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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 233


Chapter 233: A Fatal Strike
Saint Warrior! Fabreidis believed that his name would be crowned with eternal glory in the history of mankind like the first Zence Emperor!

[Fabreidis: The first ordinary warrior who managed to become a Saint Warrior]

The thought that countless biographies would be assigned such a revealing title fired Fabreidis up with excitement and enthusiasm. He could not help but look at the young man’s back and secretly thought about how the later generations would write about him!

The young warrior that helped Fabreidis to complete the shot? No! Absolutely more than that! Fabreidis gently shook his head. "This kid has a more brilliant future! When I was that young, my Warrior Power compared poorly with his, not to mention other skills! And he’s got two bloodline warrior friends!"

Bloodline warriors were the born with pride in Zence Empire! By force of the characteristic nature, they would only recruit ordinary warriors as retinues instead of being friends with them!

"Sis, this time you must kill Qian Jin."

"Kill him? For revenge or for that woman?"

"Well, you have been inquiring for a few days but got nothing! We still don’t know if the Roll Family has something to do with the potion maker! So trust me, it’s the only way! Just get her to my bed! I can handle her!"

Hearing this, Fabreidis looked back in sympathy. "It’s too bad you seem to be unaware that Qian Jin is in full possession of all his faculties. He must have heard all your bullshit! You want his gal? Maybe you should poke your ears around and see what he had done back in Oakland! The best of the Caes and the Falkers were all killed! What isn’t he capable of? You are a dead man today!" he thought.

The duel was arranged at the training field of Torrent Battle Fort! On the rostrum had already sat York Leighand his son, and on both sides were the people from Ray Family and Marc Gavin.

Leigh looked at the duelists, gloating over the coming drama! He secretly wished more duels in the future! If so, the major forces would soon be weakened and it would not take long for him to get the supreme glory of power with arms folded!

"Today, we are here to witness a duel set more than a month ago." Leigh looked to both side and continued. "As the Mayor and notary, I promise I will stay impartial during the whole duel."

Leigh slowly sat back in his chair and Ray Gurish stood up in a gloomy face. "It’s not up to an outsider to teach my people how to behave! I don’t care who he is, or where he comes from, he hit my family member, and he is doomed!"

Marc Gavin heavily humphed at the bluffing speech! During the last month, Qian Jin and Fabreidis were away, the Ray Family seized every opportunity to pick on the Torrent Battle Fort, colluding with the Blacksmith and the Pharmacy Union! Never had he or the battle fort experience such a rough time before!

"Qian Jin, kill her!" Marc Gavin loudly asked and the clamor suddenly attracted the ridicule of the Ray Gurish. "Well, you’d better take care! It’s hard to tell who would lose the head! Ah, I almost forgot to ask, how is the Torrent Battle Fort doing these days? I’m afraid you can’t even buy this young gladiator a coffin, right? Don’t be ashamed to ask, we are pleased to help!"

Ray Yue slightly frowned at the Zhanmadao in Qian Jin’s hand, but a sneer soon emerged on her face. "What? You’re too afraid so you bring yourself a weapon?"

Qian Jin weighed his bright and beautiful Warrior Weapon and talked back, "Since it is a duel, it is naturally of life or death! Why do I want to fight barehanded? Against you? Are you nuts?"

The Mayor looked at Qian Jin puzzled! How could such a young man remain so calm at this critical point? Was he used to this already?

For Ray Yue, the reaction was unexpected and overwhelming! She had thought the ridicule would definitely hurt the so-called self-esteem of a little boy and make him drop the weapon under the taunt.

"Alight, show me yours." Qian Jin pointed to the slim waist of his opponent. "The two very fine silk-hempen ropes are hidden in your waist! They could cut the head completely off once they were tied to the neck and the cut would be cleaner than polished marble! They can be fairly called, well, as a vicious weapon!"

The Ray Family was all stunned! How come he should know about the weapon? Anyone who knew about it, except the family members, had already stepped in tombs! How could he...

Ray Yue raised her eyebrows and projected her sharp eyes to the lousy brother at the rostrum. In the wronged blames from both the sister and the father, Rayen felt like he was sitting on pins and needles, and his heart was full of unspeakable grievance! He knew clearly the severity of this duel! He would never spoil such a thing...

"Then..." York Leigh raised his arm high, "Let the duel begin!" he said

Not until the voice of the Mayor faded had Qian Jin already applied his Level 2 Demon Capturer Warrior Power of 17,000 cycles to its fullest, and all the 108 energy reservoirs were turned up! A sound of a strong but faint gust was springing up inside the body, and Qian Jin's clothes blown out a series of crisp sound!

The sudden outbreak came as a blow to the crowd! Before they woke up from the astonishment, the stone plate under Qian Jin blasted into the air like a blooming and glaring lotus!

Setting off a rolling hurricane, Qian Jin moved his body and threw himself towards the woman who had just risen up from the shock, leaving behind a series of afterimage!

Mixing with a rich murderous sense, the giant Zhanmadao integrated the [Bloody Combat Seven Strikes] all together in an instant and initiated the attack, by which the weapon was transformed into a blinding light! Qian Jin mustered all his power against Ray Yue without showing any pity!

Kill! It was the only message Qian Jin was sending!

No way! Level 2 Demon Capturer? How could he be? Ray Yue had never thought that Qian Jin was in possession of such a strong warrior power, nor had she expected this young man could improve at such an unprecedented speed! But against all expectations, how could Zhanmadao move so fast?

Without any other choices, Ray Yue quickly lifted the special warrior weapon, [Acacia], over her head! It was too late to move her body! All she could do was to risk a head-on confrontation by slowing the strike down before dodging...

All at once, Zhanmadao had already fallen on Acacia, imposing a jolt on Ray Yue’s arms! She had this illusion by the impact that she was not dealing with a weapon but an overturning mountain! Right at the moment of the collision, Acacia issued a clang sound and turned into two silver metal thin lines, which respectively flew to both sides! And then, abruptly, the unimpeded Zhanmadao chopped down and the blade advanced to the opponent’s forehead!

How fast! The young man moved even faster than wind and he chopped down the giant blade even faster than lightning!

It seemed to be touch-and-go and an air current rose from the female body within, forming a solid ice shield over her head! Almost at the same time, a hot magic fluctuation surged from her chest once again and turned into a fireball whistling towards Qian Jin.

That was the power of a warrior and mage dual trainer! Ray Yue finally showed what she had at such a critical moment! With two magic scrolls open and four opening up, all of a sudden, another two icy shields showed up above her head! Entangling with eight fireballs, other two scrolls formed into a huge fireball and rushed over to Qian Jin!

Fast? So what? At this time, all the panic in the eyes of Ray Yue had become a sneer. "I was pondering how to lure you to initiate the attack and did not expect you to be so fast! But it does not matter! Feel the anger as long as you dare to come any closer!"


Two breaking sounds shouted in Ray Yue’s ear as the icy shields that neither swords nor spears could penetrate became fragile like a piece of paper in front of Zhanmadao! They didn’t even manage to withstand a single strike!

But at the same time, the fireball also hit its target and the roar of the explosion caused a tornado heat flow! While Ray Yue was rapidly pushed backward, she felt some coolness above her head! A smug smile appeared! "The fireball was enough to..."

The tornado flame was suddenly ripped! Almost all the clothes on Qian Jin were burned! Holding the weapon in hand, Qian Jin looked at Ray Yue at the original position. "Nice try! But you are not lucky enough! The fireball was too weak..."

"So what?" The sneer became somewhat hideous. "I still have a trump card..."

"I’m afraid you have nothing," Qian Jin pointed at the blood that was slowly trickling down on the forehead of Ray Yue, "Since now you are already dead."


Blankness and puzzlement converged in the woman’s eyes before she was suddenly attacked by a burst of pain! A big gap yawned between the eyebrows, and blood flew down along the tip of the nose, the lips, the jaw, and at last, below the lower abdomen...

Puff ... Crash...

The blood sprayed out through the cracks. And in the next moment, the body was completely split into two halves, leaving visceral splinters and organs lying all over on the ground!

The duel was finished in a blink! It was too short that even the Mayor had predicted what was coming but didn’t have time to stop it! Ray Yue, a Level 1 Demon Capturer and a warrior and mage dual trainer, was killed just like this.

Both the Ray Family and York families were stunned! Who would have thought that the famous Evil Lunar Angel, the apprentice of Zene Skylar, would be split into two halves right at the beginning of the duel, despite the fact she had so many trump cards and fighting techniques!

"Poor girl..." Fabreidis gently shook his head. "She underestimated her enemy too much, so she ended up dead without even showing all she had. Otherwise, perhaps she would survive this!"

"Exactly! A warrior and mage dual trainer, with a strong magic scroll, would never die or even be seriously injured!" Marc Gavin remarked indifferently. "But the main reason is that she had a too powerful of an opponent! Qian Jin was born for battle!"


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