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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 7



The period for the part time job was 2 weeks. Before it, an employee from an outsourcing company was scheduled to explain the outline of the course management system to them. YongHo and co looked for the employee who was in the student support office.

YongHo &co looked for the employee who was in the student support office.

’’Good day, sir.’’

’’Oh, yes. I heard you would be visiting.’’

SungGyu, as the representative, did the greeting. The employee greeted back to YongHo &co. A slight annoyance could be seen on his face.

There were dark circles under his eyes. He looked very tired.

’’Come this way.’’

The employee took them to the conference room.

The explanation went on for about 1 hour. From the structure of the hardware of the management system to the software installed in each of them... Time went by quickly.

’’So, basically, the system as a whole is composed of one DB server and two application servers?’’

’’Yes, you're correct. There is an extra server for backup.’’

’’Where can I see the source code?’’

’’At the end of the PPT I have sorted out the information onDB(DataBase: The program that manages data in enterprises)access information and SVN(Subversion: Program source version management tool)access information. Server administrator account and everything else so you can refer to that.’’

SungGyu's words didn't sound like he had done this just a few times. YongHo, SuMin, and HyeJin next to him didn't even have a chance to speak. It wasn't something one could understand by just studying at college.

’’Anything else you want to tell us?’’

’’You can do whatever you want on the TestBed(the thing where you can test the prototype program) but don't access the managementDB if possible. And don't EVER do something likeCommit(coding)ting on the SVN. You can do whatever you want as long as you keep those conditions.’’

’’I understand.’’

The explanation ended with SungGyu's reply. The other people didn't understand any of it anyway.

After eating their meal, the four got together. The topic was of course about Kang SungGyu.

’’Seonbae, did you understand all of that?’’

’’Well. Bits and pieces.’’

’’Then what is SVN?’’

’’It's called subversion and it's basically a software source version management system. Don't you use it usually when you do team projects?’’

’’That was that?’’

Ji SuMin asked as it was the first time she had heard of it.

’’You used it without even knowing what it is. Huh?’’


At SungGyu's words, SuMin couldn't say anything.

’’If you don't get anything while working, first ask me. If I don't know, then I will ask the employee as the representative and tell you the answer. If everyone starts asking, the employee would get annoyed.’’

’’Yes, seonbae.’’

The figure of SungGyu in SuMin's and HyeJin's eyes changed. YongHo already knew of SungGyu's skills. Kang SungGyu was also known as God SungGyu in SUC.

(People call a person with 'God' as their surname if s/he is admired in South Korea)


For most universities, course registration was done over 5 days. It was in order to prevent overloading the server by dividing the dates by school year. The first day was for 4th years.

’’There would be no problem for 4th years right?’’

’’That should be so? There are less students, and there aren't many courses they can apply for.’’

Probably because of that, there was little tension on the employee's face.

’’Is monitoring going well?’’


YongHo showed his laptop screen. They accessed the server to check the CPU and RAM usage manually by eyes.

’’Check it well. This knowledge, you need it everywhere when you get in society.’’

’’But do we need to do this all manually? Isn't there some automated system for it?’’

At YongHo's words, SungGyu lowered his voice.

’’There probably is. But the scale of the course management system is small.’’

’’Even so... making people do this work...’’

’’Shh, you don't order people around in someone else's territory. You'll know when you do it later.’’

Monitoring was not only YongHo's job. HyeJin and SuMin also opened 3 Telnet(A software that stores the access protocol with other servers) and were monitoring each server.

’’Even so, I think it's too much...’’

YongHo looked towards the place where SuMin sat. The employee was sticking around SuMin like glue.

’’If you don't know something, ask me anything, ok?’’

The employee from the outsourcing company stuck around SuMin all day. It wasn't that he was cold to YongHo, but he was overly friendly towards SuMin.

’’There's one thing... Do we have to all this monitoring by eyes?’’

SuMin asked what YongHo wanted to ask. YongHo and SungGyu included was waiting for the employee's answer.

’’Of course there is an automated software. But it's too expensive to apply it for this kind of system.’’

’’Then why not develop it here?’’

’’By myself? No... let's not talk about that.’’


The employee was just about to speak but he stopped himself. YongHo and SungGyu were interested in the reason but couldn't force it from him. The employee continued after calming himself down.

’’Don't speak of it anywhere;It's actually because of money reasons.’’


At SuMin's interest the employee elatedly blabbed on.

’’To develop a software you need people, and to get people you would need money right?’’

’’That's correct.’’

’’But in reality, universities don't feel the need to invest money in it because it won't make them any profit in the short term.’’


’’You will get to know all this if you get employed.’’

SungGyu didn't understand the employee's words. Silence pervaded the course registration management task force conference room.

The second day was for 3rd years. Tension could be seen on the employee's face this time.

’’Please especially pay attention today.’’

And even advised them. YongHo was paying attention as he also looked at the bug window. He could see a few bugs, but he didn't mind it as he didn't, there would be any problem for the course registration.

’’1 minute to go.’’

Of the students, the 2nd years and 3rd years were the most intense. 4th years were busy finding employment and 1st years didn't know much.

’’Open, server condition?’’

The CPU for all three servers filled up to 99.9% as soon as the system opened.

’’No problem.’’

YongHo replied calmly.


’’None either.’’

SungGyu replied to the employee's words. DB was more important than the application server. If the application server dies, you could just re-activate it, but it doesn't just end with re-activation when the DB dies.

’’Please wait a moment.’’

Suddenly, YongHo spoke as he looked at the screen.


’’The memory has reached over 70%, and it's still climbing.’’


The employee focused on the screen at YongHo's words. His words were true. The memory usage rate for the DB was climbing and didn't fall down even a bit.

’’L...Let's keep watching for a minute. If it still doesn't work then we can just re-activate it.

The sessions that accessed the DB through the application server returned the resources after they were finished. It was normal to go up and down. But now, it just kept going up.

’’Over 80%’’

It kept climbing but never fell back down. Confusion was seen on the employee's face.

’’Oh, f*ck. it worked fine during the test, so why now....’’

The employee was swearing. Defect reports would have to be written if the server went down. And that was the best case scenario. If they asked for compensation...


YongHo's words carried urgency.


The memory was occupied too quickly. At this rate the only solution would be to pull out the plug if the server couldn't even accept the commands.


The employee put the command on the DB server.

shutdown immediate.

Suddenly, the screen froze for the students were registering for courses. The DB server stopped.

Startup. Until the command to re-activate was put in.

Translator's note

Hello! Chamber here! I'm the translator for coder LYH. I'm pretty new to translating and because my major is Computer Science &Engineering, Kobato forced gave me this project. And I'm only in my 2nd year college so I don't really understand many of this stuff. Coyo is helping behind the scenes in various ways, especially the terms. (I go to a Korean Uni, so all the stuff learnt is Korean)

For fantasy novels, you can randomly translate names and skills, but for this novel, the words have an exact match. It's so hard finding all those things... rant, rant, rest omitted

Anyway, I do hope you readers enjoy reading this! And I am reading the comments! Ah, also, bear in mind that this work is fiction, don't expect too much realism.

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