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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: The Distance between a First Lieutenant and a Lieutenant General

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Joseph watched as his own son slapped himself to the extent that his cheeks became red and

swollen. Deep in his heart, he knew that his son was not that mischievous and had really

worshipped heroes since he was young. The lesson he learned this time might even be greater

for his son than he himself. Stomping once as he let out a sigh, Joseph turned around.

So, the important guests the Si Mai Restaurant had invited today was the group of soldiers that

had returned on the Jialipalan transit flights. Lieutenant General Mickey was the emissary sent

by the Supreme Headquarters to welcome this group of soldiers. Before this event, there had

been certain public sentiments in the Central Starfield condemning the Si Mai Restaurant for

continuing to serve only the noblemen and officers even after the general mobilization of the

entire population of the nation.

For the sake of resolving this issue and improving Si Mai Restaurant's image, Joseph had tried

his best to secure this opportunity of inviting the heroes of the Federation to his restaurant. But

who would have thought that it would lead to such a situation? If news regarding this was

released the next day, Si Mai Restaurant would be everyone's target. Currently, Joseph felt truly

disheartened. Maybe after tonight, the cumulation of his blood and sweat through his entire life

would become a wasted effort.

Before he finally understood the reasons and consequences of the events that had transpired,

Lieutenant General Micky heard a report regarding the incident given by Peter, Tian Xing Jian,

and Milan. Giving Milan a glare and a strange look to this legendary fatty who asked his

daughter out, Mickey called his guards over before ordering, ’’This is related to a national secret.

Immediately confiscate all the cameras from the journalists. Anyone who leaks information

regarding what had happened will be sent to martial court.’’ The guards acknowledged the

orders and left immediately. Before they left, Mickey added, ’’Wait a moment. Tell Mr. Joseph to

re-organize the entire banquet and organize it so that the journalists and guests can have a

meal with the heroes of the Federation.’’

The guards went and carried out their orders. Tian Xing Jian could only feel that this person

was truly experienced. No wonder he was a lieutenant general, while he was only a first

lieutenant. Clearly, Lieutenant General Mickey was doing this to protect the heroes of the

Federation. With just a few words, he settled this troublesome, blown-up issue with a resolute

decision that used both soft and hard methods. Even in this restaurant, one could feel the aura

of resoluteness from his firm and quick decision that was akin to the aura of a general on the


Joseph heard the solution proposed by Lieutenant General Mickey and had almost knelt down

there and then. This method of resolving the issue had not only protected the entire Si Mai

Restaurant, it had also protected its reputation.

The journalists who had been hiding their identity as guests to enter the restaurant were the

ones who felt the most unwilling in this situation, as their headline news disappeared as a

result of such a solution. They then simultaneously created a disturbance, with several rushing

out of the entrance of the restaurant while protecting their cameras. However, in just two steps,

they had been seized by the soldiers. Finally, everyone could see the rifles in the hands of the

guards and realized there and then that they were in times of war. They understood that the

soldiers would not hesitate nor apologize for their actions.

In contrast, the guests were much happier with the arrangement. They had only come for a

meal, and yet they were able to see the rumored vice company commander and his fierceness

when he was wrestling. Truly awesome! The only regret they had was that such a miraculous

encounter could not be shared with anyone else and could only remain in their stomach.

Damn, wasn't this asking for their lives? Even the Emperor of the Eight divinatory Trigrams of

the Book of Changes would feel depressed at this happening.

Inviting everyone in the restaurant into the big hall, Lieutenant General Mickey announced that

what had happened was merely a misunderstanding and their actions were done for the sake of

protecting the Federation heroes. Joseph had also announced the restart of the banquet with all

guests being able to enjoy it free of charge and the guests and journalists would similarly have

the opportunity to interact with the heroes of the Federation.

This news caused all the guests and even the journalists to be excited. Even if they could not

share the matters of today, they could still interview the other heroes. How hard would such an

opportunity come?

The banquet started once again with Si Mai Restaurant giving their all in preparing a buffet.

Music, dance, and a sumptuous meal were all provided.

Standing together as they whispered to each other, these three beauties, Mei Duo, Milan, and Ni

Ya, became the most beautiful scene within the entire big hall.

Fatty peacefully went to the center amongst the women. Previously, these two silly women had

shouted out against a lieutenant general just for his sake. To repay them for what they did for

him, Fatty had decided to gift his body to them.

A woman's heart was truly hard to understand. Ignoring Fatty, Ni Ya pulled Milan's hand and

walked off. Giggling while pointing here and there, she pulled Milan with her like how the

butterflies flutter. Hmph, was it not the case that you were on a date? Right now, let's see how

you would carry on with your date when your date is pulled away!

Mei Duo had a docile personality. Looking downwards with a blush, she let herself be led by

Fatty on one hand, while she pinched the soft flesh on Fatty's waist with the other. Mumbling

like a broken record, she kept saying, ’’Who told you to date someone... Who told you to date


The people present in the scene saw how the wretched fatty was ingratiating himself with

pulling a woman as he chased after the other two women here and there. They could not help

but feel astonished. As someone who would save large groups of people, he was similarly

picking up girls in groups too this was what we called a true hero!

Especially for people like Mills, they truly admired him. The three most beautiful women in the

entire restaurant had an ambiguous expression towards Fatty. The unique feelings that came

from them could only be seen on a female soldier. Moved from watching this scene, many

looked at their own girlfriend, realizing that they felt more like a maid than a girlfriend. That

was the gap which they were thoroughly convinced of.

Lieutenant General Mickey felt his head getting bigger and bigger as he saw his own daughter

being pulled and flouted around the big hall by Ni Ya. As Milan turned, she would always give

the fatty, who was chasing behind, a limpid look.

When had Lieutenant General Mickey ever seen his daughter behaving like this? One had to

know that Milan would usually even bully her father at home. What was truly infuriating was

that the land-based army first lieutenant fatty that wore a gray and dull uniform had even

chased after them while pulling a shy, little female doctor with him.

Truly infuriating! The lieutenant general found an opportunity, and just like an arrow, he

cornered that fatty, who had long destroyed all expectations of how a Federation soldier should

behave, and brought him out to the garden.

’’Are you chasing my daughter?’’ in the garden, Lieutenant General Mickey directly asked.

’’I am not... I am chasing after another person.’’ Fatty did not think that the lieutenant general

would pull him out for this reason. For a moment, he was trying to form a coherent speech

while lively using gestures.

Lieutenant General Mickey was so angry that smoke started spouting from his seven orifices.

This wretched fatty had even explained in such a way that it seemed to imply that he was just

being a busy body and causing him to lose his face.

’’What a load of fart! I have seen with my own eyes what happened and you still dare to lie! Not

only did you not retreat, but you even chased after her for a few rounds!’’ Lieutenant General

Mickey's killing words were resolute and decisive. He had to accuse this fatty until he dies!

Fatty was stunned. This father of Milan had looked really fierce. He behaved in a manner as if

everything he said would be it and everything else would not be it; every one of the words

spoken out by Fatty would be immediately and completely refuted by him.

’’Then... if that's the case, since you say I am chasing after her, then indeed, that's the case,’’

Fatty stammered with an expression of terror.

Mickey, seeing this land-based first lieutenant acting as such, did not know whether to laugh or

cry. Suddenly, his anger dissipated. Before he would be able to clear all doubts with this chap,

he himself would have long been angered to the point of death.


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