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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Natural Enemy

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

The entire combat planning department was buzzing with activity, though

Tian Xing Jian and Karl had become outsiders of the war and were extremely

free. To them, their most important daily work was inputting the required data

after verification into the computer, after which they would wait for the results

before bringing it to the other research units.

Thus, the majority of the time would be spent with Karl in Tian Xing Jian's

office as they idly chatted, boasting about themselves.

When speaking about live battles happening on the front lines, Karl, as

someone who did not have any actual experience on the front lines, would

naturally not have any right to speak; however, when it came to matters

regarding the situation of the nation, military affairs, or classical theoretical

examples of battles, Fatty could only listen to the other party.

’’The Tara River Military Campaign! Have you heard of the Tara River Military

Campaign? I doubt you have! This ground-based army battle is truly one of the

most classical campaigns.’’ Karl's big head shook back and forth, with hands

gesticulating and saliva flying.

The ignorant and inexperienced Tian Xing Jian could only honestly admit that

he had indeed never heard of this before.

’’I truly do not know how you got your way into the combat planning

department.’’ Karl had an expression of puzzlement before continuing, ’’For

you to not even have heard of the Tara River Military Campaign.’’ His heart

became shattered over his admiration for this idol.

Fatty waved his fist, signalling to the big-headed monster that if he did not

continue with the main topic, he would certainly be firmly suppressed.

Fatty had come from a background of training as a scout, spending long

periods of time being pressed onto the ground before being punched. This sort

of bitterness allowed Karl to discern what the other party was thinking from

his body expressions, thus he immediately continued, ’’The circumstances

during that military campaign is quite similar to the war we are currently

fighting. However, regardless of whether it is our military strength, our

equipment quality, our commanding techniques, or other aspects, we are still

inferior to those big nations like the Republic of Ryan and the Naga Federation

of ten years ago, much less to say the ultra-big nations.’’

Tian Xing Jian disapproved that statement, ’’Even if we cannot achieve that, do

you think Gyaca Woods, who have an economical strength half of ours, has

achieved it? As long as we chase them out, how formidable the other nations

are isn't our business!’’

Karl shouted, ’’War is an art! An art! Tara River Military Campaign is the most

classical example of the art of war. Furthermore, do you think that this is as

simple as just Gyaca Woods Empire waging war with us? You don't even know

the motivation behind why they had started this war!’’

Talking about war, Karl immediately entered this fanatical state that. If not for

his fear of Tian Xing Jian's fist, Karl's spittle would just fly all over Fatty's face.

Tian Xing Jian asked in bewilderment, ’’Other than resources, could there be

any other possible motivation?’’

Karl felt that this action of admiring and treating Fatty as his idol was one of

his life's greatest shame. This chap, other than being quite formidable in his

deduction skills, did not have any knowledge on other subjects. Seeing how

Fatty had exerted a large amount of strength into his fist to calm himself

down, he started to teach Fatty about this topic. ’’Right now, you should

understand the history of these nations, right?’’

Tian Xing Jian nodded. ’’Mn, I've learned about them when I was learning

about the history of the human race's outer-space exploration.’’

Seeing that he himself did not have to teach Fatty right from the start, Karl let

out a breath of relief. ’’Several thousand years ago when the federal union on

Earth started breaking up into different groups to snatch the capital resources,

most of these resources had been used up. The discoveries made by the ultrabig

nations were all either without any development potential, or those nations

did not have any human-migrated planets in the public starfields, thus

humankind has currently started turning into wolves locked up within a cage

and killing each other.’’

Tian Xing Jian laughed. ’’Even after talking about this for half a day, the reason

behind this is still for the sake of resources.’’

Karl shook his head. ’’It's different. The struggle between the Alliance of Fei

and the West Faction is becoming more and more intense. Our war with the

Gyaca Woods Empire is merely a microcosm of what is happening within the

entirety of the human society.’’

(The military alliance that was headed by the Republic of Feuillants is known

as the Alliance of Fei)

(The countries that signed the military agreement at Weston, Binater Empire is

known as the West Faction)

Tian Xing Jian nodded. ’’I know about this, though in these few hundred years,

no nations had actually been wiped out even after they fought numerous


Karl sighed. ’’Even if there were no such cases happening in the past, it doesn't

mean that it might not happen in the future. Since we are currently swept into

this maelstrom, nobody could really escape from it. Right now, the highest

level human alliance legislative assembly has lost its meaning despite the

existence of the name. If two ultra-big nations started fighting, I'm afraid that

the true Great Cosmos War would begin. Right now, the Gyaca Woods Empire is

merely undergoing a pact related to the West Faction by destroying marginal

nations as a part of the plan for a united attack against the main enemy.’’

Tian Xing Jian fell silent. Leray Federation was merely a small to middle-sized

nation, occupying just three starfields, one of which was occupied by others

when fighting against a nation governed by a military dictatorship regime. If

the true Great Cosmos War fully begins, then under the participations of the

other nations, the Federation would not have much hope of surviving.

As for the exploration of the external world beyond the known cosmos, under

the highest human alliance legislative alliance's lead, it had been happening

for more than a thousand years already.

This thousand years were truly the thousand years which the human world

had developed the fastest, yet with the increasing population and the

advancement of technology, no resources could be found and dug out any


The conflicting views and friction had finally started appearing within several

ultra-big nations with depleting resources. Just like drinking poison to quench

one's thirst, an armament race started, as those nations were afraid of being

eaten by others and also wanted to eat up others. These hungry wolves stood in

confrontation against each other, spending large portions of those resources

on the military.

This was truly tragic for humankind.

During the past hundred years, under the conspiracy and instigation by those

ultra-big nations, several medium to big-sized nations were constantly kept

in a situation of war, with the regions engulfed by the fire of war becoming

larger and larger. Right now, even the boundary nations like Gyaca Woods

Empire and the Leray Federation, these two small to medium-sized nations,

had been swept into the storm. What Karl said was right this war was merely

a microcosm of what was happening in the entire human society.

’’In such a situation, for the Federation to earn her rights of survival is truly a

difficult thing to do. This is a mad world.’’ Karl's line of thinking had a jump as

he changed the topic. ’’The experience the Federation has in fighting wars is

too little. Other than economics, equipment preparation, and technology, a war

requires an outstanding commanding officer in order to decide the final

outcome between two evenly matched nations. It's a pity that the Federation

doesn't even have one who could be ranked as one of the top international


Unknown when he had pulled out a picture book, Karl flipped it open and

pointed to the pictures within the book. ’’Look at it. These are the most

outstanding military experts in the entire human society.’’ Sighing, he added,

’’Today, amongst all the admirals serving in the Leray Federation, there isn't a

single one entering this collection of military experts, and yet, there is one in

the ground army of our opponent, the Gyaca Woods Empire.’’

Using his hand to flip through several pages quickly, Karl pointed to a middleaged

officer who was approximately 40 years of age and looked quite thin.

’’Right, it's this person. Russell, an admiral [1] of the Gyaca Woods Empire. I've

heard that the invasion plan of Gyaca Woods Empire was formulated by him


Tian Xing Jian carefully looked at this slim male who had an ordinary look. On

the picture, he was wearing the Gyaca Woods Empire's admiral uniform with a

calm look. The more he stared at it, the more Fatty felt that this person was

mysteriously related to him and was either a natural friend or a natural enemy

one that would light up a mysterious feeling of either becoming enemies on

a narrow road or friends who would meet again after a long separation.

Shaking his head, Fatty could not help but laugh as this sort of person was the

opponent of the Supreme Headquarters' Admiral Sergei Eisenstein, and not an

opponent of him, who was merely someone with a background of being a

Battle Mecha engineer and an impulsive staff officer. Becoming friends with

this sort of enemy was much more impossible.

[1] The reason why I've used Admiral instead of General is because most of the

top generals in the nations are fighting in interstellar, intergalactic wars. They

are both of the same ranks however.


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