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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 235


Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Never Give Up

Translator: Udong Editor: EbonyFrost, Udong

York Leigh gently sighed at the fact that this Qian Jin was far much stronger than what had been in the rumors! He didn't know if the young man had shown all of what he had during the fight just now, but Leigh was certain that in the near future, Qian Jin would become the most eye-catching warrior in Yulee!

But...Leigh shook his head helplessly! Ray Gurish was also killed in the duel! It might cause some trouble for Torrent Battle Fort! Even if the Ray Family would not declare a war! Even if Fabreidis did become a semi-saint.

None of the eight forces would sit back, allowing a sudden expansion of the others. But they were willing to witness some parties being weakened down little by little!

The news of Fabreidis would soon be spread, and it was believed that not a single force would stand by with folded arms while watching Torrent Battle Fort rise again because of the Saint Warrior.

Leigh knew for sure that the Ray Family would definitely approach other major forces for an alliance to lay some pressure on Torrent Battle Fort! Even if they didn't dare to mess with the Saint Warrior, they would do what they could to make the battle fort to hand Qian Jin over!

Perhaps the star would fall before a complete rise! Looking at his son who was still in a shock, York Leigh smiled gently! It might be an opportunity!

’’The winner of the duel is Qian Jin from Torrent Battle Fort!’’ Leigh slowly raised his arm. ’’Ray Gurish committed an unauthorized entry first!’’

Hearing this, Rayen fell onto the floor and looked at Qian Jin blankly. ’’How could this man be so powerful? How could he be even stronger than bloodline warriors? Level 2 Demon Capturer...How did he kill my sister?’’

Watching the Qian Jin walking down from the ring, Marc Gavin quickly got up and nodded at the Mayor. ’’Thank you for the reasonable judgment, Mr. Mayor! It's time for dinner;if you don't mind our food...’’

York Leigh was stunned for a second before a bitter smile showed up on his face! This was not an invitation but an order for guests to leave!

’’No, thank you! I still have to run some errands.’’ Leigh walked down from the stage and gently nodded at Fabreidis. ’’But I'd like to come back someday and talk to the guardian of Oakland if he has time!’’

Fabreidis had seen this coming since Leigh had also condensed his soul power! It was just a matter of time to become a Saint Warrior and upgrade it into a Saint Soul, which had not been reached by anyone except Fabreidis! It was nothing surprising that he would say some good words.

’’Well, I'll visit you personally at your place once I have time.’’ Fabreidis nodded with a smile.

’’Well then, I shall go now.’’ Leigh walked toward the gate of the Practice Ground and suddenly stopped. Turning around at Qian Jin, he said. ’’Fabreidis, although you only killed Ray Gurish for the violation of the rules, I'm afraid the Ray Family would not let it go so easily! Just ask if you need me anytime! The young warrior shall be put under proper protection for the bright future that is in store for him!’’

’’Oh, right!’’ Only at this time, Fabreidis had realized that killing Ray Gurish didn't mean they had completely gotten rid of the Ray Family! After all, the force had been entrenched in Yulee for nearly a thousand years! And Ray Gurish was not the strongest but the former leader who stepped back was.

So what? Fabreidis carelessly shook his head! He hadn't been afraid of Mad Lion - Ray Gang before, not to mention that he had become a Saint Warrior with Qian Jin's help! The family might turn to the Blacksmith Union or the Pharmacist Union for help. Together they would pressure Torrent Battle Fort to hand over Qian Jin! But they would only end up being played by the young man!

Who was Qian Jin? The youngest Forge Grandmaster ever in the Zence Empire who was capable of forging soul weapons! And he had also learned a lot about Rune and Mystic Potion! Thinking about this, Fabreidis politely replied with a happy smile. ’’Thank you! Your kindness is acknowledged and I hope you can keep your promise!’’

Slightly and politely, Leigh nodded, turned around, and left.

’’Father...’’ said York Hons, ’’Do you really plan to back up this organization?’’

’’Yes,’’ said Leigh with a heavy contemplation in his eyes. ’’I have this feeling that the whole Fabreidis transformation is not that simple, and I think that there is a Forge Grandmaster behind him, forging soul weapons for him! If that... ’’

The son gasped and swallowed a cold breath! A Forge Grandmaster who could make soul weapons! What did that mean? It meant that, to a certain extent, it was possible for this Forge Grandmaster to fight against the whole Blacksmith Union!

If such a person was not interested in some rebellion or committing treason, even the Ultimate Bloodline Families would consider recruiting him!

Generally speaking, a bloodline warrior could level himself into a saint on his own! But with a soul weapon, his soul power could definitely be refined!

’’No wonder Fabreidis dared to kill Ray Gurish!’’ Hons nodded with a hint of dismay flashing through his eyes. ’’If so, I'm afraid I have no chance to get Rosella.’’

Leigh looked at his son and took an honest and happy pride in it. ’’I'm glad you have your brain back! It seems like Qian Jin is especially attached to that girl! If you pissed him off, he might declare a duel against you! How would you do? Accept or not? ’’

A pair of murderous eyes came across the son's mind as he pictured how Qian Jin waved his blade! He uncontrollably shook his head again and again under a shivering frenzy! To accept the challenge? He would be killed! But if not? He would lose his face and respect at Yulee!

’’If, I say if...’’ said Leigh with narrowed eyebrows and squinted eyes. ’’If no one could kill this Qian Jin, he might grow stronger even than Fabreidis! In fact, there is no conflict between us! Keep this in mind, never mess with him, ever!’’

’’Stronger even than Fabreidis!?’’ Hons looked back at the gate of Torrent Battle Fort and gently shook his head! Being a warrior was never an easy choice! The edges of his behavior were very clear-cut, but that didn't necessarily mean he would become another Fabreidis, let alone to go beyond him!

York Leigh was slightly surprised by his son's expression. ’’You don't believe it?’’

’’Yes, father,’’ York Hons answered in reverence, ’’I remembered the day when I first became a warrior! I had a group of companions who had set foot on the road with me. At first, some of them were much stronger than me, but later in time? They had all been left far behind by me!’’

’’You also said that when you were in school, there were a lot of classmates who had a much better academic performance than you did.’’ Hons York said confidently, ’’But with the passage of time, you were enrolled at a higher war academy, and now, you are the Mayor of Yulee State! What had they achieved?’’ A pleased smile broke through the father's heavy gray beard. The most important thing of being a warrior was never to lose confidence! Hons would grow tougher psychologically and physically after witnessing how powerful Qian Jin was and without being completely frustrated by it!

’’Son, Qian Jin is different, from any other people or comrades that we have met before!’’ Leigh York slowly walked with both hands behind his back. ’’You saw his eyes when he was fighting against Ray Yue! They sent out something that was more than danger! It was faith, the determination that he would not stop until he reached his goal! It is far more terrifying than danger! I can't imagine how happy Marc Gavin would be picking up that treasure so effortlessly! ’’

’’Happy? You almost scared me to death!’’ Marc Gavin punched Fabreidis in the chest. ’’You actually became a Saint Warrior? How did you do it? For the first time in history! God! And Qian Jin, how can you be so powerful? Ray Yue was after all the so-called Evil Lunar Angel who was a warrior and mage dual trainer... ’’

’’How did I do this?’’ Noticing that there were no outsiders, the cheerful Fabreidis turned his eyes to Qian Jin. ’’This kid spent more than a month forging a soul weapon for me! That's how I did it!’’

Before the bear took back his fist, the pupils in his staring eyes once again dilated as if the eyeballs were about to jump out! Because of the movement, the corners of his eyes looked like if they were to collapse into pieces! He looked at Qian Jin steadily like he had been cast on a petrification spell.

Seeing the stupid reaction, Fabreidis smiled with a certain sly satisfaction! Yes! This was exactly the same expression he had put on his face back in the day when Qian Jin stunned him with all his unbelievable skills! Being one of the Three Heroes of [Warrior Hall] who had been around for a long time acted just like Marc Gavin who was acting like a fledgling rookie!

Controlling one of the eight forces in Yulee, Marc Gavin, the president of Torrent Battle Fort, would not feel nervous at all even if he was about to face the Emperor his Majesty! Neither would he hesitate a little if he was asked to fight against the current Demon King one on one! But now? he was acting so funny!

Looking at the silly reaction, Qian Jin gently sighed. ’’Luck, it's all luck.’’

Luck? Marc Gavin tried so hard to stifle the impulse from strangling Qian Jin because of his modest words! ’’Could anyone forge a soul weapon by luck? If so, the bunch of blacksmiths from the union who dealt with furnace and forges all the day were too unlucky!’’

After the silent judgment, Marc Gavin had a flash of intuition and blurted out, ’’I'm gonna be rich!’’

Fabreidis rolled his eyes and cast a despised look! Was this human bear's head finally degraded to one of a pure animal? How could it take so long for him to realize this?


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