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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Using Speed Against Speed

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

This map was a plain field without many things one could use. Still, since Fatty

came here with the expectation of training himself, he would not overuse other

methods, especially when the Myth Legion wouldn't give him the opportunity

to set up a trap.

Very soon, the opposing Battle Mecha arrived in front of Fatty. This was a

relatively new [Hoch] Battle Mecha, one of the better Battle Mechas available in

the current game.

This Battle Mecha had a seemingly huge hatred towards Fatty; the moment

they met, he rushed over. Fatty had offended too many people, so at this

moment, he wasn't able to think of how he had offended this person.

Nevertheless, it was a battle, thus he went to receive the attack. The two Battle

Mechas did not exchange a single word before beginning their battle.

The moment they exchanged moves, Tian Xing Jian got a different feeling from

his opponent, as this opposing Battle Mecha was quite adept in close-combat,

something which those rookies in the Leray Federation could not match.

Furthermore, the capabilities of that mecha were thoroughly utilized. The

[Hoch] Battle Mecha originally specialized in speed, so at this juncture, it began

to put on display its advantage in speed and circled Tian Xing Jian while

attacking from different angles and dodging the incoming attacks in a flash.

When it came to the speed of attacks, Fatty had never met someone who was

faster than him, so in order not to be outdone, the [Beast] slid to the side before

starting to increase its speed like what the [Hoch] Battle Mecha had just done.

The punches and kicks from both sides began picking up speed as they tangled

up together.

Hearing the sound of ’’pi pa’’ that was akin to a chain of energy cannons firing,

both Battle Mechas had approximately exchanged seven punches and six kicks

in the blink of an eye. After clashing, they would separate before leaping forth

simultaneously at each other at a speed so fast that the observers in the

viewing gallery were overwhelmed by the dazzling scene before them.

The pilot of the [Hoch] Battle Mecha started feeling more and more

apprehensive the longer they fought! The opposing [Beast] was a military

mecha modification! In terms of speed, not only did it not lose out to the

[Hoch]'s speed, it was also becoming faster and faster. While his hand speed

has already reached its limits, his opponent's was clearly still increasing


Fatty was becoming more and more excited, as he felt that there were truly so

many experts in the international scene! He randomly chose an opponent, yet

he has already found one with such ability. His opponent's speed was not

lower than his. Certainly, this kind of fast-paced battle was advantageous for

improving one's control over the Battle Mechas, but how hard would it be for

him to find such experts during his normal days?

Seeing that it would be suppressed by the [Beast] in speed if this continued on,

the pilot of [Hoch] gritted his teeth and interlocked both of the mecha's legs

before appearing by the side of his opponent. That action of his led to an

explosive increase in speed as its fists flew right towards the chest cabin of the

[Beast] mecha. Such a sudden explosive increase in speed had helped the pilot

of [Hoch] obtain quite a few victories in the past.

However, SM01314 was even faster using its knee, it struck at the [Hoch]'s

abdomen that was currently behind him. With the support of both its

mechanical hands on the ground, the entire battle mecha stuck close to the

body of [Hoch] before it continued by pressing on top of the [Hoch] in a lewd


Since he had controlled the movement of the opposing Battle Mecha and was

someone who knew the structure of many Battle Mecha like the back of his

hand, why would Fatty ever let go of this opportunity?

With a light sound of ’’pa’’, an imitation of a mechanical arm built on the lower

abdomen of the mecha shot out, folding a few times to the right before

reaching to the left lower back of [Hoch] and dismantling its electronic circuit


Even though the two were currently in a tangled position, which led many to

frantically grab onto themselves, the victor of the battle was decided.

’’Wuu... You're just bullying others!’’ A woman's crying voice came out from the

speaker of [Hoch], stunning Fatty momentarily. This opponent, who had a

hand speed that made his own hand numb, was actually a female Battle Mecha


Fatty flipped open the information panel: Margaret, a major of the Republic of

Feuillants Land Army.

The system automatically closed the map, causing both [Beast] and [Hoch] to

teleport back to the viewing gallery. Under the looks of the audience, Fatty

climbed up from the [Hoch] awkwardly.

Everyone within the viewing gallery became astonished as the unmoving

[Hoch]'s cabin opened up. A tall beauty with a hairpin that pinned up the top of

her blonde hair jumped out. Her skin was white and tender, and her neck was

as gorgeous as a swan's. Her face was still covered in tears, making others pity

for her.

Margaret rushed towards Fatty, screaming out, ’’Come out here, you despicable

and shameless scoundrel!’’

Fatty was someone who did not even dare to fill in his information, so how

would he dare to come out of his Battle Mecha on the net that was able to

vividly form an image from reality? If others saw his face, it would probably be

pasted on all sorts of electronic books, television, and the internet, causing

everyone in the cosmos to chase after him to kill him.

Wasn't it the case that this father won the match? You are still a major from an

ultra-big nation, so why can't you afford to lose? Fatty had a complex feeling

in his heart, but he understood that his final move of dismantling the enemy

was quite evil.

Flinging his Battle Mecha backwards, Fatty walked towards the side so as to

watch other battles. He thought in his heart, ’’A man will not fight with a lady,

so this father will not care about you! The next time when I choose an

opponent, I'll have to carefully see who it is since battling with a woman is

truly too troublesome!’’

Margaret was unwilling to forgive him when she saw this SM01314 ignore her.

She decided to sit beside [Beast], crying while saying at the same time, ’’Come

out, wuu, you are so bad. Quickly get out for me! Snatching the things of other

people and even using such a loathful method during battle... Are you even

human? Quickly come out! Do you think you are so capable just because you

can modify a Battle Mecha? Scoundrel, wuu, are you coming out or not?’’

Tian Xing Jian could only feel his head becoming twice as big. The moment a

woman became unreasonable, she would cry and vent her feelings endlessly.

He no longer had the mood to continue watching the battle in front of him and

could only reply, ’’Coming out is certainly impossible. Tell me, what should I do

so that you'll let me off?’’

Margaret cried and spat out, ’’Pah, I'll never let you off! You even destroyed the

[Hoch], which I farmed so hard for! Get out for me!’’

Fatty sighed before saying, ’’Isn't it just a broken Battle Mecha? I can just help

you place the electronic board back.’’

Margaret gradually restrained her tears as she carefully asked in suspicion,

’’But, how did you dismantle the circuit board? Will the system not destroy the

Battle Mecha part?’’

Fatty thought, ’’This father chose the profession of Battle Mecha engineer.

Dismantling parts during a battle is also a procedure which I came and wrote

for Milan. If I tell you about this matter, then what would I become? If I met an

expert in the future who dismantled my cabin door, revealing this father's

charming face, then I'll never be able to mingle around with the others again.’’

Afraid that this woman would get to the bottom of this matter, the wretched

person lasciviously laughed. ’’Beauty, I've long stripped the clothes of many

other women to the point of familiarity. This has become a talent of mine.

Coming here and using this method to dismantle the parts of Battle Mecha

might seem quite easy, so how about we exchange some moves?’’

Margaret felt embarrassed and indignant from his words. She knew that

SM01314 was extremely despicable, and to continue talking with him would

just cause her to be teased to death, thus she closed her mouth as she waited

for Fatty to fix her [Hoch] before jumping into the mecha and going offline.

And in a certain luxurious villa in the Republic of Feuillants, spring had

arrived. A woman in her undergarments started smashing things about as she

threw a tantrum. But regardless of how this blonde beauty screamed about

how she wanted to take revenge and create an uproar, Fatty, who was on the

net, had long been enthralled by the match happening in front of his eyes.


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