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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: The Famous Character of the Chaotic World

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

’’Look at this person!’’ Karl flipped over to the very first page and pointed to a

person wearing the uniform of the Republic of Feuillants, saying, ’’Hastings,

the only marshal of the Feuillants. He is called by many as the War God of the

Republic and is also my idol!’’

Hastings, this was a name that was heard before even by ignorant people like

Tian Xing Jian. Nonetheless, it was his first time seeing a photo of him. The

Hastings captured within the photograph was about over 50 years of age, with

a handsome, steadfast look and a pale complexion, making him look like a

movie star or an elegant professor from some university.

But, this famous military expert's combat ideology was quite different to his

external appearance his tactics were unyielding and ruthless. When it was

time to be decisive, he would be decisive, and when it was time to kill, he would

kill. Usually, he would sacrifice part of the military strength for the overall

picture. Under the 12 ultra-big scale battles which he commandeered, he had

never lost a single time. Even though there was a huge amount of injuries and

deaths, he would eventually win.

On the first page, there was also another photograph; it was the only military

expert that could be mentioned alongside Hastings Admiral Sobel.

Sobel's current age wasn't that great; he had seemingly not reached 40 years of

age. His appearance was quite handsome, though there was a gloomy feeling

one would get from looking at him. his thin pursing lips made him a look like a

callous person.

’’This is the most cunning military expert amongst all humans!’’ There wasn't

even a single speck of praise from Karl's remark on this person.

’’When we were studying in the academy, we had practically been learning

about the battles led by the two of them. Sometimes, we had even suspected

whether these two were even human since they are truly too calm they could

capture the most crucial matter during a battle with thousands of other

changing factors before sending the most appropriate command. I truly hope

the two of them would compete against each other one day.’’ Karl said


Tian Xing Jian looked through all the photographs page by page, looking at the

military experts of varying ages. All of a sudden, he had an epiphany it was as

if he was looking at the ancient book of 《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》

with all the heroes from that era of turmoil floating in front of him.

Heroes would emerge during a chaotic era, was a chaotic era truly coming?

’’There's also this book, 《Battle Mecha Pilot Rankings》.’’ Karl seemingly

made another magic trick as he took out another book from nowhere.

’’Mn, and this book 《Battleship Commanders》, and this 《Fighter Aircraft

Triumphant Roll》. You should peruse through them and not be so ignorant.’’

Karl took out book after book that were kept by him.

Without taking to heart Karl's teasing, Tian Xing Jian mechanically flipped

through these books of luxuriant photographs that introduced all sorts of


He suddenly felt quite anxious when he thought about how much time he had

wasted compared to these people. He was merely an ant underneath those

giants, and all they needed was to pinch their fingers and his entire body and

all his bones would be shattered.

A strong surge of crisis shot through Fatty as his heart palpitated faster and

faster. His intuition was telling him that these people would eventually turn

the entire world into a human purgatory.

The prominence of a general is built upon countless of deaths.

And amongst the bones located at the boundary of the world, there might just

be people whom he knew, or even he himself.

Tian Xing Jian started to feel sweat forming on his back.

A week later, in the 《Omnipresent Fire of War》, as the level of his Battle

Mecha continued increasing, the highly awaited different maps used for

battling had started being unlocked. The gigantic central viewing gallery was

crowded with people. This place was declared a safe zone by the system,

ensuring all attacks had no effects. Thus, when SM01314 swaggered into the

viewing gallery, if the surrounding eyes of fury could become arrows, then he

would long have been pierced through the heart by the tens of thousands of

arrows heading his way.

Tian Xing Jian did not care much about those gazes on him as he was already

trembling with excitement by the battles that would be happening. The

modification to the Battle Mecha was completed, and Fatty was satisfied with

both the speed and power of the mecha. This was the very first private Battle

Mecha which he constructed, and he had never thought that he would have

been able to manufacture this thing. One had to know that during times of

peace, private Battle Mechas were all playthings for the rich.

[Beast] was not a private Battle Mecha; instead, it was a military Battle Mecha

used by the Leray Federation 30 years ago. Hence, even if it was outdated and

the data was not kept a secret anymore, this mecha was still not included in

the possible choices within the system because of the long-distance offensive

techniques used by the [Beast].

When [Beast] appeared in the viewing gallery, it triggered an uproar that could

not be helped, as all the gamers were startled by seeing this Battle Mecha,

which should possibly be the very first self-designed Battle Mecha that had

been manufactured by a player. This proved that other than having an

appearance similar to that of the [Beast], this custom-made Battle Mecha had

already been equipped with a close-combat capability similar to those of

private Battle Mechas.

It was truly an arduous task farming for the parts of a custom-made Battle

Mecha, causing the majority to choose those Battle Mechas that did not have

such great requirements for parts. Moreover, if one was not careful when

modifying the mecha and made a mistake, all their hard-earned parts and the

entire Battle Mecha would become scrapped.

This [Beast] in front of their eyes bespoke of two problems. The first had been

that the SM01314 had truly stolen too many parts, allowing him to be able to

build his very own Battle Mecha. The second issue would be that this wretched

chap was absolutely a great master in modifying Battle Mechas!

What would being a great master in modification of private Battle Mecha

represent in the world? It represented a top character who could make anyone

prostrate in admiration, and even when one begged him for help, one could

only hope for the best that he would be acknowledged!

The path of development was completely different for the private Battle

Mechas and the military Battle Mechas. Other than a unique group of mechas

who obtained special rights, no private Battle Mechas would dare to equip

energy weapons on it, thus these mechas could only depend solely on close


Being the state-of-the-art weaponry that could change the direction of a war,

Battle Mechas influenced too many aspects, and it was truly hard for anyone to

be able to masterfully grasp the theories behind them, much less to say

starting to exquisitely modify it. Usually, modifying a Battle Mecha would

require a huge group of people working together.

Everyone was by themselves on the net, and naturally, no such team had

formed. Furthermore, the system workshop for modification of a Battle Mecha

allowed for only one person to operate it. Regardless of whether it was a

mistake in the theoretical design or a mistake in the practical manufacture, the

consequences would be the same the entire Battle Mecha and all the parts

would become scrap and return back to the state of ET.

If that's the case, then this SM01314 could definitely be called a genius Battle

Mecha great master he had not only completed the modification all by

himself, but he had even modified the mecha into one that was not a private

Battle Mecha, into one that was originally a long-range military Battle Mecha

used in the past.

It was truly shocking to the extreme! Within the limitless space in the central

viewing gallery, there were many gamers who came from almost every single

nation in the cosmos. More than half of those present were part of the Anti-

SM Alliance, yet now, they felt that it was an honor for this modification great

master to steal their parts.

What kind of Battle Mecha would those parts have become if they remained in

their hands? Towards such a character, it would definitely be better to befriend

him than to become an enemy.

Still, once SM01314 inputted his name in the list of challengers, there were

more than a million other challengers appearing behind his name the next


This wretched gamer had truly offended too many people. Furthermore,

everyone would make their judgement about this [Beast]'s close-combat

capability after experiencing it.

Fatty delightfully looked at the list of names in front of him. The Battle Mecha

portrayed a strange and literate appearance as if he was picking out animals

from a list for himself. Finally, the dazzling list of names and brief

introductions made him lose his patience. Waving his hand randomly, he was

taken automatically by the system into a battlefield.


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