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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: The Real Enemy and the True Battle

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Under Thoriko's lead, the Federation Battle Mechas immediately left contact with the enemy.

Although they paid the price with the lives of two comrades, they did not give the [Devil Tigers]

any further opportunities to get into close range.

As for the most despicable, shameless and wretched, the supposed Battle Mecha hunter, he was

currently trembling.

’’Damn! it seems that I've met some experts this time!’’

Seeing the movements of the [Devil Tigers], Tian Xing Jian dared to say that the soldiers of

Myth Legion were absolutely more dangerous than those ordinary commandos. Their control

over the Battle Mechas had reached perfection they were fierce and simple. After having

undergone many life and death battles on the battlefield, they acted solely for the purpose of

killing people as biting-cold killing intent was imbued in every one of their actions. Once

ordinary Battle Mechas engage in close combat with these [Devil Tigers], they would be unable

to match them in speed and strength. These [Devil Tigers] could even purely rely on speed to

dodge the bullet screen and original path of attacks. This type of training was something the

Federation special forces would never have thought of before. No wonder the legends had told

of energy cannons and missiles being ineffective against these Battle Mechas. If not for their

trickery in the beginning along with [Antenna]'s interferences of their Battle Mecha systems,

forcing the [Devil Tigers] to use manual control, their combat power would certainly drop by an

entire level and the end result would not be nice in the least.

Originally, having trained in the gravity room for half a year to improve his hand speed and

controlling techniques, Tian Xing Jian was quite confident of his own skills. Ever since he saw

the several ordinary Myth Legion [Devil Tigers] battling, his confidence was halved.

This half of his self-confidence was built from Tian Xing Jian's practical experiences in fighting

in the online war simulation. That was how he could defeat enemies who were stronger than he

was time after time. Furthermore, after training in the gravity room, his speed had greatly

increased. He was fully confident that his speed could surpass that of the [Devil Tigers] in front

of him. After all, Tian Xing Jian had a pair of natural quick hands.

However, his own Battle Mecha battling techniques were much worse compared to his enemies.

This arose from his inexperience at fighting in life and death battles and not having yet refined

himself in blood and fire. Within the bullet screen, a calm, unhurried, and accurate decision a

decision that came from being honed from countless battles was needed. As for him, he was

merely a Battle Mecha battle rookie who had only encountered battles within an online war


’’Damn, I should stop thinking! This father is going to bet his life today. Even if I die, I'll just

treat it as sleeping. Killing one is worth it, and killing two means an extra.’’ Tian Xing Jian

started imagining himself as an absolutely vicious and merciless person, someone who would

commit crimes. After all, for one to be cruel to his enemies, he had to first learn to be cruel to


In the recent battles, he discovered that he had a talent which he could not put in words. The

cowardly him would usually hide from and avoid any danger that he met. But during times

when it could not be avoided, he would immediately become a gangster, becoming more excited

as the battles became more dangerous and intense, as if a feeling of hysteria struck him and he

had become a lunatic. The only thing in his mind was kill, kill, and kill. His way of thinking was

similar to idioms like when one had no shoes, he would not be afraid of wearing a new pair [1];

shattering a broken jar [2]; gambling his broken life. At times, he suspected that he had a split


From merely being provoked, he would turn crazy. It was fine during times of war; however, if

being provoked caused his personality to split, resulting in him killing several people during

peaceful times, where would he find the lives to save in hopes to repent?

The fatty with a split personality slowly moved his Battle Mecha towards the nearest [Devil

Tiger] to him. Thoriko's cover enabled him to easily mix himself into the crowd. The

continuous bullet screen had sealed shut the direction the four [Devil Tigers] charged, forcing

them to find another path while avoiding the bullets. They had seemingly not realize that a

disguised [Devil Tiger] was currently among them.

Tian Xing Jian's current target was marked by the energy cannons fired from the soldiers of the

special scouts company. They had seemingly given this [Devil Tiger] special treatment

whenever it moved slightly, firepower would come and suppress him fiercely. As for the other

three [Devil Tigers], they had unknowingly broken away from him.

The opportunity was here! The moment this [Devil Tiger] fell behind and was forced to dodge

from the incoming firepower, [Logic], which had been hiding by his side, stealthily appeared.

The prey did not react. He thought that this was his comrade, only that he was acting oddly and

had completely gone against the battle regulations. However, due to the interference of their

communication systems, he had no way of knowing who exactly piloted his [Devil Tiger]. The

mere thought just flashed past his brain, so fast that he did not have the chance to think about

it twice. And at that point of time, this comrade of his had already used a claw and tore open his

movement system at the abdomen.

’’This isn't our Battle Mecha! How is this possible!’’ The [Devil Tiger] operator who was stabbed

in the back felt truly angry and frantic. He could only stay here and wait for the final outcome of

the battle. He truly did not understand how his Battle Mecha movement system could be so

easily destroyed by this fake [Devil Tiger], unless the Myth Legion's specially-used Battle

Mecha had been leaked?

The [Devil Tiger] soldier felt that he had been wronged for eternity. He was also indignant and

helpless as he watched the despicable, fake [Devil Tiger] moving like a weasel towards his

comrades, as if he was stealing chickens. As a result of that pressing anger and anxiety, he was

momentarily unable to breathe and actually had fainted from this scene.

The first [Devil Tiger] was eliminated. Fatty felt quite excited. This Battle Mecha had never been

seen by him, yet [Logic]'s scanner gave an analysis of the data regarding this Battle Mecha. As

for Battle Mecha specialist Tian Xing Jian, he could of course understand the composition of

that Battle Mecha from the blueprints and data. As long as he understood its composition,

[Logic]'s specially-made mechanical arms would be able to use the shortest time possible to

dismantle any Battle Mecha into parts.

A sneak attack did not mean he had to use a weapon. Using an energy cannon to launch a sneak

attack would allow him to merely kill one of, but after that, his position would be revealed from

the resulting explosion of the energy cannon and the Battle Mecha. Furthermore, this Battle

Mecha was still useful. Retrieving a completely intact Battle Mecha was one of the most

important tasks of any combat plan. Right now, he had such a good opportunity; he would

certainly be struck by lightning if he did not get an additional mecha to replenish their combat


Tian Xing Jian quietly used the back legs of his mecha to kick that wronged Battle Mecha into

the bomb crater behind them. The [Devil Tiger] operator, who had just woken from his passing

out, once again fainted. He honestly felt that this weasel had truly entered a state of disguising

himself as a real chicken.

[Logic] replaced this [Devil Tiger]'s position. He leaped all around, doing his utmost best to act

out his role.

Under the cover of the firepower by the Federation Battle Mechas, Tian Xing Jian had soon

reached the Battle Mecha that was closest to him. At this moment, due to an increase of

concentrated firepower, the Federation Battle Mecha could relax their defensive manoeuvre. In

contrast, the remaining three [Devil Tigers] felt an increase in suppressive fire as the firepower

raining upon them became even fiercer, further reducing the possible area of movement for

them. They put their full attention to control their Battle Mechas. For the sake of evading the

cannon shots, their two hands almost cramped from the large amount of hand movements;

they had no time to concentrate on other matters, much less discovering that their comrade

had already been kicked into a bomb crater by a despicable chap.

The second Battle Mecha was unable to escape as well. He experienced a similar bout of

withdrawal from the battle as the first mecha. The moment he lost his movement system, he

was sent into the bomb crater by the weasel Tian Xing Jian.

The outcome of the battle was set; sorting out the remaining two [Devil Tigers] held no


Fatty was truly delighted. He got rid of those two Myth Battle Mechas effortlessly. This moment

was so delightful to him that he began laughing at how careful he was previously, causing his

alertness to drop. The moment he was preparing for the final attack, that leader of the [Devil

Tigers] had already discovered him. Ignoring the concentrated firepower, the [Devil Tiger]

fiercely leapt out towards him. Initially, with its body sticking close to the floor, it exploded out

with an immense power, moving with an extremely fast speed and appearing in front of Tian

Xing Jian within the blink of an eye. A sharp piercing sound could be heard as this [Devil

Tiger]'s front claw inserted itself deeply into [Logic]'s back.

Tian Xing Jian immediately turned his body. The Battle Mecha spun forward along the force of

the front claws of that [Devil Tiger]. In reality, the back area where he was hit by the claw was

merely [Logic]'s external imitation armor, which did not have the hardness of the biological

double attribute metal. During this close-combat battle, an energy shield was entirely useless.

Deep wounds from the claw appeared as [Logic] rolled forward. Even though the wound was not

fatal, it was enough to frighten Tian Xing Jian. If he was riding on a normal Battle Mecha, that

single claw would have been enough to destroy the movement system of the entire mecha.

As Tian Xing Jian left the range of the [Devil Tiger]'s claw, his left hand ferociously pulled the

control joystick, while his right hand flew across the keyboard at a rapid speed. [Logic]

immediately reacted; its back leg pushed off the ground, allowing it to leap out. However, that

[Devil Tiger] did not respond slowly. At the same time, it had gotten close to [Logic] as well.

The two one real and one fake [Devil Tiger] as if determining who was the true king within

the forest, became embroiled in combat amidst the roars of the mechas and the flying dust.

’’I can't throw him off!’’

All of a sudden, Tian Xing Jian was covered in cold sweat. That [Devil Tiger] was far stronger

than he had imagined.

Urgently stopping and changing direction, [Logic]'s speed increased to the limit, fiercely

turning at a speed which caused Tian Xing Jian's vision to blur. The [Devil Tiger] did not stop its

pursuit of its target. Compared to Tian Xing Jian, the leader of the Battle Mecha squad had

much more experience. Having been in long periods of battling and killing, he immediately

made his judgement before [Logic]'s change in direction.

Too green. On the edge of the leader's mouth appeared a smirk. This Battle Mecha did not even

attempt to use a feint and had instead changed direction in such a direct manner. Any soldier

from the Myth Legion could accurately determine what it was about to do. [Devil Tiger]'s hind

legs pushed off from the ground as its front claws stabbed forward, allowing it to practically

reach the back of the fake [Devil Tiger].

Tian Xing Jian was truly unable to get rid of it. He could sense how piercingly sharp the [Devil

Tiger]'s front claws were. His hands moved in a flash, causing the actions of his mecha to

change twelve times in the blink of an eye. The previous 10 actions per second rapidly rose to 14

actions per second. His right hand was quickly pressing on the keyboard, giving commands to

over ten parts on his Battle Mecha. Every single movement of the joint had become precise to

the maximum.

[Logic]'s tail whipped out at the head of [Devil Tiger], allowing its entire body to drift towards

the right as if a floating racing car and subsequently dodging the [Devil Tiger]'s sharp front

claws. Closely following that, he controlled the movement system and accurately transmitted a

signal to [Logic]'s hind legs, allowing the mecha to move in a strange horizontal drifting

manner. At this moment, the boosters that were placed at the butt by Tian Xing Jian when he

had nothing to do had been activated by an assistance machine, causing an enormous force to

push this Battle Mecha forward with a ’’Sou’’.

[Devil Tiger] could no longer control his forward charge. He could only watch in daze as this

fake [Devil Tiger], was was even more slippery than fish, use some unthinkable movement to

jump out of his range. He did not use a feint at all. It was purely based on the characteristics of

that Battle Mecha and that operator's maneuvers that led to its escape, causing him to feel

discouraged as if he was a cheetah that had lost its prey after chasing for 300 meters. The leader

of this Myth Legion small team had suddenly lost his strength as his entire body became soft.

His Battle Mecha fell onto the ground due to inertia. He was no longer able to stand up, as the

Battle Mecha's inductor on its head had been starred by the fake [Devil Tiger]'s hard mechanical

tail. The originally damaged control system that had been damaged from the previous

firepower was completely paralyzed now.

They had lost. It did not take half an hour. A small team from the Myth Legion had actually lost

the battle against the Federation Battle Mechas of equal number. In the eyes of the soldiers

from the Myth Legion, these Federation Battle Mecha soldiers were not even qualified to carry

their shoes; however, the conceited team of [Devil Tigers] had fallen into the premeditated

ambush, moving step by step deeper into their trap.

The other [Devil Tiger] could not escape naturally. The Federation Battle Mechas had long

surrounded it. [Fury Fire]'s fierce firepower had completely destroyed this Battle Mecha's

ability to resist. Its front claws were also broken.

Four destroyed while six mechas lost their capabilities to move. The Myth Legion had truly

suffered from an unprecedented lost.

The Federation Battle Mechas carefully surrounded them. They tore apart the cabin doors to the

few [Devil Tigers] that had lost their ability to move. Within it, all the Imperial Battle Mecha

operators had chosen to commit suicide. They had shot the roof of their mouths using their

pistols, causing the shattered fragments of their skull to fly off before mixing with blood and

brain paste in the cabin. All six Battle Mechas had the same situation with nobody choosing a

different method of suicide, and neither were there any soldiers who decided to surrender.

One of the Myth soldiers had not yet committed suicide when the cabin door was torn open. He

had only placed the pistol within his mouth. At the moment the cabin door was opened, he gave

a weird smile at the prudent Federation soldiers before pressing the trigger of the pistol.

Tian Xing Jian took the Myth Legion's drill book out of the leader's pocket.

Drill book first page Rule one: Defeat means death.

A slight cold climbed up in his heart. These soldiers of the Myth Legion treated themselves as

cruel as they treated their enemies. They would not compromise nor surrender. The moment

they were defeated, their lives were forfeit as they committed suicide in a decisive and cruel

manner. These pursuing soldiers were merely comparable to a section of Battle Mechas in the

Federation. The viciousness this beast of a special forces division was something that Tian Xing

Jian could truly not imagine. They were considered to be his real enemy.

The only question that remains: how many of these enemies would he encounter in his journey

in the future?

[1] Meaning that if a person has nothing at all in his life, why would he be afraid of anything at


[2] When one has a bad habit, instead of correcting it, one continues developing the habit.


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