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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 9


After lunch, a middle aged man came in to the student support office.

’’Oh? Professor.’’

’’Yes, SungGyu.’’

’’Why are you here sir? Even though it's holiday......’’

’’I came to look at how the work went, but it seems like I chose the wrong time to do so.’’

Professor Jeon HyunShik came looking for the course registration task force team in the student support office. It was the person who was the professor in charge for the SUC and also the person who introduced this job to them.

’’N...No, sir.’’

’’I heard there was a problem with the course registration system?’’


’’Ok, so did you find the reason?’’

After taking a look at assistant manager Kim with the corner of his eyes, he started telling everything to the professor, looking resolved. They had lost trust in assistant manager Kim who didn't even listen to their opinions and just kept re-activating the system.

’’This...I think it is a Table Lock problem.’’

’’Table Lock?’’

The professor Jeon's eyes lit up at SungGyu's words, interested. SungGyu told him exactly the stuff he was told by YongHo. After listening, the professor spoke.

’’That is reasonable..., What do you think, assistant manager Kim?’’


’’Isn't it worth it to try it out?’’

At the professor's words, assistant manager Kim opened some internet windows hurriedly. Assistant manager Kim didn't understand all of it properly.

’’Assistant manager Kim.’’


Professor Jeon understood right away what assistant manager Kim was doing. He didn't understand anything about the bug

’’The students aren't applying for their courses right now, and you are looking at the internet?’’


’’Please call the manager in charge here right away.’’

’’P...Professor... that is....’’


Seon Min university's course management system was composed of one permanent employee and one temporary employee from outside. Instead they payed less to the temporary employee.

In the end, it was solved when the manager from the outsourcing company came.

’’You are right. The SELECT FOR UPDATE statement was the one causing errors.’’

’’So there's no problem with the students trying to apply for courses?’’

’’Yes. Some people didn't manage to apply for their classes so it would be better to extend the date of the registration by one day.’’

’’Let's do it as you say.’’

’’Is this him? The one who found the problem?’’

At the manager's words, the professor introduced Kang SungGyu.

’’Introduce yourself, SungGyu. This is manager An(surname) ByungHoon(first name) from Mirae IT’’

’’Good day to you, sir. My name is Kang SungGyu. And this time it wasn't me who found the problem.’’


’’YongHo here is the one who told me.’’


YongHo who was at the back stuttered in panic. Every gaze in the room were pointing towards YongHo.

’’You are how old right now...?’’

’’4th year, professor.’’

’’There was a reason why SungGyu recommended you, I see.’’

’’N...No sir.’’

SuMin and HyeJin also looked surprised at the situation that was happening in the conference room.

’’Assistant manager Kim. How can you not know something that even an undergraduate knows?’’


’’Go study some more.’’

After scolding assistant manager Kim, Manager An offered a handshake to YongHo.

’’Manager An ByungHoon from Mirae IT.’’

’’G...Good day to you sir. My name is Lee YongHo.’’

’’Student Lee, have you worked at a company before? This isn't something you would know just by studying.’’

’’I did a part time job a few times with SungGyu-hyung.’’



’’Anyway, you're great for knowing all this stuff even though you're in college.’’

YongHo didn't know what to say at manager An's words.

’’N...No sir, it was nothing.’’

’’This is my business card. Let's meet up sometime. I'll treat you to a meal.’’

Unlike assistant manager Kim who was picky, manager An was an amiable man. With horn-rimmed glasses and thick waists, he gave off a virtuous aura.

’’Yes. Thank you sir.’’

The short greeting ended there and Manager An returned. Seeing YongHo standing awkwardly, professor Jeon spoke to him.

’’Are you graduating this year?’’

’’Yes, professor.’’

’’If you are a 4th year, then you would need to prepare for employment.’’

’’I'm preparing little by little.’’

That was the reason he did all those part time jobs. Anyhow, he wasn't a match for his peers in his grades. The only way he could stand above others was to have more experience.

’’I understand. SungGyu, did you tell YongHo about that?’’

’’Not yet, sir.’’

’’Then this is a good opportunity, I'll speak to him.’’

Everyone except SungGyu was confused at the professor's words. After posing himself, the professor continued speaking.

’’Hey, do you have any thoughts on becoming an intern? Not a normal intern, but an intern with 90% certainty of employment.’’

’’An intern, sir?’’

YongHo's pitch of voice went up. Being an intern was a good opportunity. Moreover, it was an intern with a 90% employment rate. It wasn't something easy to find.

YongHo carefully asked back.

’’May I know the name of the company?’’

It was a good opportunity for sure but the name of the company was also important. At least, he wanted a company that his parents had heard of.

’’It is a place you know very well.’’

YongHo thought of a few major companies. If it was a company that a professor would introduce, he thought that anybody would know about it.

’’Somewhere I know... Is it Heaven?’’

'Heavensoft' was one of the best major companies in the Republic of South Korea.



’’Why search so far? Isn't Mirae IT right here?’’


Mirae IT.

It was a company that broke off from Mirae Corp. which had 30 affiliate companies under its name, after its bankruptcy. Although not a major company, it was considered a middle-sized company in the IT, no the SI(System Integration: Provides IT related general service at other companies' or organizations' request) industry.

’’Is that true?’’

’’Yes, it really is. Apparently, it's YongHo-sunbae who solved the course registration chaos.’’

’’OMG, unbelievable! Was that sunbae THAT good at studying?’’

’’That's true... I didn't think he did THAT well.’’

’’Anyway, he's amazing. I heard professor Jeon even personally introduced a position for an intern.’’

’’Professor Jeon did?’’

’’Yes. THAT professor Jeon did.’’

A mixture of truth and exaggeration plus nonsense was spreading through the department.

’’Apparently, he was especially looked after by professor Jeon?’’

’’I heard they were distant relatives.’’

’’Really? According to what I heard......’’

A long shadow fell upon the students in the classroom.

’’Apparently, professor Jeon and YongHo are dating?’’


SungGyu spoke as he put his hand on the two students who were talking.

’’What 'Really?' Don't speak nonsense. Go study, you guys.’’


’’Code one more line if you have time to spread strange rumors.’’

At SungGyu's words the two students hurriedly left. SungGyu asked YongHo who was behind him.

’’Anyway, what are you going to do?’’

’’Mirae IT didn't seem like a bad place.......’’

’’I also think it's good for you to do the internship.’’


’’Yes. Think about it carefully. I am saying this now, but actually, the course registration part time job this time was done on the premise of internship.’’


It was the first time YongHo had heard of this. A part time job had a strong nature for electing interns like it was the same for interviews. YongHo had left a deep impression during that.

’’The professor called me first. SuMin and HyeJin had good grades, and you had good ability.’’

’’Oh... So you're going too?’’

’’Yes. I've decided to go too.’’


’’It's not because I want to go with you. It's just that I thought it wouldn't be bad to find employment through this rather than preparing for employment after graduation. It's not a small company either.’’

’’Please take care of me from now.’’

’’No, it should be me who's saying that.’’

Translator's note

Regular chapter 3/4, 4/4 will be released on Sunday 7p.m. (GMT+9).

Don't exaggerate rumors. people! But to say they're dating...

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