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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 37


Chapter 37: The Plan of Ignition

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Fatty was jolted out from his thoughts by a burning slap to the face. Caught unprepared, his

face had moved from the left to the right as a line of saliva from the edge of his mouth flew out

in a glistening arc before landing right below his right earlobe.

At this moment, an electronic broadcaster within the cabin of the transport ship emitted out a

message, ’’First lieutenant Tian Xing Jian, please report to the captain's room.’’

Fatty, who felt like he had been slapped for no reason, could only watch as the female doctor

who slapped him walked away. Wiping away the line of saliva frantically, he headed towards

the captain's room.

Within the room, other than Nadal and Rashid, there were two lieutenant colonels, a colonel,

and a senior colonel. One of the two lieutenant colonels was wearing the uniform of the air

force, signifying clearly that he was the captain of this transport ship. The other lieutenant

colonel was the staff planning officer of a combat division.

Seeing Tian Xing Jian walking towards the door and reporting his presence, Rashid hurriedly

pulled him in before introducing him to the senior colonel, ’’This is our Aviation Squadron, 16th

Armored division, division Commander, Zhou Zhi Sen.

Zhou Zhi Sen was a typical Easterner from Ancient Earth. From his name alone, it would appear

that he should also be of Chinese descent. Although he had a short stature and a flimsy figure,

his eyes contrasted greatly as they were brilliant and full of expression. Just simply standing

there, one could feel from him the aura of a commander who had been through hundreds of


The Aviation Squadron, 16th Armored division was one of the elite squads of the Leray

Federation's ground forces. They were one of the heroic divisions that had been passed down

ever since the battle for independence. Among the 300 ground-based armored divisions and

the 200 aviation squadron armored divisions that were formed completely by a mechanized

team, their military strength ranked them just two places away from being one of the topgrade,

elite squads in the entire Federation 12th. For such a person to be the division

commander, he would certainly have to have solid military commanding ability and leadership


Hearing the introduction by Rashid, Fatty immediately saluted him, showing a posture of a

proper, iron-blooded soldier as he shouted out, ’’Greetings, division Commander! Directly

subordinate to the 16th division, Special Scouts Battalion, Vice Company Commander Tian Xing

Jian reports to you. Please deliver your instructions!’’

Senior Colonel Zhou Zhi Sen saluted back out of courtesy. Walking towards Tian Xing Jian, he

thoroughly observed this fatty, who had led the team out from the enemy's rear lines with

limited transportation and lack of weapons and only had a section worth of Battle Mechas.

’’Your family's name is Tian? A Chinese?’’ Zhou Zhi Sen asked.

’’That's right, Senior Colonel.’’ Without a single hair out of place, Tian Xing Jian continued his

act of an iron-blooded soldier.

’’Very good, stand at ease. Keep whatever 'Senior Officer' and 'Senior Officer greetings' to

yourself.’’ Zhou Zhi Sen had long ago heard of this fatty. This time, during the rescue mission

given by the command team, he was assigned by Bernadotte himself to lead this team of

soldiers. He had done plenty of investigations on this commanding officer from the group who

had escaped from the enemy's rear lines.

The stiff fatty immediately let himself down like a donkey, changing to an expression full of

smiles as he showed a naive, innocent, and honest look.

Zhou Zhi Sen laughed. ’’Very good, Tian Xing Jian. A person of noble character should never stop

striving for self-improvement. Your name is truly interesting, bringing with it the smell from

our eastern culture of ancient Earth.’’ After having said that, he walked slowly towards the

computer control system within the captain's room and signaled for Fatty to come over. He

continued, ’’Let's skip all the nonsense. I am truly pleased with your performance this time.

Right now, tell us more about the deduction of the battle outcome you had sent to forward


Tian Xing Jian walked towards the computer display screen and took a look. On the display was

a simulated three-dimensional map formulated which used the deduction and analysis based

on the fatty's deduction strategy.

This map simulated a real war situation by inputting the deduction numbers and combat plans.

The moving images of small soldiers represented the individual units on the map moving

according to the deduction. When explaining how the deduction worked, those moving soldier

figurines were extremely vital, and they represented how change happened even during the

ancient times of war. However, this time, instead of explaining with words, the computer would

be the one doing the explanation and self-demonstration.

This set of things was something which Fatty knew from the inside out. Seeing the senior

colonel asking him, he did not hesitate to tell him the process of his deduction.

Zhou Zhi Sen listened to the report given by Tian Xing Jian before contemplating for some time

and asked, ’’Are these deduction from the computer in your Battle Mecha?’’

Tian Xing Jian truly wanted to say that he had actually dreamt of all of this while sleeping. After

all, this fatty had experienced before the logic of how people hated to be famous, and pigs hated

to be fat [1]. However, there were too many witnesses when he did his deduction in the

underground tunnel, and furthermore, this was his superior's direct superior. Lying to him

would have dire consequences, thus he finally nodded, ’’That's right, division Commander. I

personally feel that forward command should re-arrange the related divisions in order to

prevent this from happening.’’

Zhou Zhi Sen laughed and asked everyone to sit on the sofa. He waved his hands at Tian Xing

Jian and said, ’’This deduction had only been received by the forward command yesterday.’’

Seeing the confused expression on Fatty, the staff planning officer, who was a colonel,

explained awkwardly, ’’This deduction was hidden by a traitor, so the planning team did not

know of it beforehand. Only after a thorough investigation did we this traitor. Afterwards when

he gave up the documents, we discovered the serial number linking to the deduction. At that

time, we tried to look for the deduction, but it was all for naught. Only when we finally searched

through the computers related to acknowledging successfully receiving a message did we find a

copy stored within.’’

Seeing how flushed with anger he was, needless to say, this traitor was probably his co-worker.

He was the staff officer who sent the Special Scouts First Company to their death.

At this moment, a soldier orderly came in at the right time to bring them tea. The scene started

cooling down, as everyone seemed to want to avoid discussing the problem regarding the


Zhou Zhi Sen picked up the cup of tea in front of him and gave it a light blow. He frankly said,

’’In any nation, there will be cases of such traitors arising at a certain time. There's nothing

surprising about it.’’

He took a sip of tea before putting the cup back onto the table, seemingly as if the cup of tea was

scalding hot. Looking at Tian Xing Jing, he said, ’’We saw your deduction, and we conclude

that... it is extremely accurate. To tell you the truth, other than having been assigned here by

forward command, the reason why I personally came over here is to accept the mission to

ascertain the enemy's military composition and the end result of the 'ignition' plan.’’

Tian Xing Jian was puzzled. ’’Ignition plan?’’

The lieutenant colonel staff planning officer took out a document from the file in his hand and

passed it to Tian Xing Jian. ’’This is the plan formulated by forward command during

yesterday's midnight meeting. After your deduction was sent to the forward command team

and was analyzed, they think that the outcome you have deduced could be a possibility, thus in

order to avoid such an outcome, forward command has already sent three ground-based

armored divisions and two aviation battalions to strengthen the defense of the area

surrounding 200 kilometers of Catosi Canyon.’’

While moving his hand, Zhou Zhi Sen continued from where the lieutenant colonel left off,

’’Afterwards, just an hour after sending the orders, the forward command team received news

regarding a large-scale movement on the enemy side. It seems that there are still some traitors

within our internal department. After sending out the orders, the other side immediately

changed their strategy.’’

Needless to say, Zhou Zhi Sen took over from the lieutenant colonel, as it could be awkward for

him to talk about matters regarding traitors.

He continued, ’’Our intelligence isn't weak. Hehe, after the enemies started moving, we

discovered that the region of reorganization is precisely within this zone where we were

conducting the rescue mission. Thus, for the sake of understanding the true military power of

the enemy and to ignite this bomb hanging over our head at a location far away, we decided to

use the deployment sent during this rescue mission to eliminate all the enemies reorganizing

within this region.’’

It seemed that Tian Xing Jian had a sudden realization. ’’That's why the Federation decided to

use a total of five aviation battalion worth of military power! No wonder! I was wondering why

there was information about how strong and resolute the enemy's resistance was... So this was

the location where they were regrouping at!’’

Seeing Zhou Zhi Sen nodding his head as he smiled, Tian Xing Jian asked curiously, ’’Then, what

about the Myth Legion? Have you found the location they are gathering at?’’

[1] This saying regards to how man is afraid that there would be trouble finding them when they

became famous, just like how pigs are afraid that they would be slaughtered when they became



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