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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: Ni Ya's confession

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

This Ni Ya... Ever since she was saved for the second time, she had suddenly become even more

abusive towards him.

For the sake of diverting Ni Ya's attention from the flesh at his waist that was about to be torn

apart, Fatty racked his brain before finally holding onto Ni Ya's hands, as no good idea came to

mind. With an expression of lewdness as he touched her hands, he asked, ’’I think it's time for

you to tell us how you got captured over there.’’

Ni Ya's hands were grabbed by the fatty. Seeing the lecherous way he touched them, her face

started to blush. Rolling her eyes, she did pull her hands away; instead, she let him have his way

with it. ’’Mei Duo and I were initially on a transport ship that was about to fly back to New

Rome. I'm sure you know of this. Before the transport ship would be able to reach New Rome, it

would have to go through enemy territory. At the moment when we started to enter the

atmospheric layer, the enemy's fighter aircrafts caught onto us. Our escort fighter aircrafts

were heavily outnumbered and were soon destroyed. Still, they helped us delay the enemy,

allowing two of the transport ships that went with us to escape. However, because the reversegravity

system on our ship was destroyed, we couldn't exit the atmospheric layer and had to

descend instead. Ever since then, we've become prisoners-of-war of the enemy's ground forces

and have been imprisoned in that concentration camp.’’

Fatty had not thought that Ni Ya would actually let him have his way with her without any

thoughts of resistance. For a moment, he was dazed as his hands felt like boiling sweet potatoes

he did not know whether to throw it or not.

As Ni Ya continued recounting her experiences, the agonizing emotions from her experience in

the concentration camp bursted out, causing her to quieten down. Only after a while did she

finally continue softly, ’’Everyday, they would grab some of us to aid in their experiments.

These experiments were conducted right in front of all of us. If we died, they would just throw

us to the side. Nobody truly knew who would be next and when it would be their turn. Initially,

everyone still discussed about how we should escape, yet we did not succeed in the least.

Instead, more people had been killed. Finally, the enemy started increasing their guard, and at

that point of time, we have all given up. That's how we passed through day by day, wondering if

we can see the sun again tomorrow.’’

This agonizing recollection finally broke Ni Ya down. Tears started gushing out from her eyes

as they fell onto the metal surface of the carriage, producing sounds of ’’pa da’’.

’’Whenever I had my meals, I would try to savor every last bit in my mouth, thinking that it is

going to be my very last meal. When I had nothing to do, I'll use my hands to touch the soil, the

metal fence, my clothes, my hair, my body...’’ The moment she mentioned her body, Ni Ya's face

turned red. She bit her lips and tried to turn away her face secretly so that Fatty could not see it.

’’I like this feeling. The feelings I get from my touch lets me realize that I'm still alive. I want to

remember each and every single feeling before I die because when I die, I'll never ever be able to

see, never be able to hear, never be able to touch.’’ ’’Wuu wuu’’ Ni Ya's soundless tears finally

became a loud cry along with Mei Duo, who was sobbing quietly by her side. The two sobbing

women buried their face within Fatty's embrace.

’’I do not want to die. I'm afraid of becoming an ugly corpse that is piled together with the

others, allowing for those insects to fly over my body. I am truly scared... and thinking about

this... I truly feel like turning myself into smoke and ashes. At least if I disappear from the

world in this manner, nobody would be able to see my ugly state.’’

Fatty felt his emotions collapse. Facing this woman that was as beautiful as life itself, he truly

could not understand her thinking. Maybe, the cuteness from women originated from this

aspect of unreasonable prejudice.

Seeing how Ni Ya was crying as if raindrops on a pear blossom, Fatty could not help but feel

heartache. He held onto her and comforted her, ’’Alright alright, if you cry even more, then you

won't become beautiful anymore. Aren't you safe right now?’’

Ni Ya wiped her tears in his embrace before saying, ’’At that time, I started thinking... thinking

about the happy experiences I had in the past few years. The more I thought, the more I felt that

we should have just stayed hidden deep in the mountains when we escaped that time and pass

our days there. That is so much better. My mind just continued thinking and thinking, and my

heart was telling me...’’

Fatty did not discover that Ni Ya's eyes had turned so red that it started to become warm. He

just blurted out, ’’What did your heart tell you?’’

Ni Ya's tone became very shy. She lightly nibbled on her lips before saying, ’’My heart tells me

that if you were to come and save me, I should wed myself to you. Even if I die, I'll still wed

myself to you.’’

Fatty became petrified. Mei Duo, who was in his embrace, started trembling as well as she

lightly said by his ears, ’’Me too!’’

The atmosphere became awkward and ambiguous. Fatty painfully thought to himself, ’’Dear

lord, the next time you want to grant me luck with the ladies, please do it separately, alright?

Don't just throw everything at me in one go.’’

As he was letting his imagination run wild, he heard from Ni Ya again, ’’I like the feeling of

pinching you. That feeling on my fingers makes me feel really safe since I know that you are by

my side. I think it's worth it even if I die, as long as I can pinch you once every day.’’ Fatty was

so shocked that he jumped out and shouted, ’’No way! What kind of nonsense craving is this? I

absolutely reject!’’

Ni Ya ignored the fatty's forceful rejection. She simply continued talking to herself, ’’That's why

I must marry myself to you. Who asked you to come and save me? You must promise me that

every time when I wake up in bed, I can lightly pinch you just once. If you don't promise me,

then I'll always stay by your side and keep pinching you until you promise me.’’

Fatty felt his soul fly out of his body when heard Ni Ya say the words ’’wake up in bed’’. As he

started feeling amorous, he felt pain on his waist; it was Mei Duo who was currently pinching

on that soft flesh that was in agony.

His flesh was going to tear apart into pieces...

’’I don't think I can live through these days anymore.’’ Fatty was truly aggrieved.

’’Reporting to vice company commander. Company commander has information from you,’’ the

[Antenna] Battle Mecha controller, Miller, gave Tian Xing Jian a salute before reporting.

’’Oh?’’ Tian Xing Jian felt that it was kind of weird. He did not request the [Antenna] to try and

contact someone externally because he feared it would be intercepted, revealing their location.

Receiving the electronic mail, he asked, ’’How did they contact us?’’

Miller understood why the vice company commander was so worried, thus he explained, ’’On

[Antenna], there is an Albert-encrypted signal machine. He contacted us using Albertencryption.’’

’’Albert?’’ Fatty was stunned. This type of point-to-point encrypted communication system was

invented by an ancient scientist called Einstein during military research. He spent only a year

to invent this system. Usually, only battleships would use this encryption protocol. This

communication system was usually as large as a big wardrobe. No matter how he tried, he could

still not find a way for the [Antenna] to have this communication system. Since when did

manufacturing techniques become so advanced?

He did not care about the report in his hand; instead, he decided that he had to see for himself

how the Albert-encrypted communication system was fitted on the [Antenna].

A very small box was taken into his hand. After turning it around for a while, the fatty finally

confirmed that this object was originally the wardrobe-sized secret communication machine.

’’Damn, you see something new every day.’’ Fatty felt that the things he saw and learned in the

research lab had become outdated just after a few days. It seemed that he had truly

underestimated the Federation's technological and manufacturing prowess. Even though this

encrypted communication system was limited to point-to-point communication, the

encryption had not yet been cracked by others. Furthermore, this machine was extremely

complex and nobody could brute force the encrypted messages, hence there was still a high

value associated with using it. For this machine to diminish in size to this point meant that it

would be the best partner for any single soldier to have when one was behind the enemy lines.

Scrutinizing the electronic document in his hand carefully, the information revealed that

Rashid had successfully escaped the enemy's pursuit after a strike by the air force. They had

also successfully eradicated an enemy's logistic base. Other than this, there were still two more

pieces of information that had to be reported to Tian Xing Jian. The first was that the

Federation Army has officially started Operation ’’Lightning’’ just a few hours ago. In outer

space, several space fleets have already regained control of the Miracolo Planet's warp gates,

and the Empire's fleets have retreated. The space fleets that control the outer space aircraft

carrier battle group and the land-based aviation squadron, armored fighter aircraft battle

group that focuses on the layer beneath the atmosphere have started their surprised assault

towards the west, opening a passage of 200 kilometers in distance and up to a thousand

kilometers in depth of the air space. On the surface, six united army troops that consist of a

total of 20 ground-based armored divisions and 11 aviation squadron armored divisions

defeated Gyaca Woods Empire defenders who were stationed in this passage. The battles

proceeded extremely smoothly. If no accidents happened, the Federation would be able to

extend their region of control to the region Fatty was at currently.

This was truly a good news. After all, they could not depend on this rat hole to reach the regions

controlled by the Federation, as it was more than a thousand kilometers away. Furthermore,

there might be rivers, lakes, and mountainous region which they had no way of passing

through. Even if the entire path were flat plains, there would not be enough energy to last the

entire journey.

The second piece of information given was not that good. Even though the effects of the attacks

on the enemies by the advance part of commandos were stellar, a secret Imperial Army group

had actually appeared and caused a huge loss to the Federation commandos team. According to

reports, this team that had only participated in encircling the Federation's advance party

should be the renowned and notorious Gyaca Woods Empire special forces Myth Legion. This

legion was built with an organizational structure similar to the army. They had participated in

almost every single war the Gyaca Woods Empire had previously participated in. Over many

hundreds of years, this legion had thrived in battles with outstanding achievements within the

Gyaca Woods Empire. The longer a legion participated in battles, the stronger it would get. In

the entire history of human warfare, there had been no legion that could be compared to them.

Under the attack led by the Myth Legion, more than 20 battalions of the Federation commandos

had been extinguished in battle, resulting in more than 10 commando regiments scattering.

This information was enough to tighten Tian Xing Jian's heart. Not even 20 hours had passed

since they dropped in by air. Even if these commandos did not resist, it would still require a few

hours to wipe them out.

What kind of monsters were there in the special forces of the legion?

’’Myth Legion,’’ Fatty murmured. He had a sudden epiphany the biggest threat to him in this

war should be those ferocious and ruthless monsters that treated war as their professions.


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