A big door was slowly opened. Two metal-pike devil monsters, whose heights were at least twice as Lei’s, came out, brought the frozen corpse part of the giant snake back to the house.

After a while, a small kid, whose build was not much different from the small type of Tree Devil, stepped out, held the memory crystal with both hands then went back to the house.

Afterward, the door of that big house was closed once again, showing the determined attitude of not welcoming guest of the Grand Master’s disciple.

Sui Xiong nonchalantly turned around and left directly.

But inside, he was triumphantly laughing ....


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