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Coder Lee Yongho - Chapter 43



’’What should I do first?’’

YongHo was enthusiastic. However, Son SeokHo's answer was unexpected.

’’That glass effect screen, have you finished it?’’

’’N...Not yet.’’

’’Then finish that first. Perfectly.’’


YongHo didn't seem to understand what Son SeokHo was saying. He thought it would be over with just a simple Q&A session but it turned into a code review time.

And he thought it would be over in an hour.

It was his mistake.

Perhaps he did not have any work but he looked over every single line for 3 hours.

However, right now, Son SeokHo was saying that that code was still not enough. ’’I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think Mr.YongHo's ability is enough to co-work with me. You may be able to fix bugs, but as for you developing ability... well... anyway, It should be fine if you learn from now on. I'll look over you. First, let's make that glass effect screen perfect and raise your ability.’’

Son SeokHo's speech struck where it hurts. YongHo's face, after hearing those words, colored in confusion. He was acknowledged in Mirae IT for his ability and was the top debugger.

Moreover, he found and fixed the problem in the KO Telecom's system, which nobody else found.

It was the first time he heard that he had insufficient ability after his university days.

’’I, I don't have enough ability?’’

’’You don't seem to understand. Then can I ask you a question?’’


The replying YongHo's face turned serious. He didn't live his life in vain to be disdained like this.

Come at me!

’’What is encapsulation in java?’’

’’Binding of data and the method to process the data into one, encapsulation does not allow direct access to information inside an object from outside the object and only allow access through defined operations. As for its advantages......’’

YongHo's explanation had no block. He explained as if he already prepared an answer.

’’Then why can I not see encapsulation in Mr.YongHo's code?’’

’’Ah, What do you mean by not seeing?’’

’’Put the code on the screen.’’

The code review which happened once, started again.

Java's encapsulation.

He had the knowledge from learning from books, but he couldn't apply it in practice. He said he studied hard, but there were insufficient points.

Son SeokHo pointed to the variable which calculated the smartphone's width and height and said.

’’Here, this part. Why did you use public(a type of access controller)?’’

’’Th, that. To produce the effect of glass cracking, I needed the width and height of the screen and I meant to calculate the screen width and height and store it......’’

’’Can't you declare it as private and put the value into the variable yourself?’’

’’That's possible.’’

As the talk went on, YongHo's voice became smaller. Son SeokHo's words became a sharp dagger and messed up the insides of YongHo's head.

The information inside an object cannot be accessed directly from outside.

’’Mr.YongHo's code, right now, seems like the inside can be controlled from the outside though?’’


YongHo couldn't say anything at Son SeokHo's irrefutable words. However, it wasn't like Kim WonHo who tried to bully him.

He felt that it was an affection from senior to junior.

The mood was similar to when SungGyu taught YongHo.

Moreover, there was not a single thing that was wrong.

And more so, he couldn't say anything.

’’The program doesn't end with it running. Reusability, expandability, flexibility, all these things must be considered.’’

’’I...Isn't it fine with it running......’’

YongHo tried timidly defying with a small voice.

’’Mr. YongHo, How long do you think you will stay in this project? 1 year? 5 years? Who will come after Mr. YongHo leaves? Do you want that person to say 'who the f*ck sh*t himself here?' after looking at Mr.YongHo's code?’’

’’N, no.’’

’’The code must be legible in one look even by other people's eyes. The birth of the object oriented programming language known as java also implicitly have consideration for others. You cannot live the world alone.’’


’’A perfect code is a code that is understandable without comments. You can do it right?’’


’’Well then, do you want a sweet bean bread?’’

YongHo could understand why Son SeokHo liked sweet bean bread.

He really wanted to eat something sweet right now.

The problem was that he felt that he would want more and more in the future.


’’Good day to you, sir.’’

People were greeting while they were standing up. They were bowing to a tall man who was entering the office.

Them man's refreshing smile left a deep impression.

’’Well then, everyone should sit. This is why it isn't easy to come to to the office.’’

Chairman Jeong JinYong's second son and Shinseki Inc.'s president, Jeong JinHoon.

A big company like Shinseki had a main company at the core and had few subsidiaries.

Jeong JinHoon was the president of the core company.

YongHo also awkwardly stood up and bowed.

’’G, good day to you sir.’’

As he raised his head, YongHo couldn't help but be surprised. Jeong JinHoon who entered the office was right in front of his eyes.

’’You're Mr. Lee YongHo who our DanBi personally scouted, right? I heard you even solved the transaction error problem. You've had it hard.’’ (Yes, he calls her sister 'our DanBi' and it is creepy)

’’Not at all, sir.’’

’’Please take care of our DanBi from now on.’’

Jeong JinHoon didn't stop with just words and offered his hand.

YongHo received the handshake. The feeling he had from the grabbed hand was hardness.

And the generous eyes seem to represent his personality.

Jeong JinHoon, who finished the handshake, went in to Jeong DanBi's office without another word.

But impression was just an impression.

After looking at YongHo who was just standing there awkwardly, Son SeokHo spoke.

’’Wow! Mr. YongHo will now have a smooth sail, huh?’’


’’Don't you know who that is?’’

’’I, well, don't really......’’

’’Well, this is a problem, to not even know the president's face.’’

’’The president?’’

There was no way for YongHo to know Shinseki Inc.'s president. Not even one month had passed after he was employed. He was busy with getting to know his office colleagues. Son SeokHo seemed amused teasing YongHo and raised his voice.

’’Everyone! This employee here doesn't seem to even know the president's face.’’

After Son SeokHo said that with a loud voice, sneaky laughter could be heard from here and there.

However, there was someone who took the words which were for laughter, seriously to death.

’’Mr. Lee YongHo, can I see you for a sec?’’

Heo JiHoon looked for YongHo. YongHo, who looked like he was about to cry, looked towards Son SeokHo with resentment.

Nevertheless, Son SeokHo took out a white handkerchief from who knows where and waved it towards YongHo.


A handsome man and a beautiful woman were facing each other with steaming tea in between them.

It was Jeong JinHoon, whose smile could melt any lady's heart and Jeong DanBi whose elegance could provoke any man's heart.

Jeong DanBi looked at Jeong JinHoon who was sitting in the chair for guests.

’’What's your business here?’’

’’My dear sister, why are you so harsh?’’

At Jeong DanBi's words which gave out frigtening cold air, Jeong JinHoon looked as if he was scared .

’’ what is your business here?’’

Anyone could see that Jeong DanBi's words, which she broke down into syllables, had hostility, rather than friendliness.

Perhaps this was not the first or second time it happened, Jeong JinHoon didn't seem to mind at all.


Jeong JinHoon raised his hand and tapped on the chair's armrest.

’’This the smart shopping strategy team right?’’

’’That is so, why do you ask?’’

’’But then why are you employing a person who's not 'smart'?’’

’’You said that the rights of personnel management is entirely up to me.’’

’’But there's something known as Shinseki's image.’’

’’He's a guy with ability.’’

Jeong DanBi's tense face didn't loosen.

It was obvious.

Jeong DanBi knew instantly that the person Jeong JinHoon was talking about was YongHo.

However, Jeong JinHoon wasn't a person to come down to just ask about one employee.

’’How's the recommendation system going?’’

Shinseki's recommendation system, aka, Preference Shoot (PS) System.

It was one of the reasons why Jeong DanBi was sitting in the team leader's position in the smart shopping strategy team.

The world's biggest online shopping mall, America's 'Jungle', had 35% of their profits from recommendation.

2/3 of Netflax's movie rents also occurred from recommendation.

Recommendation was unavoidable for a service provider company.

Jeong DanBi, who graduated from KEIST, department of computer science, proposed to set up the recommendation system to Shinseki group's CEO, and her father, Jeong JinYong.

If they had any achievements, Jeong DanBi planned to separate from the company and make a corporation.

However, Jeong JinHoon, didn't believe that. He thought she was aiming for the position of CEO.

’’It's going well.’’

’’The chairman has a big interest in this.’’

The fact that it received the chairman's interest was very important.

Receive interest and achieve success.

If this simple process was repeated over and over again, Jeong DanBi would take Jeong JinHoon over in no time.

Jeong DanBi also knew what Jeong JinHoon was implying so she emphasized again.

’’I'll say it again, but I don't have any interest in succeeding the company.’’

’’That's what you think. Wouldn't the chairman think differently?’’

He was speaking leisurely but he couldn't completely erase the uneasiness in his voice.

An unstable position as the second son and a capable little sister made him think that he could be left behind any time.


Jeong JinHoon used the armrest as support to stand up.

’’I couldn't wait forever so I decided to accept Mirae IT's one too. Keep this in your mind.’’

He spoke as if it was nothing important but the contents were nothing small.


’’You said it. Let's do a fair competition. Compete with Mirae IT.’’

Jeong DanBi's face turned fierce.

Translator's note - Not many people read this do they? I remember skipping the pierrot and the clown's little skit in... uhh... was it Tensei Slime or wordmaster

Regular Chapter 3/3

Ok, people must be confused now about names:

Jeong JinYong: CEO of Shinseki, i.e. the big boss

Jeong JinHoon: Useless second son.

Oh, the first son never appears in the novel.

Anyway, seems like YongHo's saved(?), way to go DanBi!

And a bit of background knowledge...

There are 4 types of access controllers in Java :

1. public - can be accessed by any class(think file)

2. protected - can be accessed by any class that inherits (is an extension of) the class

3. package (default) - can be accessed by any class that is in the same directory (folder)

4. private - cannot be accessed outside the class and only be accessed within the class itself.

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber


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