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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 17


Chapter 17: Stealth

Translator: Chaos Editor: Geoffrey

’’[Fatty] has landed at coordinates (1045, 2207). Safe. Everyone who landed after me, please head

in my direction.’’

[Fatty] was none other than the callsign with Tian Xing Jian could not let go of. Initially, Rashid

wanted to call him [Wretched man], yet the fatty immediately rejected it harshly. He said,

’’Either call me Hero or Fatty.’’

There were no heroes that acted so wretchedly. Everyone agreed that the medal he had earned

could not prove anything, thus they decided to just call him Fatty instead.

Usually, those of second-in-command would be the soldiers with the sharpest insight amongst

the scouts. As they moved in a team, it would be the second-in-command team commander

who walked at the very front. If they were moving in platoons, then it would be the second-incommand

platoon commander who walked ahead. Of course, it would be the same for the

second-in-command battalion commander as well. And right now, as they proceeded as a

company, Fatty should be the one leading.

Feeling that this was such nonsense, Fatty forcefully spat out the moment the doors of the ship

opened. The air outside tasted moist. Consecutive Battle Mechas fell down from the sky as they

pushed the mecha force-assistance engine to its maximum potential, releasing sounds of

’’hong hong’’. As the rapidly descending Battle Mechas were about 50 meters from the ground, a

seemingly an unseen hand pushed the mechas upwards. This was the effect created by none

other than the force-assistance engine which released a bout of downward impact force.

These standardized Battle Mechas were equipped with the best of the Leray Federation. Due to

their status of being a special battalion, a large amount of state-of-the-art weapons and Battle

Mechas had been provided to them.

The first company had three types of Battle Mechas. The most common was the 7th generation

warrior-class Battle Mecha. This was a single-person operated mecha with extremely high

manoeuvrability and defensive capability and could contend against the medium-sized Battle

Mechas of the 6th generation. Ordinary soldiers would be using the standardized warrior-class

pioneer version. As for Xi La De, the one he was currently controlling was of the same model as

battalion commander Grant, the Leader version. This mecha had been gotten over from Nadal

as Nadal had been using his person private Battle Mecha after many professional modifications

and specialised installations in order to maximise its combat ability.

The second type of mecha was one the signal specialist of the team would use - a mediumsized

four mechanical limbs beast Battle Mecha. They had two of such mechas. This mecha was

named by the military as [Antenna] and was mainly used for maintaining communication with

the rear and coordinating with the air force. During battles, the most important function for

this Battle Mecha was its electromagnetic interference. It could cut apart the enemies'

communicative capabilities and attack their radar, Battle Mecha computer systems, scanners,

GPS system and many other systems so as to create confusion and paralyse the enemy.

As for the final type of mecha, it was [Fury Fire], a heavy-firepower support Battle Mecha. There

was a total of four such mechas within the first company. [Fury Fire] was also a 7th generation

Battle Mecha and also the smaller version of the 6th generation heavy-sized Battle Mecha.

Even though its size had reduced, its combat power was increased. This Battle Mecha could fit

five people in total, with a curved-projectile fire cannon, three energy cannons, and a missile

launcher. It was manufactured with an alloy that was even stronger and harder. The external

armor was truly powerful, and it was matched with a large energy supply that fundamentally, it

could be said to be a moving castle with ferocious firepower.

As for fatty, he had originally been given a warrior class pioneer version, though he had

resolutely rejected. Thus, the only person with a private Battle Mecha in the first company was

this fatty's [Logic]. To the other soldiers of first company, they truly admired this new coming

company second-in-command for playing with his life by using such a broken Battle Mecha

onto the battlefield.

Fatty closely observed the scanner and radar on his [Logic]. There were no signs of hostile

Battle Mecha around their location. However, this quiet mountainous forest would soon be

flocked by the Gyaca Woods Empire's Battle Mechas. They had to leave this location within 10

minutes of time.

The first company assembly after their descend from air was fast and stealthy. These special

scouts had been baptised through hundreds of wars, and all of them knew what they had to do

and how they should do it. After turning off their assistance engine, the Battle Mechas headed

towards Tian Xing Jian's location stealthily in the forest. Only the bigger-sized Battle Mecha

would release sounds of occasional snapping of branches as they traversed through the dense


Two minutes after landing, [Logic]'s Battle Mecha computer released a clear sound of

notification. The first company's two [Antenna], four [Fury Fire] and 77 warrior class pioneers,

with a warrior class leader had arrived.

Fatty passed the command signal via his Battle Mecha's computer to Rashid. Rashid waved his

hands, causing all the assembled mechas to immediately spread out. Two in a group, with on in

front of the other. Three such groups form a file. The entire team had turned into a long snake

that could coil itself up anytime. There would be sharp-sight soldiers on the front and by the

sides of the company. The entire company immediately marched onwards according to the

destination pointed out on their Battle Mecha's computer map.

To the west of their landing point, of about 50 kilometers in distance, there had been a blind

spot scanned from an outer space satellite. This location had returned pitch black as the

military satellite scanned over it. There must be certain Anti-Detection and Interference

System installed in this location. Furthermore, this location was being sandwiched in between

the two cities that had been occupied by the Empire. It was about 30 kilometers from the south

to the north with a road bypassing their location. Thus, there was a huge possibility that this

location must be a base of the enemy's air force.

Radar and electromagnetic interference would not usually be installed near a road. The

Federation's air force had always suspected that this place might be the first location where the

enemy gigantic transport ship had landed before turning into an anti-air guided missile silo.

The reason behind this conjecture was because the southern and northern cities' launched

missiles had been interrupted from this particular direction, thus, this location of a mix

between the temporary air force base of operation and a silo where missiles are launched from

had been the initial conjecture suggested by the intelligence department of the Federation after

seeing the black spot on the map. This conjecture had a huge probability of being proven right,

thus, leading them to send a company of special forces over.

However, fatty felt something was weird about this place. If it truly was the base of air force or a

missile silo, their airdrop down would not be so smooth. But if it wasn't the aforementioned

possibilities, then what could it be?

Very soon, their distance to the objective shortened to less than 10 kilometers. Platoon three

commander, Jason, led his platoon to stay behind as reinforcement. Under the orders by Rashid,

they form a circular defensive formation within a short period of time. Those sharp-sight

soldiers who had been responsible for external surveillance naturally went out to an

observation post 500 meters away. Tian Xing Jian had been observing this group of soldiers

under him for the few hours he had been with them. Clearly, their performances confirmed his

belief that their training was extremely strict. Their actions were firm and decisive as they had

been baptised through war. Their analysis skills and actions were fast and accurate, and the

tactical movements were truly flexible as well.

An [Antenna] and a [Fury Fire] took the initiative to break away from the group with several

mechas following them as their guards. The other soldiers continued without stop towards

their objectives.

Entering the area of interference, there was a high chance of meeting any patrolling enemies at

any one time. Tian Xing Jian and three warrior class pioneer mechas walked at the forefront.

They had to ensure the safety of the group following behind. Fatty chose a small hill southeast

of their objective. He believed that from that higher viewpoint, he would be able to survey the

entire enemy base.

Two platoons of special scouts maintained their utmost trust on fatty's decision. Switching

their mecha to stealth mode, they followed the broken Battle Mecha ahead of them who had

been walking unsteadily. Everyone felt really weird. This mecha that had just been releasing

black smoke in the morning and clattering sounds everywhere, was currently moving like a

feline predator moving towards its prey in the forest. Its movement was gentle and soundless.

If not because of their close proximity, they would have lost him. This broken Battle Mecha had

seemingly blended itself into the darkness in the forest. This very scene made fatty even more

enigmatic in their eyes.

Under the lead of fatty, they reached a distance of about 1 kilometer away from their objective.

Along the way, the broken Battle Mecha that was at the very front had continuously use its

particle accumulator in penetrating through many hollow big trees or underground burrows.

Within these places, there had to be enemy sentries hiding. These spies had been killed within

that short moment soundlessly, and cluelessly. None of the armor protection they had could

block the particle accumulator's penetrative power.

But, nobody had ever thought that a particle accumulator rifle would land in the arms of a

Battle Mecha.

The warriors from the special scouts company following behind had never thought about

anything else. They only felt that this path they took was unordinary. According to logic,

usually a distance of 5 kilometers away from the objective would be their closest distance they

reach before starting the surprise assault.

[Logic]'s radar had captured hostile Battle Mecha patrols. This team of patrol comprised of the

Empire's Iceman Mk.I and a team of infantry. They were currently patrolling around the outer

perimeter wall of their base. Ten minutes later, this slow-moving patrol team had reached the

location where fatty and the others were at.

At one kilometer away from the base, the night continued to be quiet. There had been no sounds

of Battle Mecha starting up, and neither was there sounds of transport ships flying off and

landing. This did not correspond to how a normal airport during war would sound like. Whether

they would attack the base would be Rashid's decision.

Fatty stopped. [Logic]'s mechanical arm raised upwards, before forming a fist.

After the entire group concealed themselves, the command signal was passed back to Rashid.

A minute later...

The leader version mecha released the signal for a surprise assault.


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