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Cthulhu Gonfalon - Chapter 61


Chapter 61

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 61

This angry roar of Lei sounded like thunder from a clear sky.

On the high platform, the noblemen and representatives suddenly trembled in fear. Five or six of them instinctively launched their protection magic tools, and then were wrapped up by colorful lights. More than one person didn't know what to do in the panic, falling off the chairs, producing ping-pong bang noises. They looked very struggling.

The audience below was no better. Those with bigger guts could stand steadily with no problem, while the scaredy-cats sat down on the ground. One-third of them even directly lay down on the ground, shook crazily, didn't dare to stand up. They were like prostrating in some kind of rituals.

For a moment, countless pairs of eyes were thrown on that robust man, who had been known as formidable. But this robust man was not intrepid like usual day. Instead, his entire body was trembling. Cold sweats were constantly flowing down from his forehead to his cheeks. His two legs were shaking incessantly like he was having malaria.

However, he could only mutter one word.

’’Dragon... Dragon... Dragon...’’

His voice was not big. Yet, in this deadly stillness, at least everyone on the high platform could be able to hear clearly all of that.

As a result, they were more nervous and frightened. Their trembling teeth created continuous clack-clack noises.

Since when Stelle was arranged to sit on the high platform, Lei was still very calm as if he didn't care about anything, until such thing came across the stage. Even though when Stelle had been struggling in the debate, shifted her eyes toward him to ask for his help, he still didn't pay any attention.

This made Luo Meng, who had been sitting beside, sigh in relief. He assumed that this powerhouse had soon found Stelle useless and had given up hope on her.

But at this moment, everyone was all clear.

In front of a powerhouse, that could be able to emit such a momentum like a dragon, reason, rule, dominance .... all of these were just a decoration, meaningless.

His will was the determined factor to all the keys.

They were on tenterhooks as they terrifyingly looked at the Black Knight like the commoners who were being tied up, waiting for the judgment from the law court after bumping into a noble master.

’’Highness, you have gone too far.’’ Lei reluctantly said to Sui Xiong, ’’They've got scared to the point that they have peed in their pants....’’

’’It is because their minds are too weak. Don't you see Olivia?!. Except for a little white color on her face, there is no other problem.’’

’’... Cause she knows you won't hurt her. But how can other people know this! You see that big guy. He is too scared that he has gone crazy!’’

Sui Xiong carefully observed for a while. He couldn't help but be surprised after finding out the bleary eyes of the robust man----this bastard is also powerful, how can he is scared like this?

Taking advantage of when this robust man was in panic, Sui Xiong took a swift glance through his mind. What he could see was just a jubilant chaotic scene. All over the place were a lively dark-red blame tearing the musky night scene. Countless people were running away, screaming, moaning. In the middle of the sky, an ash-red giant silhouette was marching back and forth, producing an intimidating energy which made people hard to breathe. It constantly spouted fire from its mouth and nose. Sometimes, there was a blazing flame coming out from it, turning all the trees, houses even humans and animals into burning torch of flame.

That was an Evil Dragon, which was wreaking havoc.

Judging from this, this situation had left behind a massive shadow in his heart. Until when he could feel the Giant Dragon's momentum, he would immediately be on the verge of falling apart.

This man was already defeated. No wonder such a strong man like him was easily bribed by Luo Meng.

If it were Lei, even though his true power was not that much stronger than the robust man, a mere swindler like Luo Meng thought that he could relied on empty gloves and cunning juggleries to bribe Lei? That swindler would absolutely be cut in half by his sword!

The ’’Dragon prestige’’ that Lei had just displayed a moment ago was of course not from him. That was a sample, which Sui Xiong transmitted from Frost--- among the three Dragons inside that grocery store, the one who had the biggest temper would easily ignite fire.

Speaking of ability, Snowflake, who had already been a powerhouse was definitely far stronger than Frost. As for the intensity of the Dragon prestige, when this little rascal Frost showed his prestige, even Snowflake's momentum was not scary to him.

Perhaps, because Snowflake's personality was pretty gentle, she hardly got angry. While this rascal Frost was a firecracker, he would immediately...

After using the Giant Dragon prestige to crush this place, Lei swaggered to the center of the high platform, took a look at Luo Meng who was trembling with fear then looked back at fearless Olivia, sneered then said, ’’It is just a scroll. No need to be troublesome like this! Two of you come down. A huge platform like a square like this is not enough to display magic?’’

’’But Sire, if I don't have an evidence for my words, people will doubt the effect of the black art.’’ Olivia calmly answered.

Although facing such a suspicious Giant Dragon, she was still calm as usual, didn't have the slightest hint of panic. This lit up the eyes of noblemen noblemen and representatives who had pretty neutral attitude. Many of them even silently calculated other possibilities.

Supposed Luo Meng's bloodline evidence was a fake, he would not only be unable to become the heir, but also be executed because of his intention of deceiving the nobility to get the inheritance right. Because of similar holy situation in which Stelle had been seriously impolite, her inheritance right had been taken away---- although she had not been discourteous, this slut was not suitable for the inheritance position.

In comparison to her, Oliva - Gerton, who appeared out of nowhere, didn't only have reliable status, but also her competency was not bad. Even though, she was still lacking other things, being able to keep calm when facing this Dragon Prestige, just by only this courage was enough for her to take the position of a Lord.

Moreover.... this little lady could take out a legendary magic scroll. Maybe, she was some kind of ’’Guardian’’, who had been watching the Gerton family all along. In many families with long history, they always prepared some kind of familiar guardians. They normally were relatives of the family and barely showed themselves. Their existences were very weak. But in the critical time, they usually took out precious treasure or showed their power to block and save the family from the crisis.

Right now, the Gerton family was indeed in a calamity, from a guardian to a heir, she was really a good choice.

Lei seemed to have an acting talent. He portrayed the arrogance of the Dragon prestige really well. He smiled, examined the limp Stelle then directly sent her off the high platform with one kick. She lightly fell to the ground without any wound. His way of using power could be rated as marvelous!

This was clearly not Lei's true strength but Sui Xiong was helping him act. If someday, Lei could rely on his real strength to do such things like this, he could perhaps really set foot in the Legendary Realm.

’’Well, that is not a reference item.’’ Lei casually said.

Olivia nodded then jumped off the high platform. Her move was light like a bird. With one leap, she then steadily landed on the ground, showing her good martial arts.

Lei looked at Luo Meng, ’’Do you want to come down yourself or with my help?’’

Luo Meng looked at Lei's perfect face which didn't have any emotion, trembled for a while then hurriedly said, ’’I am fine with going down myself! No need to bother Sire!’’

After finishing his words, he rapidly slid down the stair like there was an old tiger chasing behind him.

However, when he landed on the ground, he didn't head to the same direction with Stelle and Olivia but turned his body around, went under the high platform, then took out a scroll a scroll and activated it.

’’I must have gone stupid to get myself through this kind of Magic collapse! Run!’’

The transportation magic stored inside the scroll was immediately launched. Before everyone could react, that magic had turned into a white light, covering him as they together flew up to sky, disappeared without a trace in a blink, just left behind an air swirl reverberating in the sky.

He escaped.

Momentarily, everyone's eyes were popped out with their dropped jaws.

’’Even I myself couldn't not expect... This bastard's really got a talent, he even dares to cheat a God!’’ Sui Xiong didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, he couldn't help but sadly sigh.

This bastard, Luo Meng was indeed the most skillful swindler. He didn't only how to act but also made decision really quickly.

Sui Xiong was sure that at least when he was in front of Lei, he absolutely didn't have a thought of escaping. If this was the case, then during the time he went down the stair, he had considered the pros and cons, understood clearly the stake and then firmly decided to run away afterward.

And his escape method was also very clever. First, he went under the high platform, hid himself from Lei and Sui Xiong's vision in a dead angle. After that, when everybody still didn't understand what on earth had happened;he immediately launched the transportation magic from the scroll and arrogantly left, directly abandoned his lineage as well as his gang without any hesitation or reluctance.

After coming to this world, Sui Xiong had also met many outstanding people. But when it came to quick wit and decisiveness, Luo Meng absolutely deserved the first place. He was matchless!

’’That guy is a talent.’’ That night, in the simple small room in the library, Lovell said, ’’As long as he can be immortal, he will become famous sooner or later!’’

Sui Xiong and Lei both agreed with his point of view. An outstanding swindler, who could rapidly find a chance to escape at such a dangerous moment like this, was a rare talent. The reason why Luo Meng failed this time was not because his plan had any flaws, but because he had encountered an unexpected factor.

This was the joke of the fate, nothing more.

Of course, the saying ’’Heaven has eyes, a bad person will not gain success’’ was also not wrong.

Something like this had actually happened. But it was just coincidental.

’’Teacher, why are you still in the library?’’ Olivia, who was gleaming with tears, asked with a face full of worries, ’’You also won't walk away straight, do you?’’

Today's morning, after Luo Meng had escaped, the noblemen and representatives had done some discussions, decided to let Olivia take the position of the Gerton viscount.

This result was not out of this little girl's expectation. Therefore, she didn't Therefore, she didn't look happy at all. In contrast, she was in misery after having received another news.

It was the fact that Sui Xiong and Lei had to continue heading south, through the ancient wood sacred marsh, and then crossed the Broken Cloud mountain range and the Ancient Wood to the Gold Tower city in Mystique Tower federation to recruit that down-and-out nobleman who was talented in the internal affairs.

This made Olivia really surprised. She couldn't help but persuade them, ’’Highness, don't you want to build a Holy Land? Is the Gerton's dominion perhaps not suitable? As a Lord, I can help you arrange. You just have to spend around ten years, eight years... If everything is carried out smoothly, or perhaps the Holy Land in the north has not been completed yet, the Gerton's dominion will then become the one and only Holy Land for your religion!’’

’’Or let's do it like this.... But I am still very curious about that knight, whom Satan idolizes.’’ Sui Xiong smilingly said, ’’Let alone, you have just undertaken the Lord position. It is not a good idea for you to get involved in the religion problem.’’

’’A believer investing in a God is investing in the religion. This is a matter of course. How can it is not good!’’

’’... Haizz! Your thought is too simple!’’ Sui Xiong just shook his head, ’’In short, you should be really careful when you become a Lord. After you stabilize your country and I also have finished establishing my church on the other side, you just need to help me a little bit when I come here to evangelize.’’

’’This is also not enough!’’

’’Enough, this is the will of the God.’’ Sui Xiong insistently put his hat down, which made Olivia speechless and unable to retort. After he turned his tentacles into a hand, caressed this little girl's soft hair, smilingly said, ’’Don't worry. Until you are old, my God Kingdom has absolutely been established. When that time comes, I will save a seat for you. Afterward, you don't have to change your job, keep being a Lord as before.’’

So things were set like that. The reason why Olivia was worried about Lovell's leaving was also because of this.

’’I won't go. Where else can I go?’’ Olivia's nervous and bewildered look amused Lovell, ’’I will be sweeping in fifty more years. If nothing surprising happens, I will continue sweeping until the day the Cloud city is destroyed by the hands of Black Edge. Rest assured, I won't leave you.’’

Seeing Olivia bursting out laughing made Sui Xiong unable to restrain and reveal a smile.

He hoped that this girl could keep her heart of a child for a long time, sympathize with other people, being a good Lord.

As her religious God, this was his biggest hope on her.


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