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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 71


The Immemorial Forest was a vast and boundless forest. According to the legend, at the beginning when this world was founded, the God of Glory and the God of Darkness had been in constant fights. Their bloods were mixed with each other and formed into the Life Origin. The majority of the Life Origin had transformed into the Life Goddess while the rest penetrated into the newborn mother earth, giving birth to a lush massive forest, which was located in the central of the South.

The Life Goddess adored this forest the best. There had a time she had been living for a long period, being friends with numerous living beings. Long until the annihilation that year, the God of Glory and the God of Darkness both died in the end. Their deaths had put the world in a violent turbulence. Earth, Fire, Water, Wind had turned into all kinds of terrorist devil monsters, which arose endless battles with Gods, destroyed the Earth, made people suffer. The Life Goddess couldn’t bear seeing her adored living beings suffering from those hardships. She then pulled out her sword, killed the devil monsters, allocated surfaces, expelled Gods, decided the rules for this world.

After that fight, she also drained out her power, falling down. The clergy "Life" was still left empty until now. Although many Gods were almost on the same level of the Life Goddess, no one dared to inherit this clergy. Legend had that her will still remained in this forest as before, guarding her loving space. If any powerful existence stepped in the main surface, it would be angered. The power of the great Life Goddess would then turn into irresistible thunders, killing that intruder right on the spot.

That year, the number one Thunder God felt that he was one of the formidable Gods, not to mention he had monopolized "Thunder" and "Devastation" clergies. Therefore, he arrogantly stepped into the main surface with the thought of monopolizing this world with his innate talent.

And the result?

Every time after sunset, everyone could see a bright moon slowly streaking across the sky. That was the remains of this doomed fellow.

Over the years, the number of people who was killed by the devastating thunder had surpassed the number of the fingers of both hands. And the rule of "overly formidable existences are not allowed to step into the main surface" had vaguely become the rule that no formidable Gods or devil couldn’t follow.

Up until now, normal powerhouses who were on the Semi-God level were all prepared to leave the main surface since they didn’t know exactly when that thunder above would strike down on them.

The majority of the Gods staying in the mortal world used their avatars. They didn’t really set foot in the main surface. They just duplicated a little bit of their will, then created a body that contained some power, to complete the so-called "God Descendant".

When a God used one’s true effigy to descend to the mortal world, they would also have to build a God Kingdom in that area temporarily, away from the main surface. This consumed a lot of power. Hence, even if they were the most powerful Gods, they wouldn’t randomly use their true effigies to descend, not to mention fighting with others.

Supposed that if the "Temporary God Kingdom" collapsed during the fight, the God’s energy would be scattered, and in the next moment, the devastating thunder dropped from the sky out of blue...

As long as one thought about this, even if one had anger as big as the sky, they could restrain all.

If they couldn’t restrain it, then what should they do?

They just simply added another name in the to-kill list of the devastating thunder.

"... Closing eyes to imagine that if the devastating thunder strikes down to chop the head of each God who doesn’t abide the rule, one by one. That scene is worth praising! The Life Goddess is indeed formidable and dominant!" After finishing telling the story, Sui Xiong couldn’t help but compliment, "If she were alive, I would definitely have given her a thump up, praising her----Lady, you are really a true man!"

Lei’s face looked expressionless as he watched the twilight sky, waited for a while, shook his head then sighed.

"How are things?"

"Seems like... The Life Goddess has really died." Lei regretfully said, "Or else someone would have soon died by one thunder strike!"

Sui Xiong was momentarily choked while Stelle was laughing out loud to the point that she rolled back and forth on the ground.

"Is it that funny?" Lei was somewhat annoyed.

"Uh? You don’t like it?" Stelle immediately stopped, "You should tell me sooner if you don’t like it. Rolling over on the ground is very uncomfortable."

This time, it was Sui Xiong’s turn to laugh.

Despite the lush vegetation in the Immemorial Forest, it was not too dangerous either. This place was the birthplace of the Elf Tribe. According to legend, the very first creature with wisdom the Life Goddess had created here was -------Advanced Elf. Although things changed along with the time, the Advanced Elf could almost not be found in the mortal world, their descendants still existed in this dense forest under the name of different Elf races.

There were three commonly seen Elf races. In order, they were Tree Elf, Wild Elf and Sun Elf.

The characteristic of the Tree Elf was a leaf green hair. They were gifted with an ability of communicating with plants. They were like Druid, who could use natural magic. Although their body was somewhat slim, lacked resilience and strength, their magic capability alone was enough to help them settle down.

The life expectancy of the Tree Elf was about four to five hundred years. They could be counted as the long lived race. In addition to their innate excellent magic casting ability, the overall fighting power of this race was really high. In the entire mainland, they could be ranked among those formidable influences that could only be counted on the fingers of one hand. If it weren’t for the fact they naturally didn’t like to leave the Immemorial Forest, they would have built an enormous Empire long time ago.

Wild Elf was the most commonly seen Elf race on the mainland. Their stature was almost the same as the human. They were not slim and even an exceptionally robust individual. There were just a few of them wearing armors and carrying battle-axes in the battlefield. The distinctive trait of their body was probably the pointy and long ears, along with abnormally soft hair.

The life cycle of the Wild Elf was a little bit eccentric. Their teenager, adult and middle-aged period didn’t have too much of a difference with the mankind. They just lived a tiny bit longer. But when they reached the old age period, they would normally have a strange phenomenon of being "Immortally Old". A Wild Elf in about eighty years old was already gray-haired. He could only do lightweight and portable work but he was likely to remain like this until one hundred eighty years old. It was very long;they lived half of their lives in the old age period.

Supposed there was also Wild Elf on Earth, in addition, they had formed a country. Then the aging of this country would be a problem, not to mention an extremely serious one. It was serious to the point that the president of this country would be sleep-deprived.

The final commonly seen Elf race was the Sun Elf. This kind of Elf race had a tall and fit body. Each one of them was like a statue that was meticulously carved by a group of artists. They were not any different from a perfect race. No matter if it was physique or intelligence, they didn’t lack anything. The rate of people who were able to cast magic was quite high as well. The only weakness was their difficult reproduction----the Sun Elf could not cross-breed with other races. One Sun Elf couple could only give birth to four or five children in their whole time, which had been already an extremely rare case. In fact, the majority of Sun Elf families didn’t have more than two kids.

Scholars believed that the Sun Elf was the direct related descendant of the Advanced Elf. Some devil shamans had captured the Sun Elf, tried to extract the Advanced Elf’s bloodline from its body. Yet, the outcome was very tragic... Every Sun Elf was received a special attention from the Gods in the Elf Tribe. Once someone put their hands on a Sun Elf, in a moment, the Elf God would send a punisher. A hundred shots, a hundred bull’s eyes;there was no exception.

Except for those big races, the Elf Tribe also had "Mountain Elf", "Sea Elf", "Underground Elf", "Moon Elf" and other branches. However, their quantities were very low, insignificant and not worth mentioning.

When Sui Xiong and other two entered the Immemorial Forest, in less a day’s time, they immediately saw a Tree Elf’s village.

That was a village built on trees. Each house on tree formed with each other into a village in the air. If one didn’t raise head to look, nobody would think this empty area would hide a village.

Sui Xiong and other two didn’t try to hide their trails. Therefore, they found a sentinel of the village from afar. That was a middle-aged man dressed in a tree-bark armor. He was carrying a bow and a magic wand. There were magic lights flickering above the armor and the weapon, which were clearly not ordinary items.

The enchanting technique of the Tree Elf was outstandingly famous throughout the continent. Each year, there would be many people bringing their most beloved weapons to the Immemorial Forest, asking the Tree Elf to enchant their weapons.

But the Tree Elf’s enchanting technique had a great limitation-----the enchanted weapon would acknowledge their owner. Except for the owner, it would be like any other ordinary equipment in other’s hands.

In comparison to the enchanting technique of the shamans, it was quite costly and its effect was slightly weaker. However, its winning part lay in its infinity. Therefore, on the contrary, the enchanting technique of the Tree Elf had more markets.

Lei quite respected the enchanting technique of the Tree Elf. After having passed the interrogation and temporarily stayed in the village, he immediately inquired some information from the attendants of the hotel about an enchanting Grand Master, thinking of creating few enchanted weapons.

"Our village doesn’t have an enchanting Grand Master, we just have enchanted weapons. Please come to the nearby to ask Grand Master Torian for help." The attendant Warren was a youngster. His movement was pretty powerful. His ability was not bad. He naturally had a good impression with Lei who was highly skilled in martial arts. He told Lei the important information, "This Grand Master’s personality is a little eccentric. He doesn’t like seeing people. But he is very easy to get close to. As long as you can show your good intention, then you can get good result."

"Grand Master Torian?" Lei thought for a while then suddenly remembered a famous person, surprisingly asked, "Is he called Torian? Is it just only Torian or that he has other names?"

"I am not sure about this. We just know he is called Grand Master Torian." Warren said, "Grand Master is very eccentric. He hasn’t seen any guest for almost fifty years. Not to mention, fifty years ago, when he met the villagers, he also just said a few words..."

"So how does he look like? Have you heard about his appearance?"

Warren carefully recalled his memory for a while then uncertainly said, "I indeed have heard about him... Grand Master is already very old. His beard and hair have both turned gray. He wears a black gown. There is a clear liquid medicine smell from him. His body is not very good. He usually coughs. It’s probably all."

"So, except for enchanting ability, is this Grand Master good at alchemy too?"

Warren was dumbstruck, surprisingly asked, "How do you know? Is Grand Master Torian really famous?"

Lei couldn’t restrain his laughs, "Of course, he is extremely famous! No one thinks that he would live a seclusion life here."

Right now, he was certain about this.

In the traveling this time, he was indeed lucky to meet that person in the legend!


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