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Counterfeit Hero - Chapter 15


Chapter 15: Battle between Mechas

Translator: Chaos Editor :Geoffrey

Tian Xing Jian reacted immediately. It seemed like the female second lieutenant had brought

with her someone this time.

’’Hey, I was wondering who came to look for us. So it's actually the third most beautiful woman,

Miss Alice. Why? Does the combat department have so much free time? So free that you can

bring the entire commando battalion strolling so casually?’’ It seemed that Rashid was not close

to Alice. This chap might seem very simple-minded, but the moment he started scolding

others, he could twist it past three different bends without using a single obscene word. Fatty

immediately understood the underlying meaning behind what he said. That chap had actually

emphasized extremely heavily on the ’’third’’ as he was saying it. Clearly, he was trying to

remind Alice that her beauty could only rank as third, and so she should not be swaggering

about. There were two other women who were much more beautiful than her. As for the second

part of his words, it implied that the commando battalion had become the dogs currently

walked by a woman.

’’Company commander, where am I staying? I have been in the smoke released by Battle Mechas

the entire day, so I ought to go and wash myself clean.’’ Fatty's innate talent of touching other's'

tender spot with his wretched mouth started to work its magic, angering Alice so much that she

started trembling and pointing at Fatty, ’’Damned fatty, are you even a man? You don't want to

battle against others and are even running away!’’

Fatty showed a surprised look before speaking in a low tone, ’’How did you know that I'm not a

man? Unless... you have been peeping at me as I bathed? How can you not see such a big thing?

Are your eyes even looking at the right place?’’ Everyone present at the scene became petrified

at his words. They had never seen such a wretched fatty before so shameless to this extent

point of stage!

Seeing how Alice was angered to the point where she couldn't utter a single word, the

lieutenant colonel beside her gave a smile before saying, ’’It seems that the special scouts

battalion are only capable of bullying young women. Seems like birds of a flock together, and

even the newcomer is of the same kind.’’

Fatty's rolled his eyes, ’’Why are you even feeling anxious that I'm bullying her? Are you her


’’You...’’ the lieutenant colonel was speechless.

Fatty did not care about him. Instead, he turned towards the laughing Rashid, saying,

’’Company commander, I think you should bring me to my living quarters. This place is getting

too noisy, and I'm feeling a slight headache now.’’ After saying that, Fatty even began to

murmur in a volume that everyone could hear, ’’The moment I went out of the door, I saw a

sanitary towel that has been used by someone. So unlucky. Who would have thought that some

of the towels had even contained leukorrhea on it, peh!’’

With a ’’hong’’, everyone from the special scouts battalion exploded with laughter, while the

people from the commando battalion started scolding furiously. So there had been an eye-

striking white streamer on the berets of the commandos.

The lieutenant colonel was so angry that he took a step and grabbed the shirt of Fatty, ’’Who are

you calling a sanitary towel?’’

Fatty, who was by nature a ruffian, took quarrelling as his main specialty. Looking at the hands

of the lieutenant colonel, he smoothly replied, ’’Whoever is grabbing me is that sanitary towel.’’

The moment his words came out, the lieutenant colonel had already been holding onto Fatty's


’’Hahahaha,’’ everyone from the special special forces burst out laughing so much that they

were bending over while holding their stomachs.

Tian Xing Jian loved getting hyped over by the audience. The more sensationalism he created,

the more he would continue to do it. After all, the special scouts battalion and commando

battalion had long been publicly opposing each other, and Fatty knew exactly what his current

position was much clearer than ever.

As expected, the special scouts had changed their opinion of Tian Xing Jian completely. This

time, they were truly convinced that in the entire division, Vice Company Commander Fatty was

the only person who could anger the elegant Commando Battalion Commander Grant to such

an extent.

’’Fatty! If you have the capabilities, then you should use your Battle Mecha and win a fight

against me! Don't use your mouth to seek advantages against me!’’ the lieutenant colonel Grant

gritted his teeth while still holding onto Fatty's collars.

Tian Xing Jian picked his teeth. Showing a nonchalant expression before glancing at the

lieutenant colonel from the side of his eyes, he disdainfully said, ’’Are you even qualified?’’

Grant, who had never ever been belittled so much before, felt a huge amount of shame. At the

moment when he was about to hit this wretched and abominable Fatty with his fists, a voice

came out from his side, ’’Grant, this isn't the place for you to run wild.’’

This was precisely the voice of the special scouts battalion commander, Nadal. The soldiers

from the special scouts battalion naturally opened a pathway for Nadal to enter. He had entered

the crowd slowly with his hands behind his back before disdainfully saying, ’’For the sake of a

woman, you have actually acted against our new vice company commander. I think you should

head back to where you belong. Our dining hall doesn't have a bone to feed you.’’

Hei, it seemed that there was not just a single person in the special scouts battalion with such a

sharp mouth. Not a single one from the top to the bottom was a herbivore. The fatty, Tian Xing

Jian, immediately started to like this place.

The color of Grant's face alternated between red and white for a moment before he gritted his

teeth and said, ’’Since I'm already here, I naturally want to see the capabilities of your special

scouts battalion! If you don't dare, you can always just admit defeat and let this fatty apologise

to Alice. We'll leave immediately after that!’’

’’I say, the commando battalion commander wants engage in battle with a newcomer with his

Battle Mecha. Do you think there's any meaning to this? How about the two of us battle

instead?’’ Nadal did not know the abilities of Fatty, but what he was clear about was that this

commando battalion commander's Battle Mecha combat techniques were absolutely in the top

few for the entire 16th Armored division.

go of Fatty's collar, Grant spat out ferociously onto the ground before looking down on

the fatty, ’’Might as well, otherwise someone will say that I'm actually bullying the newcomer.

Against such a person, I think a single move would be enough.’’

Tian Xing Jian was not enraged at all. After straightening his clothes, his face showed a bootlicking

expression once again as he pandered to Nadal, ’’Battalion commander, it's merely

killing a chicken. There's no need for us to use you, the cleaver. That's giving too much honor to

the chicken. Let me use my Battle Mecha that is specialized in killing chicken instead.’’

Saying that, Tian Xing Jian ran out in an instant.

Grant had a wicked smile before saying to Nadal, ’’Good good, since this is a request suggested

by he himself, in a moment, don't blame me for not showing mercy.’’ Saying that, he jumped

into the Battle Mecha which he had already prepared, waiting for Fatty to come.

Nadal and Xi La De showed a forced smile to each other. However, Fatty was ultimately a Battle

Mecha Engineer before this and was entirely a newcomer. Even if he were to lose, that would

not be too embarrassing. Still, thinking of the fatty's broken Battle Mecha, the two of them

could feel a headache coming.

A few minutes later, a Beast Mk.III Battle Mecha came walking out the door unsteadily. At the

moment he entered the door, that Battle Mecha fell onto the floor as it released a puff of black

smoke out from its rear. After trying its best, the Battle Mecha finally stood up while emitting

creaking noises, as if the mecha was covered in rust. A few steps later, it fell onto the ground

once again, producing a blanket of dust.

Was this fatty's Battle Mecha that specialized in killing chickens?

All the soldiers of the special scouts battalion felt that there was not much hope of winning this

battle. What Grant was currently riding on was the top-notched 7th generation warrior class

Battle Mecha called [Leader]. How could one ever win using a 2nd generation Battle Mecha

against a 7th generation Battle Mecha?

The commandos who came with Grant to find faults in the special scouts battalion were all

laughing out loud. They felt that this fatty might have a brain, but it was so lacking that it felt

truly pitiful. As for Grant, who was seated in the cabin of his mecha, he was feeling furious.

Silently swearing, he wanted to dismantle the fatty in front of his eyes, who was so good at

trash-talking, into pieces.

Fatty continued walking forward unsteadily. With every single step he took, the mecha would

release all sorts of weird sounds. ’’Kua ta kua ta’’ sounds resounded when the mecha moved.

Several parts of its body were even emanating black smoke. The audience suspected that this

Battle Mecha could not even successfully walk towards Grant.

Grant could wait no longer. He felt that this fatty wanted to use a piece of trash to tease him.

’’I must definitely let this fatty pay the price,’’ Grant thought ferociously as he controlled his

Battle Mecha to leap forward.

Grant's Battle Mecha rapidly closed in on the seemingly-broken mecha that was emanating

black smoke and walked unsteadily. At the juncture when everyone could not bear to watch,

another situation happened to the fatty. The broken Battle Mecha's mechanical leg could

seemingly no longer withstand its weight. The mecha knelt onto the ground before tumbling infront of the [Leader]'s legs. At the moment when Grant was momentarily stunned, the broken

Battle Mecha had already grabbed hold of the [Leader]'s ankle.

The broken Battle Mecha began to stand up once again. This time, it was the [Leader] mecha

that fell as the broken mecha held onto its legs. Grant's reaction was pretty fast. With a twist

from his mecha, the two arms went forward to grab the cabin of the broken Battle Mecha.

However, he did not prevail. In that blink of an eye, consecutive sounds of banging and clanking

could be heard before pieces upon pieces of dismantled parts fell onto the ground. The [Leader]

mecha's mechanical leg had already been dismantled into extracted parts. Following that, the

broken Battle Mecha swung its arm, throwing the [Leader] mecha far away.

Hong, a pit was formed as the [Leader] mecha fell onto the ground. The 7th generation Battle

Mecha with its mechanical legs dismantled completely was shorter by a huge margin. It was

currently ridiculously struggling on the floor, yet it could not climb up.

The cabin door of the broken Battle Mecha opened before fatty jumped down in voracious

laughter. Slapping his hands, he said, ’’As expected, one move was really enough. I can't do

battles, but dismantling mecha sure is something I'm proficient with.’’

Everyone was dumbstruck. A 7th generation Battle Mecha's mechanical legs had seemingly

been dismantled into pieces. This fatty even dared to say that he could not do battles. If this was

not good enough for him, then what was? Furthermore, this fatty was truly too despicable.

Seeing how the broken mecha suddenly stood up like a lively dragon and an animated tiger

before dismantling the [Leader] mecha, it was certainly the case that even if the fatty did not

deliberately tumble down the previous few times, his mecha was not as exaggerated as seen

from its external appearance.

Fatty had even laughed at the [Leader] mecha that was currently lying on the ground. Being a

Battle Mecha Engineer who knew the composition any mecha extremely well, he would

obviously know where the weaknesses of the [Leader] mecha were. Furthermore, using the

biological double attributed arms' sharp blade and the automated mechanical arm's

disassembly function, breaking apart those two legs into pieces were much easier than

slaughtering pigs.

’’Hei hei, who asked this idiot to have a what? Unarmed Battle Mecha battle? This father has

long concealed a blade in the palm of my mecha. Serve you right for being sneak attacked!’’

Fatty was laughing in his heart.


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