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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 43


Chapter 43: I Will Not Leave

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

At this moment, broadcasted on the virtual display screen of the restaurant was the grand

ceremony held for the rescued soldiers in Cato City. At the moment the broadcast showed the

descent of the transport ships, a journalist on the scene looked at the camera and said

excitingly, ’’Look! The transport ships filled with the heroes of the Federation have safely

descended. This is truly a moment that makes one excited! The Leray Federation is here to

welcome the heroic men and women.’’

The camera panned over towards the faces of those rescued soldiers, showing their feeling of

anxiety, their expectations, and their gratification. Uncontrollable tears began rolling down

their faces.

In the scene, Colonel Peter had even walked out of the transport ship with a slight stagger. The

audio system within the restaurant suddenly erupted with loud sounds of cheering, frightening

Fatty for a moment. When he looked up and saw what was happening on the virtual display

screen, he could not help but laugh. That time when he was seated in the transport ship, he had

even rejected Peter's invitation and had pushed him out.

At this moment when he saw the recorded scene, he had some unfathomable feeling as if time

had rewound in front of his eyes.

The camera turned over to a huge display screen beside the entrance of the ship, and on it were

huge words written for the introduction of Colonel Peter.

The welcoming party shouted out, ’’Peter! You are our hero!’’

The camera zoomed in onto Peter as his lips trembled so much that he could not speak; it was a

truly moving scene. Another colonel who wore the same uniform as Peter walked up to him and

gave him a big hug as he tried to hold back his tears.

Choking sounds of emotions could be heard by the side of the journalist as he said, ’’Welcoming

Colonel Peter is his best friend. They have been serving in the same unit for more than ten

years. He is a true comrade of Colonel Peter.’’

The hug between the two soldiers were truly resolute and fiery. When they separated, that

colonel took two steps back before giving a firm salute. His voice was extraordinary clear when

he said, ’’I have almost lost my best friend! The Federation had almost lost one of her most

outstanding soldiers. Colonel Peter, we welcome you back!’’

As the camera showed Peter returning the salute, tears finally started flowing down from his

eyes. He wiped it off as soon as possible, yet tears continued flowing as he wiped them

resolutely. He was trying to control his emotions as he continued to rub his eyes to the point of

a slight red soreness.

The camera continued recording the scenes faithfully, showing how the audience was crying in

pain. This was a true soldier, one who was willing to bleed but not cry. A true and resolute


The camera pulled in onto the welcoming Federation soldiers who were in a phalanx formation

as long trails of tears flowed down from their eyes. Despite the tears, they stood solemnly and

respectfully; akin to hundreds of strong pine trees, they were neat and dignified.

In front of the square-shaped formation was a row of strict generals, the youngest among

which already had white hair. The stars on their epaulets that signified their ranks of general

were sparkling, yet they stood there just like ordinary soldiers, in a proper military attention

posture without any movement at all.

Standing right at the forefront of the square formation was none other than the commanding

officer, General Bernadotte. Raising his chest upwards and tipping his head, he shouted,

’’Soldiers... Salute!’’

With a ’’Shua!’’, the formation saluted in such an orderly manner that it brought forth the might

and heroic feeling that represented the nation's power and emotions, causing others to tremble

in their hearts.

General Bernadotte's voice suddenly reverberated in the airport once the audience started

quieting down, ’’Colonel Peter! The Federation's soldiers are proud of you!’’

Tian Xing Jian watched Peter returning the gesture with solemn and respect as this soldier, who

had made great contributions for the group of escapees, shouted out two words in a trembling


’’Thank you!’’

Tian Xing Jian lowered his head. His eyes were kind of red, and he was truly happy that he could

bring them back.

The audio system from the restaurant broadcasted the sound of the journalist at the scene, ’’The

comrades of the hero are currently paying their respects to Peter. Seeing this group of soldiers,

we truly believe that the war will definitely end one day with a mighty victory for the Leray

Federation. With such loyal soldiers, nobody would be able to defeat us. With such fearless

soldiers like Colonel Peter, the Federation will definitely triumph!’’

Afterwards, soldier after soldier appeared on the screen as the welcoming ceremony continued

to be shown on the virtual display screen.

Milan looked towards Tian Xing Jian, asking him softly, ’’Where were you at that time?’’

Tian Xing Jian knew that this good friend of Ni Ya certainly knew of what he had done. Looking

up at the display screen, he laughed, ’’See that? I'm there!’’

The camera was currently showing an exit of the transport ship with a female soldier running

towards her loved ones. This female soldier embraced her parents, crying just like raindrops on

a pear blossom [1]. Many guests within the restaurants could not help but tear at this scene.

However, Milan had looked towards the area pointed by Fatty, laughing uncontrollably. At the

side of the transport ship, there was a figure running away sneakily.

The two were laughing at the screen when a voice came, ’’Stand up! Why are you two still sitting


Tian Xing Jian and Milan looked back in astonishment, only to realize that a group of males and

females of about their age had come to the side of their table. They did not know when this

group had come over.

Speaking with an arrogant expression was a nobleman who took extra care when selecting the

best clothes.

Seeing the two in a daze, the nobleman continued, ’’How could a trivial first lieutenant and a

woman lacking in sympathy who jeers at our heroes even be worth this seat? Get out! We don't

welcome people like you two!’’

That sentence was truly sharp. Milan could not help but refute, ’’Are you blind? Who is jeering at

who? What qualifications do you have to chase us away?’’

A beautiful miss, who wore the most fashionable clothing, held onto that nobleman's hand

before coldly saying, ’’Mills over here is the young master of this Si Mai Restaurant.’’

The moment she said that, the group of young teenagers sneered towards Fatty and Milan,

causing Mills became even more proud of himself.

So it turns out that Millis' father was currently entertaining some important guests. Millis had

originally wanted to participate in the event; however, as he was hot-tempered and has a

reckless behavior, he was grounded at home. But how could he just stay home and not do

anything? Thus, he invited a group of friends to the restaurant in search for a seat.

Who would have thought that the small hall was full, and even his usual seat was taken by some

important guests. Feeling that he would lose his reputation in front of his friends, Mills had

walked towards the table which he frequented the most, wanting to find out who exactly was

having their meal here. Who would have guessed that instead of finding some familiar-looking

officers or noble uncles and aunties, the people he had found were just a trivial army first

lieutenant and a woman. Right when he was feeling annoyed, he saw the two of them laughing

at the screen. Borrowing that as the reason, he started his plan to chase the two away.

Hearing that woman's words, Tian Xing Jian could not hold his anger as he taunted back, ’’The

young master of Si Mai Restaurant is a person of such character? Chasing the guests out?’’

That nobleman Mills said in despise, ’’Let's not talk about a first lieutenant, even if it's a

lieutenant colonel, if I want him to get lost, then he can only obediently listen to my orders.’’

Tian Xing Jian was truly angered this time. Placing his hands in front of his chest, he rubbed it

wretchedly and refuted in a provoking tone, ’’Ah ah, what if I don't want to go? Are you going to

bite me?’’

[1] Tear-stained face of a beauty


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