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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Emotions

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Ever since she was young, Milan had been the darling of the professors within the military

institute, thus bullying trash like the fatty within the research laboratory had been something

easy to her. She had been the master and he had been the slave. In reality, she had merely

wanted to play a joke on this damn fatty, who had disappeared without sending any news, but

who would have thought that this fatty was so afraid of death that he would immediately

explode in anger the moment someone shot at him, pushing her onto the floor before slapping

her butt?

Milan was stunned for a moment. Fatty's palm had landed on her sensitive spot, causing her to

feel embarrassed and indignant. A peculiar feeling erupted within her as she did not know what

to say. This was her very first time getting in physical contact with a male.

Fatty had just slapped a few times while riding on Milan's body before waking up from his

stupor. He shouted 'what bad luck' within his heart. Slapping her butt a few more times, he did

not wish to let her up, but it's not like he could sit on her body forever, right? It seemed that this

time, his reckless actions would bring dire consequences. He was in a dilemma as he fell in a

daze, only to start feeling the slender body under him becoming warmer and warmer as if she

was in ecstasy.

A couple of virgins touching each other had caused the atmosphere within the room to start

getting awkward.

Finally, Milan struggled for a moment before glaring at Tian Xing Jian with a blushed face,

shouting out, ’’Damn fatty, are you done? Are you not planning to stand up?’’ She had said

’’damn fatty’’ in a soft and gentle manner. Perhaps Milan could feel the weird emotions in her

words. She bit her lips before hiding her face within her arms as she remained there unmoving.

Fatty was truly at his wit's end. He immediately rolled off her body and started running the

moment he stood up. Just when he touched the door handle, he heard Milan's angry words,

’’Damn fatty, if you dare, then try and escape!’’ Fatty could only let out a string of complaints

before stopping. His body was visibly trembling as he wished that he could just die and

reincarnate as soon as possible.

As Milan stood up, she straightened her messy clothes with a flushed face. Using a finger, she

poked at Fatty's head before rolling her eyes and said, ’’You ingrate! You dare to bully a

woman... See how I'll fix you in the future. Follow me to meet teacher first.’’ Pulling Fatty's

hand, they went out of the room and headed towards Boswell's research lab. He did not know

exactly what Milan was thinking that caused her face to become so red and warm while her

tender and glistening ears were bright red. That small hand pulling Fatty was slightly

trembling. In the beginning, she was even trying her best to calm herself down under the eyes

of the other people, but slowly, she began to pick up the pace, so much so that she was almost

jogging the entire way through the main hall of the lab before rushing into Boswell's private

research lab.

The mad researcher, who was currently doing research, heard his door slam, causing him to

look up at his two students, who were acting weirdly, for a moment. He asked, ’’What have you

guys been doing? Why are your faces so red?’’ Tian Xing Jian was thoroughly driven to madness.

This old man always asked the question which he did not want to be asked. Milan was so

embarrassed that she stomped her feet, giving Fatty a fierce glare before running away.

Looking at her run away, the old man asked in bewilderment, ’’Fatty, was Milan bullying you?’’

Fatty truly wanted to say that it was he who had bullied Milan, but the few slaps that gave off a

supple feeling were still stuck in his mind. Such words that would spell his doom would not be

spoken out by him. He awkwardly laughed without giving an answer to that question.

The old man thought he guessed right and started to laugh. ’’Milan, this lass, has a good heart.

During those days where you were gone, I kept hearing her reminisce about you for more than a

hundred times. Even after leaving, you did not contact her, causing her to rush towards the

forward command department to ask for news about you. After that, when she heard the news

that the special forces had been attacked in the rear enemy lines, she fell into a trance. So, do

you think she has a good heart or not? Bullying you is your fortune. If it was another person,

she would never even have the thought of bullying him, so just let her have her way. Your skin

and flesh is quite thick after all.’’

This old man was truly unsophisticated. How could one encourage another person using such

words? Fatty cursed silently in disagreement. Even if his skin and flesh was thick, they were

still his flesh. That woman had actually used a rifle to attempt and hit him. How about you try

it, old man?

The old man stopped what he was doing before saying to Fatty, ’’Alright, tell me what you think

about your Battle Mecha. Are there any limitations?’’ For those researching in the lab, the

biggest question was the difference between the results within the labs and the results on an

actual battlefield.

In the past when they had manufactured several weapons on a large scale, they had obtained

quite a perfect set of data when they tested them within the research labs, yet when they had

been brought out to an actual combat field, the weapons were truly lacking. Thus, the old man

held great expectations for Fatty, who was the first person to test the biological double attribute

material used in the Battle Mecha,.

After all, Fatty had also stayed in the research lab for half a year, and this mecha was made by

himself. He had quite an enriching experience in combat too, so his opinions would surely be

the final opinion the old man could obtain on the experiment.

Taking out a data card which had copied the data from [Logic]'s computer, Fatty inserted it into

the reader device of a nearby computer. While doing it, he said, ’’The external armor meant for

imitation has many different useful functions; however, it's not strong enough. Fighting

against a true expert, this armor feels quite lacking. In terms of speed, I realized that two of the

Imperial Battle Mechas models have attained a speed comparable to [Logic]. This aspect should

be improved even further. After all, in close combat, speed is the most important deciding


The display screen started displaying the various data obtained from the mecha.

Fatty pointed out to the data regarding its defense as he said, ’’This set of data is those obtained

after [Logic] had been damaged. The energy shield and external armor used in conjunction with

the biological double attribute metal, which is six times harder than the current ultra-hard

alloy, will not be damaged in the least by ordinary, long-ranged attacks will not be damaged at

all by ordinary long-ranged attacks. However, from the data obtained, if the shot that directly

landed on the Battle Mecha was one level higher than ordinary energy cannons, then this

mecha could at most block five such attacks before the defense system is broken. Even though

most energy cannons equipped by the current Battle Mechas aren't that powerful in terms of

their firepower, we should not eliminate such possibilities in the future. At the very least, I have

discovered that the newest Battle Mecha of the Empire, [King Kong], has a cannon opening

much larger than most ordinary energy cannons. Also, the weapons used by the enemies during

close-combat battles are very formidable nowadays, especially the ion-blade used by the [King

Kong]. I estimate that this biological double attribute metal will be cut down if the attack from

ion-blade lands on the same location twice.’’

Boswell looked carefully and investigated the various data before nodding. ’’There is value in

analyzing them. Also, it's written that your group have hauled back a [King Kong]. Was it you

who did that?’’

Fatty nodded and laughed as he said, ’’That's right. However, this mecha was broken apart

during the fight, but the remaining parts have all been brought back. There should be value in

investigating them as well.’’

Boswell's strange temper started erupting again as he spoke monotonously, ’’I had thought that

after praising it so much, my biological double attribute metal was, aside from your deceptive

external simulation armor, worthless . But as it turns out, this metal had actually helped you

get rid of one of the enemy's high-level Battle Mechas.’’

Fatty understood that this old man's self-esteem had reached perverse levels. He hurriedly

smiled obsequiously and said, ’’How could you say it like that? The biological double attribute

metal that you researched could be said to be without rivals in the entire cosmos. It is merely

my skills that are lacking.’’

’’One should say that this Battle Mecha's strength is already number one in the world. This

Battle Mecha has already become obsolete several dozen years ago, and yet it could still be used

to carry heavy goods. Why is that so? It's because you, old man, had already surpassed the world

in your structured research with grand teacher several years ago. Let's not talk about now; even

in the next several hundred of years, this structure will be the best structure among all human

model Battle Mechas.’’

Having been praised time after time by Fatty, Boswell's face started clearing up. Waving his

hands to chase him off, he said, ’’You should go to Milan's place first. There are several research

topics which are related to what you had just mentioned. Go and have a look at them. I'll do

some research on this set of data.’’

Hearing that he had to go to Milan's place, Tian Xing Jian felt kind of awkward. As he walked to

the door, he heard Boswell's voice, ’’I've heard that you have been assigned to the combat

planning department as a staff officer. Since you will be staying here, you should visit the

research lab when you are free. I'll tell that to the forward command.’’

Fatty accepted that joyously. Born with a background of being a Battle Mecha Engineer, he was

truly interested and excited towards this subject. As for the others, they were merely a

plaything for him to survive.

As he walked towards Milan's door with hesitation, he was mysteriously stopped by a familiar

researcher who asked, ’’Fatty, I've heard that you become a hero for what you have done. Tell

me what happened? Tell us everything that you have done.’’

Tian Xing Jian was so frightened by the sudden action that he cursed in his heart, ’’Your mother.

Who is willing to be this damn hero? If I'm not careful, I'll be assigned back to the front lines

again. This father has just come back and the news has already spread so far?’’

Anxiously shaking his head and waving his hand, he would never acknowledge it even if he

died. ’’You see, with such a body and my character, how could I ever become a hero?’’

With an expression of disbelief even towards himself, he asked, ’’What have you heard?’’


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