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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 230


Chapter 230: Goods Sweeping of an Overnight Millionaire
Why? It suddenly occurred to Qian Jin that in other people’s eyes, anyone inside the room that people from Torrent Battle Fort are in should be some straightforward warriors who only knew about fighting and nothing else.

Since that...Qian Jin quickly worked his brain and answer with a smile. "Well, my fiancée is very fond of ruby. I want it to make a shiny necklace for her, as a present!"

The young pharmacist was obviously surprised by this unexpected answer. "This young man here who spent money like nothing must be some rich child the President of Torrent Battle Fort knew in order to raise money." he thought.

"What? For a woman?" Jayla Tata sank into a silence! If the offer had been from the Mage Union or somewhere else, he would never have believed the answer.

But it was from those hicks, who had only been dealing with swords, horses, and Demons! There was absolutely no way for them to know anything about the heart!

What to do? Jayla Tata now doubted the authenticity of that heart! According to the scout, that kid must be some rich arrogant son of a wealthy family, who might offer a million for it.

A million! If it was just a piece of ordinary ruby... Jayla Tata closed his eyes to this possibility! If that, the throne of the vice president was definitely going to be in the clutches of the Ray Family! "Forget it!" He couldn't ruin his own potential future for something he wasn't sure of.

Bewilderment crept onto Fabreidis’s face as he saw how excited Qian Jin was when the flawed ruby was sent in. Well, it was kind of a lousy present if that was for his fiancée, no matter for Gomez Jane or Rosella!

"Blood Demon heart, it is." Qian Jin put his tongue out and licked the ruby! A taste of blood was there, on the tip. He became sure it was indeed the heart, the collected body of a Blood Demon's essences!

Eternal Strength Potion! Qian Jin carefully tucked the heart away as a series of mystic potion formulas danced and shone in his mind! It was something newly worked out by Eulalia. According to her, after taking the potion, a man could gain strength to move a thousand pound, permanently!

It would not disappear or fade away. Instead, it would stick to you for the rest of your life!

Strength, for any warrior, was the more, the better! Qian Jin kept on wondering: "What other mystic potion can the heart be used for?

"Heart of Blood Demon? What is that?" Fabreidis asked with curiosity: "Do Blood Demons also have hearts?"

"Of course! And it can be used to make the Eternal Strength Potion." Qian Jin lowered his voice. "Simply put it, you can gain a thousand pound of physical strength after you drink it."

Both Fabreidis and Marc Gavin were struck mute at that moment! They couldn’t care about their image but just look at Qian Jin in a silly way like two ignorant school boys. For God’s sake, was he talking about a ton of brute force?

"Well, there are still a few kinds of materials I need. I will get it started as long as I have them all. And everyone will get a taste of it." Qian Jin smiled in anticipation while looking down at the following auction. "This heart really can do a lot of things!"

Marc Gavin poked the waist of Fabreidis with his stout fingers and whispered without moving his eyes away from Qian Jin. "Where did you get the little monster? Are you trying to scare me to death? Tell me, did he make the potion down there? Is he, in fact, a Mystic Pharmacist?"

"Haha, sooner or later, I will scare you into insomnia." Although Fabreidis was still in some residual jolt, a proud smile bloomed in his eyes. "He said he was just an apprentice, but from what I have seen, he knows more than a Mystic Pharmacist!"

The hulk stared at Fabreidis and snappily said, "I am afraid I have to suffer from insomnia for this whole week. And I really have to thank you for that, my dear brother!"

"Oh, you're always welcome!" Fabreidis looked down to the hall and continued. "I lost sleep too when I had just met him! Good buddies shall share fortunes together, is that right?"

"Exactly!" Marc Gavin nodded with a sigh. "Thank God I have such a good buddy like you!"

"Well, take your time being so proud of me!"

As the two talked glibly, Qian Jin had already bid on the two pieces of Mithril with the price of 300,000 gold coins! The man was so crazy that no one dared to bid against him, even the Blacksmith Union had given up this opportunity!

Mithril was surely a rare metal, but it still had a limited value! 100,000 gold coins were the best the two pieces shall get! 300,000? Was the bidder out of his mind?

"The following item, two pieces of Refined Gold..."

"500,000!" A whopping price coming out from the VIP lounge of Torrent Battle Fort completely stunned both the presidents of the Blacksmith and the Rune Union! Did Marc Gavin plan to dismiss his organization right after the auction finishes? Why did his room keep raising the price? Did he mean to grab the items that those two unions wanted? It was almost a provocation!

"I say, Qian Jin..." Marc Gavin had to say something. "Those things do not worth the money."

"Today, I want all the good things in this auction." Qian Jin smiled like a happy child while looking at the Refined Gold and Mithril being that was sent into the room. "Materials mean different things in different hands! If not for this auction, those babies can't be purchased even if you had the money. Well, I just need to buy some in case I miss the opportunity."

Refined Gold and Mithril were indispensable materials for Runes. After spending so much time in the Endless World, Qian Jin had become more aware of the importance of goods of high quality. No one should hesitate once he was availed the opportunity because those top materials would be so damn hard to get when you were in need.

With the items getting bid away one after another, Roaring Flame Demon Tiger's blood made its debut as the final auction piece!

Fabreidis's eyes suddenly brightened and Marc Gavin immediately held him back to prevent him from doing something stupid! He knew this old friend too well!

"Qian Jin, we must get that." Fabreidis fixed his eyes on the blood and could not look away anymore! If he had not been unable to move since Marc Gavin grabbed him, he might as well jump down there and grab those bottles!

Saint Warrior! For any ordinary warrior, the title was the biggest attraction! They longed to be a Saint Warrior even more than dragons longed for shiny objects!

For a strong warrior who had been at the threshold of becoming a Saint Warrior just like Fabreidis, the blood meant the whole world to him!

Only at this time had Qian Jin known what real stress was like! He was so agitated that the second the auctioneer announced the bottom price, he directly shouted, "500,000!"

All of a sudden, almost everyone turned back to the Torrent Battle Fort for a look at the Mr. Mystery! What did he want by raising the price up sky-high? The blood was not worth that much!

Several heads were poking out from their luxury box. How bizarre this auction meeting had become because of the most surprising room!

200,000 for a piece of shitty ruby? 300,000 for two pieces of Mithril? 500,000 for two pieces of Refined Gold? And now, 500,000 for a bottle of Roaring Flame Demon Tiger blood?

"500,000 once? 500,000 twice? 500,000... sold..."

Without any other bids, Du Yed laid down his hammer at the price of 500,000 for the first bottle.

"Is the price too high?" Marc Gavin looked at Qian jin with some curiosities as well as some worries! He could not figure it out why this kid had to buy the blood!

"Not at all..." Qian Jin shook his head. "I just came to realize that if you want something, you must make an absurd bid first! You have to intimidate others with your imposing manner! You must make people believe that you want this no matter how much it costs! Or it would get really nasty when people bid one after another! Believe it or not, it may cost much than 500,000 to get the rest of the blood!"

The second bottle of Roaring Flame Demon Tiger's blood was put on the auction stage and without any hesitation, Qian Jin once again made the offer, "500,000!"

Jayla Tata looked blankly at the blood bottles:"Are the people from Torrent Battle Fort out of their minds? What do they need the stuff for? No one will be interested in this except for our Pharmacy Union and those crazy Mystic Pharmacists! And there was not a Mystic Pharmacist Union in Yulee State! We could have won the bid with 300,000 at best! But now..."

The third 500,000 offer was made by Qian Jin as soon as the third bottle of blood was sent on the auction stage!

1,500,000! God! 1,500,000 gold coins for three bottles? Jayla Tata heavily sighed, "Let’s see how much you've got!"

After taking over the trophy, Qian Jin forced out a helpless smile! Since his ability for making up a Mystic Potion had just reached the apprentice level, he had to get as much blood as possible to have the backups.

The same plot went on when it came to the fourth, fifth and sixth bottle...

Jayla Tata couldn't stand it anymore! He felt as if the young man sitting in that room had been in possession of the legendary Dragon's Treasure! He had bid again and again with the price of 500,000! If it went on like this, he would get nothing for the Pharmacy Union!

Jayla Tata finally bid for the 7th bottle but was beaten off by Qian Jin who used the rest of what he had!

With seven bottles in hand, Qian Jin had stopped bidding. He looked at the blood and sank himself into thinking about the possibility to make up the so-called blood of a Flame Demon.

"Three bottles..." Jayla Tata looked at the blood he had bid with a wry smile. Today's auction was completely a crazy one-man show, in addition to York Leigh, who had stolen the limelight for the first item!


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