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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: This Plan is Rubbish

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

There were two reasons for such a commotion. The first reason was because the most wretched

and despicable, undefeatable deity, SM01314, had appeared on the net once again. The viewing

platforms were always filled with people watching the battles of SM01314.

This time when he appeared, this wretched and mysterious character became even more valiant

when compared to the past, especially his close-combat techniques; its close-combat

techniques became even more strange and even more despicable to the extent that even the

people who wrote the 《72 methods of love》 would be ashamed to their death.

The second reason was because the standard version of the online war simulation would be

released to all human societies in every nation. In other words, every single expert in the entire

cosmos could fight within this one game.

The multinational business with the headquarters situated in the Federation You Li

Technology Corporation bought the standard version of the simulation as a form of business.

This corporation was renowned in the field of private Battle Mecha manufacturing currently

ranked 33rd internationally as a corporation. This time, by borrowing their superior business

advantage, they were able to obtain the business rights from the Federation government, which

may very well allow them to rise to be one of the top 20 international corporations.

The Ministry of Finance predicted that a year later, by leveraging on this game, the Leray

Federation would be able to obtain billions in revenue, which would be a heart-strengthening

shot to this nation that was currently embroiled in war.

The standard version and the version used by the Leray Federation's military were completely

different, as the military had removed all military secrets and data from the standard version.

You Li Corporation organized over thirty different groups to redesign the fundamental

platform of the online war simulation with the private Battle Mechas as the core, thus allowing

for an international online war simulation game called 《Omnipresent Fire of War》to be


The arrival of 《Omnipresent Fire of War》 had shook all human societies. Those giant

corporations understood that there was no way they could obtain the business rights, as the

Leray Federation would never sell it to an international corporation that resided outside their

own nation. After all, it would be better for them to keep the sensitive data to themselves.

However, the enormous opportunity that followed attracted all these giant corporations over to

the Leray Federation as they became embroiled in a competition to acquire the rights to

advertise the game in order to secure a portion of the profits.

Within a single night, every single human society in the entire cosmos had a red 《Omnipresent

Fire of War》 advertisement flag placed in the richest streets within the city. This newly

released virtual game entered the huge market in the world with an overwhelming start.

Within the entire human history, this simulation gave the most realistic experience and

allowed for the greatest amount of freedom Other than certain important objects, the main

focus of this game was on interactivity, with the possibility of transposing any object in reality

into the game. Inter-Battle Mechas, inter-battleships, or international war could happen with

such realism that it would frighten anyone.

The countdown to the official start of the game had begun. Amongst the people who were

looking forward to it, one of the most excited people was none other than Tian Xing Jian.

The research laboratory was the most crucial research organization behind this online war

simulation platform. All the researchers involved in this project had been given a large reward,

thus as the person who had the second highest authority in the research, it would be simple for

Fatty to acquire the highest grade game cabin under the name of the research lab. You Li

Corporation had almost dragged the game cabin over to his room at the moment it was


The close-combat battles between Battle Mechas had long given Tian Xing Jian a deep

impression. Most certainly, it could be predicted that in the future, all surface battles would be

conquered by close-combat mechas.

During battles, after losing the advantage of firing cannons from a distance, whoever's closecombat

strength was stronger would be victorious. Since that's the case, those private Battle

Mechas that specialized in close-combat with energy weapons which had its manufacturing

process kept a secret would become the most dazzling mechas during battles.

Who did not understand this point? This was also one of the reasons why the 《Omnipresent

Fire of War》 could become so popular. When the time comes, there would be countless military

cadets and soldiers jumping into this virtual reality simulated world, gaining combat

experiences in the battles against soldiers all around the world.

The Leray Federation's hidden agenda was actually very simple. Wasn't Gyaca Woods Empire a

nation embroiled in long periods of war? Don't they have this Myth Legion that had never left

the battlefield for hundreds of years?

Since your combat experiences are so rich, then we'll let them becoming even richer. However,

as our level of combat isn't as high, with enough experience, it'll increase even faster. Once

everyone's combat experiences reach the point of saturation, this advantage you have would no

longer be that obvious anymore.

Tian Xing Jian had almost counted down the days before the official start of 《Omnipresent Fire

of War》.

The moment there was an expectation within his heart, the passing days became even longer.

Tian Xing Jian spent his time in the office in boredom, gazing at the countless new data on the

computer screen. All of a sudden, the door was kicked open by someone.

Fatty, with his wandering thoughts, was startled by the action. With a conditioned reflex, he

jumped around and looked at the door, only to see a lieutenant colonel rushing in furiously

followed by a group of staff officers behind him..

That lieutenant colonel threw the documents in his hand onto the table beside Tian Xing Jian,

shouting out angrily, ’’Look at what you have calculated!’’

Tian Xing Jian felt bewildered. Giving the document a look, he realized that this was one of the

three defense plans sent over by the 2nd Research Unit. After calculating using various bits of

information to obtain a deduction outcome, only one of the three plans had a possibility of

happening in reality. This plan which the lieutenant colonel had brought over was one of the

rubbish plans.

Tian Xing Jian flipped over here and there and could not see where he had made any mistakes.

He started feeling resentful, thinking that it might just be this group of people coming over to

bully him. Deliberately scratching his head in bewilderment, he asked the lieutenant colonel,

’’This was indeed calculated by me. That's right, I remember this rubbish plan. Who made it?’’

In his heart, he was thinking, ’’Are you kidding? If this father brings out his medal, even the

general would have to salute me first after seeing me. You guys are merely just some green

peas, so why do you think you are as big as a watermelon ?’’ This chap's innate gangster

temperament of bullying the weak surged again. As long as the person was someone whom he

could bully, he would never let go for a single moment, especially in a situation when someone

had provoked him first.

The wretched person put on an honest and considerate expression as if that plan was truly

rubbish and he had merely been speaking the truth.

The lieutenant colonel was so angry that he began seeing stars as the staff officers behind him

went into an uproar. A major jumped out before pulling on the nose of Tian Xing Jian, scolding

him, ’’Who do you think you are? To dare say that this plan done by our Lieutenant Colonel Ke

Lun is rubbish!’’

This was the first time the 6th Research Unit became so lively. People from the other research

unit on the same floor came running over as well, filling up the office of Tian Xing Jian to the

point that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

Fatty maintained his same old honest and considerate expression as he stammered, ’’This lousy

piece of plan is really rubbish. I am not making up the facts.’’

Lieutenant Colonel Ke Lun's seven orifices were now releasing smoke [1]. This silly-looking

Fatty had not only refused to admit his mistake in front of so many people but had actually

even aggravated the situation and insisted that the plan he made was rubbish.

In rage, he grabbed Tian Xing Jian's collar and shouted, ’’If you dare, say it again.’’

Tian Xing Jian nodded miserably before honestly saying, ’’Alright, this plan is originally

rubbish. I did not randomly spout some nonsense.’’

Several staff officers who came for a show could no longer hold onto their laughter. This silly

fatty was truly a damn top grade treasure.

Under the influence of rage, Ke Lun threw out a punch. However, unbeknownst to him, he did

not know when the silly-looking fatty lieutenant had grabbed hold of his first, squeezing it to

the extent that he was feeling pain, and worse yet, he could not pull back his first it was as if

his first was cast in steel..

Fatty's expression changed as he sneered, ’’Why? Can't hold onto your anger any longer? I'm

merely saying your plan is rubbish, and yet you already want to use force and hit someone.’’

Exerting force with his hand, he pushed the arm of Ke Lun down, causing Ke Lun to move his

body uncontrollably in reaction to the pain before propping his elbow on top of the table to

support his body.

[1] Very angry


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