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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 52


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 52: Start of the Change (1)

-Shinseki Mall, Is It Rising As A Power Of Online Shopping Malls?

-Preference Shoot Shinseki, Hearts Of Men, Hearts Of Women, shot them all

-Unstoppable Shinseki Mall. The Secrets To Its Growth

-Experts Expect Earning Surprise For Shinseki Group's Last Quarter.

There was a reaction as soon as Jeong DanBi's team's PS System activated.

Instead of unnecessary ads, they put the products recommended by the PS System to the people who were accessing the website.

’’I must buy this!’’

This was the reaction of the people who saw the products recommended by the PS System. The consumers reacted immediately at the products they wanted to click for no reason.

The results - it was a 'jackpot'.

The difference between them and Mirae IT closed in no time.

And they surpassed them while opening the gap.

When Jeong DanBi saw the sales graph, which was rising rapidly, smiles couldn't be hidden from Jeong DanBi's mouth.

’’Thank you for your work, Mr. YongHo. Thanks to you. The PS System has stabilized quickly. Of course, you too, head researcher Son.’’

At the words 'thank you for your work', Son SeokHo chimed in.

’’Then the travel fees to go to the award ceremony of the NetFlax Prize is provided by the company, right?’’

’’Of course, here.’’

Jeong DanBi refreshingly took out a card.

Pitch black.

A high class shine exuded from the card.

’’There is no limit, so go and promote our national prestige without losing to anyone.’’

From the talking Jeong DanBi's mouth, smiles never ceased.

It was beautiful.

However, YongHo wasn't muddled by the beauty.

’’Thank you, team leader. But what will happen to manager Lee HyunGu......’’

It was an unforgettable scene.

A middle aged man, in his late 30s, was shedding tears.

From the slow walk, sorrow was emitted.

And he saw that scene from the side.

’’The personnel management team will take care of it by themselves. You don't have to concern yourself with it, Mr. YongHo.’’

Even though YongHo tried not to concern himself with it, he couldn't help but remember the scene of Lee HyunGu being dragged out. From the rumors, it seemed it was connected to Mirae IT.

When the word 'Lee HyunGu' came out, Jeong DanBi cut it short. Despite having him as a team member for some time, she acted as if he didn't exist from the beginning.

So YongHo couldn't ask any more.

’’I understand.’’

Even at that moment, the sales graph of Shinseki Mall was rising.

While the PS System implemented by Mirae IT produced 100~200 million (≈87,000 USD ~ 174,000 USD) the PS System implemented by Jeong DanBi's team was producing 1~2 billion (≈870,000 USD ~ 1,740,000 USD).


Director Kim ManHo's secretary hurriedly came into the office.

’’Director. The people from Inspection Team came.’’


’’This, I don't really know. They just said they were from the Inspection Team......’’

’’What the hell do you mean!? Say it properly so I can understand!!’’

Kim ManHo shouted while looking at the secretary. There were 5 to 6 people with neat hair coming from behind the secretary already.

When he saw that, Kim ManHo closed his eyes strongly and opened them. He had an idea of what was happening, but he shook his head.

It was a scene he didn't want to see even in his dreams.

The people who came in, took out some paper, boldly.

’’This is the investigations we did until now. There are sources from Shinseki too.’’


’’You seemed to have used quite a bit of money. There were quite many people from cooperative companies who reported to us anonymously. You must have worked quite hard to keep it from spreading until now.’’

At the inspection team's words, Kim ManHo couldn't say anything. He just quietly listened to their words.

’’We too don't have any intentions to let it spread to the media. And we are also aware of director's contributions to the company until now.’’


’’There will be a special announcement from the personnel management team. Please accept it quietly.’’

Kim ManHo's eyes, which were closed, didn't open. The tightly gripped fist, also, didn't loosen.

’’The level of punishment will be 'dismissal' so your retirement pay will be reduced too. The chairman expressed to make an example out of you.’’

Perhaps all strength had left his body, Kim ManHo loosened. The tight tension had disappeared, and all that was left was a single piece of paperwork on the table.

'Discussion on director Kim ManHo's dismissal.'

It was a serious punishment, more serious than 'discharge'.


’’Mr.Lee YongHo?’’

’’Yes, president.’’

’’I heard you made a big contribution to the implementation of the PS System this time. Thanks for your hard work.’’

’’Not at all, sir.’’

YongHo couldn't hide his awkwardness at the president's sudden call.

Jeong JinHoon.

The one who is predicted to be Shinseki's next CEO.

Without considering what he was thinking, he could be considered a handsome man.

’’The reason I called you today includes complimenting you for your hard work, but I'd also like to suggest something to you.’’

In the wide office, there was only the two of them sitting. His pronunciation was clear as if he had vocal exercises since young, and the voice was very refreshing.

’’There is a project I'm doing, and I want Mr.YongHo as a team member. Also, if you come here, you will as an assistant manager. If you made a contribution, you must receive a reward right?’’

Shinseki Magic Mirror.

It was the item Jeong JinHoon was preparing, while Jeong DanBi was making the PS System.

The core was to reduce the need to try on the clothes.

One could, with just a flick of a finger, try on the clothes sold within the store, through the mirror.

It was not finished developing yet, and it was planned to be released first in Busan's new premium outlet which has yet to open.

Jeong JinHoon took the Shinseki Magic Mirror project under his wing and managed it himself.

It was a top-secret project unknown to any outsiders.

However, YongHo could only be confused at Jeong JinHoon's words. He was planning to get some rest now that the PS System is finished.

However, he was was called by the president directly and was suggested to move teams.

’’M, me, sir?’’

’’Yes. When I looked in to it, you seemed to have a really important role in developing the PS System this time. So I was eyeing you.’’

At the sudden suggestion, YongHo couldn't reply.

At first, Jeong JinHoon was planning to bring Son SeokHo too.

However, he didn't as he knew that Son SeokHo's wild actions were well known within the company, and it was obvious that they would end up clashing.

’’If you can't decide now, you can tell me at a later time. You may not know my face, but you must know my e-mail, right?’’

Of course he knew.

If he accessed the intra-company mail system, then short private information was all exposed.

[email protected] [1]

It was the address that everybody wanted to send a mail to, but at the same time, it was something that everybody feared.


Inside the plane headed to the award ceremony of the NetFlax Prize.

At YongHo's stiff face, Son SeokHo asked.

’’Is there anything bothering you?’’


’’Why? You don't even have the time to think about how to spend all that prize money, what are you thinking about?’’

’’To be honest, I went to see president Jeong JinHoon a few days ago.’’

YongHo calmly retold everything that happened on that day.

And seeked advice from Son SeokHo.

’’What would you do, head researcher?’’

’’Hmm... If it was me.... Did you tell team leader Jeong DanBi about this?’’

’’No, in fact, president Jeong JinHoon told me to not to disclose this fact to team leader Jeong.......’’

’’Haha, I guess you got involved in intra-company politics now. You haven't even been here for long, and you became such a big shot already... I'm quite jealous, you know?’’

Son SeokHo mischievously spoke. However, to YongHo, it was a serious matter. His tensed face didn't loosen

’’What does Mr.YongHo want to do? Did you ask yourself? Which side has more benefits for you... Not like this, the direction your heart wants to go.’’

’’I'm having fun working with you, head researcher. And I don't have any complaints with the current team either.’’

’’Then do that. You can do whatever you want. Mr.YongHo is a greater person than he thinks he is. You will feel that even more when you go to the award ceremony this time. So, find the answer to what you want to do. Not an answer to what others has asked you.’’

Son SeokHo hid his eyes with an eye mask after speaking

YongHo couldn't sleep, and looked outside the window.

Blue sky.

White clouds.

And the work I want to do.

YongHo felt that he got out of the frying pan, only to fall into another frying pan.


’’You're sure of it, right?’’

’’Yes. I checked it many times.

’’Really? It's real, right?’’


’’We're finally meeting. How do I look, Jessie?’’

Dave was wearing a straw hat. The fashion item, Dave, a Luffy fan, cherished the most, was the straw hat.

Dave was in a fashion he should never be in for a formal occasion.

’’It's cool.’’

Jessie covered it ups with 'it's cool' since she knew that he wouldn't listen to her anyway.

’’Awesome Dave! Your fashion really kills today.’’

Next to Dave wearing a straw hat, there was a man with a headband.

Unlike the neat-looking Dave, he was a natural burly man.

The thick muscles were popping out from the chest and the arms.

’’Oh, James. Your headband look cool too?’’

’’You... are such close friends, you even......’’

’’It was Dave's best friend, James.

The same school to the same company, even their hobbies were the same.

’’I wanted to wear the straw hat, but if you're wearing it... I will concede this time.’’

The head band James was wearing was the headband was a proof of the hidden leaf village of the Japanese animation, Naruto.

As a result of exercising like hell to become as strong as Naruto, James acquired burly muscles.

In contrast, Dave was passionate for Yoga to become like Luffy. However, his arms didn't stretch, and he had to be satisfied with becoming flexible.

The both of them were maniacs within maniacs of Japanese animation.

’’11%... Can you believe it James? A big shot is coming. What method did he use?’’

’’Hmm... That's true. I can't even begin to imagine.’’

’’I won't let go easily.’’

At the figure of the two, Jessie could only shake her head.

'I won't let go easily' - wasn't this usually used at girls?

If the two, who would become absorbed into anything, had something they haven't let go of, it was programming.

The intellectual delight from programming.

That was the biggest pleasure for the adults, Dave and James.


A 10+ hour of flight would make anyone exhausted, regardless of how fit they are. YongHo and Son SeokHo weren't exceptions.

They were tired, but YongHo's stiff expression was loosened. At that figure, Son SeokHo asked.

’’How is it? Are you done pondering?’’

’’Yes. It's over.’’

’’So? Can you tell me about it?’’

’’Haha... It's a secret.’’

Now, it was YongHo who had the luxury. The roles of the teaser and the teased were reversed.

They were much closer now, due to all the pains they shared together.


It was YongHo's first joke, when he would usually be polite. Perhaps having felt the meaning behind the joke, Son SeokHo came right up to him.

’’Secret? Secreeeeet? You will be in trouble if you don't say it!’’

Avoiding Son SeokHo, who was trying to stick to him, YongHo walked ahead. The warm sunlight of San Francisco was shining on them.

Translator's notes

[1] It shouldn't be CEO... CEO = Chairman = Jeong JinYong... but author says that. It should be a mistake... whatever...

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