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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 62


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 62: Project OH! (1)

The company was flipped over from the morning.

Personnel Order.

Assistant manager Seo XX - Reduced wages for 3 months.

Manager Han XX - Suspended for 1 month.

General manager Jeon XX - Suspended for 3 months.

The above 3 will be punished as such due to going against ethical management.

The majority of Shinseki I&C's data processing team, which managed the premium outlet, received punishment. The name was hidden with 'XX' but the people who saw the personnel order on the intra-company groupware, they knew who the punished people were.

’’I heard the smart shopping strategy team reported that.’’

’’That's true... Does he think he's that good?’’

’’The new guy?’’

There was another person who received 'punishing' gazes from the others, other than the people who were actually punished.

Lee YongHo.

It was exactly like the situation where the cornered stone met the mason's chisel. He was favorably looked at by chairman Jeong JinYong, and he reported his colleagues to the human resources team and have them punished.

YongHo got the 'mudfish clouding the water' treatment. It wasn't different even within the team.

Fortunately, due to Son SeokHo's presence, it wasn't as apparent.

’’Don't mind it so much.’’

’’Even if I don't want to... they're whispering so much.’’

They whispered if YongHo went to eat in the cafeteria. They also whispered if he went to the toilet in the corridor. The people who liked to gossip exaggerated the rumors.

’’They're even saying you're dating with me.’’

Jeong DanBi smiled at YongHo while entering the office. There were rumors about him dating with Jeong DanBi. And so, he could catch Jeong JinYong's eye, and could keep his position in an important team in the company - this was their logic.


The surprised YongHo's voice became louder. Dating with Jeong DanBi? He never even imagined such things happening.

However, Jeong DanBi's reaction was different. She looked as if she enjoyed this. YongHo was like a lump of good fortune. He solved the problems Jeong DanBi faced one by one.

Did someone say a woman should have looks, and a man should have ability?

YongHo's ability was tickling Jeong DanBi's heart.


One hundred billion sales per month. (≈870 million USD)

Otherwise known as Project OH(One Hundred Billion).

All the team members inside the conference room widened their eyes with their mouth open.

’’O, one hundred billion per month?’’

’’Yes. 100 billion per month. But it isn't like we want one trillion (≈8.7 billion USD) in one year. We just need to achieve one hundred billion for just one month.’’

’’The sales from the PS System in the Shinseki Mall is 400 (≈350 million USD) billion per year. I think 100 billion per month is too difficult.’’

Heo JiHoon was also against Jeong DanBi's words, which was rare. It was a reasonable opinion. Currently, the monthly sales of the PS System is around 9 billion (≈7.8 million USD), so to make it 100 billion, they would need more than 10 times that amount.

And to do that, just the development team themselves would be insufficient.

’’And so, the strategy team will go on a state of emergency. Now that the take-over document is ready, please research into how we can increase sales while getting used to the PS System using the document that the development team made.’’


Son SeokHo, who was sitting on the side, smiled slyly. As ever, he was chewing on a sweet bean bread.

’’Oh, and another thing. The sales from selling the PS System to outside the company, or applying it to other services provided by Shinseki. All sales must come from the Shinseki Mall alone.’’

At Jeong DanBi's words, the employees inside the office, who were already despairing, changed their faces as if they crossed the Jordan river.

Although Heo JiHoon objected, he was inwardly confident to achieve 100 billion. The conglomerate (Shinseki Group) produces over 10 trillion in sales per year. He thought that if they could apply the PS System to the subsidiary companies, it wouldn't be impossible to achieve 100 billion.

However, the situation became different.

’’T, team leader... Isn't that too harsh? It isn't like the PS System was developed just for the Shinseki Mall.’’

At Heo JiHoon's words, the heads of the people inside the conference room all nodded slightly as if they were of one mind and one will. The PS System was implemented to 'shoot' the customers' 'preferences'.

If it was just applied to Shinseki Mart Mall, then the sales would multiply.

’’It's my will to not be satisfied from just the PS System.’’

Jeong DanBi resolutely cut away the employees' objections. She didn't need to go into detail. Son SeokHo's advice of not telling everything to the employees as to not make them overdrive their heads, also played its role.

The office became quiet after Jeong DanBi's words which didn't leave any room.

’’I know very well that 100 billion is very difficult. And that's why every one of you are gathered in this team. To achieve something difficult. Let's put our strengths together and overcome this. If you have any ideas then send an e-mail to me anytime.’’

Jeong DanBi looked at the people inside the conference room with a passionate gaze. However, the majority either avoided the gaze or they looked as if they were about to die.


The team members who were 'bombed' first in the morning, came out of the conference room with loose shoulders.

Some lowered their heads while sighing, and some fiddled with their mobile phones and everyone was acting different but they were all thinking the same thing.

'Ah, just as I thought my life would become easier...'

At the sudden thunder everyone who came out of the conference room turned their heads in one direction in unison.

’’Good day to you, sirs! I'm Na DaeBang, who was newly assigned to the Smart Shopping Strategy Team this time!’’

At the sudden greeting, no one could answer him and they just stared at Na DaeBang, dumbfounded.

The first one to get a hold of himself was YongHo. He already knew that face from before. With hands as big as cauldron lids and the bandit like outer appearance was unforgettable.

’’H, how did Mr. Na DaeBang come......’’

’’Didn't I say? That I wanted to learn from you... You know? I will take action once I decide on something.’’

At the low and heavy voice, the other people listened in on the conversation as they just came to themselves.

His voice was deep and low, and the bushy beard reminded them of Dennis Ritchie who invented the C language or James Gosling, who invented Java.

Jeong DanBi, who was watching the whole time, came forward.

’’Our team is only selected by me due to a limit in the number of personnel... I don't understand what you mean by you were assigned to our team?’’

Jeong DanBi indirectly said 'what nonsense are you talking about'. However, even with Jeong DanBi's words, Na DaeBang didn't mind.

’’Is that so? I haven't heard that there was a limit in number......’’

Na DaeBang, who pondered for a moment, spoke as if he found a way.

’’Then please accept me as an intern. Isn't it better to have one more person anyway?’’

A complete my-pace.

Some of the people who just came out of the conference room, had no choice but to go back in there again.


’’Do you really need to come to our team?’’

At Jeong DanBi's words, Na DaeBang pointed towards YongHo.

’’It doesn't have to be this team. If that person is there, it doesn't matter where I go.’’

Son SeokHo seemed to be amused at this and said.

’’Oho? Mr. YongHo, you already have a follower? You're finally escaping from being the youngest, eh?’’

At Son SeokHo's words, YongHo seemed to have a headache as he pressed his forehead with his hands while looking at Na DaeBang. He looked multiple times but only one word came to his mind.


Whether it was the outer looks, or the voice, it put Im KkeokJeong (T/N: Think Gol. D. Roger, lol, KCDS's idea) to shame.

’’I already told you, but there is a limit to the number of members in our team. We don't have any room to recruit you, Mr. Na DaeBang.’’

Jeong DanBi was at a loss as she already looked in to it. She knew of Na DaeBang's background.

10 people. No more and no less was allowed. Including the team leader, Jeong DanBi herself, there were and had to be 11 people in the smart shopping strategy team.

For Na DaeBang to enter, someone had to leave.

’’I, too, won't do if it isn't this team.’’

Jeong DanBi and Na DaeBang's gazes clashed in mid air and produced sparks. Daughter of the chairman and the son of a 3rd time member of the national assembly. The two knew that they couldn't underestimate each other so the friction didn't last for long.

Now, Jeong DanBi lied back on her chair with her legs crossed as if she had a headache.

Looking at such Jeong DanBi, Son SeokHo gave out a solution like Solomon. It was a very simple method.

’’Can't we just ask if there's anyone who's willing to leave the team?’’

’’Would there be anyone?’’

’’I'm not sure but... I think there's quite a few?’’

’’That can't be......’’

Jeong DanBi titled her head as if it wasn't possible to be like that.

It seemed that, although she had eyes for talent, she was insufficient in judging a subordinate's state of mind.

When she saw that the majority of the team members opted to leave, Jeong DanBi laughed bitterly.


One of them made an excuse as if he was sorry.

’’I, I also like the team very much but I need to get experience from various places. Mr. Na DaeBang wants to come here, too. So I should give up my space here since I have experienced lots of things here. I want to get a more variety of experiences from other teams.’’

When one said, another one started appealing himself thinking it might be him who gets to leave.

’’I, I also like the team. However, my ability isn't helping the team at all, so I want to build my ability from another team before coming back.’’

Everyone said that they liked the team, but their actions spoke otherwise. There wasn't just one or two people who wanted to leave, so they had to choose the most fair method.

Drawing lots.

Everyone else other than YongHo and Son SeokHo had about the same level of ability so they drew lots as Son SeokHo suggested.

Then a person who would get to change with Na DaeBang was called.


The man who shouted in joy subconsciously, sat back down after feeling awkward.

’’Assistant manager Kim is the 'winner'! If you tell me the team you want to be in, then I will tell them to transfer you there. Mr. Na DaeBang, please take him over.’’

At the sarcastic words, the mood seemed as if it would become heavy, but the person called assistant manager Kim seemed as if he couldn't hide his joy.

The others also, were looking at him with envious gazes.

And so, Na DaeBang was assigned to the smart shopping strategy team.


’’Na DaeBang went to Jeong DanBi's team?’’

’’Yes. But there's something strange.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’Team leader Jeong DanBi said there was a limit to the number of people so she transferred someone out.’’

’’Did she?’’

’’She could have just accepted him... It's quite incomprehensible so I gave the report.’’

Even with the man having questions, Jeong JinHoon didn't seem to mind.

’’Who knows what my little sister is thinking. Who knows... maybe our chairman gave her a special order.’’

Jeong JinHoon's speculation was quite close to the truth even though he didn't know the entire circumstances

’’Rather than that, the punishment is carried out completely right?’’

’’Yes. Decreased salary and suspensions are given.’’

’’Good. Please give those positions to those capable.’’

’’I understand.’’

’’However, due to Son SeokHo covering for Lee YongHo, the inside evaluations aren't having much effect on him. The smart shopping strategy team itself is quite closed, and they don't even collaborate much with the other teams so the rumors are disappearing quickly.’’

’’Well, we're looking to remove the team itself, so it's not bad if they are isolated. Keep interfering them from coming outside. Oh, and do remember to spice things up every now and then.

’’I understand.’’

Jeong JinHoon stood up and went near the window. Unlike chairman Jeong JinYong's, his office overflowed with high-class luxuriousness.

If there was something different, it was that the scenery outside felt closer than the scenery from the chairman's room. It was an obvious result since this floor was lower.

'In the end, only I will remain, father.'

The figure of Jeong JinHoon was melting into the shining scenery of the night Seoul.


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