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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 232


Chapter 232: Make a Saint Warrior by One Hand
"I’ll stop here. For the last procedure, blood bead installation," Qian Jin pointed to the hole in the handle, "you're on your own."

Fabreidis took over the Zeven Sword with his trembling hands that had never shivered a little before even on killing and affectionately kissed the sword. As soon as he fetched the prepared blood out from his Warrior Dimension, Qian Jin applied his warrior power of Level 2 Demon Capturer to the fullest and rushed to the door in a flash;he looked at he was about to escape at any time.

"Damn, put some faith in me!" The excitement and nervousness of Fabreidis all went away by Qian Jin’s funny reaction.

"I have faith in you!" Qian Jin continued while fixing his eyes on the sword. "But I don’t have any in myself! Come on now, I can't wait..."

Not before Qian Jin finished his words, the red warrior power of a wolf head but a human body surged into the sky once again and after a roar, it suddenly turned around breaking through into the sword.

All at once, the blood in the bead started bubbling and boiling as if it were to fling out the iron wall blockade! Each hit sounded like a hammer forging some metals!

How could just some blood bear such a large force? It was totally out of Qian Jin’s expectation! While Fabreidis transferred his soul power completely into the sword, his body kept trembling at a high speed as if he were going through some kind of convulsion!

Without knowing how to help, Qian Jin could only stand by and watch! Suddenly the soul weapon also began to twist as if it was being softened by fire once more.

As time passed by, the sword stopped twisting but started ballooning and shrinking right afterward like a heart of human body! It looked as if there had been oppression and it just could not take it anymore! ...

The strange swelling and contracting process lasted for an hour, and the face of Fabreidis turned pale like a walking dead!

Unexpectedly, a rapid burst of expansion and contraction attacked the weapon, making it like a frog with breathing difficulties. A huge stomach grew out of the sword body!

Bang! The sword suddenly broke into pieces! Yes! Qian Jin saw it clearly! The blade was not split nor cracked! It broke up into numerous pieces, even ashes in just a second. Suddenly, a hot red light rushed out from the debris.

With boundless power and presence, it soared straight into the sky, triggering off the warrior power in Qian Jin who clearly felt an improvement under this stimulation! It must have broken through 15,000 cycles...

And Duren Burg, his two eyes changed into black gems and the body was quickly covered with scales! His warrior power, too, was skyrocketing by the impact of this red soul power! Level 8 Demon Fighter…Level 9!

Fanta Kunge also felt that under the guidance of this weird power, he had stepped into the threshold of being a Level 4 Demon Fighter!

The Fallen Angel also appeared! The surging power kept running through the blood in his body, and like a hydro valve that had always been shut, the gate was suddenly loosed up at this moment...

The single wing with black feather issued a clattering sound as it extended out for another meter, and some black warrior power floated around the body! There he was, Level 1 Demon Capturer!

The Fallen Angel bloodline...was awakened, for the second time! At the moment Fabreidis blasted his soul weapon into a red light, Cech Flet finally entered the realm of Level 1 Demon Capturer!

Qian Jin was stunned and he said while subconsciously shaking his head. "This is what people called bloodline power! I just get rid of the barrier that has troubled me for a long time, but just because of the awakening! How awesome it is!"

The huge red flash instantly recoiled into the body of Fabreidis once it reached into the sky! The pale face had long been rosy and the haggardness was replaced by an unspeakable vitality!

The body was not standing on the ground but completely floating in the air, which, should only be within the reach of a mage by his floating or flying magic!

But now, Fabreidis managed it as an ordinary warrior! This was a major manifestation of being a Saint Warrior!

Flying was no longer just the mage's unique ability as long as a warrior could bring himself to the holy land! And they could even fly with more freedom and flexibility than a bird!

"Saint Warrior... Saint Warrior..." Fabreidis looked at his trembling hands before he rushed to Qian Jin and hugged this young man with tears flowing out of his eyes. "I did it! I finally did it!"

"I..." Fabreidis buried his head in the young man’s shoulders and kept sobbing in a choked voice. "I... I am the first ordinary warrior to succeed in this..."

At this moment, Fabreidis cried like a child! Qian Jin who was young enough to be his son had to stroke his back like an elder!

Fanta Kunge looked at the back of the great figure and mechanically curled his hands into fists! "This was real! Ordinary warriors could do this! It was not a rumor! Qian Jin! What a monster you are! How did you and how could you do this? This is insane!"

Only Qian Jin knew the whole process, whether the metal Runes or blood synthesis, as well as the forging, was accomplished by pure luck! Before they started, he had thought it over and estimated that they only had a 20% chance!

But only when he really got to it, he found out how damn difficult this was! 20%? 1% was too optimistic!

Especially the Rune! Qian Jin couldn’t even remember the exact procedures and he might possibly fail if he was asked to do it thousands of times again!

Luck, this was really just luck.

It was out of Qian Jin’s expectation how good at crying Fabreidis was! It was two hours before he stopped crying.

Looking at the red eyes of Fabreidis, Qian Jin secretly suspected if a warrior’s crying ability was improved along with the other aspects once he became a Saint Warrior. Otherwise how on earth could a person cry for two hours?

"Oh, right, you just seem to have breakthroughs."

Qian Jin laughed. "You finally have noticed us! This is really strange! It is you who have become a Saint Warrior! How come all of our combat powers were enhanced?"

"I just heard people say it and I have not really seen it for real." Fabreidis looked at the three young men. "Otherwise, why did you think I would take you in?"

Qian Jin rotated and relaxed his neck. "Whatever, take your time and enjoy this! I could take a nap! I am exhausted..."

Once again back to the Roll Family, Qian Jin found some familiar carriages parked on the street! He raised his eyebrows and counted it in heart: "Oh, the duel! I completely forgot about it! It’s about the time!"

"I say, the pussy Qian Jin hasn’t run and hide yet, right?"

The familiar voice of Rayen came out before Qian Jin walked into the house! A month’s rest with many precious potions of the Ray Family could make the rib-broken man healthy and kicking again.

"Run and hide? Do I need that? How come I didn’t know it?" Qian Jin was still immersed in high aspiration just successfully forging out the soul weapon. Hearing the ridiculous shout, he strode into the courtyard in contempt. "Watch your mouth or I will just kick you back into your bed for another month!"

Seeing Qian Jin, Rayen backed off by instinct, but a strong and powerful palm suddenly held his back! He strengthened his back in confidence! His sister, Ray Yue, was the Evil Lunar Angel of the Yulee State, who had just broken the Level 3 spiritual barrier and obtained Level 5 spiritual power!

"Qian Jin..." Rayen kept his head high with the presence of his father! He knew it for sure that Qian Jin would not dare to lay a hand on him and he continued the insolent speech. "Have you picked yourself a preferred tomb place?"

Qian Jin did not bother to argue with such a loser! Nothing was more effective to shut him up than a thrashing! How bad his father was there too!

"President," Ignoring the prodigal son, Qian Jin walked directly to Marc Gavin. "Where should we do this and who is the notary?"

Looking at the mysteriously different young man, Marc Gavin was stunned for a moment! Qian Jin changed! He was different than a month ago! He could not name it but he knew it was not only about strength but mentality!

During this period, Qian Jin had been living in tension every day and night! Every hammering had not been just metal-forging, but also a critical exercise! Each strike could even be said to be resulting in life and death! And after a month, he had built up a kind of unspeakable self-confidence!

"I approached the Mayor," Marc Gavin nodded his head and said, "and he said yes. Now he is there, waiting for you. We’d better go now."

Qian Jin passed Fabreidis and found the newly Saint Warrior was not in a good mood! He asked, "What’s up?"

"What's up?"Fabreidis asked in resentment. "I came back for celebration! And those bastards..."

Qian Jin patted on the elder’s shoulder. "Well, I promise you it would not take too long!"

"Alright, you are the boss!" Fabreidis nodded compliantly because he knew he owed it to Qian Jin! And the gratitude couldn't be expressed in words!


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