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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: The Start of the Battle

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Tian Xing Jian wiped away the sweat forming on his forehead, thinking deep in his heart,

’’Fortunately, this father has thought ahead of time and took the identity medals from those

Myth Legion soldiers. Otherwise, the secret will be out of the bag.’’ Looking at the iron medals

tightly gripped in his hands, he continued speaking with an undulating, cold voice before

reciting like a block of wood [1], ’’Directly subordinate to Gyaca Woods Empire royal family,

Myth Legion 3rd Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 1st Company, Section two, section commander, Staff

Sergeant Ralph.’’

Ali looked at the electronic records in his hand before nodding. ’’Thank you for your

cooperation, sir. Your name is in the Sky Network's record, indicating that you are within 50

kilometers from the base, respectable Sir Ralph. I'm truly sorry for the delay. You may bring

your soldiers with you to enter the base. I wish for you to have a smooth investigation.’’ The

strict hierarchical social statuses ensured that every single person of the lower class would

know how to speak to anyone of the upper class even if their military rank was lower than

theirs. Ali had to speak to them with respect, causing Tian Xing Jian to feel pity for him. What

reasons did those enslaved ethnic groups in the Gyaca Woods Empire with seemingly no bright

future fight for in the war?

Tian Xing Jian turned around and left. Ali's voice came again, ’’Sir Ralph, just to tell you this.

Your comrade, Pierre, will be arriving here soon. They'll be reaching this base in approximately

two hours.’’

Turning back at Ali, Tian Xing Jian felt vacant. What kind of ethnic groups are these people

from? On things which people deemed as extremely unreasonable, they had become a matter of

fact for them.

Even within the hundreds of years of history behind Gyaca Woods Empire, there had been many

heroes resisting and overthrowing the government scattered over the years. However, these

heroes had merely been selling their lives to the upper class, sending themselves to the gallows.

After all, behind these heroes were a group of people that had become numb over their lives,

suffering and being humiliated without resisting against the norm. Occasionally, they had even

bullied those from their own ethnic group or became giddy from some simple appreciation

from those of the upper classes.

The power of convention was too powerful. Once an ethnic group was suppressed to the point

that it had been ingrained into habits, then the ruling regime could use their internal dilemma

to further differentiate them. When they were young, they would undergo humiliating

education. Adding on the oppression by the social classes and cruelty of reality, these ethnic

groups had long been trained into the perfect lower-class group. They had lost their ambitions,

self-esteem, and the joy of love. They became truly lazy and unproductive, causing them to look

down upon themselves as well.

As Tian Xing Jian left, he could not bear to turn back and look at that simple and honest face

that was trying to curry favor yet would be soon executed for his negligence.

Entering the base, the six [Devil Tigers] separated They had to place all the remote controlled

bombs within two hours of time, completely destroying all Anti-Missile System and Anti-

Detection and Interference System.

Tian Xing Jian moved his Battle Mecha slowly, strolling around the base. In the pitch black base,

even though there were Anti-Missile System and Anti-Detection and Interference System, for

the sake of preventing any air raids, spotlights were only used in the energy warehouse and the

ammunition dump, which further fortified their defenses.

[Devil Tiger] was not courteous as he entered the barracks and warehouses one after the other,

investigating all the places as if he was ordered to do so. Such things were extremely common,

much less to say for the Myth Legion directly subordinate to the royal family. Even if it was an

ordinary military police officer conducting their routine checks, it would not cause anxiety and

chaos all around. The Imperial soldiers were accustomed to this. Furthermore, the soldiers

within this base were just guarding the rear logistic department. They did not have such a bad

disposition as those from the frontlines of combat. Several soldiers who were dreaming had

been shocked awake by the sudden intrusion of a [Devil Tiger]. But after that, they fell asleep

again as they told themselves, ’’These soldiers from the Myth Legion are people they could not

anger. Furthermore, they are merely executing their missions. If I get charged with the crime of

obstructing their missions, that'll be such an injustice. There are still many unresolved matters

on the second day for me to do. Time for me to go back and sleep.’’

The highest ranking officer of the base was similarly alerted. He called the guards over. After

hearing their report, this colonel from the Weibo group had just simply waved his hand before

scolding while smiling, ’’This group of brats.’’ Afterwards, he went back into his nest. From

what he saw, these soldiers of the Myth Legion were like overturning cupboards and boxes at

their own home in order to find a cake. Let them continue having their fun. After all, those

people of the lower class within this base were truly lazy and were resting all day long.

The placing of bombs had proceeded exceptionally smoothly. An hour later, other than the

barracks where there were too many people, places like the energy warehouses and

ammunition dumps had the remote controlled bombs set up. None of those Anti-Missile

System and Anti-Detection and Interference System had been missed.

Opening the energy lid to the Battle Mecha, he let the polite soldier of the base recharge the

Battle Mecha before using the reason of searching for the fleeing Federation captives to bring

all the special scouts out of the base like a boss.

Returning to the forest where the Federation Battle Mechas were hiding at, [Antenna] reported

that the aviation forces of the Federation had started moving. Due to the firm resistance by the

enemy's air force, the forward command decided to throw the aviation battalion into battle

right away, causing the amount of military power used to open this air passage to reach up to

three aviation battalions. They had also begun assembling another aviation battalion to act as

reinforcements if necessary.

In this short distance of over 400 kilometers and a breath of 100 kilometers area of region,

there had actually been three aviation battalions' worth of armored fighter aircrafts battling

with the same amount of Imperial fighter aircrafts. The ferocity of it was truly frightening

when one thought of it.

This dogfight started since 5 in the morning due to the unforeseen resistance by the Imperial

Army before finally resulting in the Federation investing a total of five aviation battalions'

worth of fighter aircrafts. The battle continued until 8 in the morning when they obtained a

temporary hold of the air space. These fighter aircrafts started flying towards the base as their

destination, clearing all enemies within 50 kilometers of radius from it. A company of transport

ships was currently flying in rush towards the base. There was a total of three commando

battalions within that were dispatched to aid the escaping group in resisting against the ground

forces so as to cover their retreat.

Tian Xing Jian led the special scouts section into a place one kilometer away from the base to

hide. Thereafter, he activated the remote controller in his hand, causing consecutive explosions

to immediately rock the entire camp. The explosion within the ammunition dump was

especially resounding and frightening, as it produced a chain of even more explosions. The

bombs that covered the entire base exploded the whole place into smithereens, and the soldiers

from the special scouts company were dumbfounded. Never would they have imagined that

after the modifications of the fusion grenades by their vice company and the addition of

concrete energy pieces along with the exploding mechanism of an energy rifle would arise in

such a powerful might.

The enemy base descended into chaos. The burning wildfire lit the entire bright morning red.

Countless human and Battle Mechas were running around within the base.

’’It's time. Cover us with an artillery barrage. Kill all within 100 meters from us.’’ Tian Xing Jian

gave his orders. The electromagnetic interference from [Antenna] activated before they started

acting. The Federation Battle Mechas and the five [Devil Tigers] were formed into two teams.

[Fury Fire] and eight warrior-class pioneers would attack from the west. [Logic] and the five

[Devil Tigers] would attack from the east five minutes later.

[1] Kind of monotonous way of reading


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