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Commushou No Ore Ga, Koushou Skill Ni Zenfurishite Tenseishita Kekka - Chapter 19.4


Chapter 19.4

After I take her pendant off, I bring out the collar that I got from Sarasa-san.

If this collar doesn't change Riona's job when I put it on her neck...... If the demonification process can't be stopped. The chance of the scenario going towards that conclusion is very high and now here I am trying to put this bad tasted collar on her. I really can't go on strong with this.

But even so, I have to ask her from upfront for this. All I can do is to persuade her on how I come up with this conclusion so at least she would also understand my logic in this......

’’...... I want you to wear this collar. If you do, your 'morphing' would stop progressing...... Perhaps......’’

’’E......eeh?...... A collar? The thing like the one wore by doggy right?’’

’’This is different from the one wore by dogs. This is the collar that is made to be worn by human that is unique only in this world. I think this is an equipment that some people forced to wear with no way to reject. By the way the size will also grow along the wearer so it will be alright I think...... So it won't make you feel strangled... perhaps’’

Just how did I be this calm when explaining about this collar to her? I even sounded passionate somehow when explaining this... I hope she doesn't think of me as someone with that kind of weird hobby......

’’Well anyway, just try wearing it. If it doesn't work then you can take it off. And if that scenario did happen then I just have to search for another method...... I might have to go on a long journey to find that though’’

’’...... I understand. If Hiro-chan says so then it's alright’’

’’...... You really alright with this? I mean, getting a collar from someone like me......’’

Hearing my question, Riona's cheek gradually reddens. She then take the collar from my hand, place it in her neck, and says...... of course with her overly alluring gesture that could charm anyone even though her current age is still very young.

’’If Hiro-chan put it on for me then I'm alright with it. Becoming Hiro-chan's slave is... not something I hate’’

’’Uh...... W-well, I know that you are just joking for me but isn't that joke taking things too far......’’

’’H-how can I joke about it...... After all a dialogue that says [Do you want to become《Hiroto》's slave?] had been floating before me since a while ago so what I should do with that?’’

I just push out the collar to her and it had already given such reaction...... So Riona can also see the dialogue. It seems like it is a kind of special skill that is given only to reincarnated human from earth.

’’...... I-its not about being a slave or what not. It is about changing job like in the game. Riona's race is a [Succubus] so there are only a few limited occupation that you can change into...... If the system treats your race the same as it treats monsters, then...... I was wondering if I could turn you into my vassal if I can fulfill the requirement......’’

’’...... Uhuhu...... Hiro-chan, thank you’’

’’Eh...... W-why......’’

Why did you say 'thank you'? My idea is actually something that defies common sense. It is normal to feel disgusted by it...... But Riona seems happy to accept it.

’’Well, because it seems that Hiro-chan is worrying a lot about my feeling that Hiro-chan feel hesitated in giving me that collar. Am I right?’’

’’O-of course I do...... It is normal to feel disgusted by it...... right......?’’

Even Sarasa-san keeps on wearing the collar because she can't take it off by herself and doesn't have other choice. If I don't make her my vassal and manage to overwrite her 'owner', then there will be nothing that can take off the collar from her.

’’...... If it is Hiro-chan then I'm alright. I will definitely refuse if it was other people...... but, if it is Hiro-chan......’’

’’...... I understand. Thank you for listening to me’’

’’I also...... but, if I can't return back to my form before...... If I transformed even further than this......’’

’’When that happens then I will take you and we will leave together on a journey. That's why, whatever the result is, we will always be together you know’’


(Eros is puking sugary rainbow)

If I really go on a journey then...... it means that I will have to separate with many people that I've met and many people that are important to me whom are living in this city. But that separation is not for eternity.

It is a fact that Hina is being reborn to this world so until the time I free her from her cursed destiny given by The Goddess, I want to be together with her.

She is after all wholeheartedly chosen to reincarnate in this world in order to remove the misunderstanding between us. I definitely won't leave her facing her misfortune alone......

Under the gaze of Yuisia, I put the collar on Riona's neck. And then, Riona receive the effect of [vassalage] from me,


- You are putting 《Riona》 as your subordinate.

- You can change 《Riona》 job into [Slave]. Would you like to turn her job? YES/NO

(...... I did it......)

I managed to exploit a hole in the system... or did I? Are my actions just something that The Goddess had already predicted from a long time ago and I am just dancing on top of her hand?

I don't know the truth but, changing Riona's job comes first. After hesitating for a moment, I change Riona's job. I changed her job while getting my heart ready for a chance where she would refuse it in the last minute.

’’Ugh...... Agh...... Hi-Hiroto-chan...... My body is...... A... AAAAAAAHHH......!’’


- 《Riona》 job has changed into [Slave].

- 《Riona》 metamorphosis process is stopped.

- 《Riona》 metamorphosis is canceled.

The wings that are growing from her back start to disintegrate into various unknown black letters then completely dispersed from sight.

By losing those pairs of devil wings, Riona has returned back to her previous self. She falls down as she lost her consciousness so I quickly catch her body into my embrace. Her body is warm and her breathing is normal.

---- And then, at that moment when I finally feel relieved.


- 《Riona》 is automatically activated her [Star of Misfortune] skill! A great misfortune is looming upon 《Riona》......

- A part of 《Riona》memories are being sealed!

’’What the...... Riona......!’’

I can't do anything besides calling for her name but her consciousness doesn't seem to return soon. While I am worrying about Riona's condition, that nightmarish log entry is fleetingly disappears as it has expired its appearance time.

’’...... Just how much more will you toy with people until you feel satisfied......!’’

I managed to stop her Demonification process...... and yet, like sneering at my effort, Riona got her memory sealed.

Riona gradually opens her eyes. What kind of memories that got sealed from her? I somehow could guess what it is.

’’...... Giving me power...... while making Hina a Demon Lord...... Just what is it that you wished for? ...... What did you want me to do......!’’

To know the answer to my question, all I can do is to find the one who knows the answer which is The Goddess herself.

At first, I only want to meet The Goddess to know the mysteries of this world. But now, I can't imagine an amicable future if I did meet with her.

Yuisia keep looking at me in silence. And then without saying anything, she just put me and Riona on her back and starts flying ---- toward the vertical passage upside the nest, the other way to exit the place.

(Hiroto-sama...... Whatever happens, I will definitely be together with you. If you need my wings in order to reach The Goddess then I will always become your wings)

’’...... Thank you, Yuisia’’

Leaving the darkness of the cavern, we soar into the high blue sky on top of the silver dragon's back. From up above, I look down on the town of Mizell.

The town where I have a home to return to. The town that I will continue protecting from now on...... The town where Riona and I born. (Eros: don't ask me whether Riona really born here. I just translate)

Someday, the time for me to leave the town to see the wide world might come.

---- But even so, I will definitely return back to this town where my mother, father, and also everyone else are living and waiting for my return.


The Elixir is showing its miraculous healing power and restores my mother and her baby's vitality into perfection. And now, we are fast approaching the day when my younger sibling will be born into this world.

I try my best to keep accompanying my mother every time I free. All the friends and acquaintances keep on coming to visit my mom to talk to her while also bringing fruits as gift for my mother to eat most of the time.

For some while, I can't just be alone together with my mother until one day when my father had to go working, the chance to be alone together with her comes.

’’Hiroto, mommy is feeling like watching a very long dream you know. A dream where Hiroto is going somewhere far away...... Mommy tried her hardest to stop you but you are just too cruel. You just go straight on without even turning back you know?’’

’’Mommy, I won't go anywhere’’

The fact about me facing danger to acquire the Elixir and the fact about mother at one time reaching zero life point...... Those are some facts that I never tried to tell either my mother or my father.

It is better to never know. Those are just a passing nightmare...... Even now, when I remember that time when mother life point reaches zero, I can't help feeling strangled in the heart.

’’...... This baby you know, mommy feel that it will be a girl. Mommy feels that the baby is feeling happy inside mommy's stomach because her older brother is here companying her all the time’’

’’Is that so...... Has daddy thought up a name for the baby?’’

’’Yeah, if it's a boy then then name will Judo and if it's a girl then the name will be Sonia. Those are the names of the heroes that come out in the picture book that Hiroto read when Hiroto was a baby you know’’

Judo...... Sonia. Whichever it will be, both are good names. But well, using the hero's name to name a child is a common thing to do in this world so there would be other people that have the same name with them.

If what mother said was true then Sonia...... that will be the name of my soon to born little sister eh?

’’When she's born, can I hold her?’’

’’Huhu..... Of course you can. But let father hold her first okay, 'Older brother'?’’

Mother looks very happy while patting her own stomach. Looking at how happy mother is now, I can't help but to also have high expectation to the day my little sister born.


’’Yes? What is it Mommy?’’

My mother suddenly raises her body from the bed then calls for my name. And in the next moment, she suddenly gives me a hug.

’’Thank you...... Hiroto...... For saving this baby...... and also for saving mommy......’’

’’...... Mommy...... I don't...... really......’’

I don't really do anything. How can such blatant lie works on my mother?

Her hug is very strong yet gentle. She is my mother who always stays by my side and protects me...... And she managed to stay alive and hugs me again like this.

The dam that had been holding back all my feeling is broken completely without any sound. The flash flood of feelings from the depth of my heart is already unstoppable.

’’...... UUUAAAAAAAA......!’’

I cling on my mother arms and grandiosely cry. I cry like making up for all the time where I never cry as a baby. I cry as loud as my voice let me be.

I managed to protect the things important to me! I can continue on living without losing anything!

---- I am feeling grateful for being born. That is all I have in my mind as I continue on crying while entrusting myself into my mother's bosom.


Because I've cleared the quest that I received from Obaba-sama to create Elixir, I finally acquired the qualification to learn advanced spirit magic. But as expected from 'advanced level', the training to learn it takes is also requires a long time so I start going to Obaba-sama's place twice or three times in a week to learn it.

After fighting with the monsters in the Dragon's Cave together with Filianes-san's team, Wendy and Nameless had advanced their rank as an adventurer and now they become famous as the leading adventurer in Mizell town. As for the girls now, they still continue on doing safe and steady quest to pile up more achievement for themselves but, when I joined the party, the girls enter their [Serious Mode] and would take quests which is 2 rank above them as minimal. When that time comes, the profit we got would be too great that Nameless-san start collecting alcohol that is to her likings and Wendy would send more money to her family back at her village by using a delivery shop's service.

Filianes-san has come back to Mizell once after the incident and accompanies me in my training. Because of the battle in the Dragon's Cave, her skill is experiencing an all-around upgrade. But even so, she still asks me for a real match that is not just a sword dance that we usually do when I get a bit older.

By the way, I also wish to see the capital someday. Filianes-san has asked me a few times to enroll into the knight school so I can become a role model in the junior class but I can't help but worrying about Riona so it is impossible for me to go. But I want to at least visit the school for a day tour or something alike. Next time if there are chances, let's ask her for it.

On another note, Hains-san seems to not yet realize that Sarasa-san has been liberated from her state of being a slave. He already had a habit of not coming back home from before and now he can easily spend days outside before coming back home. I don't know the true condition about their family but Sarasa-san is doing her best to not show her worried expression to Riona...... and then lastly......

About Riona, what I feared before seems to come true. Her memory of being Hina is really being sealed away and she returns back to her usual childish behavior. Sarasa-san seems to be relieved by her return which is a good news but...... to me, it was like losing Hina all over again. I can't really be happy about this.

Even with her demonification process canceled halfway, Riona's misfortune skill is still at level over a hundred. The scary thing is that this skill has a natural [Limit Breaker] effect affecting it. It might be just as what Yuisia had said before that only beings like the Demon Lord and Hero that could fight face to face with her...... Perhaps, it might be because only these three existence that could learn the skill [Limit Breaker] naturally.

My [Fortune] skill had already reached level 100 but even so, I still can't completely hold down Riona's [Misfortune] skill. Fortunately, the skill [Misfortune Star] hadn't triggered again ever since that day but I still need to do something about it fast before anything dangerous really happen.

In order to do that, well, not completely for only that reason but today, I come to the forest alone by myself. My destination is the lake where I met Yuisia for the first time...... and what awaits me there is Yuisia herself as I already ordered her to wait for me there.

Approaching the lake, I could hear a faint splashing sound. Upon reaching the lake, as there are nothing obstructing my view, I can see a little girl standing in the lake's shallow area.


Like always, she is wearing that see through thin silky clothes that only barely covers her private parts. Her appearance is very suggestive that not many would dare walking around the public spot with such get up. Well, she herself doesn't seem to mind. She doesn't seem to have any sense of shyness ---- or so I thought.

Yuisia who had become my Guardian Beast seems to act bashful when she sensed my gaze upon her. But even so, she still gives out a smile to me...... She is like saying that it is fine to show this much as long as it was me who is looking.

’’Are your nest alright? For you being absent like this’’

’’My familiars, are there, so it's alright. Nowadays, they even come out, to the forest, frequently...... I can't let, Hiroto-sama's acquaintances, get hurt, from monster attack. Protecting from the shadow, is my duty’’

’’T-thank you...... Yuisia. I can't imagine the few weeks back you to say something like that’’

I was just saying my thanks but Yuisia keep on gazing at me continuously. Her face still has traces of red flush but her smile is already gone.

’’...... Protecting the treasure is the responsibility that I inherit from my mother. But for my current self now, I must always stay by your side Hiroto-sama’’

’’A...... You don't have to take it that far. Just once in a while is okay. Or you can just come when I call...... Wa......!’’

Yuisia approach me and continue on gazing on me. Because she is taller than me, she had to bow down a bit to close our distance to a comfortable one...... and because of that, a pair of tender looking mound that is imagined to be impossible from the avatar of a dragon got pulled out by gravity and dangling free like a well ripen fruits. Even the sizes of those exotic fruits leave nothing for complain.

(W-what a bombastic style...... but, Yuisia is a dragon...... not a human)

’’That's why...... I also, want to...... create an offspring, to protect the treasure’’

’’I-is that so, an offspring right? ...... Wait, EH!?’’

Yuisia age is supposed to be still 15 years old. But even so, she is already saying about creating an offspring...... N-no, no matter how I think about it, even for a dragon, 15 years old is still too young to give birth to an offspring, or maybe it is not......?

’’...... I want to, give birth to, Hiroto-sama's child. Then I will, raise our dragon children, and inherit them, treasure protecting duty’’

’’Wha...... Wa wait a minute, Yuisia, eh? ...... I am, still, you know...... t-that kind of thing is still to early for us......!’’

In the first place, is it possible for a human and a dragon to mate and create offsprings? No no no, even before that, my current self is still too young that even if I want to create one, my body won't let me do it.

’’The reason for Empress Dragon, to take human form, is to copulate with human...... Amongst our kind, there are some, that managed to get a hero, as partner to, create offsprings together. My mother is, one of the examples...... Because of that, our kinds are mostly, half man half dragon. Even if, the blood is mixed, we won't lose, our power’’

(I used Sovereign Dragon before but Yuisia said this in katakana now. Will keep using Sovereign as it is not gender specified in case a male dragon comes)

’’I-I see, understand...... Wait, did you just read my mind......?’’

’’When I was, in my dragon form, I can speak directly, to their mind. That also means that, I could hear people's mind’’

So in short, she can communicate telepathically, is that it? ...... I don't know what other ability does the Sovereign Dragon possess but even this one is already on the level of an esper. I can only say as expected of the race that lord over other dragon race.

(...... If that is the case then...... Doesn't this mean that the fact about me envying Yuisia for the skill [Limit Breaker]...... No! If I think about it then she will......!)

’’...... Limit Breaker......?’’

It seems that even if I say the skill name, she still not understand what I mean. That also applies to other people also. No one talks about Strong Body or Magic Grounding as everyday talk topic. For skill related to Jobs, it was only to the extent of 'honoring' the [Knighthood] or [Pharmacy] 'training' that the skill name appears in everyday talk.

’’What I mean by Limit Breaker is...... well, literally like the word means, breaking the limit or something like that. Just like how Sovereign Dragon can get stronger than any other dragon race...... that sort kind of meaning’’

’’All I have, is yours Hiroto-sama. I said that, I will devote my everything...... I don't have any intent, to take back those words’’

Yuisia keep her slouching forward position as she continues to gaze me. Unable to meet her gaze, I move my gaze toward the water surface and what reflected there are...... the tip of both Yuisia's bountiful mound as the accessories that supposed to hides it is slipping out from its position.

(...... I always wanted to touch those and...... I am always waiting for her permission to...... have the time comes at last?)

’’Touch? ...... If Hiroto-sama wants to touch, touch me wherever. I don't mind...... My palpitation would rise, but it is not a problem. There won't be, harm for me’’

’’...... Yes, okay. Thank you, Yuisia...... I always wanted to touch it’’

Yuisia's expression doesn't show any change. But she is doing her best trying to understand what I, a human, feel and think.

’’...... I am, Hiroto-sama's loyal slave. Even if, Hiroto-sama earns other wives, as long as, Hiroto-sama treat me as one of them, and create offsprings together with me, I am happy’’

’’Y...... Y-yeah...... When I grow bigger, and think the time is right, let's do that. I will take all the responsibility’’

---- Yuisia gives a slight smile. I already know that she actually also has emotion and doesn't perpetually show expressionless face. Her smile is really too beautiful.

She doesn't say anything and raises her body and then exposed her front. She lifts the see-through thin silk and accessories that hides her private parts brazenly.

---- I have been holding myself back from doing such kind of perverted act. I stopped doing this thing to Monica-san and the others and train my skill earnestly...... I wanted to become a man of morals.

But in front of my eyes now are the forbidden fruits with [Limit] and [Break] words written in it. My instinct as a gamer can't possibly resist such temptation to power up.

’’If it was Hiroto-sama's child, they surely, become a better treasure guardian, than me. Until then, I want to deepen, my relationship with you...... As it would result, in an even stronger child’’

I think I could understand how important it is to have a child to Yuisia. It is just as important for me to receive the [Limit Break] skill from her.

I have to learn [Limit Break] so I could raise my [Fortune] skill to over level 100 so I can press down Riona's [Misfortune Star] skill!

In the waterfront that is filled with transparent water, the chirp of small bird echoing far and wide. Under the blazing sunray, Yuisia slowly bend down in front of me. Half of her body is already wet from the surrounding water and I unhesitantly reach out to one side of her symbol of motherhood.


- 《Yuisia》 has given permission to you to do [Milk Harvest]. Would you perform it? YES/NO

From the moment I first saw her in this lake, from the moment I first peek into her status, I have been longing to do this.

While being aware of my heart that is beating so fast like it is about to jump out from my throat, I reach out my hand to those two forbidden fruits which is dangling down pulled by the gravity, trying to hold them up from the bottom.

When my hand finally touches the amazing pair, the sweet dew immediately overflowed. The dew trickles fast in my hand and about to fall down into the water surface ---- And I am reflexively caught those falling dew with my mouth.

This is not the usual milk from a cow...... this is, a dragon milk......

(F me I'm feeling all jittery translating this)

’’Hiroto-sama...... How is it? ...... My......’’

’’...... It is really delicious...... I never drink such delicious milk even in my life’’

’’This is actually, something to nurture the young dragon...... For humans, the nutrition inside, might be too strong’’

Yuisia is quickly changing her expression from the wise look that she shown when she still antagonize me into a tender and kind expression that even I couldn't easily believe that it is Yuisia. When our eyes met, Yuisia turns away her gaze while giving a bit bashful expression. But even so, she doesn't try to runs away from me.

While drinking drop after drop of sweet dew from Yuisia, I keeping up my awareness toward the event log and finally, the long awaited skill......!


- You feel that the skill [Limit Break] is about to rise...

’’...... Hiroto-sama......?’’

That's right. How could this kind of over powered skill gets easily learned? Yuisia seems to be unaware of the conflict inside my mind so she looks at me while tilting her head aside.

’’...... Yuisia, I-I'm sorry but, one more time......’’

’’...... I understand. If Master wishes so, then no matter how many times......’’

I once again touch her breast and her sweet dew starts trickling out again. I quickly catch all the dripping dew with my mouth and starts drinking it again.

From now on, I would definitely continue to calls her out like this to have her help me 'train' my skill...... but of course it isn't that easy.

At last I've come into my fifth try and I just can't seem to learn the skill. When I was about to give up thinking that I am lacking the talent to do so, I managed to learn the skill at last. And because of the persistent [Milk Harvest] that I do, Yuisia's affection level even reaches the next stage.


- You have learned the skill [Limit Break]! The limit you feel until today doesn't feel like a limit anymore.

- 《Yuisia》 affection level rise! 《Yuisia》 is feeling interested to you.

’’...... I feel like I can even make an offspring now. When Master touches me like that, I feel like becoming a mother already’’

’’I-I said it already to stop with this 'master' calling...... Rather, I wished that you would call me Hiroto without any honorific’’

’’I feel that, calling you as 'Master', is the best for me. Because, by using master, I could feel the sense of submission, that I belong to you...... It is a good feeling’’

...... Perhaps Yuisia... has that kind of M disposition with her? And here I am worrying about something like that in such kind of situation.


- You have received the title [The One Who Subdued Sovereign Dragon]!

(Titles...... in this kind of timing. But, I kinda feel happy)

There are also titles back in the game. By having certain title, you can access more places and even receives some unique quest. That's why, having more titles is considered a good thing.

’’...... Master...... I want to stay, like this, for a while longer’’

’’O-okay...... A...... this is comfortable. I also feel good Yuisia’’

’’Even a dragon, wants to take a bath, once in a while. That's why, I like this lake’’

Yuisia is floating on the lake water facing up while holding me in her lap. Her expression is filled with satisfaction. The warm water flowing from the subterranean waterways made the lake water feel just right even when the season hadn't reached spring yet.

Yuisia just stays floating on the water while also sunbathing without any care with her wet clothes. With her around just how far can I go I wonder...... I mean with those wings of her. With her around, I can travel around and could find a solution to free Riona from her sad fate even faster. Even the Demon Sword...... and also, that matter about finding the Goddess.

My adventure is just starting. After mastering [Limit Break], what other thing should I do I wonder. While I look up to the wide sky, my mind starts to wander around.


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