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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Something That Must Be Done

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

The Battle Mecha's radar and weapon targeting system had been interfered with, and the

communications system had entirely been cut. The group of defenders was just like scattered

sand, as they could not coordinate with one another. Instead, they had to carry out their own

individual fights; however, under the assaults of the wolf-like and the tiger-like Federation

special scouts who surrounded them, they were divided and could not retaliate at all. Soon, they

were crushed.

The god of faking death, Tian Xing Jian, was truly brilliant when it came to battling. This chap,

who was even plotting while lying on the ground, had destroyed a total of 15 Gyaca Woods

Imperial Battle Mechas. His performance as a tragic yet stirring hero who had rebirthed in

flames could be passed down to the later generations as a touching scene. His acting skills were

so stellar and full of emotive sincerity that they felt so remarkably true. Not only had he tricked

those Imperial defenders that died unjustly, even his own first company had truly wept for him.

This very battle had been termed by the scouts first company as the Classics of Wretched

Tactics. Thereafter, the first company had even modified their mecha. From that moment

onwards, the imitation armor designed by Tian Xing Jian became really popular. The special

characteristics of the metal that could produce life-like photoelectric audio-visual imitation

had been termed by the first company as the ’’Undying Bird’’ an utmost honor. As for those

Imperial soldiers who had survived through this battle, they would recall that the opposing

army had been piloting the standardized Federation 7th generation Battle Mecha. During the

surprise assault, their momentum and firepower were extremely fierce and violent. Utilizing a

large-scale movement of interweaving in between our soldiers, they had divided us into groups

before picking us off one by one. This was the specialty of this company of soldiers. But the

most wretched thing that happened was when a Battle Mecha that had clearly been destroyed

with sparks and black smoke rolling out to the extent that one could not bear to watch

would climb up once again the moment the Imperial Army looked away. Let's not talk about the

others. Just judging solely on this fearless attitude and never-say-die attitude of this soldier

had been enough to cause all the other soldiers to fear him.

After clearing of all the Imperial Battle Mechas guarding the external perimeters, the first

company did not meet any successful resistance against them. The defense of this base had

been completely destroyed.

After the soldiers of the first company grouped themselves into two arrowhead formation and

pierced rapidly towards the inner section so that they could occupy it, they had finally realized

what this base was used for. This was not the Gyaca Woods Empire's airbase and neither was it

a missile silo. Instead, it was a purgatory on the human world a camp for prisoners of war.

Within the inner section of the camp that had been walled up by electrical fences, several

regions were designated by the iron wires and piles of wood. A few hundred malnourished and

sickly Federation prisoners of war, garbed in ragged clothes, were imprisoned like captive

animals. Beside them, there was another region separated by a fence. This region was filled

with all the corpses of the prisoners-of-war that had been executed. It had been piled up into a

mountain; the soil on the ground had been stained with their blood. The entire place reeked of

rot and decay.

The moment Tian Xing Jian saw this particular scene as he jumped out of his mecha, he puked

his guts out. These badly mutilated corpses were akin to goods randomly discarded, displaying

their pale color and stiff bodies. Under the legs of Tian Xing Jian, a female Federation soldier's

corpse was inclined downwards from the pile of corpses. Her entire chest had been cut opened,

and blood was still dripping from it; her eyes were still opened, looking towards the sky


The fortunate prisoners-of-war who had survived were rapidly rescued from the camp. There

were no sounds of happiness nor celebration. Instead, these prisoners just walked out silently.

They were apathetic and dull in listening to the commands given by the soldiers of the first

company. Several of these people had even continued to stay within the fence as they looked

out with their heads tilted, wondering if their current location was instead the safest place. The

soldiers of the first company had to forcefully pull them out. Some of them were just like

children obediently walking out. Some had instead stubbornly held onto the iron wire and

insisted in not moving at all. Some had even curled up as if they saw the most frightening

demon, crying and shouting for help.

Towards the rear of the enemy, those who had lost their mechas were akin to those who lost

their lives. Dozens of kilometers to the south and north of this location were the Federation

cities that had been overwhelmed by the large groups of Imperial soldiers. Furthermore, there

was almost certainly a transport ship following in the direction they took. Maybe a few minutes

later, this location would be overrun by enemies.

If that was the case, there was no way they could bring these prisoners-of-war along. The only

solution they had would be to contact the air force. However, since they were unable to tear

down the enemy's defenses and the distance that needed to be traversed to escape from the

clutches of the enemies was very far, there would certainly be no safe locations for the

transport ships to descend.

What should they do? Unless... they had to just leave these people behind? Tian Xing Jian and

Rashid looked at each other.

’’Fatty!’’ Two petite and delicate figure came rushing out, and in a moment, they leapt into Tian

Xing Jian's embrace. ’’Wuu wuu, it's really you.’’ For a moment, Fatty felt flustered as he raised

the two faces who were crying in his embrace to see who they were.

’’Mei Duo? Ni Ya? Why are the two of you here?’’

Fatty was about to collapse. Had these two women become addicted to being prisoners-of-war?

’’Wuu, wuu...’’

Akin to the eruption of a flood from the mountain, Mei Duo and Ni Ya continued crying until the

sky turned dark. Even then, not a single word was spoken.

After crying, Mei Duo had fainted in the end. Ni Ya's current mental state was also truly terrible.

The two of them had clearly become thinner, and their appearances withered.

In this sort of purgatory-like concentration camp, the two women were still able to clearly

recognize Fatty. This made the fatty feel that this was a miracle in itself. There was no need for

them to explain. Just by observing this camp of prisoners-of-war, Fatty could imagine the

torment they suffered every day as they stayed here. Facing the destiny of possibly dying from

being shot at any moment, facing the situation where friends were being killed every day before

turning into one of the corpses piled on the other side of the fence, this sort of mental pressure

could not be imagined unless one experienced it for himself.

Fatty placed Mei Duo, who was in his embrace, flat onto the ground. Pinching her ’’human

center’’ acupuncture point, Mei Duo finally regained consciousness.

Her tear-filled eyes gazed towards Fatty without blinking. ’’I beg you, please bring me away...’’

Mei Duo's voice felt truly sorrowful and haggard.

The Federation soldiers beside them could no longer help it. They turned away as tears started

rushing out.

As for the other prisoners who had been dull and apathetic, as if Mei Duo's voice opened a door

to their feelings, they started crying softly. Within a few moments, they began wailing out loud.

The distressed and terrifying sounds brought heartache to the soldiers.

Tian Xing Jian hugged Mei Duo tightly for a long time before saying, ’’Don't be afraid. Nobody

will harm you again.’’

Seeing how Mei Duo and Ni Ya started to calm down, Rashid pulled Tian Xing Jian to the side

and asked, ’’What should we do? If we bring them with us, we'll definitely not make it out.’’

Tian Xing Jian looked towards Mei Duo, who continued looking at him, before saying, ’’You all

shall continue with your plans and advance forward. I'll stay behind and bring them out.’’

Rashid shouted in astonishment, ’’Are you crazy?! Do you know where we are? How can you

escape with just you alone?’’

Tian Xing Jian laughed. ’’Have you forgotten? I'm the escape specialist. Even if I can't escape,

I'll not allow myself to leave them behind. If not for Mei Duo, then for the others here. They are

all our comrades and heroes of resistance.’’

’’In this world...’’ Tian Xing Jian took a deep breath. ’’There are things a man has to do.’’


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