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Command Sousa Skill De, Isekai No Subete Wo Kage Kara Shihaishitemita - Volume 1 - Chapter 3


――After reincarnating, I wonder if I'm going to become an infant and start all over. Though I wasn't able to verify that, apparently that wasn't the case.

My submerged consciousness rose to the surface, and my five senses returned. However it was still dark around me, nearby was a sound like something cutting through the wind, and then I heard a woman's voice.

『――Delta 1, please reply. Are you prepared to sortie?』


I unintentionally responded with an idiotic voice. Where was I hearing this voice――it was like echoing in a narrow room, that kind of feeling.

It was narrow, or rather, my body, was completely wrapped by something. And yet, I could see outside――gradually, I was able to understand the situation.

『Delta 1! All units have already dispatched! You must sortie at once! Your partner Delta 2, has already went to the frontlines you know! 』

(I don't understand......if I said that she'll get angry.......what is happening? I'm in the middle of a battle, am I something like a soldier......?)

『......It's fine already. Immediately remove your Aircross, and substitute with someone. I......』

――I've only just reincarnated, and while still not understanding anything, I've disappointed a young woman who had a lovely voice.

If I get substituted, won't I be standing in a predicament. Deserting under enemy fire was punishable by death by shooting, I won't be able to take it if she said that.

[I,I'm going! But how do I sortie!]

『......Did you forget it because of nervousness, you fool. Once you announce that you're taking off, the Aircross will switch to its Aviation Form! Afterwards it's your turn to set off! 』

In the case that I sortie, I'll probably be facing a battle with my life hanging on――but if it's my body which was covered with an Aircross, I want to believe that I won't die from one hit.

But apart from that, more than that.

――For me to be thrown in this kind of place and experience this in the very beginning of my reincarnation, far from being afraid, adrenaline rushed inside of me.

『Do you hear me, Yuuki! Second Lieutenant Yuuki Belfol 』

[――Yes, I hear you! Yuuki Belfol, 『Take Off』!]

As if responding to my voice, the Aircross deeply groaned, and the brightness of my vision in front increased.

Apparently the helmet part of the Aircross that was covering my head, have a function similar to an omnidirectional monitor. My field of vision was around 240 degrees, and there were four mini monitor prepared which projected my rear.

(I was supposed to be Yuuki Hideaki first time isn't Hideaki, but became Yuuki huh. And also, that's fine for now.)1

Also, my voice now was higher than original――was my voice something like this. Was it rejuvination reincarnation, I don't know since I couldn't see my own appearance, but that was probably it.

I was called 『Second Lieutenant』, so it seemed I was tossed into the military in the different world, and was made to fight while equipping a mechanical armor――I, from the middle of that, didn't feel afraid at all.

That was because, though I didn't notice it in the beginning, if I look carefully――

When I touched it I was able to understand the way of using this armor and the method of controlling it.

Just from touching I understood how to move it, and how to operate it.

Starting with using the words 『Take Off』, it was as if a bestowed unusual power awakened.

The monitor in front of me, flowed with character strings that showed that the mode change was completed――at first, what flowed were words of this different world, and I couldn't read them at all.

However even so, in the midst of seeing them I was able to analyze, and decipher them. I could choose whether to show them in English or Japanese――the power of becoming the world's manager, was more than satisfactory even here huh.


Though I could sufficiently understand this, as expected Japanese Characters are more fitting for me.

>Aircross 『Grave II』 Aircraft #2 Aircross will undergo mode change.

[u......uo......the vibration......!]

The displayed wire frame model in the monitor showed the transformation of the model of the Aircross――from a winged humanoid form, it completely changed to a form similar to a fighter aircraft.

『In the front lines, link up with your buddy. Return alive without fail, Yuuki.』

[......Roger that!]

Though she had a cold tone of voice, she showed a hint of emotion only in the end. This person was the one giving commands, but she displayed anxiousness to my safety.

And then, buddy――my partner who sallied earlier than me. In order to not hold him back, I could only participate in the battle――!

>Filling Up Aircross with Magic Booster Starting Up Taking off in 3, 2, 1――Ready.

The boosters equipped in the leg part and back part activated, and the Aircross flew out.

My field of vision which spread out――saw a blue sky. I took off from a stronghold-like place, and went to the front lines.

TL Notes:

1. His Japanese name is 結城秀秋, where Yuuki was his family name and Hideaki his first name. But in the different world his family name is now Belfol and first name is Yuuki.

2. This is written in English.


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