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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: We Will Pay the Price Together

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

In the end, the two who paid the price were the two commando retiree bodyguards. One had to

know that the champion of freestyle unarmed combat in the special scouts battalion was

Ballack, and even he was knocked out from a single kick by Fatty, who had trained for several

months in the gravity room.

If competing in speed, Tian Xing Jian had a pair of innately fast hands. If competing in

strength, Tian Xing Jian had trained in the gravity room, allowing for his strikes to be

extremely heavy. Both his hands and his legs were just like four hammers, mighty and fierce.

As the two bodyguards came closer, like lightning, Tian Xing Jian quickly moved up to them, as

if he was a lion pouncing on his prey. The bodyguard had only seen a flash of figure before he

was immediately forced to use his hands to parry the attack. With a ’’Ka!’’, Tian Xing Jian's

lateral kick struck on the arms of the bodyguard, causing him to retreat a few steps and

remaining in that spot whilst barely being able to stay standing. With a pale face, he checked

his own arms, as he could feel the bones in his arm had fractured from the kick of Tian Xing


With an extremely fast speed, Tian Xing Jian dodged the sneaky kick from the second

bodyguard that came from below him. Grabbing onto the bodyguard's ankle with his right

hand, he exerted all of his strength and struck at his abdomen with his elbow, much like a strike

from a hammer. This bodyguard curled up from the attack and fell onto the floor; he was in so

much pain that sweat started forming on his forehead.

Tian Xing Jian slapped his hands a few time before looking at Joseph with a smile. ’’If you want

to throw me out, I'm afraid you might have to find several other people.’’

Joseph's expression turned ashen. He had not thought that his two bodyguards would not be

able to deal with this fatty's attacks. Right when he was feeling anxious and angry, he suddenly

saw a Federation lieutenant general walking towards him.

Joseph bitterly gave him a smile, saying, ’’General Mi, I am truly sorry, but as you can see...’’

That lieutenant general waved his hand to stop Joseph from continuing. Walking towards Tian

Xing Jian, he snorted at him, ’’Such a brilliant land-based army first lieutenant! You have truly

destroyed the reputation of soldiers of the Federation!’’

Seeing that general, Tian Xing Jian was immediately stumped. He was not afraid of anyone else,

but the person in front of him was a general. Even if he had greater capabilities, he would still

have to succumb to this natural enemy of his!

He had met a true opponent now while he was bullying others, making him curse his luck. Fatty

was about to try and explain what had happened when that lieutenant general just ignored him

and signaled for the military guards to escort Tian Xing Jian away. He ordered, ’’Lock him up

first. After today, send him to the military police for further investigations and strict


At this moment, two female soldiers immediately came up to Tian Xing Jian and stood in front

of him. They said in unity, ’’Who dares!?’’

Tian Xing Jian felt dizzy. The two female soldiers who dared to shout back at the lieutenant

general were none other than Mei Duo and Ni Ya.

Thereafter, more and more figures came pushing their way through the crowd and gave Tian

Xing Jian a salute before standing in front of him. These were the Federation soldiers who had

previously been rescued from the concentration camp. The person in front of him was none

other than the hero of the Federation discussed in the hottest news, the one who had rescued a

total of 270 soldiers.

Colonel Peter walked out from the crowd and rushed towards Fatty to give him a salute before

turning towards the lieutenant general and saying they would shoulder Fatty's mistakes.

Seeing such a scene, the crowd started stirring from what had just happened. Several

journalists who entered the restaurant as guests knew with their acute senses that this was a

serious bomb on the news.

Under the flashes of light, the crowd remained silent.

Astonishment, confusion, indignance, and disbelief were shown on the faces of the lieutenant

general and Joseph.

The lieutenant general knew that this matter was no longer that simple. These Federation

soldiers, who had become famous, would certainly not take such an action for an unknown first

lieutenant who was causing a disturbance in the restaurant. He laughed bitterly in his heart. If

only he had listened to the explanations given by the fatty or if those two hot-headed female

soldiers did not rush out, this matter would not have been blown up to such an extent.

Suddenly, looking at the person behind that soldier, the lieutenant general saw a person

sticking her head out and looking around. This person's actions were making him wonder if he

should laugh or not. ’’Come out, Milan!’’

At that moment, Milan, who had always been hiding behind Tian Xing Jian, immediately hid

herself even further behind the back of Fatty. The warm and firm yet soft chest sticking on the

back of Fatty made the point of contact feel numb, feeling as if his spirit was ascending to


Who would have thought that after she extended her head out of curiosity to see what was

happening, she would be discovered. Hearing the voice of the lieutenant general, Milan knew

that she could not hide any longer. Walking out shyly, she said, ’’Father.’’

The moment Mills and his group of friends heard how Milan addressed the lieutenant general,

they almost fainted. They knew that this time, they had created a huge problem. A first

lieutenant had actually caused all the Federation heroes to step forward and share the

punishment, and that beautiful woman who was scolded as trash by Mills was actually the

daughter of the lieutenant general.

Milan's father, Federation Lieutenant General Mickey, pointed at Tian Xing Jian and Colonel

Peter before commanding, ’’Follow me. You all deserve to give me an explanation.’’ Saying that,

he led Milan towards an empty corner of the restaurant.

Tian Xing Jian gratefully looked towards Peter and all the comrades who shared battles of life

and deaths with him, softly saying, ’’Thank you, everyone.’’

Colonel Peter smiled. ’’We are honored to do something for you. Even if we are made

scapegoats, without you, we would not be here.’’

HIs voice might not have been loud, but it was enough for the journalists, who had been

extending their ears out, to hear clearly, learning what they had said. Their minds worked truly

fast as they knew that the mysterious company commander was none other than the first

lieutenant in front of them.

Peter's voice was loud and clear within the quiet restaurant, ’’Receiving the punishment with

you is our decision. From the moment we saw you, we are already brothers who live and die


Including Joseph, Mills and his group of friends, and the large number of guests and journalists

within the restaurant, they could see how this land-based army first lieutenant's eyes were

filled with reverence, admiration, and adoration.

If those prisoners-of-war who had been saved had become heroes, then what about the person

who relied on his own strength to bring the group of captives out of their predicament while

making an important deduction? This special scouts vice company commander should be the

hero amongst all heroes!

How could such a hero jeer at his own comrades whom he shared life and death with? How

could he create trouble for no reasons at all?

Seeing Tian Xing Jian and Peter walk towards the lieutenant general, the crowd began

discussing. The more Joseph thought about what just happened, the more he became angrier.

Slapping Mills, he said as his entire body trembled, ’’You child! See what have you created? This

father is going to beat you to death!’’

Without waiting for Joseph to beat him, Mills slapped himself before saying softly, ’’Father, it's

my fault. I'm sorry.’’

Although Mills had a sloppy and reckless character and would occasionally bully others, he was

still a relatively staunch Federation teenager. At his age, he would especially worship heroes in

his mind. Today, he came here especially for those Federation heroes who had escaped

successfully from the enemy's rear lines after running a thousand miles while battling on the

bloodied battlefield.

But who would have thought that he had eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai [1]? The

biggest hero was standing in front of him, yet he had offended him with his tiny heart.

Thinking about that, he began feeling ashamed and immediately slapped himself a few more

times. He truly felt guilty.

[1] Lol. If you don't recognize this, then I dunno what to say.


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