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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 50


Coder Lee YongHo - Chapter 50: One Shot Two Kill (3)

'Should I have listened to head researcher Son?'

It was the thought when he came in contact with the PS System. YongHo felt he could smell something from the code.

The code stank.

'It's strange, though.'

YongHo tilted his head after looking at the code.


The code committed with this ID was especially bad. There are some thing one should avoid when coding.

Duplicated code.

Long method.

Large class.

Long parameter list, etc.

These decrease the readability of the code so if one had middle level career experience or higher, than this was common knowledge.

However, this included YongHo's misunderstanding. In reality, even if one had 'middle level career experience', there were countless who didn't even have the basics.

Like a public servants, there were people with no ability trying to get recognition through just 'career experience', just that YongHo didn't meet them.

'Lee HyunGu? That's the PL for the PS System.'

YongHo knew this person.

He was appointed into Jeong DanBi's team after being acknowledged for his ability in Shinseki I&C.

It was hard to believe that someone of his level would code like this.

'It will probably be better to tell head researcher Son to tell him rather than directly telling him, right?'

YongHo stood up from his seat after having a look at the code. His 'eyes for seeing codes' were getting better. It wasn't at Son SeokHo's level, but his ability increased to the point that he could work with Son SeokHo without any problems now.

Son SeokHo gathered the development team in one place. Son SeokHo was put into the PS System since the first prize for the NetFlax Prize was in the bag.

The first thing he did was to exclude Heo JiHoon.

He made it so that Heo JiHoon would never talk to programmers privately. He directed all the route of communication to himself.

Even doing just that made the whole atmosphere of the development team change.

’’Well then, if everybody's here, I will tell you the method to normalize the PS System.’’

Vitality filled the programmers' face in the conference room. It was belief that everything would work out if Son SeokHo did it.

No matter who said anything, he was the best coder in the team. Moreover, he was the creator of maut.

One could see how much of a difference a hill to lean on can affect the mentality of the people.

’’First, I will give you 3 days of rest.’’


Murmurs didn't stop between the people in the conference room.

After the implementation of the PS System began, leaving work at the regular time had all but disappeared and they almost never had a rest on the weekends either.

Even so, it wasn't that they received proper overtime pay. All they received was 30000won (≈26 USD) with the pretext of 'commuting fares'.

People's complaints shot up and morale was plummeting.

But it wasn't that they could stop.

They only longed for a rest after this project finished, not caring whether it was a success or not, since they couldn't do anything.

They were all salarymen anyway.

Whether the project fails or not, they received their salary.

’’Well, then. Please be quiet. I already told team leader Jeong DanBi. You can rest for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Of course, you don't need to come on Saturday and Sunday either.’’

’’Did the project end?’’

Someone sitting in the conference room, asked. Everyone was looking at Son SeokHo's lips with interest as if this question was speaking for all of them.

’’I wanted that to happen, but unfortunately, no.’’

’’Then what do you mean...’’

’’I and Mr. YongHo here, will do a 'surgery' for the PS System for 5 days. When you come back from your holiday, it is likely that the majority of the code will have been changed. Of course, that is not the end, but the beginning.’’

Son SeokHo's words sparked astonishment, and at the same time, jealousy from everyone. You 2 can do what all of us couldn't do in the next 5 days? - like this.

Software is different from manufacturing.

In manufacturing, production will increase if more people were put into work, but software isn't directly proportional to the people put into it.

One person could do 100 people's portion of work. 'Us 2 can do what all of you couldn't do until now, in just 5 days' was what he was implying

It was the reason why people were envious.

’’We are looking at about a month to normalize the system. At that time, half of the time of the competition for the survival of the smart shopping strategy will be gone, but don't worry. I will make sure everyone receives an A+ for the performance evaluation. Instead, let's work to death for 3 weeks after the holiday.’’

The majority nodded their head at Son SeokHo's words. There was already an impression of how the person known as Son SeokHo acted in the smart shopping strategy team.

He thought from the programmer's view.

He didn't care whether he was fired or not and cared for them.

There was no cursing, and he lead the people who had insufficient ability by advising them. Even so, he was never arrogant or criticized anyone for not knowing something.

The superior everyone wanted, and a programmer with ability.

This was Son SeokHo's position in the team.

They were his words, so nobody could refute them and quietly accepted.

But one person, the person who had the ID hyungu.lee, didn't seem satisfied.


On the desk, pizza boxed were stacked up. On the monitor, red and yellow sauces were scattered everywhere, probably due to the pizza.



’’10%! I did it!’’


Dave pointed at the monitor. The part of the monitor where the number should be printed was covered by sauce so it couldn't be read properly.

’’When you have a neat face too......’’

Jessie cleaned the monitor using wet wipes.


The last digit was higher by one, than YongHo's 0.8659.

’’No way, you really did it?’’

’’I was lucky. I didn't tune any of the original algorithms, I just used different ordering of the algorithms that other teams from the union used and... voilà!’’

’’Anyway, great! As expected of Dave. Let's upload it quickly.’’

’’Hehe, are we reclaiming first place using this?’’

’’It's great to reclaim first but you should wash up already. You stink so much that I can't work with you.’’

Jessie spoke while blocking her nose. Dave's surroundings would remind one of a pigsty. It stank to the point that Jessie had to block her nose, but the smiles on their faces didn't disappear.

And the rankings on the Leaderboard changed again.

The Dark Forces.

It was the name of the team in first place.


The clear from the mechanical keyboard reminded that there was a person in the empty office.

’’I will upload it on the server, ok?’’

’’Yes. Head researcher.’’

If Dave's desk in Seattle was a pigsty, then the office YongHo was in reminded one of a landfill site.

On the floor, sandwich packagings and cans of coke were rolling around and dust was piled on desks that weren't used.

There was a person who cleaned the office, but Son SeokHo told that person that there was no need to clean the office for 5 days.

After inputting the shell command, logs started appearing normally.

’’I will input the test data.’’

The PS system was designed so that when a certain amount of data piles up, it would automatically run the recommendation engine. YongHo inserted the data to calculate the time for the recommendation engine to produce the recommendation data.

Making the referral data....(241 sec).

Making the referral data....(242 sec).


Making the referral data....(369 sec).


369 seconds.

The data production was completed in 6 minutes.

’’It's finished.’’

’’Then shall we rest for abit?’’

’’Phew... sure.’’

YongHo sighed as if he finally let go of his burden and massaged his own shoulders.

Looking outside the window, the moon that hung high was beginning to set. Sunday had passed and the Monday sun was pushing the moon away.

’’Thank you for your hard work.’’

’’It's nothing. Instead, head researcher Son, you didn't even have a speck of sleep... are you alright?’’

In the past 5 days, YongHo was surprised, not only because of Son SeokHo's ability.


His stamina was better than the young YongHo. YongHo closed his eyes from time to time as if he had fainted but Son SeokHo was different.

YongHo never saw Son SeokHo with closed eyes while he was awake.

’’Shall I call it the power of sweet bean bread?’’


’’Haha, that's just a joke but... you should start exercising Mr.YongHo. A steel-like stamina is one of the virtues of being a programmer.’’

’’I should register for a gym after this project finishes.’’

’’That's the spirit.Well then, shall we greet the people?’’


’’We have edited at the level of overturning the whole system. In the future, everyone should develop and edit the small functions in the system. First, familiarize yourselves with the system specifications. One week has already passed since the competition using sales began. Please work hard for just 2 more months until the project ends.’’

Son SeokHo gathered the people and briefed them. While the developing team was away on their holiday, there was a mass edit of the overall system.

The 'briefing' went over 1 hour.

’’And in the future, after you commit the source, please message Mr.YongHo here.’’

Son SeokHo's words were simple.

It was the same as saying 'get checked by YongHo after editing something'.

Perhaps due to getting recognition for his skill, there was not much of a resistance.

’’Then I will answer any questions about your own work.’’

Even during that time, the difference between the sales of Mirae IT and Jeong DanBi's team

1 billion (≈870,000USD) and 200 million (≈174,000USD).

Mirae IT didn't seem to have made the system in vain as they produced a sale of 1 billion within one week. And the sales of Jeong DanBi's team was 200 million.

It was a difference of 5 times.


Jeong DanBi's expression was stiff. It was the beginning of autumn but the office felt like it was winter.

’’Is that true?’’

-Yes. I think there is a need to look into this.

’’It was the day of the interim report?’’

-The informant was very detailed. The CSR team will investigate on its own, but I contacted you since I thought there was a need for you to know.

’’I understand.’’

Jeong DanBi put down the phone.

'Lee HyunGu, huh......'

She had heard of this name a few days ago too. It was the first time Son SeokHo ever complained to her because of a personnel.

’’Team leader. This guy called Lee HyunGu, I think we need to send him back to where he came from.’’

’’What? What do you mean by that?’’

’’I don't know how much he was acknowledged in his previous team, but he doesn't fit in with our team.’’

Son SeokHo usually never voiced complaints about personnel. He had never expressed his opinion on whether someone was good or bad since she scouted him the year before last.

He always tried to advance together with everyone.

Teaching people who lacked ability, and raising strong points of people with ability - He was a person who always thought of advancing 'together'.

She remembered clearly since it was such person's first time he spoke of 'excluding' a person.

'Lee HyungGu... It's Lee HyunGu, huh......'

Jeong DanBi kept muttering the name Lee HyunGu over and over again.

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