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Cold King’s Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort - Chapter 58 Part1


Chapter 58 part1

Chapter 58: Is this sick person trustworthy? Part 1

After Mu Zi Ling got off the carriage, uncle Fu dragged himself over to greet her.

’’Princess, you have finally returned!’’

’’Uncle Fu, what matter has caused you to wait here so anxiously?’’ asked Mu Zi Ling confusedly. Seeing that uncle Fu had such an anxious expression, she also started to feel anxious.

’’Replying to Princess's words, An Ya Princess came to the Manor today. She keeps saying that she wants to wait for you to come back. If Princess doesn't come back, then the An Ya Princess's body would not be able to handle so much.’’ said uncle Fu respectfully as his tone also carried bits of anxiousness.

An Ya Princess?

Mu Zi Ling doubtfully looked towards Long Xiao Ze, ’’Didn't you say you don't have any sisters? Where did this An Ya Princess come from?

’’An Ya... I forgot about her. She doesn't really count as a little sister. She was raised by the Empress Dowager ever since she was young. The Empress Dowager loves her dearly, so she was considered as the Empress Dowagers granddaughter. Only afterwards was she given the title of a Princess. She was a very sickly person, and she was sent to the Qing An Temple to recuperate half a year ago. As she was there, she was also praying for the Empress Dowager. Who knew when she came back?’’ said Long Xiao Ze as he rubbed his chin and thought.

What did this sickly person come to the Qi King's Manor for? He has not forgotten that this sickly person was in love with Third Brother and wanted to marry Third Brother. However, Empress Dowager and Third Brother are opposing sides, so how would Empress Dowager bear to let someone she cares about marry Third Brother?

Besides, even if the Empress Dowager were willing to let An Ya marry his third brother, he wouldn't have wanted to marry such a sick person anyways. She acted like she was made out of water, soft and weak with a pitiful expression plastered on all the time. Just looking at her made him dislike her. She couldn't even be compared to his current third sister in law.

After Mu Zi Ling finished listening to Long Xiao Ze's words, she furrowed her brows. When disasters become so attracted to her? She has just finished dealing with the old one, yet here comes the smaller one. The small one even has an important status. Can she get a break?

’’Princess, you should go in first. I'm worried that An Ya Princess's body wouldn't last for much longer.’’ reminded uncle Fu when he saw that Mu Zi Ling had a careless expression on her face.

Everyone knew that the Empress Dowager really loves this An Ya Princess, and doesn't allow her to be bullied by anyone. If something happens to An Ya Princess in the Qi King's Manor, who knows what kind of crime the Empress Dowager would pin on Princess's head again?

Mu Zi Ling's face was full of disdain. That An Ya Princess was waiting there standing? People who doesn't know what was going on will think that she was bullying an ill person. They have not met yet, but this An Ya Princess was already causing troubles for her.

’’Then let's go in.’’ said Mu Zi Ling faintly. After she finished talking, she started to walk towards the Manor.

Mu Zi Ling and the others have not gone close to the lounge yet, but they already saw a few people at the lounge. There was one person that made Mu Zi Ling have a feeling of ’’Why didn't I meet you any sooner?”and familiar feeling.

Wasn't this person Mu Yi Xue?!

This little cockroach that wouldn't die no matter what has stuck to her again. Looking at her attitude, it seemed like she came with the An Ya Princess. Before, Mu Yi Xue couldn't beat her and couldn't come into the Manor. Did she find a helper this time?

Mu Zi Ling let out a cold laugh, but didn't stop walking. Soon, she could make out the conversation of the few people talking in the lounge.

’’Princess, you should sit while you wait. Who knows when the Qi Princess will arrive? Your body is still weak, you shouldn't keep standing for so long,’’ fussed a servant to a frail looking girl.

She gave a sigh, ’’No, I can't. If my third sister in law isn't here, then this Princess cannot sit down. If I sit down, third sister in law will think that this Princess doesn't have any manners,’’ replied girl.

’’Yeah, my sister hates people who don't show manners. What if she gets a bad impression of An Ya?’’ said Mu Yi Xue unconcerned. She looked like she wanted to watch the world burn around her.

Just as she finished, Mu Zi Ling and three others walked in.

The girl saw them first, and weakly walked past Mu Zi Ling to great Long Xiao Ze, ’’An Ya greets her Sixth Brother.’’

Who knew whether or not the An Ya Princess actually didn't see Mu Zi Ling. She had completely ignored Mu Zi Ling's existence.

After hearing her greeting, the other two also greeted Long Xiao Ze.

’’Xue'er greets the Sixth Prince.’’

’’This servant pays her greetings to the Sixth Prince.’’

’’You may rise,’’ commanded Long Xiao Ze resentfully.

Were these three blind? His third sister in law was standing right there, yet they were greeting him first. They didn't have any manners at all.

After hearing each and every one of them greet Long Xiao Ze, Mu Zi Ling felt that she was unnecessary here. She was treated as thin air. These few people were just talking about manners earlier, yet they had already forgotten everything the next second.

It was like they were making empty promises.

No matter how she put it, she was walking in front of Long Xiao Ze. For her to walk in front of Long Xiao Ze, how could she have a low status? Could they not see a living person?

Alright, she admits that her clothings today were a bit plain and doesn't look like something that a Princess would wear. This An Ya Princess have also never met her before, so she understands why she wasn't recognized.

However, this Mu Yi Xue also doesn't recognize her? Even if she was to be turned into ash, Mu Yi Xue would probably still recognize her. This little brat was ignoring her a bit too blatantly. Who was she acting for?

Since Mu Zi Ling was ignored by them, she would naturally not care about them either. She walked over to the main seat and sat down. She looked like she was the owner of this place and her posture was inviolable.

Only after Mu Zi Ling sat on the main seat, did Mu Yi Xue finally seem to notice her. She turned around towards Mu Zi Ling and said, ’’Xue'er greets Sister.’’


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