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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Again and Again

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

[Antenna] started its electromagnetic interference to attack the region within a radius of five

kilometers, covering the entire area of their objective. Within half an hour, as long as it was not

destroyed, the [Antenna] would dominate this area. Any type of message would not be able to

escape the prison it created. Even if the Imperial Army had a superior electronic resistance

weapon, trying to struggle from its disadvantaged state towards suppression would, at the

quickest, require half an hour.

A [Fury Fire] and six other warrior-class pioneers were left behind to protect the [Antenna]. The

other single-operated Battle Mechas had already entered the line of surprise assault. The

moment the electromagnetic interference started, all the Battle Mechas were akin to horses,

charging in as they started their surprise assault.

During times of war, the sudden assault by an armored unit could bring an extremely terrifying

momentum. Dozens of single-operated Battle Mecha assaulting at once was truly worldshocking.

This action of inadvertently warning the enemies had a very good effect. Alarms

started ringing within the base, and the engines of the Battle Mechas on the guard shift could

be heard clearly starting up. 500 meters away, the assaulting Federation Battle Mechas shot

their first batch of missiles. Fatty would lament every time he saw this volley of missile It truly

resembled an educational science film showing the scene under a microscope * and the aftereffects,

especially the part where the sperm missile started attacking the egg castle truly

wonderful to watch! He had always been puzzled about how these science education films were

filmed, and only after a while did he find out that it had been simulated by the computer while

using actual pictures. That was such a cheat. The fatty felt regret learning the truth.

The missiles accurately hit the gates and the surrounding walls as the sounds of explosion

resounded. The gates and temporary steel-manufactured walls were lifted high up. Dusts

began to dance in the place as entire sections of the walls were destroyed. A hole of about 100

meters in radius had been formed as a result. Coincidentally, on the inner side of the wall, it was

the location where the sentinel forces placed their Battle Mechas and the Imperial soldiers were

currently wearing their underpants and jumping into the mechas.

How could Fatty ever let them have the chance to start their Battle Mechas? He was the first to

charge in. This broken-looking mecha went charging in with weird movements as if he was a

baboon in heat.

The places they could see were currently being destroyed at a rapid pace. Surprise assaults

would usually not be met with too big of a resistance, especially when their energy cannons and

missiles had the power to make the enemies lie down on the ground the moment they woke up.

Two rows of barracks were annihilated quickly. Not a single person had the chance to enter

their unoperated Battle Mechas. Whenever Fatty fought, he had a rule that must be followed

regardless of how much they begged, never give the enemy a chance of survival! But, this

coward had only thought of this in his heart. Ever since he entered the army, this chap had

never once fought with others before this; even when he became embroiled in conflict withsomeone, he would still grit his teeth and displace his anger elsewhere so as to keep the peace


’’I have always been an avid supporter of peace since I was born. I am truly a very merciful

person. Never once would I be willing to see others bleed. Otherwise, I'll definitely do this...

that... and the battlefield will turn extremely violent with blood reeking everywhere from my

cruelty...’’ Fatty had always boasted to his friends.

This time, it was not a fight, but rather a life or death slaughter in an actual battlefield. Maybe it

was because he had killed someone as he was escaping, and that he had crossed this hurdle in

his heart... Or maybe, it might be because he was currently in a battle, and the heart and mind of

humans would head towards a different path. Regardless, the fatty no longer treated any of the

enemies in front of him as a living person. The energy cannon of [Logic] started sweeping these

Imperial soldiers who were still putting on their underpants, turning them into flying blood

and flesh. The fatty had no feelings of disgust or fear. Instead, he became excited as he singlehandedly

drove this broken Battle Mecha of his into the base.

The artillery barrage started to disperse as the missiles and cannon fire spread throughout the

base of operations. Several Imperial Battle Mechas that had been far away from the barrage

finally reached the area; these mechas included the patrolling team and those who had survived

from the artillery barrage. The Federation Army's firepower was finally being suppressed by

the enemy. At the moment the Federation's mechas thoroughly entered the enemy base and

divided their forces into two groups to perform a pincer manoeuvre, attacking deep within the

enemy base, Fatty alone clashed with the incoming Imperial Battle Mechas.

20 against one. Fatty analyzed the situation rapidly.

A missile came flying over, directly hitting on [Logic]'s chest. The broken-looking Battle Mecha

immediately crumpled onto the ground. The enormous explosion resulted in a huge hole on the

chest of [Logic]; the broken circuits from within became exposed to the environment. Sparks

could be seen as [Logic]'s entire body was emitting black smoke.

The Imperial soldiers felt that something was amiss. What exactly was this broken plaything? A

mecha that was destroyed in a single cannon had dared to rush in as the vanguard. When had

the Federation become so poor?

Regardless, the assaulting Federation Army had already entered and attacked the base. Those

responsible for guarding the gates would not be able to resist the dense firepower from the

Federation, thus the Imperial mechas did not think over this issue at all. Instead, they left

behind this destroyed Federation Battle Mecha before charging onwards. Several mechas did

not feel rest assured by this and had used their energy cannon to blast this broken pile a few

times. No reaction... Instead, the blast from their energy cannons had almost turned some of

the Imperial mechas who were rushing towards the gates into scrap.

This scene truly shocked all the soldiers from the special scouts company.

’’How can this be possible? Vice company commander had just come earlier this afternoon, and

now, he is dead?’’

’’Fatty, Fatty!’’

’’I thought he was quite cunning... why did he become so crazy when battling?’’

’’The Battle Mecha is definitely destroyed. I don't know if anyone can survive that.’’

’’Such a big hole in his chest... he must certainly be dead.’’

’’Full-on attack! We must retrieve the vice company commander's Battle Mecha!’’

’’Revenge, revenge!’’

The special scouts company's regional communications channel became extremely chaotic.

Nobody had been the wiser of the fact that this fatty, whom they had just met recently, would

die so soon. Did this fatty go on a rampage? He had charged in all by himself.

Right at the time when they truly believed that Tian Xing Jian had already sacrificed himself,

behind the group of over 20 Imperial Battle Mechas, the Beast MK. III that was broken to the

extent that one could not bear to look suddenly climbed up.

The soldiers of the scouts company were crying tears of excitement. This was truly a heroic

scene as they watched how this broken Beast climbed up from hell as a warrior. Two missiles

were fired at the Imperial Battle Mechas that just went running past him. After that, the Beast's

mechanical arm grabbed hold of another Imperial Army single-operated Battle Mecha,

punching the cabin into pulp.

Such a moving and tragic scene. Behind the Beast Mk.III that had just climbed up, there were

about 40 to 50 Imperial Battle Mecha rushing towards them.

Several energy cannons bombarded on the broken Beast Mk.III.

This Battle Mecha had, once again, fallen onto the ground under the bombardment solemnly.


’’Kill! Kill all of them!’’

’’Charge forward! Let's avenge our vice company commander!’’

The Federation soldiers, who were stirred up emotionally, began their frenzied assault. Two

[Fury Fire] that were in charge of providing cover fire let out some angry shouts. Six energy

cannons began shooting out hundreds of artillery shells as if it was a streamer dancing in the

night. The entire place became covered in smoke. The two missile launchers were firing

continuously high explosive rounds,without stop, causing enormous explosions thundering up

to the skies.

Two single-operated Battle Mecha penetrated into the crowd like arrowheads, cutting apart

dozens of newly-arrived Imperial Battle Mechas. Now that the enemies were unable to receive

commands due to jammed communications and had no functional radar coupled with the

failure of their weapon targeting system, how could these Imperial soldiers, who had always

been fully dependent on their hands to control their mechas, be a match against this Federation

special scout soldiers who had undergone strict training?

The broken Beast Battle Mecha climbed up once again...

Several soldiers from the first company were crying...

’’Is this not seeking death?’’ They were thinking, ’’Vice company commander is truly too heroic!

Too fearless!’’

Amidst the flocking Imperial Battle Mechas, Beast fell down once again...

The special scouts soldiers from the first company started to feel strange...

Beast climbed up once again...

Beast fell down...

Beast once again...

Again and again... In the fierce artillery barrage, the Imperial Battle Mechas that had been

charging forward with their lives were being sneak attacked by the broken Battle Mecha among

their group. Fatty, who had enjoyed the sweet taste of success, could not help but continue to do

it. The secret performance of his broken-looking Battle Mecha had slowly revealed itself to the

audience he was faking death!

’’Fatty! What in the world are you doing!?’’

A howl came from Rashid within the communications channel.

The tears on the faces of all the Federation soldiers started drying up... It seemed that most of

them started to realize that they had just been played by the wretched fatty.

’’Truly despicable!’’

Everyone started cursing in unison within the communications channel.


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