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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 70


What was the most fantastic flying method?

By airplane? By a hot air balloon? By parachute? By bungee jumping?

Riding a mount? Using wings? By anti-gravity magic? Levitating?

Or by the strangest flying method that almost no one could probably imagine, ‘flying by staying in the stomach of a God’.

"This is really unbelievable!"

Sui Xiong was looking outward from the window. There was a vast clear sky, and

underneath it was a bizarre landscape with clouds and mist. Lei couldn’t

help but take it all in. He was like a curious kid, looking everywhere to remember

by heart this kind of scenery, which ordinary people could never see in

their lifetime.

After a long while, he felt sore in his eyes. He left the window, went back to his

"seat" above, and sat opposite to the dozing Stelle, then asked, "Why don’t you

look excited? Are you familiar with this kind of scene because you usually fly

here and there on normal days?"

Stelle yawned, and dimly said, "How can I fly this high... This thing must be flying above the clouds..."

"Then why don’t you look excited?"

"I didn’t sleep well last night... Don’t disturb me!"

Lei had just figured out-- -- -from the day before yesterday until last night,

Stelle had been tied by the tightening headband, and had been restricted from having

any evil thoughts. However, of course, she couldn’t refrain from those

messy thoughts. Her day basically was "having evil thoughts-- -- having a headache-- -

-behaving properly-- -- having evil thoughts again". When the tightening

headband had been adjusted, she could finally find her peace again.

The reason why she didn’t feel tired at that time was because of the hiking. But

up until this point when she was free, the accumulated fatigue burst in her head;

only ghosts didn’t feel tired!

After thinking this through, he didn’t disturb Stelle anymore, but picked up a book to kill

time by reading.

As a man with a noble background, he had a habit of carrying books along. But in

reality, he rarely read. Over the last couple years, if he didn’t fight or kill someone, he

would be constantly on the move. Even if he had some spare time, he would

spend most of it on practicing to prepare for an upcoming fight in his next

adventure. Yet, the current situation didn’t allow him to practice. Hence, he could

only read books.

This book was made extraordinarily sophisticated. The book was covered by a

tawny goatskin paper (parchment), which was secured with a silver frame that

would prevent the book from deformation. Letters were embedded onto the cover of the book by golden threads. Many tiny gems were used as a decoration for the book, which enhanced its luxurious look.

But to a true knowledgeable person, the author’s signature under the name of the

book was where the genuine value of the book was.

This book was transcribed by a legendary shaman-- -- of course, when he

transcribed this book, he was still a young scholar and hadn’t truly stepped into the

mystic magic palace.

The main surface didn’t have papermaking technique, so most of the materials used for

making books were goatskin paper. Each paper relatively equaled the same

consumption of goatskin and with the manpower, whose value might be higher than the goatskin itself. This made books super pricey. Ordinary people did not

easily get the chance to see this kind of book in their lifetime.

Except for goatskin, cloth was not a bad material to write on. But it was not

suitable for making books. It was normally used to make different kinds of notices for

announcements or rewards.

Writing on paper was a job that required technique. Except for using magic to

invent, one could rely on a scholar’s handwriting. The writing that was made

by the magic was neat and tidy, but it lacked the beauty of art. Therefore, the work

that was written with this method had no other value than a book. Some strict

collectors only admitted the work with a handwritten book. They looked down on

those books that were written by magic.

And the one in Lei’s hand was just a normal history book. Its content wasn’t

special either. But its writing style could be counted as the representative of

art. Not to mention, the author’s identity added to its value, which was

enough to be ranked as "treasure".

At the beginning, when Lei left his house alone, except for the sword, this book was

considered precious to him. During his years of wandering about in a desperate plight, in

the most down and outof times, he never even thought of selling this book.

If the sword was his friend, then this book would be like his spiritual solace. As

long as he saw this book, he would recall his calm, tranquil life and did not feel

that his youth was just a dream.

Even though he rarely read books.

The bright sunlight shone into the transparent window. Lei silently sat in the front

seat, seriously browsing through each page, carefully chewing over the hair-raising

history hidden underneath each verse of the poem. Sometimes, he was a poet

who sculpted words and sentences, exclaiming in admiration. If one didn’t know

his identity and saw his appearance right now, he would think this was a scholar full of exquisite noble mannerisms.

This scene caught Stelle’s eyes after she woke up.

Lei’s face was actually pretty nice-looking. The "plastic surgery" that Sui Xiong had

done on him was absolutely not a reckless work. He had based Lei’s face on the art

principle of fine sculpting to recreate his face almost perfectly, except for some

overly manipulated features that went beyond normal conception. Day after day, those

inharmonious features slowly disappeared and were replaced with ones

of human emotions. From this moment onward, he could be counted as one of the most

handsome men. If this were a modern bustling city, countless girls’ eyes would

light up when they saw him.

At least, right now, both eyes of Stelle’s had lit up, and were as verdant as a hungry


Perhaps, her aura was too intense that it woke Lei up from his reading. He calmly

closed his book then tapped on the wall beside.

"Highness." He asked, "Would there be any problem if I chant the Band-

Tightening Spell here?"

Before Sui Xiong couldn’t answer, Stelle had let out a real loud shout and lay

motionless on the ground.

"... I didn’t chant any spell!"

"To be honest, I find both of you have really good chemistry." Sui Xiong smilingly said, "You really understand each other."

Lei’s face immediately turned black, "She and I understand each other?! Jellyfish

God Highness, your observation and understanding about mankind are


"Maybe." Sui Xiong didn’t drag on this problem either. On the contrary, he turned

the dark power into an electronic voice which reverberated in the "passenger


"Passengers, please pay attention. The Jellyfish flight over the Broken Cloud

Mountain Range is about to land. Please fasten your seatbelt and take care of

your kids carefully. Please check your belongings, turn off your cell phone and

other electronic devices. Thank you for your cooperation."

This passage that the Jellyfish flight had just employed was clearly used in the

airplanes on Earth. However, in this eccentric world where hardly anyone understood Chinese, the message just made these two passengers surprisingly spit their saliva.

"What is this spell?" Lei asked.

"Is there any problem?" Stelle’s thinking was a little pessimistic, "Our height is

dropping. Are we perhaps falling?"

Sui Xiong sighed, and couldn’t help but have a feeling that he had just flirted with the blind.

The "Jellyfish spaceship" quickly made its landing. Due to the fact that Sui Xiong

had always maintained the air pressure in the passenger cabin at a normal

level, the two passengers didn’t have the tinnitus symptom as on Earth. They

wouldn’t have the popping pain in their ears and noses. Sui Xiong couldn’t help but

silently have an illusion, "If I can use this technique on an Earth plane..."

However, it was impossible as the Earth airplane was not as solid as

the body of this Jellyfish God, which could resist the high pressure caused by the

difference between the internal and external air density.

With a slight collision, the "Spaceship" steadily landed on the ground, and one door

leaf of the cabin was opened. The two "Passengers" arranged their things,

then carefully walked out.

Outside the door was an area of flat rock. The surroundings still had unmelted

snow, which showed that the terrain was pretty high. The lush vegetation started

from a mountain side far away and extended to the end of the Earth. The blue

and green color formed into a horizon, which looked clear and distinct.

This was obviously the southern part of the Broken Cloud Mountain Range. It was

said that since this world was born, there existed an ancient forest;therefore, this

place was called "Immemorial Forest".

From "boarding" to "landing", this journey lasted a total of several hours. In fact, Sui

Xiong reduced the flying time. He even crossed the Broken Cloud

Mountain Range in only a few minutes. It was just that the highly concentrated

dark power in the air made him feel very comfortable. Consequently, he slowed

down his pace. His speed matched a nice stroll. He leisurely

advanced with a carefree manner. As a result, the journey had taken a long time.

Lei and Stelle clearly didn’t know about these things. They just knew that they had easily crossed the Broken Cloud Mountain Range, which was

taken as a sky piercing mountain range . There was no struggle, no dangerous

fighting, and even no lengthy trip. Throughout the entire trip, Stelle was taking a nap

while Lei read his book.

It felt as if they were relaxing in a hotel, leisurely and carefree.

"God’s power is indeed boundless and unpredictable!" Lei couldn’t help but

exclaim, "Highness, if you stop acting unreasonably, you will definitely

have way too many believers!"

"In fact, I already have too many believers." Sui Xiong said, "In the north,

more than a hundred people have been recruited."

"I am not saying those who worship you because of money or protection but those who

sincerely respect you and worship you from the bottom of their hearts." Lei

emphasized, "As for the first group, as long as you are willing to pay, you can have

as many as you like. But as for the latter ones, they genuinely can be counted as

your true believers."

Sui Xiong let out a nonchalant smile. He didn’t really care about this.

What the Hell was a religion if he really didn’t see any good in that?

According to God’s principle, one could gain power from another’s religion. But he

didn’t have any feeling for the "Religion power". To him, being worshiped by

others only meant being praised. It would only lift up his mood.

Having people believe in him was of course very good. If no one believed in

him, it was in fact no big deal. At the end of the day, it was about face.

This was like a proverb on Earth, which went "Buddha needs incense and a man

needs a face".

Although he had lived in this world for a very long time, possessed great God

power, and looked like a God that had many believers, Sui Xiong could

not turn into the God of this world in the end.

Essentially, he was still a spirit from Earth, from beginning to end.


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