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Conquering Hero’s Heroines - Chapter 45


Chapter 45 - New Resident

Shylock Mansion

When Ritone returned home, he met with Milky who was being held by Mother.

「Hmm. It seems like they somehow managed to get back in one piece. This guy must have the luck of the devil.」

Though she said that, she seemed worried about Ritone.


The lonely Milky, who had been left behind for a while, glomped Ritone with delight.

「Thanks to Master's milk, we were able to help the people infected by Tsuchigumo poison.」

As he said that, he returned the remaining milk. There was only a tiny bit left over at the bottom of the PET bottle, though.

「Good. Keep it. Perhaps you might need it later on.」

Mother smiled wryly as she shook her head.

「That's right. When I drink Mother-sama's milk, I feel energized. I felt that my magic power had risen, why is that?」

「... I also felt it. My magic became stronger than usual.」

「Which reminds me, I felt my weapon was stronger than usual as well. When my tool changed into nippers, I was able to continuously cut Tsuchigumo's thread.」

The three of them looked puzzled.

「There is a reason the demons and humans targeted my Dragon King family. My family's blood and milk gives indomitable power to whoever drinks it and strengthens them. They can easily become powerful.」

「I see... I have certainly heard that milk is almost the same as blood. The nipple has a tinge of red blood, and the ’’Red Blood Cells’’ in the milk has an O filter.」

Ritone recalled knowledge he had learned in his previous life.

「Wait... If that's true, then that might be why I felt so much pain when I drank the blood.」

「There is a difference between the blood and milk. The red blood cells that are included in the blood is a deadly poison for humans. A fragile person could die.」

Hearing that he was made to take poison, Ritone felt angry,

「... Hey! Then why did you make me drink blood!?」

「Fool. It's impossible for me to give milk to some kid that I just met. Also, without the willpower to survive the test of the dragon blood, you wouldn't have been able to withstand the training.」

「... Indeed that's true.」

What Mother said is quite reasonable.

「If you understand, then let's train!」

Mother hands Milky off to Rin and pulls Ritone to the courtyard.

「Milky, how are you doing?」

「I wanted to meet you.」

「Hee... So this is a baby dragon. So cute.」

The three heroines ignored Ritone as they showered Milky with affection.

Shylock Castle

After Mother's training ended, Ritone showed Littlette around the castle.

「Then shall we tour the first floor?」

「That's fine, but... Are you okay?」

Littlette was worried about Ritone. As his entire body was covered in wound, his face was bruised as well.

「It's the usual stuff. Mother seemed to have went easy today...」

「I was always wondering what kind of training you do...」

They observed the courtyard as they talked about various things. Many knights were training there.

「Hey, Young master! Is this the new woman!?」

「She's cute, isn't she!? They're definitely suitable for each other!」

Whistles and teases fly about.

「That's right! Aren't you guys jealous~?」

Ritone suddenly embraced Littlette closely with a proud look on his face.

From that, her face blushed a deep red.

「W-wait! What are you doing!?」

「Listen, just play along.」

While whispering, Littlette was carried like a princess.

「Phew~ Phew~!」

「Damn! How envious!」

While responding to the knight's cheers, Ritone left the courtyard.

After the knights were out of sight, he put down Littlette.

「I'm sorry, was it unpleasant?」

「I-it wasn't particularly unpleasant, but... how should I put it, why do I feel so restless around this child? 」

Littlette murmured about these things.

「What are you muttering about?」

「It can't be helped. Under these circumstances, I have to appear as a young master to the knights. To stand above them, I have to act sociable and manly or there could be trouble. Especially when getting my hands on a new woman, they'd become jealous very easily.」

The fatigue from performing an act within the castle that was his home shown on his face.

「Sigh. It must be tough for you. Well, I understand your troubles a bit. I was also constrained by being the third noble daughter of the Copper Rank family, that's why I became an adventurer.」

Chatting about such things while walking, they arrived at the castle's dining room.


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