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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Entering the Base

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

The entrance to the base was actually an alloy-made sluice gate protected by an energy shield,

and the surrounding walls were similarly made from the same alloy material protected by the

same energy shield. A bluish hue could be seen glowing on the walls. It seemed that ever since

Rashid assaulted the base, this location, which was quite important to the Empire, had buffed

up their defenses. For the sake of defending against Battle Mechas, they had even paid the price

of using an expensive alloy to build its walls. Furthermore, the energy consumption needed to

maintain a steady energy shield would make anyone speechless.

The big gate to the base shone with spotlight as three [divine Mecha 22s] and several other

sentinels stood guard. Other than them, there were also several [Cerberus] medium-sized Battle

Mechas patrolling the outer perimeter. This Battle Mecha was also a model made by the Empire

and was famous for its long-ranged attacks; however, its defense and manoeuvrability

capabilities could not surpass that of the Federation's [Glory 15].

Six [Devil Tigers] walked out from the darkness like specters as they quietly appeared right in

front of the sentinels of the base. These beast-style Battle Mechas which had been imprinted

with the symbol of the Myth Legion were the most vicious representatives of the Imperial

Army. Within the Imperial Army, nobody dared to disrespect the soldiers from the Myth Legion.

After all, they represented the Gyaca Woods Empire's royal family and were the most loyal

guardians of royalty. Grim, brave, cruel, and powerful were the four words that they embodied.

Tian Xing Jian controlled his Battle Mecha and slowly moved towards the guard. He remained

silent as he went towards the second lieutenant. Clearly, amongst these sentinels, this second

lieutenant officer was of the highest rank.

The five special scouts that followed behind him were sweating profusely. The military power

guarding this big gate wasn't something the Federation soldiers controlling the [Devil Tigers]

could deal with. Furthermore, as long as they fired once, all the enemies within the base would

come rushing out within a single minute, tearing all these skilled Federation soldiers who could

not fully control the [Devil Tiger] into pieces.

Tian Xing Jian, however, was not worried in the least. That book which he read 《The Art of

Lifelike Modelling》 had given him techniques which had been honed to perfection by this

swindler. Additionally, during his previous discussion with Rashid, he had especially tried to

understand the situation regarding the Gyaca Woods Empire and the Myth Legion.

Gyaca Woods Empire was rather strict in its hierarchical statuses. One of the reasons might be

because this empire had an imperial regime, laying down the foundation for such strict

treatment based on everyone's statuses.

Within this multiracial and multi-religious nation, its highest ruling classes were the royal

family, the nobles, the rich, the officials, and all who had great power and status. For the

ordinary commoners, those of a similar ethnicity with the royal family would be given the

highest status. This ethnicity came from none other than the first generation on this humanmigrated

planet. At that time when the Space Age had just started, only the rich and the

powerful could afford to migrate. The very first human-migrated planet which these migrants

reached was called Weibo Planet. Slowly, as the Space Age proceeded, the migrants on Weibo

Planet started gathering together as it became an ethnic group which held great wealth and


Afterwards, as the 2nd generation migrants, 3rd generation migrants, and until the 50th

generation migrants from Earth came over, this divide in statuses based on when they had

migrated unknowingly developed, turning into different social groups and creating a gulf

between the noble class and the peasant class.

However, even though the sequence of migration was an important standard to the reason of

divide between the noble and the peasant, several ethnic group had jumped out of this social

standard using their own strength, effort, and to a certain degree luck. For instance, the 33rd

generation of Ganari Planet's ethnic group had become the current top 10 noble group all

because of some great scientific and technological discoveries and the rich resources they had

on the planet.

However long the civilization of mankind had existed would be however long wars would go on

for. During wars, allies and enemies are made so frequently that it was akin to a simple, homestyle

meal at home. The division of the great nations following the Outer Space Exploration Age

had led to the division and harmonizing of different people and redefined human societies as a

whole. Several ancient ethnic groups had disappeared, while others became a nation purely

composed of a single ethnic group. The majority of the nations, however, had a fusion of the

different ethnic groups. In a nation with an imperial regime, those people with a similar ethnic

group as the ruling family would become their ally. For as long as the human civilization

existed, those important and powerful ethnic groups would most definitely become the upper

class within the entire cosmos. As for the minority groups, the nations with poor economic

development, or the planets filled with groups that migrated late, they had subsequently would

become enslaved as the lower class of society.

The upper and lower class were not clearly divided in nations with a republican or democratic

federal system. Even though some extreme congress parties would use this social divide as the

reason for many arguments, the governance of the nation ensured that all people were treated

equally. Although this seemed like a really good thing, it was only on the surface.

As for the imperial nations, there was an absolutely strict divide between the upper class and

lower class. Their laws enforced this divide between the classes. What was the most

unimaginable thing about the law would be the clause forbidding the marriage between

someone from the upper class and someone from the lower class.

Other than this, there was a huge gulf in terms of their career, education, social contact, and

many other aspects of life. Those of the lower class would not be allowed to do things that were

considered as higher class, such as researching, taking a government position, becoming a

doctor, lawyer, a teacher, or a senior military officer. They could only take on careers that were

deemed as lowly and needed only the most fundamental level of education. This divide was so

great that when a person from the lower class appear in the same social context as someone

from the upper class, he had to salute and give way to the one from the upper class.

Thus, joining the army became the best decision for all teenagers from the supposed lowerclass

ethnic groups. Even though they could not become a senior military officer, as long as

they retired with the position of a captain, they would be able to obtain a job that was more

dignified, allowing them to live a life that was slightly better than the bulk of those from the

lower class.

There were several vocations and divisions that forbade any people of lower-class from joining.

Myth Legion was one of the most famous division. In the past hundred years, every soldier that

joined the Myth Legion had to undergo an absolutely strict background check in order to ensure

that they came from the same ethnic group the so-called Weibo ethnic group the current

royal family was from. This was the ethnic group that remained in the top three groups within

all human civilization. Within this legion, there were absolutely no people from other ethnic

groups. Even the several respected, upper-class ethnic groups within the Gyaca Woods Empire

had been rejected.

The Imperial royal family was extremely perverted in their demand for pure blood in this

legion. During the blood investigation of the soldiers, they would even trace the blood of all the

relatives from up to six generations ago.

These [Devil Tigers] that were branded with the mark of the Myth Legion did not only represent

the highest status within the entire Imperial Army, but it also operated with a strictly regulated

military ranking system.

If the over 30 year-old second lieutenant in front of him was not someone from the lower class

of the Gyaca Woods Empire, Tian Xing Jian was willing to dig out his own eyeballs. Amongst

those from the upper class, there would certainly not be a single one who was still a second

lieutenant above the age of 30.

Once a [Devil Tiger] stood silently in front of him, the lower-class second lieutenant, Ali, knew

he had to do. The younger generation of the Weibo race had been creating quite a lot of issues in

the recent years within the Empire. They absolutely discriminated against the existences of

people from the lower class and had frequently beaten those of such class, assaulting their

shops and had even caused trouble within the military. Thus, he would rather salute and greet

him: ’’Respectable sir soldier, citizen from the Empire, Ali, greets you.’’ This was the

archetypical social greeting they had to conduct even in the military.

Tian Xing Jian used the front claws of his [Devil Tiger] to return the salute before speaking in a

cold and disdainful manner, ’’Second lieutenant, we are chasing after a group of fleeing

prisoners-of-war. I hope you can cooperate.’’

Ali was stunned for a moment before nodding, ’’We'll be extremely delighted to do so. May I ask

what you require us to do?’’

Tian Xing Jian's voice remained as cold as before. ’’Prepare energy. We'll have to resupply in a

moment. Right now, we want to enter the base and inspect the location to check if any

prisoners had actually infiltrated this location. I don't wish to send all of you to martial court

because I had to travel more than a hundred kilometers from this base, only to find that it had

been your mistake.’’

The five special scouts behind him were becoming crazy after hearing what was said. The

commander of the special forces would at most be a staff sergeant [1]. Using such a tone to talk

to an officer with a rank higher than him, did it not mean that Fatty was trying to search for his

own death by making fun of the enemy before openly fighting them?

The soldiers from the special scouts were mentally prepared for a sudden and violent attack

when they suddenly heard a reply that made them all dumbfounded. The Imperial second

lieutenant, Ali, said with a tone as if this was right, ’’I guess you are right, respectable sir soldier.

We'll immediately coordinate with your action. The required energy will be ready in ten

minutes. You may enter the base now.’’

All five of the [Devil Tigers]' jaws had dropped from the scene...

Once Tian Xing Jian was about to enter the gates delightfully, bringing with him the few [Devil

Tigers] who did not believe what just happened, a voice from the second lieutenant came.

’’Please wait a moment, sir soldier.’’

Tian Xing Jian was forced to calm himself as he turned his Battle Mecha before walking back.

The second lieutenant had an awkward expression. ’’Look here...’’ He pointed to an electronic


’’You should know... that this location requires you to register... with your name.’’

[1] Remember that Fatty is currently in disguise, so his current rank isn't that of a lieutenant.


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