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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 54


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 54: Start of the Change (3)

Tap. Tap. Tap

A long white finger was tapping on a high-class hardwood desk.

Jeong JinHoon, who was looking at the monitor, creased his face.

Perhaps he didn't like it, as the speed of his tapping accelerated.

Knock knock.

The sound of knocking on the door, which boasted no less class than the desk, could be heard.

’’President, it's team leader Jeong DanBi.’’

Before the secretary even finished speaking, Jeong DanBi entered.

’’Why, What's your business? Oh, miss-busy-as-ever team leader Jeong DanBi?’’

’’What are you trying to do to one of my team members?’’

’’What am I trying to do? Can't the president interview an employee?’’

’’An interview... And when was it you said he was too low level for you to talk to?’’

’’I don't know what you're talking about.’’

At Jeong JinHoon's shamelessness, Jeong DanBi gritted her teeth. She couldn't get through to him.

She felt stifled.

She couldn't figure anything out, but she knew the fact that Jeong JinHoon was preparing something.

And that he tried to put YongHo in it.

’’I don't have any interest in Shinseki. If you wait a little, I will leave by myself. Please don't touch me until then.’’

Change of attitude.

The sharp speech toned down. Jeong JinHoon looked at Jeong DanBi who was requesting time.

’’I thought you knew how I won against big brother to become president.’’

Jeong JinHoon was the second son.

Jeong DanBi was the youngest.

There was a first son. Jeong JinHoon won against his brother to become 1st in line for succession.

There was an age gap between them and Jeong DanBi, so she seemed to not know much. Jeong JinHoon continued speaking while looking at Jeong DanBi.

’’I was the same as you... the position of president? Successor? I had no big interest. However, the situation was like that, you know? Even if I don't want it, it became like that somewhere along the way. So the 'little time' you requested, I can't give you. As time passes, the situation will change, and the future will stay uncertain no matter how much you prepare for it.’’


’’Big brother doted on you.’’

When the words 'big brother' came out of Jeong JinHoon's mouth, Jeong DanBi's eyes sparked.

She tensed as if she would pounce at Jeong JinHoon at any moment. Jeong JinHoon turned around.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Until Jeong DanBi left, Jeong JinHoon never stopped his finger exercise.


’’You're going back to Korea? Can't you just work together with me here?’’

’’M, my parents are in Korea too, and my workplace is in Korea... I need to go.’’

’’From what I heard from you, work in Korea seems really difficult, and what kind of treatment is that? It's depreciating compared to your ability.’’

His speech sounded like a stubborn child. Dave acted like a child who didn't want his toy to get taken away.

To YongHo, who now had to go back to Korea, he was stubborn to not let him go, while requesting him to stay in America.

’’If I have the opportunity, I will come back. Or you can come to Korea for a visit.’’

YongHo also seemed disappointed as his steps were heavy. Dave even moved his residence to the room next to YongHo.

And he came everyday to talk with YongHo.

With YongHo's stuttering English ability, all he could do was to combine some simple words.

The rest was body language.

They communicated using their hands and feet, which had more strength than language.

While there were people who you wouldn't get along with even if you met 100 times, there were also people who you would like by just meeting once.

Dave was like that.

’’Really? I will go to Korea, then.’’

’’Sure. Visit Korea, I will show you around.’’

The awkward tension from the first time they met was all but gone. They were unrestrained to each other in their words and actions, perhaps due to having gotten a lot closer.

YongHo pressed the straw hat on to his head.

’’Thanks. I will use this well.’’

The straw hat blocked the ultraviolet rays. When YongHo waved, Dave was restless as if he was going to run at any moment.

Jessie and James were holding him from both sides so they could bid farewell without any problems.


The first place YongHo went to, when he returned to Korea, was the bank.

1 billion. (≈870,000 USD)

Thanks to Son SeokHo's consideration, he received 1 billion of the 2 billion of the Grand Prize money.

Even while looking at the number on his bank account, it didn't feel real.

'The world is not all sh*t, I guess.'

It seemed to be full of people who tried to use him, but there were also many people who kept morals.

If it wasn't for Son SeokHo, he wouldn't have even known about the NetFlax Prize. Then, he wouldn't have gotten the prize, and he wouldn't be standing here in front of the bank, dazed.

'Thank you, head researcher.'

Son SeokHo could have taken most of the money.

Son SeokHo was the one who prepared the most for the competition. YongHo just rode along with him.

Of course, he played a crucial role for receiving the prize, but he didn't know that he would receive 1 billion for real.

His heart was pounding due to the reality that now felt more real.

With this money, he would have no problems with living anymore.

And he was reassured.

He never knew that a bank account with a lot of money was so reassuring.

'First, the debt and the house...'

YongHo decided to look for a house for his family to live in. If he payed his parents' debt and buy a house in Seoul, half of that money would be gone.

It was reassuring, but 1 billion wasn't a huge amount of money that he could live with no worries for the rest of his life.

He spent 4 days in America touring, since he came anyway, and he decided to spend the rest of the holiday at home.

It had been a long time since YongHo lied in the living room, watching TV. At that moment, the front door opened and his father, in a suit, came in. He seemed to have come back from a wedding.

’’You were at home?’’

’’Oh, father, are you coming back from a wedding?’’

When his father came in, YongHo reflexively stood up. Then he scratched his head awkwardly.

’’Yeah. I've been to a wedding.’’

’’Oh, ok. Have a rest.’’

YongHo awkwardly moved his steps towards his room.

He didn't have anything to say.

Due to the small size of 15 pyung(≈50m2), he didn't move his feet much, but he was already in front of his room.

And he turned the handle to enter the room.

In that short moment, his father called YongHo.


’’Yes... Yes?’’

’’Thanks. Everybody was envious of me when I said my child goes to Shinseki.’’

’’W, were you?’’

’’There were even people who tried to introduce their daughters to you, too. Thanks to you, I've gained some face.’’

’’N, no. Then, please rest.’’

’’I will.’’

He entered his room, his heart was beating faster than ever.

The moment he entered Seon Min university, he was treated like a sinner at home. 3rd rate college along with a poor household - He failed everyone's expectations..

And so, YongHo studied hard.

Thanks to his efforts and luck, he earned a lot of money, and he entered a company called Shinseki.

'I will make you happier in the future.'

At his father's words of thanks, the figure of himself in his heart seemed to have grown a little.


After he came back from America, there was one thing that YongHo gained.


He now had leisure, which he didn't have before.

He was always hurried whether it was studying into the night or working. To others, it may have looked like he was chased by something.

That atmosphere was all but gone.

Jeong DanBi, who met many people since young, realized that change first.

’’America sure is different, I guess.’’


’’I can't pinpoint it, but something around you has changed.’’

Jeong DanBi looked at YongHo.

There was not much change to his face.

Perhaps due to the week of rest, the dim color vanished and a healthy color emerged, and the rough skin changed back to fit his age.

’’Is that so?’’

’’Yes. Definitely.’’

YongHo didn't think about that at all, and was looking back at Jeong DanBi.

Perhaps, the change was expected.


The playground was different.

And he received recognition there. He met the owner of a world famous business, and he made friends with a so called 'genius'.

The quality of the environment surrounding YongHo changed.

Moreover, the 1 billion inside his bank account.

He didn't change 180 degrees but he was changing little by little.

When the gaze toward YongHo didn't stop, Heo JiHoon called Jeong DanBi.

’’Team leader.’’

They were having a simple snack time while discussing about the future, with Son SeokHo, YongHo, Heo JiHoon and Jeong DanBi - the four of them.

’’I called you since I had something to say to you.’’

After blinking a few times, Jeong DanBi continued speaking.

’’You probably know already. Due to the characteristics of a company, as it grows bigger they will become extremely vigilant against having to rely on one person. The PS System is the same. We need to make the PS System operable by anyone, and not be at the whim of one person's ability.

At that moment, silence flowed in the conference room.

Jeong DanBi's words contained 2 meanings.

A document for a takeover is necessary.

The system must work normally without Son SeokHo and YongHo present.

In other words, make the system work without you two around.

Jeong DanBi seemed to have felt something and quickly added.

’’Oh, of course, it's not like there will be a big change to the team. The two of you can research and develop for the PS System to get better.’’

Knock knock.

One employee entered the office where they were talking.

’’T, team leader. A personnel order just came up on the intra-company groupware, and I think you need to see this.’’

Anxiety could be felt from the employee's face.

Everyone in the conference room read that anxiety.

’’What's it about?’’

’’It was about dispatching Mr.YongHo to Busan's new premium outlet store.’’


Son SeokHo stood up first, using the desk as leverage.

’’What do you mean by that? Dispatching him to Busan's outlet? Isn't that managed by another team?’’

’’That team is preparing for the next one so there's a shortage of personnel and the tradition is for other teams to give personnel support for store openings, but...’’

The employee who came into the office also didn't know it would be YongHo, and had a confused expression.

Like what the employee said, openings of stores were not easy so traditionally, other teams would give personnel support.

However, the problem was that it was YongHo.

Dispatching personnel also differed according to the power of the team leader.

If the team leader had power, then there were cases where they didn't give any personnel support.

Jeong DanBi is a direct descent of the chairman. There was only one person who could touch her team in the entire company.

'Jeong JinHoon.'

No one said it out loud, but everyone in the conference room was thinking of one person.

Jeong DanBi looked at the employee and asked.

’’So, when is it?’’

’’Uh, they seem to want him there by tomorrow...’’

YongHo was the only one who was sitting there awkwardly, not knowing anything.

He vaguely understood.

The contents were simple. He need to go to Busan by tomorrow.

But 'why'.

'Why' did this happen?

'Why' do I suddenly need to go?

He knew the cause and effect but he didn't understand. However, he needed to follow.

YongHo wanted to be the proud son of his father now, and not just in the future.

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