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Commanding Wind And Cloud - Chapter 229


Chapter 229: Bid Against Another Expert
"It seems that this daughter of the Ray Gurish is indeed a warrior and mage dual trainer who happens to be stuck on the Level 3 Spiritual Barrier." Marc Gavin smiled like a real prankster. "Look how desperate the father is! Well, let me stir this up a little bit! Two million!"

A coarse and loud voice came out of Marc Gavin's mouth and kept resonating over the spacious hall for a long time! Qian Jin bet the leaders of the other major forces would very much like to kick the ass of this man after they recognized his voice.

Marc Gavin? Torrent Battle Fort? There were only warriors! What did he need the potion for since none of his men was a warrior and mage dual trainer! He was just making trouble!

But none of them had the time to think more about the deliberate malice intent because the auctioneer had already shouted out, "Two million, going once..."

Was it expensive! Yes, it was! Very! Xander kept cursing the female relatives of Marc Gavin in his mind. "Son of a bitch! I am counting on those potions to become the president of Mage Union and to break the spiritual barrier for my son! What the fu*k do you think you're doing? Two million? How could you manage your Torrent Battle Fort once you spent the last penny you have?"

Ray Gurish also wanted to rush out of the room and ask what the problem that man had! Did he mean to go against the others even it would bankrupt the Torrent Battle Fort?

Leigh York helplessly raised his arm and added 100,000 on the current price! Marc Gavin might go bankrupt if the auction stopped here. But he could resell the bottles at a profit anytime he wanted and put the Torrent Battle Fort into shape again! That was not what York Leigh wanted because no one knew where the bottles would go afterwards!

There was nothing he could do! York Leigh looked at his beloved son, who he had put prodigious faith in! The potions shall cost 2,100,000? Then let it be! He could resell the rest bottles at a high price anyway and make the money back!

"2,500,000." A female voice sounded right after the offer of the Mayor! Ray Gurish nodded in admiration! His daughter with pride and mind was a pearl among women! Yes! This potion cost the earth! But since people likeYork Leigh wanted it badly enough, he could be a potential richer if he sold the rest of the potions to them!

While on the other side, Xander clenched his fist and directly shouted a price of three million! Now a 10,000 raise could not deter other buyers! He had to bid like this!

Sssh! Leigh York suddenly stood up! He had only brought three million with him today and it was written clearly in the brochure that they would only accept cash! And it also required an immediate payment or the buyer would be regarded as a breach of contract.

"3,500,000..." While holding a glass full of red wine, Ray Yue stared at the potions on the table with a calm face! She was willing to pay whatever she had got as long as she could break through the spiritual barrier! Leaving the family property to her stupid brothers? She might as well spend it herself! At least the potion could make her much stronger!

Out of his own VIP lounge, York Leigh walked directly into the room that Marc Gavin was in. He looked at the president and asked, "How much do you have?"

"Two million, all I got." The president looked at the Mayor with a funny smile! The Mayor had nowhere to go because others would charge a wicked price. And in fact, no one was willing to lend him the money because everyone wanted the potion except Marc Gavin!

The title of Mayor might sound glorious, but it might be annoying as well, especially when these families had to pay taxes! The respect he received turned into aversion, immediately!

The Mayor was fully aware if he went to the Blacksmith Union for a loan, they would definitely ask for tax exemptions in return! That was money! But Torrent Battle Fort? They didn’t have the balls!

"I can lend you the whole two million I’ve got, but I want it back today and I want three million."

"You are fishing in troubled waters!" York Leigh sighed. "Money comes so easy under such circumstance, doesn’t it? I know I would do the same if I were you. Alright, I will return you the money, today, three million!"

After all those crazy bids, Qian Jin had seen and now such an amount would be borrowed without even a blink, he shouted in his mind, "Can you guys be crazier?"

After the Mayor left, Fabreidis clapped his hands. "Well done, Rosella! She had known for sure that those forces have no time to form an alliance and people outside Yulee State will participate in the competition! Whoever got the potion at last is gonna miss his money for a long long time!"

"Five million!" York Leigh directly raised his offer once he got back to his own room and the crazy number stunned the entire crowd! The price was too high! But it was for his child and his position! It was worth it!

No one had expected the price would go up to five million! Although every force could afford it, well, except the Torrent Battle Fort, no one would carry such a huge amount of cash with him even if there was an auction! After all, they were not gonna buy some Level 10 Warrior Weapon!

"Five million going twice..."

"Wait!" Xander suddenly got up and walked downstairs to stand in front of the table! He handed his wand over to Du Yed. "I haven’t brought enough money on me! How much do you see in this? I will put it in! "

"Well, the wand of yours is at least worth two million or more." Du Yed took a glance at the wand and said in an indifferent voice, "Unfortunately, we only accept cash..."

"500,000 gold coins for your wand." Jun Wudo interrupted in.

"500," Xander would like to throw some dirty words on the man who was robbing! But on a second thought, being one of the eight forces, this underworld figure had relied on robberies to make his fortune! Curse words meant nothing to him!

Xander didn’t know if he could win with the money, but when someone was drowning, he would still grab a useless straw!

"Sold!" Xander threw his wand to the king of the underground while he was handed over the gold ticket.

At the same time, Du Yed raised the auction hammer high and heavily hit the table: "Five million, sold! Congratulations to the Mayor! You’ve got all 30 bottles." The sound echoed in the hall...

Holding the money from the wand sale, Xander looked up to the smiling auctioneer in extreme anger! He was gonna kill the fat man! "I have just sold my wand here and you dropped your hammer over there before I got the time to bid! What did you mean by that?"

"Awesome!" Marc Gavin hailed! It had been the exciting scene today! "The wand is worth at least 3,000,000! 500,000? He will die for this! And he even didn’t bid before it ended! Haha..."

Qian Jin was also stunned by that funny scene but with a certain sly satisfaction! Was there any enmity between Du Yed and Xander? Couldn’t this auctioneer wait even two more seconds to drop the hammer? And it looked as if he had done this deliberately!

Cool! Although it meant he had made 500,000 gold coins less, Qian Jin still felt so good! After what Xander had done to Rosella, Qian Jin would pay anything he had just to piss off that disgusting pervert!

After the climax was over at the very beginning of the auction, people started to lose their interest in the following items. And soon, it came to the Ruby


Du Yed just announced the item and Qian Jin heard a bid from the VIP seats not far from the next door. The price of 10,000 gold coins was almost hundreds of times higher than the bottom price!

"20,000." Qian Jin offered the price while whispering to Fabreidis who was also wearing a curious but puzzled look. "Who is that?"

Marc Gavin pillowed himself towards the sofa in a comfortable position: "Who else could it be? It is Jayla Tata, the vice president of the Pharmacist Union."

Pharmacist Union? Qian Jin was stunned for a moment! Did this Jayla Tata also know about the heart? It’s possible! It was written in the Complete Collection of Plants and Herbs from Adams too, just didn’t have as much details as Eulalia’s Mystic Potion Records did!

"Huh?" A curious exclamation drifted over from the Pharmacist Union along with a second offer, "30,000..."

"100,000!" Qian Jin shouted without any hesitation! Now he could experience the feeling of being a millionaire since he had got five million gold coins! What’s more? The Blood Demon heart was worth more than a million.

Blood Demon! A high-level Demon Beast that was by no means inferior to a Flame Demon in terms of fighting ability! Even Fabreidis was afraid of it!

The room that the people from the Pharmacist Union were in relapsed into silence! Qian Jin wanted to lean out to see what the man looked like but he held back this impulse!

"100,000? Who could it be?" Jayla Tata touched the white goatee on his chin! He rolled his two small eyes and said, "I just thought this thing looks familiar! But this bidder, is he 100% sure that it is a Blood Demon heart? If not..."

"How about checking it out for you." A young pharmacist got up out of the room and went straight to Qian Jin while the vice president behind him once again offering a price of 150,000 gold coins.

"200,000!" The gate of the lounge room was opened while Qian Jin finished his bidding.

A young man came in with this question, "Hello, may I ask on behalf of the Vice President of the Pharmacist Union, why are you buying this gem at such a high price?"


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