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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Who Still Dares to Come?

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Hearing his words, Milan felt happy and found what Fatty was doing to be hilarious, thus giving

him a pinch.

Mills coldly said, ’’You don't want your reputation even after I gave you a chance? Do you believe

when I say that if you listen obediently, you can leave peacefully, but if you don't, you'll have to

crawl out of here?’’

If it was in the past, Fatty, who had never fought before, would definitely endure it, but right

now, even though Fatty was still afraid of dying, he was not afraid of finding trouble! Having

been on the battlefield with blood raining down, this brat in front of him was entirely harmless.

Furthermore, with how he dared to bully the ’’weak’’, even the clay man had a limit to his anger

[1]. Fatty immediately simply shook his head ’’I don't believe!’’

The sounds of the argument had long alerted the manager of the restaurant. The moment that

middle-aged person saw their family's young master arguing with someone else, he couldn't

help but secretly whine. Today, the guests they had invited were extremely important, yet this

young master with a donkey temperament one who would not retreat regardless of the

situation was here arguing with someone. Thinking of ways to pacify them so as to not alert

those guests within, he had to use that first lieutenant as a scapegoat.

At this moment, even without having Mills to ask him over, the manager immediately came

rushing fiercely towards them before ordering Tian Xing Jian, ’’I am the manager of this

restaurant. May I request for this sir and your partner to leave right away!?’’

Seeing the manager chasing him off without understanding the situation, Fatty became even

more furious as he shouted out, ’’Letting out your mother's fart! This father will stay here today


The moment he was enraged, Fatty would feel his body tremble from the secretion of

adrenaline. This was a small psychological sickness he has had ever since he was young. He

truly did not know whether it was from fear or excitement.

Mills, seeing how the fatty first lieutenant was trembling, thought that he was afraid. Laughing

loudly and uncontrollably, he ridiculed him, ’’Since your mouth is so hard, then you shouldn't be

so afraid. What I am seeing is as if your body is trembling after getting struck by lightning.’’

Turning towards the manager, he said, ’’Ask someone to throw these two trash out!’’

Hearing Tian Xing Jian's voice becoming louder, the manager was full of sweat. Even though

the glass wall in the middle could isolate voices, once the matter became blown up, it could no

longer be hidden. He knew there was no benefits in arguing back, so hearing the orders given by

Mills, he immediately signaled for the security guards, who were glaring like a tiger by the side,

to chase them off.

Tian Xing Jian tried to control his rage. Using his body to protect Milan, he coldly said, ’’I

encourage you not to do such silly things. If I'm truly angered, then don't blame me for going

crazy!’’ This chap had been humiliated continuously by others and was reaching the tipping

point before his personality splits.

How could those security guards care about his threat? A dozen husky fellows flocked forward.

There were two who came first to try and grab Tian Xing Jian to escort him out. This job was

something they had plenty of experiences with, and they knew they had to solve it as fast as

possible to prevent it from affecting the other customers.

But, how could they ever match the might of an angered soldier from the special forces? Fatty

let out a back-hand slap, lashing on the face of the first security guard who came onto him.

That guard was just like a broken sandbag as he fell onto the floor with a ’’Dong!’’, puking fresh

blood onto the floor.

Afterwards, with a turning whip-kick, the second guard's body was hit, causing him to fly out

and stop only after colliding with a few tables. He curled up his body as he laid on the ground

without releasing a single moan.

As quick as lightning, two moves had happened within a split second. Everyone was stunned.

The security guards charging up behind the two were frightened to the point of losing their

souls. The security guard at the front immediately stopped, causing the ones behind to clamber

up together with the front like a bottle gourd. One had to know that the two rushing at the front

were their most physically fit vice team leaders, who that first lieutenant had settled within just

a single second. How could there be anyone left standing if the rest charged forward as well?

One unlucky fellow was pushed from the back, causing him to receive a punch on his nose by

Tian Xing Jian. His face was akin to the opening of a peace blossom, his mind was full of

resounding chimes, and he held onto his face with flowing tears.

Fatty fiercely shouted, ’’Who still dares to come forward?’’

He was genuinely showing his combat strength right now! For a long period of time, nobody

dared to answer him.

That group of teenagers and the manager were frightened and felt anxious in their hearts as

they kept quiet out of fear. Mills' girlfriend was turning pale as she hid behind Mills, trembling

from the fear in her heart. They knew that they had truly angered a monster which should not

have been touched.

All the attention of the people within the small hall went over to them. They had only one word

to describe Fatty's action stunning! When this land-based army first lieutenant was angered,

it felt akin to a raging Tyrannosaurus! His movements were full of murderous spirit, and with

just a single move, the two best security guards were beaten to the point of not knowing

whether they were alive or dead.

That slap on the face and that kick were so heavy that they felt frightened from them. Hearing

the sound of impact when it hit those two security guards, everyone could feel the tremor in

their hearts. Such terrifying speed and power could not be easily defended from. With just a

slight imagination of putting themselves in the two security guards' shoes, everyone could feel

the cold wind moving through their back.

This was also Milan's first time seeing Fatty becoming angered. She did not know that this

harmless and gentle chap could actually be so powerful. Usually, he would put on a face that

showed him as being nonchalant when bullied, but when he was angered, nobody would truly

dare to look him in the eyes. Was this fatty truly the person whom she could casually bully at

anytime? That line of thought led her to think of when Tian Xing Jian had slapped her butt,

causing her face to blush once again as her ears started to feel warm.

Using her hands to cover up her warm face in an attempt to cool herself down, Milan felt

perfectly content standing behind Tian Xing Jian. That broad back of his was akin to a thick

wall; it was sturdy and safe.

At this moment, a male of over 50 years came squeezing his way through the crowd in anxiety

and anger as he asked the crowd, ’’Who dares to create trouble here?’’ Looking at that manager,

he grabbed hold of his collar and shouted, ’’What are you doing? Do you not know there are

guests today?’’

Before he even finished speaking, this person looked towards Mills, who was standing by the

side. Without waiting for the manager to reply, he sent a slap towards Mills, scolding him, ’’You

bastard! I told you to stay at home, and you dare to come here and make a mess of things!?’’

Without questioning, this person was most likely the boss of Si Mai Restaurant, Millis' father.

Even though Mills had endured a slap, he felt happy at the sight of his saving star. With a face

of grievance, he immediately recounted the incident while embellishing the details. Tian Xing

Jian and Milan had become two evil pieces of trash who were jeering at the heroes, and he

himself had become a teenager who fought for justice.

Knowing the morality and conduct of his own son, how could this father of Mills not know what

his son was thinking? ’’I'll settle this with you when I come home!’’ Turning towards the

manager, he asked, ’’Is what Mills said the truth?’’

How could the manager deny it? Furthermore, it seemed on the surface that such a matter had

happened. Looking downwards like a clove of garlic, he replied, ’’That's right, Mr. Joseph.’’

Joseph turned towards Tian Xing Jian and coldly said, ’’Are you planning to get out by yourself,

or should I ask someone to pull you out?’’

Go f*** your mother! Tian Xing Jian was angered to the point of laughing at how ironic the

saying like father, like son was. He shrugged, ’’I don't really feel like walking out by myself.

Go ask someone to throw me out.’’

Joseph had not truly seen how tyrannical this land-based army first lieutenant was. One had to

know that usually the people he had dealings with were generals ,and even so, there had never

been such a rude person.

Joseph gave a look at the two bodyguards by his side, deciding that he would give this loathable

first lieutenant a lesson. His bodyguards were both commando retirees and not someone those

security guards could match with.

This damn fatty would have to pay the price for angering him.

[1] Think the meaning behind is that a clay man, who seems to be a passive and weak thing, will

become 'angry' if the limit is reached.


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