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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 63


'O, one hundred billion, eh... How can we earn 100 billion a month?'

All members of the team were spinning their minds to think up of an idea.

The team member whose idea gets selected would receive an incentive.

This was the reason why YongHo, who was in the development team, was agonized.

All the rights to operating the team was in Jeong DanBi's hands so of course, she could give out incentives. Moreover, because the team leader was Jeong DanBi, they could go out shopping in department stores when they were working in pretext of 'idea gathering'.

'That's pretty, shall I buy one for mom?'

However, in the end, YongHo stopped thinking. When he bought the house and payed the debt, his bank account was about to run dry.

And perhaps due to that, the leisure from the time his bank account was reassuring, was gone.

The worry from the time he was developing PS System was about to show up again now that he had to think up of an idea. And a voice which added to that anxiety could be heard from next to him.

’’How long are you planning to do shopping? Please tell me.’’

Na DaeBang, who was standing next to YongHo, spoke threateningly. Just standing still would pressure anyone.

After Na DaeBang came to the smart shopping strategy team, he followed YongHo like a chick following its mother hen. YongHo, who was inconvenienced by that, asked Son SeokHo for help but Na DaeBang refused.

’’I didn't come here to see head researcher Son.’’

’’You heard that, Mr. YongHo? He says so.’’

With that one line from Son SeokHo, Na DaeBang's senior was decided. YongHo looked resentfully at Son SeokHo. He was not yet ready to become anyone's senior. He was busy looking after himself.

Son SeokHo didn't do anything so he had requested help from Jeong DanBi. However, in the end, he had to give up.


Perhaps their first meeting was bad, but the air sparked as soon as Jeong DanBi met gazes with him.

The two stared at each other without saying anything. YongHo gave up first since it might turn out to be a fight if he waited any longer.

When YongHo picked clothes without saying anything, Na DaeBang spoke, perhaps thinking that it wasn't good if this continued.

’’Who are you giving it to? Girlfriend? Mother?’’

’’I don't have a girlfriend.’’

’’Then mother it is... Mr. YongHo was one year older than me so......’’

YongHo who was pushed aside from the hanger, looked at Na DaeBang quietly. He scanned through a few clothing, before he selected one.

’’She should be about 50 right now so a marsala colored gingham check style is alright.’’

’’Sorry, what?’’

’’You can just buy whatever I say. I know a little fashion myself. It's done now, right? Let's go.’’

He put the clothes into YongHo's hands and he lead the way. When YongHo focused, his fashion was indeed not normal.

Unlike ordinary developers, he was wearing a thin shirt, a jacket and even a handkerchief on the breast pocket.

In addition, his shoes were black walkers which reminded of military boots. He was quite different compared to YongHo, who was wearing a T-shirt and trainers.

’’Oh, Mr. Na DaeBang.’’

The placed Na DaeBang walked to was where the store staff was. Then he pulled out a card and payed for everything.

’’You reject me so much... Bribe. You received it so let me learn something now.’’


After paying, Na DaeBang turned back and said. YongHo, who found that figure hateful, thought.

'Yes. Let's go.'

Hellish code review.

YongHo smiled thinking that he would use the exact method that Son SeokHo used to train him.

His build reminded of a bear, but it was as if looking at a little rabbit.


When he was about to make an excuse, YongHo interfered.

’’Each line of the source must have a clear meaning and a definition for using, but what the hell is this? Meaningless comments and unused methods... If you dirty the code like this, who would want to look at it?’’


’’I didn't have time, I was too busy - I don't want to hear these excuses.’’

YongHo spat out lines like a machine gun.

’’It's not me who......’’

’’Isn't it done by the team? Is it over if you didn't do it? Can you call yourself a programmer if you don't have any affection for your program?’’

When YongHo's sharp criticisms continued, Na DaeBang kept withering. He never knew that this was the kind of education he would receive. And YongHo's words kept pushing Na DaeBang down the abyss of shock.

’’Please edit the parts I told you today. I will see you tomorrow.’’


The rough and unrestrained figure was all but gone. He was at the whim of YongHo's words.

’’The 'eyes to see sources', I will educate you thoroughly.’’


It was the words he spoke with his own mouth so he couldn't say any more. He could only groan like a wet rabbit.

Son SeokHo, who was watching from the side, muttered to himself.

’’Bravo, my eyes were right.’’



It was the thing Son SeokHo did in his code review with YongHo, when he first entered the company. And now, it was repeating.

’’Th, this can't be... What I was thinking was... not this...’’

At Na DaeBang, who was muttering to himself, YongHo asked.

’’Sorry? What did you say?’’

’’N, nothing.’’

The confident figure from the beginning couldn't be found anywhere. The continuous code review made Na DaeBang unable to come to himself.

’’Well then, we looked until line 1050 yesterday, so we will start from there.’’

’’Uh, S, sunbae!’’

Na DaeBang abruptly raised his hands and called for YongHo. On the whiteboard, the screen from the computer was projected.

It was the source Na DaeBang worked on while working on the Shinseki's Magic Mirror. He seemed to never want to see this source again so he fixed his gaze on YongHo with blazing eyes.

He looked like he was about to riot if YongHo didn't listen to him.

’’Oh, yes. Anything you need?’’

’’I have a good idea, and I want to talk about it.’’

’’A good idea?’’

’’Weren't you agonized about that project OH?’’

When he was developing the Shinseki's Magic Mirror, Na DaeBang had a question.

'Why do people come to offline stores to buy clothes?'

'Isn't it to try on the clothes?'

'They're coming offline to try them on. Should there be a need for this machine?'

'I'd want it online, not offline.'

He had these questions but he was already in the middle of developing this. Moreover, it was a decision from the higher-ups, so Na DaeBang couldn't do anything.

YongHo, who heard this from Na DaeBang, told Son SeokHo, and soon, a conference was held.

’’Small online shopping malls, who don't even have money to hire models, there are lots of comments like this.’’

-Worn shots please.

It meant that they wanted to see a model who wore the clothes.

’’They're buying from the internet, so they at least want to see someone wearing it. The big online shopping malls use these models and upload the worn shots. The beautiful pretty models, however not those models... but if we can see our own selves wearing the clothes?’’

At Na DaeBang's words, a few nodded their heads. They approved. Jeong DanBi, who was also listening, seemed to deem that it wasn't a bad idea, and gave out an approving look.

’’My thoughts end here. Thanks to YongHo-sunbae here, my head's about to explode.’’

Na DaeBang spoke while looking at YongHo. He wanted the 'eyes to see codes' but his pression was one of 'I saw the devil'.

Na DaeBang was referring to the code review. However, other people thought he had a headache thinking up of an idea.

When Na DaeBang finished, Jeong DanBi looked around.

’’How is it? It seems fine to me. Trying on the clothes in the online shopping mall? I think it's quite a fitting idea now that the ratio of online shopping is increasing rapidly. Head researcher Son, is this idea possible technically?’’

Son SeokHo swallowed the sweet bean bread in his mouth and licked his lips.

’’To do it perfectly, we need to make the 2D image that the users upload into 3D and we need to fuse the clothes with the user... In our team, we don't have anyone with image processing techniques, and I also have insufficient specialized knowledge in regards to 3D scanning technology. So I think it's quite doubtful.’’

He was full of worries whether it was possible or not. This question from Son SeokHo was perhaps very obvious. Even programming would be specialized when you went deeper into it.

Image related technology, vision related technology, big data processing technology, front-end technology like applications and web... there were many areas.

Na DaeBang spoke confidently after hearing that.

’’And that's why I'm here.’’


’’The things I was in charge of in Shinseki's Magic Mirror was 3D scanning and resolution technology. In condition, just let me work with this sunbae here.’’

Na DaeBang pointed towards YongHo and smiled slyly. However, Son SeokHo still looked at Na DaeBang with worry. It was that hard. If the planning and management team specified the idea, then the work would become even more complicated.

’’Are you really confident?’’

’’Isn't that obvious? Moreover, Lee-sunbae looked at the source for the Magic Mirror once to see through it and even found bugs. So there should be nothing difficult.’’

The look Na DaeBang gave YongHo was like 'Isn't it true, sunbae? Didn't I do well?' kind of expression.

Na DaeBang's actions of saying YongHo's name continuously in the conference was in consideration of YongHo. He tried to make YongHo the important person.

’’Then please specify it, planning and management team.’’

Jeong DanBi said that and stood up. However, at that moment, YongHo was thinking something completely different.

'His speech keeps reminding me of No JunWoo. Just wait for the code review.'

The figure of him supporting YongHo reminded him of the past. Without knowing what YongHo was thinking, Na DaeBang showed his white teeth between his bushy beard with a smile.


’’I will go.’’

’’Why do you suddenly want to go to Korea?’’

’’I need to see YongHo.’’

’’Didn't you use up all your paid holidays?’’

’’Then I can just rest from work.’’

’’Like I said, why?’’

Jessie looked at Dave with a 'I give up' expression. Dave seemed to find Jessie's stare frightening as he looked away and said shyly.

’’It's not fun here.’’

’’Dave, who does work for fun?’’

Jessie now softly consoled Dave. Consoling Dave into not make him do anything rash had become an important part of her daily life.

’’Then why should I live if I don't have fun?’’


’’Isn't it true? The place I spend most of my time is the company building. To not find company work interesting is the same as wasting most of my time meaninglessly, isn't that right? Why should I live a life like that?’’

He had his own logic. Jessie spoke without being able to refute him easily.

’’How can you only have fun in life? Everybody copes with uninteresting work in their life.’’

’’Then let us not do that.’’


If she fought to the end, then she could perhaps persuade Dave. However, Jessie didn't see the necessity to do that. Dave's ability was already very good, and she knew that he wouldn't starve to death anywhere.

And it was the same for her too.

’’You will come with me, right?’’

’’Yes, do whatever you want.’’

Jessie muttered as if she had given up.

With Jessie's approval, Dave picked up the phone right away.

’’James. Let's go!’’

As soon as those words ended, James, who was sitting in one side of the office abruptly stood up.

’’Who can hold you back...’’

Even with words mixed with sighs, Jessie couldn't stop Dave's joy.


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