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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: The Assault of Warriors

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Fatty was still a completely heartless scoundrel. After Mei Duo and Ni Ya's confession, he had

merely retreated while thinking to himself, ’’Damn, I must survive. This father is still a virgin.

3P! Thinking about it makes me feel the itch.’’

20 minutes passed really quickly. The Myth Legion's Battle Mechas reached the location of the


At this moment, the sky was full of dark clouds and had started turning amber as the forest

became slightly dark and tenebrous. The ten Myth Battle Mechas were like beasts going out to

hunt at night, stealthily appearing in front of the third group.

This was Caleb's first time as a commanding officer. This high-flyer, who graduated from the

Steel Combat Academy for Officers, had been assigned to the ground-based armored division

combat department, becoming a staff officer who outlined the maps and battle plans. What he

liked the most was the art of combat. After the war had started, he followed the active unit,

22nd Ground-based Armored division, and went to Miracolo Planet while requesting a few

times to become a commanding officer within an active combat unit. However, he had been


’’I never would have thought that my very first time as a commanding officer in a live battle

would be under this kind of situation,’’ Caleb mocked himself. Dozens of days ago, he was truly

excited over the fact that his dream had come true. As a battalion commander, he was stationed

in the newly re-established Aviation Squadron 9th division located in New Rome after the

Federation regained control over the airfields. But who would have thought that the moment he

was going to officially begin his duty, the transport ship he was on would be forced to descend

after taking damage, eventually causing him to become a prisoner-of-war of the Imperial

Army. Indeed, life was even thinner than paper.

He surveyed his surroundings. The soldiers from Group Three had reached their designated

temporary positions and were currently awaiting his next order.

Depending solely on Group Three to put up a fight against the 10 Battle Mechas from Myth

Legion was clearly impossible. If they were not in a position of ambush and were fighting on an

equally flat plain, then this group comprising of over 60 soldiers could possibly be wiped out in

less than a minute.

What Caleb was stressed over was the five minutes given to them by the fat first lieutenant.

The Battle Mechas of the Myth Legion were disorganized. Stopping right in front of the location

of ambush, it was apparent that they had discovered something amiss in the location. They

questioned the captives' plan of using just this group of people to cover the big group who were

escaping. Had they gone crazy?

The Myth Battle Mechas did not proceed with their attack. Clearly, these Federation prisonersof-

war were hiding and preparing to ambush them, yet right now, even after they entered the

zone of ambush, the Federation did not fire at all. That was really puzzling.

Battle Mechas' radars were anxiously scanning the region several kilometers radius

around them.

’’Don't fire, we surrender.’’ Caleb extended his head out of the temporary defensive structure

built. Since the enemies were hesitating, he decided to make use of this opportunity.

’’Stand at your original position and do not move, pitiful insect,’’ a Myth Battle Mecha emitted

out an extremely cold and cruel sound from an electronic loudspeaker. He was full of disdain

towards this group of Federation soldiers.

’’Alright, alright.’’ Caleb had an expression of terror as he went back down.

Maybe they were trying to ascertain if there were any more soldiers hiding around them, but

after a period of time, the leading Battle Mecha shouted out to Caleb, ’’Captain, ask your soldiers

to put down those pitiful playthings in their hands before coming out one by one. Anyone who

dares to fire will mean that all your lives are forfeit.’’

’’Alright, alright.’’ Caleb looked towards the time. Three minutes had passed.

Seeing as how Caleb had shouted out a promise but did not move, the leading Battle Mecha felt

impatient. ’’Faster!’’

’’But, damn it. I don't really feel like surrendering now, son of b**** from Gyaca Woods.’’ Caleb

laughed out loud from behind the defensive structure. All the other Federation soldiers laughed

along with him.

The laughter was full of mockery and arrogance. It was a type of sneer used to tease idiots.

’’Fire!’’ Using the opportunity before the enemies could react, Caleb sent down his order with a

maniacal laugh.

The light firepower coming from the hands of the Federation's soldiers resounded out in the

forest. The red-hot energy shots were like fire dragons, charging out fiercely while flashing in a

dazzling white light.

The soil on the surface had been lifted up from the ground by the incoming energy shots. Trees

after trees were penetrated by the bullets as wood shavings flew around. The dust, leaves, wood

shavings, and smoke were flying and mixing together, enveloping the entire area in front of the

ambush point.

’’Fools, let me send you a greeting from your mother.’’ Amidst the resounding sounds of fire,

Caleb's loud laughter was full of craziness and boldness.

A large amount of energy shots, bullets, and lasers had hit accurately on the Myth Legion's

Battle Mechas, yet other than dodging several armor-piercing energy shots, they were

practically unmoving as if they were elephants being attacked by ants.

The Myth Legion's Battle Mechas were currently waiting for their leader to give the order.

’’Exterminate!’’ the leading Myth Battle Mecha coldly shouted out that single word. His voice

was akin to a cold venomous snake amidst the vicious sounds of shooting.

The ten Beast-style Battle Mechas of the Myth Legion immediately started moving. The

legends about them were true; the combat style of these Battle Mechas was of close-combat.

One could see them not firing any cannons nor rifles; instead, they charged through the smoke

and suppressive firepower towards the ambush point of the Federation. In the blink of an eye,

several tens of meters of distance were covered. The Federation was trying their utmost best to

suppress the enemies, but the Myth Legion's Beast-style Battle Mechas were truly too fast.

Amidst the flying soil, they were practically like a group of light. At one moment, they could see

them, and in the next, they couldn't. Whenever the Federation soldiers started to take aim at

them, all traces of the Myth mechas would disappear at the next moment.

That was how weak the suppressive firepower was. Facing against these Battle Mechas, the

infantry soldiers who did not have any armor-piercing rounds would never be able to triumph.

At the furthest point from the ambush point, several Beast-style Battle Mechas had activated

their bloody claws and fierce teeth. The first contact was with the 12 Federation ground-based

armored soldiers positioned closest to the front. Within moments, the temporary defensive

structures had been broken through. Those Battle Mechas that had leapt into the trenches

immediately became bloody murderers. How could a fleshy body fight against metal?

The combat style of the Myth Legion's Battle Mechas was truly cruel. A Federation soldier had

been grabbed hold by them. That's right, he was grabbed hold by the Beast-style Battle Mechas

using their sharp claws. The soldier that was grabbed by the head was akin to a watermelon

that had been pierced by ten steel knives. Even after piercing the soldier's head, the Battle

Mecha did not let go of him. Using the other front claw, the enemy lightly slashed the soldier,

resulting in his chest and stomach being clawed opened. Fresh blood flowed down his body as if

spring water.

From the start to the end, this soldier's hands were always tightly grabbing onto the trigger of

his energy rifle. Only when his body was thrown aside did he finally lose the strength in his

arms to hold the rifle, yet the rolled-up arm of his had mysteriously triggered the energy rifle

under his body, causing it to continue firing until he shot himself into pieces of flesh.

The Beast-style Battle Mecha seemingly did not care about the shots fired at it. The energy

shield installed on its external armor was glowing in a light blue, blocking all sorts of incoming

attacks. This Myth soldier who was the very first in breaking through the trench was not

hurried at all, as if he was a cat casually chasing after a mouse. He had even sat down amidst

the rain of bullets and used the fresh blood on its claw to paint its head. Truly as sinister as a


He displayed how cruel he was while the Federation soldiers in the trench displayed a bravery

that transcended his imagination.

Nobody had been frightened by his cruel display. The remaining 11 Federation soldiers

remained unmoved as they continued pressing the triggers and shooting at the enemies; they

were truly calm and fearless. Currently, they were even grouping together, moving slowly

towards this Battle Mecha that had killed their comrade, ignoring any other Beast-style Battle

Mechas from the Myth Legion that might pounce on them.

Even though they could not produce any life-threatening damage, the concentrated firepower

was enough to produce an impact that pushed this Battle Mecha backward.

At the same time, two intertwining armor-piercing energy shots landed on the Beast-style

Battle Mecha, causing its energy shield to drop to a dangerous red level.

This originally carefree Myth Legion Beast-style Battle Mecha was in a difficult situation. He

did a roll on the ground, freeing himself from the concentrated firepower. His allies had finally

broken through the first line of defense as well. The 11 Federation soldiers that had put him in a

difficult situation would soon become their war trophies. The feeling of shame turned into

anger as the Myth soldiers decided to be crueler in their torture of the Federation prisoners-ofwar

who did not know their place, letting them die in agony.

However, the 11 Federation soldiers did not give them this opportunity. Using their fleshy

bodies, the soldiers began to charge forward at the incoming Battle Mechas. Their target was

none other than the Beast-style Battle Mecha who killed their comrade.

With its energy shield decreasing to a dangerous red level, the Battle Mecha was caught

unprepared. In the battlefields, he has seen many different kinds of charges where soldiers

charged forward to kill their enemies at the cost of their own lives. But never before has he seen

humans charging towards Battle Mechas. This charge was truly orderly and full of vigor. Even

the other Beast-style Battle Mechas that had entered this crowd of soldiers had no way of

obstructing it. These Federation soldiers had painted a target before advancing wave upon wave

onto the mecha.

Out of the 11 Federation soldiers at the beginning, only four were able to reach the Battle Mecha;

the other seven had died along the way. Two were killed by other Battle Mechas while five had

died under the energy cannon fired by the anxious Battle Mecha who was the target of charge.

So it turned out that these Battle Mechas could do ranged attacks as well. Close-combat was

merely the Myth Legion's modus operandi.

Shame had befallen this Myth soldier, turning him crazy. Under the charge of several

Federation soldiers who could not threaten him, he was actually flustered and fired his energy

cannon. How long has it been since he last used such a rubbish weapon like the energy cannon?

He could not remember when it was, but today, the death charge by a group of the Federation's

prisoners-of-war had actually caused him to feel the danger.

Four people were enough. The charging Federation soldiers were laughing; they were laughing

so happily. Other than that, there was also ridicule and mockery, as if they were the cats and

this Battle Mecha was the rat.

Three Federation soldiers hugged this Beast-style Battle Mecha that had its energy shield level

in red levels. Within their embrace, there were a few grenades that connected together into a

bomb. A bomb was enough to destroy a Battle Mecha that did not have much energy left, yet

they used three.

There was still a Federation soldier who did not have any bomb with him. He stood in front of

the Beast-style Battle Mecha that was tightly hugged by the three people, laughing


He was in an upbeat mood as he watched the Battle Mecha that did not know what to do. ’’I'm

just here to accompany them.’’

Of course, he was not here to accompany the enemy, but his comrades.

The way he said it was truly carefree, as if he was drunk. In this battlefield filled with firepower,

his carefreeness turned into a vicious fearlessness. He was using his life to accompany the

others and had merely said that to tease this despondent Battle Mecha.

A loud sound rang out, and a shock wave swept across the entire place. Fearing that the bomb

did not have enough power, the Federation Soldiers decided to chain all the grenades together

as one.

This was the very first Battle Mecha loss on the side of the small Myth Legion team, and it

happened in a battle between metal and flesh. That was enough to cause all the members of the

small team to feel disbelief. The members of the small team truly did not expect that this

Imperial Army Battle Mecha team had long become their prey. The group of Federation soldiers

had long decided to use these mechas as an offering, hoping to redeem themselves from hell as

they proceeded to heaven.

They similarly did not know that behind the two sides of the hill, there was a group of

Federation Battle Mechas who, under the command of a broken Beast Mk.III Battle Mecha, had

finished their preparations to risk their lives in an assault.

[Fury Fire] walked up the hill. Under the blood-like setting sun, he revealed a sinister smile.


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