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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Unmasking the Magical Performance

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

Gyaca Woods Empire's ground force, 32nd Armored division, 1st Battle Mecha Regiment, 3rd

Battalion, battalion commander, Major Raphael was currently feeling agonized. His battalion,

which had just received the order to chase after the enemies, had instead fallen to their

ambush. A company worth of Battle Mechas had been completely destroyed, whereas the other

two companies had survived solely because of the aid provided by the 2nd Battalion.

After breaking through the blockade of the Federation special forces, the moment Major

Raphael was about to give the order to continue their pursuit, he received an order from the

higher-ups for him to give up on their pursuit. This mission of pursuing the enemy would be

completed by the 2nd Battalion, while his battalion should head forward towards an eastern

concentration camp, search and annihilate all enemies nearby the area, and ensure not a single

enemy escapes. At the very end, he had to destroy the entire concentration camp.

This order, which had come down from the division and bypassed his direct superior, the

regiment commander, could not be refuted at all. Even if Raphael truly felt angry at the fact

that he could not chase after the company that ambushed him, he would still not dare to go

against this military order. The Empire was extremely strict in dealing with those who went

against military orders. They were so strict that they would even make him regret being born

into this world if he went against them, thus he had no choice but to follow the new orders.

Raphael decided to channel his fury onto the new enemy. Under his urging, his soldiers rushed

towards the designated location given by the division in less than 20 minutes.

The concentration camp was full of the sounds of cannon fire, and practically every single

corner was a battle. Several utterly defeated Empire's defending Battle Mechas had been

suppressed within the center of the base in a barrack. They were doing their utmost to spread

out their firepower. In this concentration camp, every area was filled with the rebelling

prisoners-of-war. Their figures could be seen intermittently behind the bunkers. Several other

defending Battle Mechas were just leaning on the walls as they tried their best to use their

firepower to suppress the rebelling prisoners-of-war and push them back into their quarters.

’’These damnable, spiteful Federation insects! Everyone, charge!’’ Raphael did not hesitate to

send down the orders. As long as his two companies worth of mechas charged forth into the

concentration camp, nobody would be able to resist. The rebelling prisoners-of-war would

certainly be ground into meat pastes.

Perhaps due to the sight of the Imperial Battle Mechas charging into the camp, the rebelling

prisoners-of-war began to escape after seeing their hopes dashed. Despite this, the cannon fire

suddenly turned even more vigorous. After a bout of crazy firepower, an enormous explosion

created a chain explosion in the ammunition dump. Following the explosion, several other

explosions rang out consecutively, causing an enormous shockwave to not only level the entire

concentration camp but also overturn Raphael, who was prepared to charge in, and his mecha.

Within the area of effect, no living being could stand up after this explosion. Due to the raging

flames and ignorance of when the next explosion may occur, the Imperial soldiers were all

stunned. They were just watching in a daze at this human purgatory that was filled with the

wreckage of mechas and the flesh and blood of humans.

Raphael jumped out from his overturned Battle Mecha. The flames reflected on his face, making

it look red. Sometimes, it was bright, and sometimes, it was dark. Plumes of smoke rushed

upwards into the sky as another explosion burst out. Raphael could not help but use his arms to

shield his eyes from the debris. Suddenly, an extremely bright light flashed out from the entire

forest, causing his eyes to feel a piercing pain.

Only after a few moments did Raphael finally regain his rationality. He gave out the next order,

’’Immediately search through the area of radius 20 kilometers thoroughly. I want all of you to

comb through five times to ensure that not a single prisoner-of-war survived.’’

’’Those damn Federation cowards! Since when did they dare to risk their lives?!’’ Raphael looked

towards the currently burning concentration camp. He had a sudden epiphany that, maybe, this

war on Miracolo Planet was not as easy as it was in the past.

An hour later, the fire started dying down. Raphael brought a section of Battle Mechas with him

into the scene of fire. This concentration camp was overlaid with the corpses of many

Federation captives. Many of which even showed signs of having been in battle against the

Empire's guards. All sorts of structures had completely collapsed. At the center of the scene was

a pile of Federation captive corpses. Seeing this pile allowed Raphael to understand why the

Federation captives went so crazy. Perhaps from their perspective, since they would die

regardless, it was better to just take a gamble.

Their bet was with their lives, and in the end, they lost.

The two company commanders responsible for searching the area soon returned. They brought

back news of being unable to find a single trace of a living person within the surrounding

dozens of kilometers.

’’Burn all these corpses!’’ Raphael ordered. He suddenly relaxed after giving the command.

’’Maybe this news need not be passed through the regiment commander and should be sent

directly to the division. That'll be better,’’ he thought as he happily left this accursed place.

Ten hours later, once they had ascertained that all the Imperial soldiers had left, the

underground passage broke out in an uncontrolled cheer. The prisoners-of-war were all in

tears as they hugged each of the soldiers from the special scouts company. Several female

soldiers had even given them a hot kiss to show their gratitude.

Fatty's magic was an unprecedented success. He successfully cleared the existence of these few

hundreds of prisoners-of-war from the memories of the Imperial army, disappearing into the

boundless wilderness.

Mei Duo tightly hugged Fatty's neck. She did not know when it had started, but the ordinarylooking

face of Fatty had suddenly become very attractive, causing her to be unable to control

herself. She continued to cry as much as she could in the fatty's embrace, so much so that water

could be squeezed out from the fatty's uniform.

’’Fatty, you must never abandon us.’’ A fervent body stuck close to the back of him as soft and

flexible arms wrapped around Fatty's neck.

’’Ni Ya?’’

Fatty felt his blood pressure rising... Since when was his luck with women so good? He was so

frightened that he immediately left the embrace of the two women and went to hide in a corner,

murmuring to himself, ’’This is definitely not something good.’’

Regardless of the two women, which Fatty had no idea how to handle, the moment he thought

that this matter would become known to Ni Ya's good friend, the slave master Milan, he would

be hard-pressed in escaping her venomous hands and would certainly be cut into pieces by

Milan. Right now, the fatty only had evil intentions but no courage to back them up. He was

truly afraid that the moment he had them both, this evil intention of his would be cut into

pieces by Milan.

’’How can I still play if I am controlled by someone!?’’

The moment he thought of that, Fatty immediately decided that before he truly understood

what this messy relationship was; he could only control his heart and instincts towards the two

alluring, beautiful women.

He solemnly declared himself as a supporter of women and a poor monk who was singleheartedly

reaching for Buddhism. Seeing how he acted as if he had already reached the point

beyond worldly affairs, it was enough to make anyone seeing him feel like chopping him down.

Seeing how the fatty acted as though he truly abstained from eating meat and had no emotions

in his heart as he recited a Buddhist scripture, Mei Duo and Ni Ya could not help but laugh at the

fatty who became even more wretched looking. This chap was truly a clown by nature. Who

really knew what exactly was in his mind. When one hated him, he would become shameless

and take advantage of others. When one liked him, he would act as if he was frightened that

someone was about to molest him. It was simply too cute.

Along the road, the two beautiful women had shown their affections to the fatty. Every single

part of his body had been pinched by the two women. Since they traveled along this

underground passage as it was dug, the fastest they could travel was at 2 km/h. Fatty estimated

that by the time he exited this passage and entered a region controlled by the Federation, he

would have no meat left on his body.

’’Fatty, how exactly did you create that spectacle above ground?’’ Ni Ya's fragrant and soft lips

stuck close to Fatty's ears, making him shake and sway on the spot as if he was being tangled

by a demoness. His entire body started to itch. He truly wished to move his waist and using a

lewd tone to tell Ni Ya, ’’I just did it moving in and out.’’ But for the sake of his life, he did not

say it in the end.

’’Quickly tell us!’’ His ears were being threatened by Ni Ya's teeth. Tian Xing Jian hurriedly said,

’’Don't bite, don't bite. It's actually very simple.’’ Fatty tried his best to unravel Ni Ya from his

body. He gave Mei Duo, who was giggling by his side, a careful look before saying, ’’This plan

actually came from the magic of a living person who underwent great changes.’’

Ni Ya's eyes brightened. She stuck her body onto Fatty's figure once again before asking, ’’You

know magic?’’

Mei Duo giggled as she said to Ni Ya, ’’Do you believe him even though he says that this

profession of tricking others isn't something he's good at?’’

Ni Ya nodded before twisting Fatty's ears. ’’This chap truly loves to trick others.’’

Fatty immediately tried to change the topic. ’’Those defending Battle Mechas and the firing

cannons had been remotely controlled from behind the bunkers. The locations where the

bunkers were placed had been decided and planned before the battle. Even though it seemed to

span the entire base, in reality, as long as everyone revealed themselves for a moment when the

enemies arrived, they could just simply run in the direction of the bunkers. These bunkers were

placed at a location that would cause the bunker with the underground tunnel to be at a dead

angle from the viewpoint of the enemy. I've long arranged for the camp's defender Battle

Mechas to be placed within the barracks and start firing at the opposing side. Of course, under

the firepower, they would not have the time to think that all of our people have actually escaped

into this barracks. Once everyone entered the hole, I'll be the last person to jump in before

using the mechanical arm to fill up this hole and activate the buried ammunitions. It'll be fine

as long as the removed soil is covered by the fallen barracks.’’

Fatty felt proud of his own masterpiece. He boasted, ’’Using misdirections and the timing

between thoughts that's the true secret behind this magic. Those Imperial soldiers must be

thinking that since this barrack is under the control of the Empire, the captured Federation

soldiers could only be located outside it. Since there are no places to hide outside, the moment

the explosion occurred, all the Federation soldiers would be doomed. Seeing all the corpses

around the camp, they would never have thought that they were tricked. Hehehe, unless they

are more intelligent than me of course.’’

’’You only know how to trick others. We have all been tricked by you.’’ Mei Duo pulled on Fatty's

hands before leaning close to his face with a coquettish look. She had turned those

reprimanding words into something sweet. With a smile and a happy expression on her face,

there were no signs of them being unhappy about this.

’’That's right, I'm gonna strangle you, this damned fatty!’’ Ni Ya went to pinch the fat by his

waist before saying that with giggles.


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