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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 59


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 59: Loyal Person (1)

(T/N :That's the closest translation to the title I found. I do not know why it's titled like that)

There would be large investments in opening stores so even within Shinseki, it was a 'top tier' work.

Moreover, the VIPs would all gather at this event. It was tradition for the board members or team leader-level members and above to show their faces if they didn't have any work.

’’Most of the team leader-level staff should have come here.’’

Ripping an ice cream off YongHo by using prize money as excuse, Son SeokHo was licking the ice cream as he spoke.

’’Then team leader Jeong should be here too.’’

’’Of course. She should probably be together with the VIPs.’’

Son SeokHo's prediction was accurate. At that time, Joeng DanBi was sitting somewhere within Busan's premium outlet.

’’The PS System is showing its might nowadays?’’

’’Yes. Team leader Jeong DanBi's role was big. Even I am jealous of where she got those talented people.’’

Listening to Jeong JinHoon's words, Jeong DanBi sharply threw a line.

’’That's why you've done that, huh.’’

Not minding Jeong DanBi's words, Jeong JinYong's heavy voice continued.

’’Yes, you said you prepared something interesting this time?’’

’’Yes. You will be surprised if you see it. There's not a single place in the world which uses this. This Busan Premium outlet here would become the first.’’

At Jeong JinHoon's confident words, Jeong JinYong instead expressed his concern.

’’By saying 'not used anywhere', I think it can also mean it's that inefficient.’’

’’Haha, if you see it personally, then that worry should disappear without a trace.’’

Jeong JinHoon's fresh smile was nice to look at. When one stepped back, then it would seem like a nice family. However, if one stepped forward, an ordinary person would be tired in no time from the strange and tiny psychological war that was happening.


YongHo was running around while carrying a walkie-talkie.

’’A request for product registration from store no.153.’’

The majority of the products that did transactions on the POS devices would be saved in Shinseki's central server. The way this worked was - as soon as the barcode was read, the product registration number would be sent to the server and the server would send back the information on the product back to the POS.

If a product wasn't registered, then there wouldn't be any product information so the price won't be printed on the POS. If so, then the transaction had to be carried out and noted down by hand.

And so, product registration was important, but there were hundreds of products in each store. It was obvious that some of them would be left out. Each time, a request for the data processing team would be sent.

’’Please go to store no.204.’’

YongHo had to walk quickly without rest. Even though the opening was over, work wasn't.

At 9:30, the brand stores all finished their opening and started receiving customers.

And at 11 a.m.

Busan's premium store opening event began.

The high class detached houses-like brand stores were gathered in one place to form a village.

And at the fountain in the middle of that village, the Jeong family showed up.

Jeong JinYong.

Jeong JInHoon.

Jeong DanBi.

These three people were seated at the front in that order. Other than them, including Busan's mayor, famous members of the National Assembly all took their seats and the opening event began.

Even at that time, YongHo was running around the stores.

If there was anything wrong with using the POS's they would contact Shinseki's data processing team.

’’Nothing wrong with store no. 214.’’

After ending the transmission, YongHo sat on the bench for a brief time. It was near the fountain so he could sneak a peek at the opening event.

’’That's fancy.’’

There were two reasons why the opening event was carried out near the fountain.

It was the widest area, and it was for watching the fountain show. Engineers from foreign countries controlled the show. The streak of water that rose to the skies fell back down again while dancing.

*Bzzt* *bzzt*

There was a transmission again. YongHo stood up from the bench.

The show of brand stores that were gathered together.

Even amidst that, there was one store which was eye catching. Whether it was the size, the scale, or the price tags on the products inside the store, it won over the other stores by a large margin.

It was L company's store which boasted of the most sold products worldwide.

’’It would probably be the largest single scale store within the country.’’

Premium outlet Busan branch head lead the VIPs while explaining.

After the opening event, some VIPs were going around the important stores. They couldn't visit every one of them, and so, three or four stores with the highest priority was included in their visits.

Especially, there was one more reason why the L company's store was important.

’’This here is the Shinseki's Magic Mirror developed this time.’’

There was a 1m wide and 2m tall mirror installed. However, it wasn't an ordinary mirror.

The branch head gripped and opened his fist in front of the mirror as if he was scattering seeds.

*Ring, ring*

With a sound effect, the products currently inside the stores showed themselves on the mirror. It was one type of motion recognition technology which recognized the user's movements.

’’You can select the products while looking through them like this.’’

While explaining, the branch head swiped down his hands from right to left.

*Ring*, *ring*

The products shown on the screen disappeared one by one, and new ones took places. It was a motion of selecting a product.

’’Now then, we selected one so we should wear it, right?’’

When he opened his hand for 2 seconds, the branch head inside the mirror was now wearing brand name clothes. It was a product of 3D and augmented reality.

Some people quietly nodded their heads. Jeong JinHoon included.

YongHo, who was entering the store, was stiff for a moment due to the large number of people gathered.

'Wh, what is this? Why's there so many people?'

He found out the reason soon. The VIPs were all standing in front of the Shinseki's Magic Mirror.

'It's due to that, huh.'

After looking at the magic mirror for a brief moment, he turned his gaze towards the people. There was someone who caught his eye.

'She sure is pretty.'

Although he felt it when he met for the first time, she was still beautiful. He felt that his eyes were being purified everytime he saw her.


For a moment, his eyes met with Jeong DanBi's, when she was turning her head.

The branch head's explanations were continuing.

’’This is not the end. If you have selected a product, then you can go straight to the transaction. If you have registered your card on S-pay, then you can immediately carry out the payment using some light touches.’’

The branch head clicked on the pay button on the side of the product.


At that moment, the screen initialized. The branch head's face colored in panic.

’’Haha. I did some other function since there was a mistake in the process. I will try again.’’

While speaking as slowly as possible, he gave an eye signal to the person on the side of the Magic Mirror. The man who met his eyes with the branch head's quickly went inside the curtain behind the magic mirror.

Behind the curtain were about 3 developers sitting down. They were all looking at the laptop with trembling eyes. Two of them were people YongHo saw before.

’’What is it. What happened!?’’

’’That's why I said. That we should check. A certain senior researcher with 10 years of experience said didn't have problems.’’

’’Researcher Na, it's not the time to be talking about that.’’

The oldest looking one amongst them brought the current situation back up. This wasn't a time to shift blames but to solve problems.

’’We're looking at the log from the Magic Mirror but I think it will be hard to fix it quickly.’’

’’Then what. We can't proceed with the payment’’

’’I'm afraid so.’’

The person called researcher Na confidently said without any trembling in his voice. Perhaps not liking such figure, the person called senior researcher Na stepped in.

’’Get out. I will fix it.’’

’’Won't you make the problem bigger?’’


When the voices were about to be raised again, this time, the person in charge raised his voice.

’’What are you two doing!?’’

Finally, it got quiet behind the curtain. Thankfully, the inside situation didn't leak outside, where it was noisy.

The branch head did the same process again, However, the result was the same: a screen reset.

Looking at that, Jeong DanBi hmphed.

'I knew this would happen.'

Looking at her side, Jeong JinHoon's face was all ugly.

'In your face.'

Her mood, which sank due to the situations before she came to Busan, seemed to get better. YongHo came into her eyes just when she was about to lose interest at the malfunctioning Shinseki Magic Mirror.


At that moment, YongHo was also looking at Jeong DanBi. Just that they were thinking completely different things.

YongHo stiffened when his eyes met with Jeong DanBi's. He stepped back at the embarrassment thinking that his thoughts were revealed to her.

'Wh, what is this? Did I get found out?'

At that moment, Jeong DanBi took a step towards YongHo.

’’How does it look to Mr.YongHo who fixed the POS's just by looking? Does it seem like the Magic Mirror is having problems?’’

The clear voice flew across the store towards YongHo. The noisy store instantly quietened down.

The heads of the people inside the store all turned in the direction Jeong DanBi was looking.

’’Oh, that, uhh, I think it will work if you comment out the lcd.clear();statement on line 425.’’

At the sudden situation, confusion was all YongHo's.

He was not related in any way with the people at the award ceremony in America so there wasn't much tension.

However, it wasn't like that now.

Shinseki's chairman and president, and the board members below them... They were all people who made YongHo's body stiff.

He felt as if the commander, the general and all the advisors were looking at him.

The leisure and confidence he got while visiting America were all useless. He didn't have the skill to endure gazes like these without being flinched.

And that made him say something real.

'Ah... sh*t.'

Jeong DanBi, who asked, also seemed dumbfounded as she stuttered.

’’R, really? There is such a problem on line 425?’’

Jeong DanBi confirmed.

The rest of the VIPs were all demoted into side characters. They just looked at the current situation with curious eyes.

'This... I can't say 'no' now...'

YongHo's back instantly got wet from cold sweat.

’’Is that true?’’

At the unanswering YongHo, Jeong DanBi asked. The store was still quiet. No one, watching the situation, moved, and no one made a sound.

That silence was heavy on YongHo.

’’Sorry? Yes. It, it's probably right.’’

’’You heard it, right? Please check.’’

Jeong DanBi came back to her senses and requested confirmation.

The store was already quiet. So the people behind the curtain could also hear YongHo's words.

At first, they passed it off as nonsense.

Finally, the person called researcher Na checked the source with the intention of grabbing anything he could.

'N, no way.’’

It was just as YongHo said.

425 : lcd.clear(): //Magic mirror screen initialization.

'F*ck, why is this here.'

While swearing, he commented the line and quickly uploaded the source on the machine.

-Activating System-

A moment later, the system finished activating and the branch head did the transaction process again.

And transaction success.

Without a problem, the wanted result came up.

’’What is your name again?’’

Chairman Jeong JinYong, who was watching the situation until now, opened his mouth. There wasn't a change of expression on his face from beginning to end. It was still the same heavy and serious face.

’’I'm Lee YongHo from smart shopping strategy team.’’

YongHo also seemed calm now as he didn't stutter his words. Just that, his mind was crazily spinning that he didn't even notice his wet back.

’’Hmm.... I see. If everyone's finished, then let's go to the next store.’’

When chairman Jeong JinYong started walking, all of them followed out. Jeong DanBi was amongst them.


At YongHo, who was still standing there stiff, Jeong DanBi winked.

At that moment, YongHo was thinking of something strange.

'She's really pretty.'

However, that thought was brief, and worry for his future struck him.

Translator's notes

Regular chapter 2/3

YongHo's ability got found out!? Nah, almighty plot armor comes into play now. But it doesn't work for one person (guess who, lol)

Did people read EER? Lol, I did chapter one for that. (I did more, but I'm not gonna share, I don't want this to turn into a competition.)

Nice reading~

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