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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 99


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 99: Breakthrough (2)

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The always cynical-looking Jeff burst out in laughter for the first time.


Jeff's laugher contained a little absurdity, loathing, and some worry that YongHo may actually be able to do it.

YongHo didn't need to explain, so he just stood there quietly. Yu SoHyun, who came in with him, also nervously sat there when Jeff laughed. Although they hadn't worked together for a long period of time, he might have been seen as reasonable and cool-headed, but he rarely ever laughed.


’’YongHo, no matter how, that's not right. You will solve the problem?’’



When YongHo replied with conviction, Jeff laughed again. Seeing him even grab his stomach and laugh with his waist down, it didn't look that good.

However, even with Jeff's reaction, YongHo just stood there without flinching.

’’This is not an example contained in textbooks.’’

Jeff's voice turned serious after he laughed his heart out. He had already been helped out by YongHo twice, but he still strongly thought that it was just a coincidence.

This was because he had seen too much of YongHo's capability during his algorithm study with YongHo.

The limit that ordinary people always have.

The giant wall known as algorithms.

Jeff definitely saw YongHo's figure in front of that wall.

There were people who could automatically calculate the four basic operations of three digit numbers within their heads.

One of them being Jeff.

He didn't easily forget a scene or a book that he had once seen.

He was a genius, so to speak.

He started studying computer science due to his interest and it grew rapidly. Now, he didn't even need an ID card to prove his identity somewhere.

Just his name would make most people recognize him.

His smart head played a big role in this.

However, YongHo wasn't like that.

YongHo seemed to need effort.

No, he seemed to need efffffffooooorrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt. (E/N: I think this is on purpose, cause chamber with his tests and all ROFL.)(T/N: effort-노력, that thing - 노오오오오오오오오력)

Could he catch his foot if he put in several times the effort of that of others?

However, no matter how much he tried, Jeff thought that YongHo wouldn't become like him.

People say that there was a paper-thin difference between geniuses and ordinary people, but he had never seen anyone who overcame that paper-thin difference.

Feeling that Jeff had disdained him, YongHo's face also stiffened a little. The atmosphere between them tensed, and a nervousness formed in the air.

’’I'm not a student who studies relying on books now.’’

’’... Then what will you do if you cannot solve it? As I said, I don't show my source to anyone.’’

’’Every night, I'll come here and do trivial work.’’

YongHo's suggestion was tempting, even to Jeff.

Startups were always short of hands.

In Jeff's eyes, he couldn't leave YongHo with a high-level algorithm problem, but organizing sources or web developing, or apps and other front-end development seemed suitable for him to do.

’’Then could you solve it in one hour?’’


To try, regardless of the outcome.

YongHo nodded his head immediately.

Looking at the overall source, it seemed to be related to file compression. He hadn't had a good look at it, but the comments he could see from time to time had such a meaning behind them.

If he could take the source that Jeff made, and applied it to the server and the client that he was in the middle of developing, then he thought that it might be the key to a revolutionary increase in performance.

Jeff went outside for a smoke. Yu SoHyun was looking at YongHo dumbfoundedly.

He had come to see her, but now, he was working.

'Wha, what the hell......?'

She was disappointed, but on the other hand, it was hard to suppress her emotions that were attracted to him.

Even within the company, not many people talked to Jeff like that. His pickiness was one reason, but more importantly, it was because not many people got through to him.

If there were levels starting from one and ending at five, Jeff's level would be level 5. However, from what Yu SoHyun saw herself, there was no one at the same level as Jeff.

Even from her own view, where she didn't know any programming at all, it was obvious.

Meetings always ended in a one-sided lecture from Jeff.

'I don't know whether they're close... or he has the ability.'

And YongHo was speaking to such Jeff without holding anything back. He probably has that much ability - she thought.

Moreover, the concentration that he was showing now was even more impressive.

'He seems to be concentrating hard.'

His figure looking at the monitor and concentrating, looked charming. She even found him to be se*y seeing him concentrating only on programming while excluding everything else.

'Let's forgive him if he succeeds, and... keep it if he doesn't.'

On one side, she found him reprehensible for ignoring her like this and working. While gritting her teeth in secret, Yu SoHyun looked at YongHo, who was coding.

YongHo quickly solved the problem. The guidance of the Bug Window was that good. While editing the bugs, YongHo could only exclaim at Jeff's ability.

’’Prediction eh......’’

There was an element of prediction on top of Huffman's algorithm.

The Huffman algorithm.

The algorithm was used in most of the file compression programs that we use were those that had Huffman's algorithm applied to it.

Jeff brought prediction into the Huffman algorithm to predict what kind of data would come next after each data.

For instance, if the photo contained a picture of the sky, then it was likely that most of the said image would be blue.

Then, it was highly probable that the color next to blue would be blue.

Jeff brought such a concept into compression.

’’He's in a different league.’’

YongHo once again felt Jeff's league.

There was a thrilling electricity that filled his body.

The electricity came up from his toes, and went up to his head, before enveloping his body.


YongHo quietly exclaimed.

As if the puzzles of the things he studied were being put in place, he started to understand Jeff's code.

When studying, the limit approaches sometime. As if being hit by a wall, one's abilities don't increase and people just walk in the same spot.

And when that walking on the spot reaches a certain extent, an explosive growth in the graph can be drawn. (E/N: Bottleneck)

YongHo's state right now was like that.

Algorithms were what YongHo was the weakest at.

However, he didn't give up and endlessly put in effort. He asked about the things he didn't know to Jeff, and implemented it when he went back home while learning.

This was the result.

Jeff's fantastic code, as if an immortal medicine, broke the giant wall that blocked YongHo's path and lead him on the path.

He wasn't just solving bugs.

Each and every line on Jeff's code started being understood by him, and he could simulate what the result would be when he ran the program.


YongHo couldn't close his wide opened mouth. The more he understood, the more he was shocked.

He finally understood why Jeff disdained him so much. Compared to Jeff, it was only reasonable that he was disdained.

Like how a good book changes a person's life, Jeff's code made a programmer open his eyes.

Having come back up after his smoke, Jeff asked from behind YongHo.

’’Do you understand what it is?’’

Jeff's picky tone was the same as ever. Until now, there wasn't anyone within the company who understood Jeff's explanations.

As such, it could be said that he was developing the core part by himself.

That was the reason why he wasn't leaving work even though it was past midnight.

Jeff thought that YongHo would naturally not understand anything.

The coincidences ended here.

That was known best by Jeff more than anyone else, as he was the one who tutored YongHo. He was judging YongHo as a level lower than the programmers working with him.

Whether he knew it or not, YongHo spoke while exclaiming.

’’It's really amazing. You've added a concept of prediction on top of the Huffman's algorithm. But... the problem is that the predicting probability is too low.’’

’’...What? Say that again.’’

’’Wait a moment, I'll see this bit a little more.’’

Not flinching at Jeff's question, YongHo focused on the code.

His expression was as if looking at a piece of art.

He had the same expression as those who were looking at art pieces drawn by a master in a museum or an art gallery.

Exclamation and admiration.

YongHo had another thing.

A challenge.

The challenging mind to complete the program by solving the problem that Jeff was experiencing, was filling YongHo.


Now, even Jeff didn't say anything and quietly watched YongHo, who was coding.

Yu SoHyun, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, also went behind YongHo.

Every time YongHo's hands flickered on the keyboard, new codes started appearing on the screen.

The code that Jeff wrote disappeared, and the code that YongHo wrote started appearing.

Jeff, who was behind him, couldn't understand.

'...No way.'

Even a few days ago when he tutored him, YongHo didn't have this kind of skill.

As if showing his skills which he hid until now, YongHo knew exactly what he was trying to do through the code.

'He won't succeed for real right?'

He thought that YongHo could understand what kind of concepts that the program was made with.

However, implementing with the code itself was a different matter altogether.

It was like how knowing a mathematical formula was not the same as solving a related problem immediately.


Jeff still couldn't believe it.

However, not like he had to.

YongHo saw through the core code that the program had. It wasn't like with other people who he had to explain to.

It was the core found from the code.

As such, he could implement it with the code again.

Vdec compress program building.........(10%)

Vdec compress program building.........(41%)

Vdec compress program building.........(98%)

The coding ended and even the program build had ended.


The process of making code to be able to be run in a computer.

Only after the build ended could the program run.

All that process had ended right now.

’’Then I'll run it.’’

YongHo also seemed nervous as his words were trembling. Even though he had checked numerous times, he couldn't help his trembling.

’’Do it quickly.’’

Jeff also seemed impatient as he urged YongHo. Even until then, he couldn't hide his doubtful mind.

File compression.

To test, YongHo clicked a simple button that the program supplied him.

To test the program easily, he had only made a single button.

It was made so that the prepared files with 10mb, 100mb and 500mb would be shown on the screen as how much data it would consume after being compressed.

On the screen, the loading screen appeared again.

Compressing file......

The longer the ellipses became, the more the tension in the office rose. And after less than one minute had passed, the results of the compression appeared on the screen.

4mb, 43mb, 212mb.

!!!!!!Passing criteria!!!!!

This was the passing criteria.

Meaning that it had passed the standard that Jeff had set.

Not a fail, but a pass.

The compression rate was bigger with a bigger file. (T/N: Is it me or is this statement not true...?)

Like how the log saying 'passing criteria' told them, the results were successful.

Jeff barely held himself back from cheering by biting on his lips.

Rather, it was Yu SoHyun who jumped around in joy when she read the words 'passing criteria'.

’’Wha? It's done right? It's successful, right?’’

Pretending to not know of Yu SoHyun's violent reaction, YongHo finally turned his head and looked at Jeff.

YongHo's eyes were shining.

’’How is it?’’

He didn't need to listen to Jeff's answer.

Jeff nodded his head a few times instead of replying. Barely opening his mouth, he pretended to not care and threw a line.

’’Let's work together. I'll give you the treatment you want.’’

’’I need to rest first today.’’

It was already nearing 1 a.m. Fatigue overcame him, perhaps due to focusing too suddenly.

Today, it seemed he needed some sleep.


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