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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 89


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 89: Basic of Program design

Requirement definition document was the basics of the basics in program development. The requirement definition had to be organized properly in order to decide how to develop the requirements, how big the scale of the service will be, how they will decide on hardware specs, etc.

The starting point of all software development was the requirement definition. It was rare for an ordinary developer to participate in the requirement definition. In Korea, the only developers called PL(Project Leader/Programming Leader) participated in such things.

And currently, YongHo was participating in the meeting.

’’So, you want to receive a video and not pictures of the person, right?’’

’’Yes, that's correct. Currently, the service provided by Shinseki is receiving 8 photographs in total. That means that one has to take 8 pictures while manipulating the screen. How inconvenient is this?’’

Kenneth expressed passionately. It was definitely true. Rather than touching the screen 8 times, touching it once to achieve the aim will enhance user comfort.

However, image processing was a different field. YongHo didn't even begin to grasp whether it will be possible or not. Dave and James were no different.

They were speaking with just the little knowledge they learned in their undergraduate days, post graduate days or when they were in society and learned from a few people.

’’Won't it be difficult to process videos? Why don't we just go in a direction where we can take all photos that would be processed, at once.......’’

YongHo was the same. As this wasn't his field, he had no confidence while speaking.

YongHo asked Brad who was sitting next to him.

’’Is the employment of an image processing specialist not yet?’’

’’Yes... I did put out a notice but it's not easy.’’

One of the cores of this service was image processing.

In order for a user to feel an online space as realistic as possible, they needed a specialist in the image processing field, but it wasn't easy to find such a person.

’’Let's talk about this later.’’

In the end, Kenneth also had no choice but to go to the next part. There were still over 100 requirements to talk about.

The biggest worry that YongHo had while he was in the conference room was when the meeting would end.

Until now, he could set the time to end the meeting as he was the one to lead it. However, it wasn't like that now.

YongHo was in a position where he should listen. Moreover, the one called Kenneth, who took on the role of the SA, seemed older than YongHo.

He looked like a 'superior at work' just from his outer appearance.

’’I will share the next parts via JIRA so please check.’’

JIRA was a type of project management tool in order to increase productivity of the project. If one opened a project, one could register the members related to the project.

And when an issue occurs in the project, then an e-mail will be sent to all the registered people. As a program developed by a company in the US, recently, it was used a lot worldwide.

Kenneth only spoke of a few important things, then said he will share through JIRA, then ended the meeting.


At the unexpected end, YongHo sat there absentmindedly. Most of the people were folding their laptops and stood up to leave.

’’Aren't you going?’’

Dave, who listened to the meeting next to YongHo, tapped him. Anyway, it was fortunate that it ended quickly.

If it was Korea, the meeting would not have ended there.

After the meeting ended, YongHo came outside to cool his head. When he sat down on the bench and talked about what happened in Korea to his friends and colleagues, Jessie muttered as if it was absurd.


’’I think they spent about more than half of the day in meetings......’’

From what he could remember, half of what his superiors did in Korean companies were meetings.

After being called to various meetings all day, they started doing their own work at night. It was a structure with unavoidable overtime work.

Sometimes there were cases where there was a meeting at 12 o'clock in the night. It was a schedule which can only be called insane.

’’The first meeting was only long since it was the overall briefing... From now on, the rest will be mostly done through JIRA. Or, it will end quickly like today.’’

YongHo sighed in relief at the fact that he didn't need to participate in long term 'marathon' meetings.

Jessie, who came back to the office, was sticking post-its on the wall. As he had already experienced it in Shinseki, YongHo also knew what she was doing.

'Seems like she's doing that Agile methodology or something.'

YongHo was skeptical. He thought that this methodology will be ignored without being used due to being chased by the schedule.

He had already experienced this once. He didn't think that it will be much different here.


Dave, who was standing in front of the whiteboard, called YongHo. He looked very excited in expectation of the future. In Dave's hand was a piece of post-it that Jessie gave him.

’’I got work, YongHo needs to start too!’’

Dave spoke while waving the post-it on his hand. In the small post-it there were a lot of work written on it.

Service related schema design and writing generation script.

YongHo, who confirmed the contents of the post-it that Dave held, approached Jessie.

He could see the words written on the whiteboard more clearly.

Vertically, there were 'things to be done', 'in progress', 'completed' written and on horizontally there was the names of the people in charge of them

Jessie looked at YongHo who was watching the whiteboard.

’’This project will progress according to something called Scrum of Agile development methodology.’’


YongHo felt like he had heard of it before. However, he didn't know clearly how it worked.

’’Well, the developers don't need to worry about it that much. Here, the thing you need to do.’’

YongHo gulped dry saliva after checking the post-it that Jessie gave him

Deciding and designing the structure of each stack in the software.

’’How long will it take?’’

Not knowing YongHo's thoughts, Jessie asked.

’’Tw, two or three days will be fine?’’

YongHo answered without thinking. There was an 'image' of him within the company. Such image made him feel a sense of repulsion in taking more than 1 day to do things.

Although Dave was on his side, not all the members of the company were on Dave's side.

He wanted to exist not as a person who Dave recommended, but as Lee YongHo.

And so, the pressure that he needed to do something faster and preciser than anyone was dominating YongHo's thoughts.

And that pressure was making the schedule tight.

’’Really? I thought it would at least take 1 week. You sure are different, YongHo.’’

When Jessie spoke while nodding, YongHo was regretting. An arm appeared on the regretting YongHo's shoulder.

’’Didn't I say so? That YongHo's different.’’

Although he wanted to say something to Dave who was speaking comfortably, he held back. It was something he had to do anyway.

'*Sigh*...How do I request now?'

He was unsure of how to ask Jeff for help. YongHo had not designed a software properly yet. He was at the frontline of development - coding.

The only thing he did from start to finish was developing a small function for an app.


YongHo first found his way to the front of Jeff's company. The best method to solve this problem in 2 days was not going to the library but coming here - this was the answer he arrived at.

’’Please teach me.’’

’’Why should I? I'm really busy.’’

’’I solved a difficult problem for you last time.’’

’’Didn't that end with the algorithm tutoring?’’

’’Then let's do it this way. I will solve another problem for you this time.’’

Jessie looked at YongHo with a doubtful gaze. He had already seen through YongHo's ability to a certain extent through the algorithm tutoring.

It was a miracle for YongHo to solve the problem last time with his ability, which he found out.

Algorithm required an exceptional brain. One had to solve mathematical problems with a fast-calculating head.

However, YongHo solved the problem with effort and not his brains.

As he saw that process while tutoring him, it was a mystery for Jeff that YongHo had solved a problem relating to performance.


’’You don't have anything to lose.’’

’’It's a loss for me to show you my source.’’

YongHo felt a sudden surge of anger when he heard Jeff's words. However, he was in the inferior position of the requester. He couldn't do as he wanted.

Pitying YongHo who kept begging, Jonathan chimed in.

’’Jeff, why don't you let him try? Didn't you say that there was an error in the screen that you made as a prototype last time?’’

Jeff showed YongHo a screen as if he had no choice.

’’I made some libraries here but due to an error, I can't use it. Since it had low priority, I had left it for later. If you solve this, then I will help or advise you in design as you said.’’

YongHo's expression, which looked as if he was about to die, instantly brightened. He was worried that he might have to go to the library to read about software engineering if Jeff didn't allow it.

Even without that, he was living while minimizing sleep. He didn't think he would understand anything even if he read.

’’Thank you. Please think that you've just saved a man.’’

While checking the bug window which appeared next to the screen that Jeff showed him, YongHo spoke.

Fortunately, there was a guide message on the bug window.

’’Which computer should I use?’’

’’How long do you think you need?’’

’’About 20 minutes?’’

Jeff's suspicions became deeper. Even he himself couldn't fix it after 1 hour. Various libraries were tangled around due to dependency.

To solve this, he thought he would have to edit the libraries themselves so he had left it for later.

And YongHo was saying that he could fix such a problem in just 20 minutes as though it was guaranteed.

’’Then use my computer. I will leave for a moment.’’

’’Then it's easy.’’

When Jeff left, YongHo took off the bag he was wearing and took off his coat and hung it on the bag.

Then he spoke after rolling up his sleeves.

’’Then here I go!’’

YongHo knew better than anyone that the result was already set in stone.

YongHo quickly started typing on the keyboard. Jeff wanted to go outside to get some wind, but he couldn't.

’’Jeff! It's done. Please come and check.’’

Not even 20 minutes had passed. When Jeff, who came back from the toilet, was about to put on his coat, YongHo called him saying the problem was fixed.


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