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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 64


A complete turnaround.

The person standing in front of the white board where the beam was projected was Na DaeBang, and the person sitting was YongHo.

’’Hey, what did I tell you, sunbae? Didn't I say that, to change a 2D image into a 3D model, we need to know the length of the center? We need to know the length of the center to express it as 3D.’’


YongHo, who was sitting, couldn't say anything. The hardest algorithm he learned in his university days was data compression using Huffman algorithm.

He had a hard time even when he was learning the recommendation algorithm from Son SeokHo. In the end, he had to make do with learning how to use the bug window. However, a crisis came upon him again. It wasn't like it was a kind teacher from then either.

’’We need to get the value of epipolar geometry from each of the photos using F-matrix estimation or calibrated 5-point relative pose. Understand?’’

Na DaeBang was making a refreshed expression as if he just drank some cider. It seemed as if his embarrassment from the code review had all been washed away.

On the other hand, YongHo was gritting his teeth while looking at Na DaeBang.

'I will definitely learn this all by studying.'

If you looked at it, YongHo's such thoughts may have been reckless. The field Na DaeBang was explaining now was called 'computer vision' and it was difficult even for the people who majored in this area.

Na DaeBang had finished his postgraduate studies in computer vision and he entered Shinseki via exceptional military service so he had the professional knowledge.

There was no way that YongHo would know when he graduated from SeonMin university, and a graduate at that.

’’Please learn it before next time.’’

Next turn.

After 2 hours of algorithm lecture, YongHo's turn came. Code review time, as YongHo's explanations got longer, this time, it was Na DaeBang who gritted his teeth.

'I will remember this!'

Did someone say that a compatible competitor made people improve each other? The current YongHo and Na DaeBang was like that.


There were two eyes which looked at Na Daebang and YongHo who were in the middle of a fierce competition.

’’Is it alright to leave them like that?’’

’’Of course. They're improving by providing each other's weak points.’’

’’Anyway, I wonder if the idea said by Mr. Na DaeBang would bring me 100 billion......’’

’’Didn't the planning team give the OK sign? I also think it's quite good. There are many cases where people think 'will this piece of clothing really fit me?' when they are buying clothes online. And if we fuse the PS System to recommend items to them, then I think it's possible. If it's really implemented, even I want to use it.’’

’’I know that but... I'm quite worried. If this project doesn't succeed then independence would forever be a dream......’’

Worry couldn't be erased from Jeong DanBi's face. She knew that a 100billion won of sales was not so simple as it looked.

However, she couldn't not do it.

If she kept staying here, then she might have to marry a man she met for the first time and live a life without emotions.


’’They requested a hardware purchase?’’

’’Yes. They're saying they would use it as an image storing server.’’

’’Why would they need that?’’

’’The guy called Na DaeBang brought up an idea to make the people able to try the clothes on online like the Shinseki's Magic Mirror......’’

’’Yes. Na DaeBang. He was a capable guy.’’

Having finished speaking, Jeong JinHoon looked at the man. The refreshing smile disappeared and an aura of a beast poured out.

He was angry.

’’I, I'm sorry.’’

’’Reaction to the Shinseki's Magic Mirror?’’

’’...That, it...’’

’’How long has it been since you worked with me?’’

’’A, about 10 years, sir.’’

’’Then I presume you know how much I believe in you, but I would be forced to make a harsh decision if you keep coming out like this.’’

Ta-tap. Ta-tap.

Jeong JinHoon tapped the desk with his fingers. The clear sound tickled his ears.

However, at Jeong JinHoon's words, the man couldn't lift his head up. He knew better than anyone why Jeong JinHoon was tapping the desk.

Jeong JinHoon spoke to the man who was staying quiet.

’’Are you spicing it up?’’

’’O, of course.’’

’’There's a thorn that's left but it feels like it won't come off easily.’’

’’What should we do about the hardware purchase?’’

’’Why are you asking the obvious?’’

His tone was quiet but it contained an aura that made anyone difficult to come in contact with him.

Even the same words would feel different according to the person saying it. Jeong JinHoon's words were hitting the listener like a heavy hammer, and not like a light breeze.


Morning commuting time.

YongHo still had times when he felt unrealistic. When he entered the huge skyscraper with the identity card hung on his neck, shiny marble floor greeted him.

When he walked slowly on top of that, then he could find himself putting strength into his shoulders.

'Is this what it feels like to be an employee of a big company?'

Then, that feeling climaxed when he pressed the card onto the gate where only the permanent employees would be able to go past.


With that sound, the doors barring YongHo's way opened.


The door blocking his way opened. It allowed YongHo to pass through.

Like the scholars using their identity plaques to enter the palace gates freely in the Joseon Era, YongHo felt that passing through this gate represented his identity.

And someone was approaching such YongHo who put strength into his shoulders.


Na DaeBang, who approached from who knows when, gripped that someone's wrist.

’’Hey, what were you doing just now?’’

’’Aack. Wh, who are you?’’

The man who had his wrist gripped cried out in pain. The coffee held in his hands fell on the floor and dirtied the marble floor.

’’I'm Na Daebang from the smart shopping strategy team.’’

Na DaeBang's thick voice attracted attention from the surroundings. Despite being one year younger than YongHo, if one just looked at his outer appearance, he would be fit to be YongHo's uncle.

’’Huh, Mr. Na DaeBang?’’

At the sudden commotion, YongHo also turned his head around. Na DaeBang was gripping a man's wrist. It looked as if he was holding lightly, but the pain seen from the man's face told him that it wasn't ordinary.

’’I want to hear the reason why you wanted to spill the coffee over here when you were holding it so quietly.’’

Na DaeBang pointed towards YongHo and said. At those words, YongHo instantly recognized what the situation was.

YongHo, who didn't want other people to talk any more about this, said to Na DaeBang.

’’Let's go up.’’

’’No, I have something to say to this person. Sunbae, you can go up first.’’

Na DaeBang put more strength into gripping that man's wrist. The gripped man's face started turning red. His groans attracted more people.

That figure made YongHo crease his brows. The man's fault wasn't even confirmed but suppressing him with strength made YongHo put more criticism onto Na DaeBang.

YongHo looked at Na DaeBang and said.

’’Mr. Na DaeBang, even if you have a background, should you act like this?’’


’’Let's go up. I don't know what it is, but this is enough.’’


At YongHo's words, Na DaeBang let go of the man's wrist. It seemed the gripping strength was too strong as the man's wrist turned completely red.

Na DaeBang, who let go of the wrist, walked forward with big steps without even looking at YongHo.

A huge bear.

No one blocked that bear's path.


YongHo stood up to go out to eat.

’’Mr. DaeBang?’’


’’You aren't eating?’’


’’I am sorry for what I said last time so let's go eat.’’

Na DaeBang was looking at the monitor without even turning his head. Son SeokHo seemed amused at that figure and spoke.

’’It seems like he's not hungry, so shall we go by ourselves?’’

’’H, head researcher, even so.’’

’’If we go too late, the side dishes will be all gone. Let's go.’’


To maintain a huge figure like Na DaeBang, he needed that much energy. The sound from his stomach could be heard.

Lunchtime ended and YongHo bought a sandwich. He considered Na DaeBang's body size so the sandwich was the biggest size - super large.

He placed the milk and the sandwich carefully on Na DaeBang's desk.

’’I was too harsh with my words last time. I tried to help but... I'm sorry.’’

’’I don't have anything like a background.’’

’’Yes. I'm sorry.’’

’’Please refrain from saying that from now on.’’

He was unexpectedly sensitive. He still didn't turn his head towards YongHo. Unlike the rough actions with his big body, this kind of figure was unsuited to him and YongHo couldn't get used to it.

Son SeokHo abruptly held out his hand.

’’Here. Eat a sweet bean bread too.’’

Na DaeBang didn't bother rejecting. The super sized sandwich along with the sweet bean bread disappeared to na DaeBang's stomach in less than 5 minutes.


Even if one knew one hundred he/she wouldn't necessarily be able to teach all one hundred. Na DaeBang definitely possessed a lot of knowledge, but the information going inside YongHo's head was only about ten.

Moreover, their eye levels were completely different.

Na DaeBang was speaking while looking at the sky, but YongHo was speaking while looking at the ground. It definitely helped, but to talk with Na DaeBang, YongHo's level was too low.

’’Sunbae is also a human.’’

Na DaeBang honestly expressed his thought. When he met YongHo for the first time, he thought he was a genius.

He couldn't imagine that YongHo could find bugs by just peeking at the code while walking past.

With excitement and expectations of having met a genius, he moved teams and while he spent his time with YongHo, he was slightly disappointed since YongHo didn't live up to his expectations.

However, it was still better than when he was in the previous team. He learned a lot from Son SeokHo, who was an open source committer, and he learned coding from YongHo.

YongHo may be behind him in terms of algorithm knowledge but in terms of coding he was definitely better than Na Daebang.

’’Then what did you think I was?’’

At Na DaeBang's words, YongHo asked back while smiling. As he kept talking with Na DaeBang, he felt that he need to learn more about algorithms.

The need to study with the people on the same level as him arose since he was studying with someone who's on a much higher level than him in the company.

'Should I apply for a study?'

He thought that he might learn algorithms faster if he talked with the people on the same level as him through a study.

And today was the first day.

'I'm slightly nervous.'

He applied to this place after looking at the internet portal site. Just as he needed, the curriculum was set so that they would go over the algorithms they learnt in college and then they would go a step further to learn more difficult algorithms.

It was the stage by stage learning that YongHo needed.

The study members were all set, and YongHo was the last. The study leader also seemed to have some sense as the ratio of male to female was 4:3.


YongHo could only be surprised when he opened the door to the study room positioned near Gangnam station.



Choi HyeJin, Ji SuMin, and Kang SungGyu were all sitting there.


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