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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 534


Chapter 534: Clear Trap
Saber Philip sighed as he closed his eyes angrily. He didn't think that this Box Hort was brave enough to let him stay with that mixed-blood alone in Supreme City.

"Is he worried that I will kill that bastard?" Saber Philip thought.

It was too late now.

Saber Philip opened his eyes again, and they were filled with desperation. "You win." He said.

Box Hort nodded with a bright smile. "I think so too." He replied.

As the two Mamen Demons got to the gate of the city, Saber Sage stared at Saber Philip harshly. This whole "welcome ceremony" was filled with oppression, anxiety, and gloating.

Saber Philip lowered his head, he knew that his execution of everything was too sloppy.

"Sage, let's move quickly." Box Lee called at Saber Sage with joy, "It is not a good thing to let Her Highness wait for us for too long."

"Got it." Saber Sage replied with displeasure as he paced himself.

All the demons in the Supreme City were stunned. "What is going on? The general's family members were all killed by that mixed-blood demon and now the entire Elder Council of the Mamen Clan came?"

"Could it be that they are here to kill that mixed-blood?" The demons in the city were confused. "They don't need to all come even if they want to kill that mixed-blood..."

Under the confused and surprised stares of other demons, the Elder Council of the Mamen Clan walked into the mayor's mansion. All the scouts of other clans and forces immediately passed out this message.

[Entire Elder Council of the Mamen Clan appeared in the Supreme City]

[Saber Nisfur of Mamen Clan died, the entire Elder Council appeared in the city]

[A mixed-blood demon killed Saber Nisfur of the Mamen Clan]

[The mixed-blood demon is a retinue of Princess Lucifer Lucy]

All kinds of useful and useless information spread out of Supreme City and got into the hands of all clans and forces.

Box Hort closely monitored all of this. He thought to himself with a sneer on his face, "He is the leader of the clan for a reason. He knew where all these scouts were hiding and he used his methods to let them pass out fake news."

The entire Elder Council of the Mamen Clan sat down in the main hall and waited for Lucifer Lucy's appearance.

Soon, Lucifer Lucy showed up in a formal dress.

Although all the elders of Mamen Clan knew that Lucifer Lucy lost an eye from the report, they all subconsciously looked at her beautiful face. After that, they all quickly moved their eyes onto a demon standing behind the Tenth Princess.

To be more accurate, this demon looked arrogant and had the Mamen Bloodline and Lucifer Bloodline.

"Your Highness. Long time no see. You got more powerful and more beautiful." Box Lee quickly stood up and greeted, "I almost couldn't recognize you."

"Your Highness. Your beauty is envied by the gods in the stars. You will for sure become the most powerful demon warrior in the history." Saber Sage also greeted Lucifer Lucy with a warm smile on his face, it seemed like Saber Philip's incident didn't affect him at all.

Lucifer Lucy laughed joyfully before she replied, "Long time no see, two leaders of Mamen Clan. You both are as strong as the stars, and the Lucifer Empire still depends on you to defeat the evil Zence Empire."

"We will for sure do our best to assist His Majesty and Your Highness."

The two leaders of Mamen Clan were very used to this kind of opening dialogue and responded politely.

After the greeting, everyone sat down.

"If I'm not wrong, both leaders are here for my retinue?" Lucifer Lucy waved her hand and called Qian Jin. "Greet these two leaders leaders of the Mamen Clan." She commanded.

With the typical arrogance of a Lucifer Demon, Qian Jin nodded at Box Lee and Saber Sage and said, "Nice to meet you."

Box Lee smiled as he rubbed his chin. "We are here because we all want to personally see if this young warrior Jiliu Feijing is as powerful as Box Hort described." He said.

"Forging?" Qian Jin replied in a very arrogant manner, "Do you guys know about forging?"

"The elders might not, but I do." A dwarf with a hammer in his hand walked up as he replied.

Although this dwarf was less than 1.5 meters tall, his arms were thicker than an ordinary demon's thighs.

His muscles looked as hard as metal, and confidence filled his face.

Forging and blacksmithing was the strength of dwarves.

The No.1 Blacksmith on the continent right now wasn't in the Lucifer Empire or the Zence Empire, he was in the dwarf village in the Barbarian Empire.

"You know how to forge?" Qian Jin asked with even more arrogance as he looked at this dwarf.

"I'm the best blacksmith that the Mamen Clan hired." The dwarf responded loudly, "You can call me Boblonso."

Lucifer Lucy's eyes shined. She quickly asked, "You are Boblonso? The Boblonso who rejected the offer of being the president of the Central Blacksmith Union?"

"That is me." Boblonso looked even more prideful after knowing that even this demon princess knew about him. "Since Your Highness knows about me, I'm sure you know that I'm a four-field Forge Grandmaster, right?"

"Four-fields?" Duren Burg looked at Boblonso with a confused expression and asked, "Is four-fields very good?"

Boblonso's dark face got even redder as he shouted, "You can count the number of four-field Forge Grandmasters on this continent with one single hand! What do you think?"

"Really? Then how many fields does Jiliu Feijing know? He is an all-fields Forge Grandmaster..." Duren Grandmaster..." Duren Burg smiled at Boblonso. "Also, do you know how to forge Soul Weapons?"

Boblonso's expression stiffed. He thought to himself, "Soul Weapon? I tried twice and failed both... In terms of all-fields... Impossible! How can this demon be an all-field Forge Grandmaster? Even a Grandmaster who is so old that he could die tomorrow couldn't be an all-field Forge Grandmaster."

"You aren't an all-field Forge Grandmaster because you said you are an all-field Forge Grandmaster." Boblonso sneered, "I'm here because the two leaders want me to verify..."

"You? Who do you think you are?" Qian Jin demonstrated the arrogance of the Lucifer Demons. "Why do you think you are qualified?"

"You..." Boblonso didn't know how to respond, he didn't expect this young mixed-blood to be this arrogant.

Box Lee heard that this Jiliu Feijing was arrogant, but the level of arrogant this mixed-blood was displaying was beyond his imagination.

"Jiliu Feijing!" Lucifer Lucy smashed the table and shouted, "Pay attention to your attitude! Boblonso is a famous Forge Grandmaster! Are you afraid of being challenged by Mr. Boblonso? If you lose..."

"Lose? Me?" Qian Jin laughed as if he heard the biggest joke, "Your Highness, I'm only afraid that he doesn't have the balls to challenge me. If I lose, I will take him as my master and give all my forging material to him... But I don't think he is daring enough."

"How makes you say that?" Lucifer Lucy said angrily, "Mr. Boblonso is a famous Forge Grandmaster! He is not scared of you! He just doesn't think you are on his level."

Box Lee and Saber Sage both frowned. They looked at Lucifer Lucy and Qian Jin and thought, "What is this? It feels like they have rehearsed this and is trying to make Boblonso challenge this Jiliu Feijing? Are they that confident?"

"He is only scared!" Qian Jin shouted with disdain. Secretly, Qian Jin thanked Zence Jin thanked Zence Matten for this strategy. Even if he lost, it would be Jiliu Feijing who lost, this won't be connected to the name of Qian Jin at all. But if he won...

A provoking expression appeared on Qian Jin's face as he thought, "Zence Matten is really smart. He knew that the Mamen Clan would bring someone to test me!"

"Me? Scared?" Boblonso's eyes widen three times over. Even since he became a four-fields Forge Grandmaster, he was respected by all. If the Mamen Clan didn't invite him and provide him with great resources, he would now be the president of the Central Blacksmith Union of the Demon Empire.

"Wait..." Box Lee and Saber Sage looked at each other and saw each other's pupils contracting rapidly. They both knew that Boblonso fell for the trap.

"Mr. Boblonso..." Box Lee quickly said, "You don't need to be so serious with a young demon."

Saber Sage nodded as well. "If Boblonso wins, we are not getting anything. But if he loses... 30% of the forging materials of the Mamen Clan are in his hands right now..."

Saber Sage almost fainted after he thought about losing 30% of the forging material.

"Serious?" Boblonso was a little surprised.

Zence Matten suddenly opened his fan and said with a mean tone, "It is ok to be scared. You can say that you don't think Jiliu Feijing is on your level and not take the bet. Let me tell you, this is a trap set up by us. We are trying to get you angry and make you take the bet. Of course..."

Zence Matten sipped some tea from the teacup and smiled, "You can choose to not take the bet and say that you discovered our trap."

"Sh*t!" Box Lee closed his eyes helplessly. He also wondered, "Where did these retinues come from? This demon must be the strategist of Lucifer Lucy, right?"


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